7 Day Meal Plan With Grocery List


The 7 Day Meal Plan with grocery list is a resource for those following a low carbohydrate diet plan to help them get started eating well on a budget. This calorie appropriate meal plan can replace eating out or becoming frustrated in the grocery store. Print off the recipes and go shopping to start planning your meals 7 days in advance!

7-Day Healthy Meal Planner with Grocery List and Recipe.

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Short on time and energy, like during the back-to-school time of the year? Then this 7-day no-cook meal plan is exactly what you’ll need, It’s not just a time-saver, it’s also useful when you’re spatially challenged. Think small kitchens, kitchenettes, hotel rooms, holiday apartments or even flatshares, where fridge and storage space are of the essence.

We’ve got everything you needed to know in the form of a healthy meal planner with grocery list; it’ll make your week as stress-free as can be. From a meal plan infographic with a list of recipes we recommend that you can print off and stick on your fridge, to a grocery list to facilitate your trip to the supermarket, and even some useful tips on getting the most out of your meal times.

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Healthy meal planner with grocery list

While first-timers may find it daunting, the 8fit meal planner is actually very convenient and helpful. Firstly, it’s generated for you based on your personal preferences, as in, what you love to eat, and you can customize it to leave out the foods you’re not so keen on.

For the more visual learners among you, we’ve included a printable meal plan with eight of our 8fit recipes for you to try out at home. As a taster, you’ll get two non-cook breakfast ideas, lunch recipes, dinners and easy snacks that’ll gently ease you back into the routine of the new school year. We tried to balance out the meals so that the day remains varied and has a mix of sweet and savory recipes.

After discovering the recipes, you can take a look at the ingredients you’ll need for the week, though we’ve left the amounts out since the recommended calories will differ according to your personal goals. Didn’t you always want a grocery list that reflects your uniqueness? Jokes aside, it’s super practical!

8 healthy recipes to add to your weekly meal plan


Cheese & tomato on bread | Cottage cheese with berries & walnuts

Start your morning off right with a super quick no-cook breakfast. We’ve given you one sweet and another savory one so that you have enough variety to keep you happy. The sweet breakfast contains a whole lot of berries, which are full of antioxidants. The savory breakfast, on the other hand, is topped with lycopene-packed tomatoes. Both breakfasts will leave you feeling light and energized for the whole day, with the protein keeping you full until your next meal.

tomato on toast
cottage cheese with berries


Smashed chickpea & avocado sandwich | Avocado, cucumber & chicken sandwich

Consistency is key, and that’s why the no-cook lunches consist of tasty sandwiches. They’re delicious, portable, and easy to pack for the entire family. If you want to switch it up for one of your meals, you can turn one of the week’s sandwiches into a salad, by plating the veg and enjoying it with bread on the side. There’s avocado in both recipes so that you can remain efficient with your shopping, space, and money. Plus, it’s a good attempt at limiting food waste. Try to buy a whole grain loaf of bread for the complete week, or make your own using Coach Jennifer’s bread recipe.

smashed chickpea and avocado sandwich
protein importance source avocado cucumber chicken sandwich


Pesto, sun-dried tomato & white bean salad | Salmon salad with creamy cilantro dressing

For dinner, we’ve got two different salads for you to play experiment with. A satiating salmon salad, and a Mediterranean salad that’s suitable for vegetarians or for those meatless meals. Both dinners include beans, which means that they’re packed with soluble fiber. The fiber doesn’t just contribute to digestive wellness, it also keeps you full for longer, and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Perfect to boost your overall health and weight maintenance.

 pesto sun dried tomato and white bean salad
food cravings salmon salad with creamy cilantro dressing

Hummus, carrots & walnuts | Cheese, apple & nuts

Both mess-free snacks contain only three ingredients, making them easy to pack up in no time, with no assembling to do! We’ve given you walnuts in both snacks so that you get a good dose of omega 3 for the week. The nut is useful as an anti-inflammatory, as well as for regulating mood, skin and brain health. We’ve picked one sweet and one savory snack to keep your taste buds satisfied throughout the week. Meal prep like a pro

Keep ingredients at work and portion out as needed.

hummus carrots and walnuts
cheese, nuts and apples

What you’ll need on your shopping list


  • Greek yogurt
  • Gouda cheese
  • Goat’s cheese
  • Cottage cheese


  • Pesto
  • Hummus
  • Sun-dried tomatoes


  • Mixed leaf salad
  • Lime
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Green onions
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
  • Arugula
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrot


  • Apple
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries


  • Salmon
  • Deli-style chicken breast slices (organic, no preservatives)
  • Legumes
  • Chickpeas
  • White beans
  • Black beans


  • Garlic powder
  • Olive oil
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

Nuts and seeds

  • Flaxseed
  • Walnuts


  • Whole grain bread

5 Healthy eating tips to take away

Now that you’re all set with one week’s worth of meals let’s add some healthy strategies into the mix. Coach Lisa chooses her favorite nutritional advice to encourage mindful and healthful eating. Give them a try!

1. Put your cutlery down between bites

Putting your fork down between each bite of food is a great way to give yourself time to chew your food properly. The fact of letting your fork go for a few seconds before continuing to eat means that you’re inclined to focus on the food that’s in your mouth and on enjoying its flavor. It helps slowly break it down before the food goes into your stomach since we can tend to pick our plates without even thinking mindlessly.

2. Identify every ingredient in your dish

Another great way to stay present and in the moment is to try and identify each ingredient that’s in your dish. It’s especially fun when you go out to eat or treated to a dinner at home cooked by someone else. It can become a fun game that you play with your partner and/or with your kids, so mealtimes aren’t just tasty, they can become fun and educational as well.

3. Put your food on a plate

It can be tempting to eat right out of the container or bag that you brought with you, yet even a simple habit like this can hinder mindful eating. Try to get into the habit of putting your meals, even the smallest of snacks, onto a plate before chomping on them. This way, you’ll be more likely to acknowledge what it is that you’re eating, and how much. See it as logging a meal in your app.

4. Sit down in peace

Once you’ve plated your food, why not go all the way and sit down quietly. You don’t have to sit formerly at the dinner table, but take a moment to shut off your computer and set your phone aside. Getting rid of distractions usually helps to draw attention to your food, and bring more attention to eating.

5. Take the role of food critic

Paying attention to your sensory experience while eating can have a positive effect on your relationship with food. By pretending that you’re a food critic, you can shift your focus to the food you’re eating, taking some time to absorb the presentation and notice how the flavors come together. By following the journey of your food from your mouth to your stomach, you can truly start to understand how each ingredient you eat works with your body. The bonus of doing this is that it may help you become even more creative in the kitchen!

The Best 7 Day Aldi Meal Plan- Free Shopping list

These quick and easy Aldi meal plans are gaining in popularity by the week! If you live near an Aldi it’s probably your favorite grocery store. They have everything you could possibly need while still staying within your grocery budget.

Why Aldi

They have all the ingredients you need to make easy meals using healthy recipes. So, why is this website dedicated to recipes from only one store?

Well, I used to do my grocery shopping at multiple different stores and go to Aldi for my basics.

I was spending too much time and too much money going to different stores every week. So I’ve taken my chef training and 12 years of experience and decided to get creative and only shop at my local Aldi.

It’s been a success. And I’ve loved having the structure of only using Aldi ingredients.

When I saw that it was working and family members were also loving the easy recipes I was making I thought I’d share them here. But meal planning was also a frequent reader request.

About the Aldi budget meal plan

So, now I do a healthy meal plan each week. The plans are full of easy dinners with simple recipes. There are tips and tricks for meal prep to give you a head start for the week, or tips on how to make the most of your leftovers.

With food waste such an important issue both economically and environmentally, never has it been so important to be mindful of what we consume. But of course, it’s still important to make delicious, creative, inspiring and healthy meals.

The Details

With each free Aldi meal plan, I include the links to the recipes for the week’s menu. Also, the printable free grocery list and the printable menu plan. Even if you don’t use all the recipes in the meal plan, you can always use it as inspiration for more dinner ideas.

If you’ve never been to an Aldi before, your first time may take you a little longer to get around and get familiar with everything. It will probably take you a couple times to get your bearings. And you will more than likely cruise through the Aldi “finds” aisle and wonder how you ended up buying extra things that weren’t on your list. If you’re a regular Aldi shopper, you already know the temptation of the middle aisle!

The easy way to get to grips with it is to go around the perimeter aisles of your local store and then go down the centre aisles.

Pantry Staples

If you’re new to Aldi or new to the website I’ll give you a quick rundown of the pantry staples and favourite fresh food that I always like to have on hand all the time.

  • olive oil 
  • brown rice 
  • white rice or basmati
  • tinned beans- black beans, kidney beans and chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
  • soy sauce- light and dark- Aldi doesn’t sell fish sauce and using soy brings some great umami flavor to the recipes.
  • small flour tortilla- great for making tortilla chips or wraps
  • coconut oil- please don’t even ask me why coconut oil is so expensive everywhere else, but for some reason, in Aldi, it’s a fraction of the price. It’s also great for skincare, so it’s a great pantry item.
  • tinned tomatoes- or you can use passata which is a smooth tomato sauce 
  • peanut butter- honestly, the smooth peanut butter from Aldi is on par with any high-end brand name.

I don’t buy too much prepared food or convenience foods. I think Aldi makes it easy to make healthy choices with fresh ingredients and instead make your comfort food at home. It always tastes better and is usually better for you, anyway.

But in real life, a premade lasagna in the freezer is never a bad idea.
Fresh food and fresh produce are where you’ll really start to notice the low prices. And the quality of both is amazing.

  • Fresh vegetables, fruits and whole foods 
    ground beef (mince)
  • chicken breasts 
  • grape tomatoes 
  • green onions
  • feta cheese
  • cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt- I change it up weekly
  • sour cream or creme fraiche
  • Cheese- this usually depends on what types of cheese feature in that week’s Aldi meal plan that I’m creating

Once you start shopping at Aldi, you’ll really notice a big difference in the total cost of your shopping, especially if you have a big family.

The easiest ways to get these meal plans in your hands every week is to get on the email list and you’ll be sent the plan as soon I hit publish, or you can check back every Sunday.

7-Day Budget Meal Plan & Shopping List

A cheap and healthy meal plan to save you time and money this week.

When you’re trying to stick to a budget, meal planning and cooking at home can help you save some serious cash. In this 7-day healthy meal plan on a budget, recipes use cheap and easy-to-find ingredients to create delicious dinners for less than $3 per serving. With Americans spending, on average, $7,023 (or 12.5 percent of income) to feed a family of four annually, making more budget-friendly meals is key to cutting down on total food costs. Combine this healthy meal plan with cheap breakfast and lunch recipes to save even more during the week. Just consider us your own personal weekly meal planner!


side shot of a halved tomato with tuna salad and melted cheese

Tomato Bun Tuna Melt

$1.82 per serving

Budget Tip: Budget-friendly canned fish, like tuna and wild salmon, are cheap and convenient options for fast and healthy dinners on a budget. At a fraction of the price of fresh or frozen fish, you’ll get the same health benefits from canned options (think healthy omega-3 fats and protein). You can still plan to check out the fish counter when you do your grocery shopping to see what fresh seafood options are on sale. Frozen fish may be the better option as it’s often less expensive, and you can defrost it when you’re ready to use it so you know it’s fresh.


Vegetarian Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

Vegetarian Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

$2.91 per serving

Budget Tip: Going meatless a few times a week is good for your health, good for your wallet and good for the environment. This vegetarian spaghetti squash lasagna, with 18 grams of satisfying protein and 7 grams of filling fiber, is a great budget recipe you’ll turn to time and time again.



Easy Chicken Fried Rice

$1.53 per serving

Budget Tip: Fried rice with plenty of vegetables and a little meat is an obvious choice when you want to make a quick and healthy dinner that’s easy on your wallet. If you have a little extra onion or half a leftover zucchini you want to use up, all the better: just throw in whatever veggie odds and ends you have in your fridge. Being versatile and using what you have on hand helps you save money and minimize food waste.



Roasted Buffalo Chickpea Wraps

$1.53 per serving

Budget Tip: Canned beans are an affordable, healthy and convenient ingredient and add satisfying protein and fiber to your meals. Here, canned chickpeas replace the more-expensive chicken but still deliver satisfying Buffalo flavor. Stock up when beans go on sale and use in wraps, salads, soups, stews and more for a healthy and cheap plant protein.



Bean & Veggie Taco Bowl

$2.56 per serving

Budget Tip: Canned black beans, precooked rice and whatever veggies you have on hand is all it takes to whip up this fast and flavorful bean and veggie taco bowl. Use pantry staples to whip up this low-cost meal and skip an extra trip to the grocery store.



Creamy Chicken, Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms One-Pot Pasta

$1.98 per serving

Budget Tip: Chicken often goes on sale, so when it does, stock up and keep it in your freezer. This one-pot pasta uses less-expensive and flavorful chicken thighs combined with veggies, dried herbs and cheese for a delicious and creamy one-dish dinner.


Slow-Cooker Beef Stew

Slow-Cooker Beef Stew

$2.46 per serving

Budget Tip: Tougher cuts of meat (like the beef chuck used in this easy beef stew recipe) are affordable options that simply need more cooking time to become tender and juicy, making them perfect for the slow cooker.

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