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Everyone loves to have delicious and healthy foods that can be made easily without much hassles and time. This because, in today’s generation, where everyone remains busy in their daily schedule, it’s very desired to have something in a short time and easily. Moreover, the increasing health issues among the people for the inability to cook healthy foods at home and preference for outside foods make people get something good to eat. That is why here we are giving you some easy healthy food recipes that you can make easily without much hassles and hard-work.

5 easy and healthy pot recipes

It’s time to get something exotic to eat not only for the taste of mouth but also to remain healthy and fit always. Here are the best ideas to fulfill the desire in the best ways,

Instant Meatballs-Rice Noodles Thai Turkey pot recipe

If you are thinking rice as heavy cereal to have on the dinner table, then this recipe will change your perception definitely. Have this nutritious recipe with Turkey meatballs, Vitamin-rich bell peppers, and chicken broth having low-sodium. Pair all of them on a plate with green chilies on top, and slightly boiled rice noodles.

Instant Tortilla Chicken Soup pot recipe

This soup recipe will definitely overwhelm you and make your love for chicken deeper. Make it with a stack of low-fried veggies and shredded chicken and serve it with a bit chili, coriander, black peer, etc. on the plate. Enjoy this nutritious Tortilla pot soup recipe with your family and friends, and have great dinner time.

Faux-tisserie Chicken

This recipe looks like a golden bird while having it on the plate. It is stuffed with slathered topping with savory spices, olive oil, aromatic veggies, and cooked in an instant mud-pot or any other regular pots for 25 min. Have your dinner time with this exotic food recipe with your family or loved ones.

Vegan Cauliflower Chickpea Curry

Vegetarians will be delighted to have this vegan curry recipe on their dinner table. Make this with tomatoes, coconut milk, fresh cream, normal spices with cauliflower, and slightly boiled chickpeas and satisfy your veggies love greatly. Now serve them with green onion and cilantro topping and have with rice or nun.

Broccoli is one of the most unlikely vegetables for the majority of the people. This is because it doesn’t contain any taste and can just be taken usually as salads. But this Broccoli soup will definitely force you to develop a love for this green veggie as it is easiest as well as less time consuming to make. Prepare the food with cauliflower, and serve it with warm water with savory spices and enjoy your meal.

Now make delicious and healthy foods at home without bothering for much tension and time. Stay fit; stay healthy!

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