Air Fryer Apple Crisp


I made this easy air fryer apple crisp recipe several weeks ago to give it a try. I love apple crisp, but also loved the idea of using the air fryer. This is one of the most delicious desserts I have ever eaten! My husband and girls devour it. The apples and topping are so good – words can’t describe!

Air Fryer Apple Crisp for Two

Best Apple Crisp in Air Fryer is the best gluten free air fryer dessert! Fresh chopped apples are topped with a buttery oatmeal almond flour crumb topping that tastes divine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

baking pan with apple crisp along with spoons

Air fryer Apple Crisp

What I love about this recipe is that you get your sweet cravings satisfied, yet made with healthy ingredients. It is quick, easy, makes small batch serving for two, made with almond flour, oats and gluten free.

Baking with fruits is one of our favorite sweet treat. The fruit tends to get more sweeter and softer, making it even more delicious when paired with the crispy topping (like this Baked mango).

What is Apple Crisp?

In a more simple form, it is a dessert made chopped apples, topped with a streusel topping and then baked. However, making a dish with juicy cooked fruit along with a golden crispy topping in air fryer was tricky, since air fryer cooks food fast on the top which sometimes does not enough time for the fruit to soften . So, we came up with 2 clever hacks to solve the problem.


1. Chopped apples – We tried this recipe with sliced fruit, but they turned to be mostly crunchy and raw by the time the crumb was browned. However, chopping them into 1/4-inch cubes, made them tender and juicy.

2. Adding water into the filling – Traditional baked apple crisp recipes are cooked slowly in the oven, which yields a juicy apple along with a caramel sauce from the sugar and juices. Since air fryer cooks by blowing hot air, which inhibits that process, we used a substantial amount of water that helped in creating a steam and cooking them soft and tender.

Best Apples to use 

The best ones to use for almond flour apple crisp are those that are firm, sweet and crisp. We prefer fruits that hold its shape after the intense cooking like Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Jonagold, Braeburn, Pink Lady, or Honey crisp (refer more on best baking apples here).

To peel or not to peel

Both peeled or unpeeled fruit works well for oven baked recipes, due to long and slow cooking process which helps to soften the skin. But, we recommend peeling off the skin, since air frying does not soften the skin as much when compared to oven baking.

Pro tips for success

More healthy – Use solid coconut oil instead of butter

Almond flour – Use super fine variety and not almond meal.

2 large apples – Chopped measures about 2 and 3/4 cups

Do not chop them bigger – The fruit might not get cooked if cut into larger pieces.

We used Gala variety and the sugar quantity was perfect.

Rotating the pan half way though air frying helps in even browning.

Use chopped walnuts or pecans instead of sliced almonds.

Can I use regular flour instead of almond flour?

Yes. Use 1 tablespoon all purpose flour for filling and 3 tablespoons for topping.

What to serve with this healthy crisp?

Serve hot / warm / room temperature with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream for an easy dessert or snack.

If serving for a light breakfast, then serve it with some greek yogurt sweetened with honey.


Apple – Use your favorite like Fuji, Honey crisp, Jonagold, Braeburn or Granny smith.

Oats – Old fashioned oats or rolled oats

Almond Flour – Super fine almond flour

Sugar – Both brown sugar and regular sugar is used, which gives a perfect balance of sweetness and caramel flavor

Butter – Cold unsalted butter, cut into chunks

Spices – Ground cinnamon

ingredients to make apple dessert in air fryer

How to make?

Prepare fruit – Peel, core and chop into 1/4 inch cubes.

Make filling – Stir chopped fruit, almond flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, water and salt together in a greased 6-inch baking pan.

Make topping – Mix oats, almond flour, sugar and salt together. Mix cold butter with your finger tips, until it is thoroughly incorporated. Stir in chopped sliced almonds.

Air fry  – Bake apple crisp with almond flour in a pre heated 350 degree air fryer for about 30 minutes or until the topping is golden.

Eat – Serve hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Chopped apples in a Baking Pan

How to store leftovers?

Refrigerate leftover crisp (wrapped in foil) for 2 to 3 days.

How to reheat?

Place baking pan (remove foil/plastic wrap), add about 1 tablespoon water into the empty part of the pan and place in a pre heated 300 degree air fryer and cook for 5 to 8 minutes (depends on the quantity), until warmed through.

Air Fryer Apple Crisp | Fall Dessert

Air fryer apple crisp is crispy, sugary, delicious and simple to make. You can have all the delicious flavor of grandma’s traditional apple pie with a fraction of the calories and effort.

I don’t make dessert very frequently because I love sweets too much! But when my husband or I get a craving for a sweet treat this juicy and sugary recipe is perfect.

It is full of warm, tender apples, scented with cinnamon and topped off with a crunchy topping, so it satisfies cravings without guilt! Plus it makes just enough for 3 or 4 people, making it difficult to overindulge.

apple crisp on a plate

Why You Will Love this Air Fryer Apple Crisp

  • Air frying the crisp means you can have this easy dessert ready in less than 30 minutes, a fraction of time it would take to bake in the oven.
  • You don’t have to heat up the kitchen to bake this warm apple treat.
  • It is made from only a handful of ingredients which are all basic pantry staples, so it takes little to no planning.
  • Baked to perfection, this crispy dessert has a streusel style crumble topping and a delicious, classic pie flavor.
  • It is healthy – for a dessert. 
crispy apples on a fork

What Kind of Apples are Best?

Any classic baking apple will be tasty in this easy dessert. Some of my favorite varieties are Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, Cortland and Snap Dragon.

A softer one will not stand up to the heat as well and will get mushy as it bakes. This includes varieties like Red Delicious and McIntosh.

apple crisp ingredients
Air fryer apple crisp ingredients

Other Ingredients

Brown sugar – The brown sugar flavors both the filling and the crispy topping.

Apple pie spice – You can buy a premade mixture or use my recipe for homemade apple pie spice. Or you can just substitute ground cinnamon.

Oatmeal – The oatmeal adds some of the crispiness to the topping. I used quick cooking oats. Old fashioned oats work too, but will result in a chewier topping texture.

Pecans – Adding nuts to the topping gives it an extra crunch. Walnuts also work well.

Butter – The butter is cut into the topping. It will both mix with the sugar to create a nice caramelized sauce that coats the fruit and make the crispy oat topping. Cold butter will work best.

Baking Dish for Air Fryer Apple Crisp

You can use any oven safe baking dish that fits in your air fryer. I decided to use a small oval baking dish that fits 3-4 servings of this crisp. Small ramekins are also a good choice and let you make individual apple crisps for small batch cooking.

baking dishes for air fryer
Good baking dishes for air fryer

How to Make Air Fryer Apple Crisp

1. Make the Apple Filling

Wash and dry the fruit. Then core it and slice it thinly. I peel mine because I have a slicer that peels as it turns. This is an amazing kitchen gadget that sees a lot of use in my kitchen during the fall! Using this gives me nice uniformly sized apple pieces so they cook evenly.

peeling apples
Peeling apples

But you can leave the peels on if your prefer. They do add more color and texture to the final dish.

Put the sliced fruit in a medium bowl and add half of the brown sugar and half of the apple pie spice. Toss them together to mix well, then spoon the apple mixture into your baking dish.

apple filling
Apple filling

The fruit will cook down as it air frys. So pile the dish up high to start with!

2. Air Fry

Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil. Then put it in the air fryer basket and cook it at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes.

apples in air fryer basket
Apples in baking dish before air frying

3. Make the Topping

While the apple slices cook make the topping. Combine the remaining brown sugar and pie spice in a separate bowl. Add the oatmeal and chopped pecans and stir to mix.

cutting the butter
Cutting the butter into the topping

Cut the butter into small pieces and add it to the bowl. Use a pastry cutter or forks to cut the butter into the topping mixture until it resembles small crumbs.

4. Air Fry Again

Once it finishes cooking take the foil off the top. Carefully spoon the topping mixture on top of the fruit in the baking dish, pressing it down to cover them.

apples after baking in air fryer
Apples in baking dish after air frying

Tip: Keep in mind the air fryer and air fryer basket will be hot! Use hot mitts or silicone kitchen gloves in case you accidentally touch the sides.

Put the basket back inside and air fry it again at 350 F for 5 minutes. The topping will be golden brown when it is done.

apple crisp in air fryer basket
Apple crisp in air fryer

How to Serve

The air fryer apple crisp tastes best when it is still warm. Top it off with caramel sauce, whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream for extra yummy goodness.

Just remember if you are trying to make this a healthy dessert all those toppings aren’t healthy! It is quite tasty without anything on top.

close up of apples in apple crisp

How to Store

Store any leftovers covered in the refrigerator. It will stay good for 2-3 days.


What kind of dishes can you use in your air fryer?

In general you can use any oven safe dishes in your air fryer. The only possible exception is glass dishes. I personally prefer not to use glass in my air fryer, because is more likely to shatter.

But many people use glass without any issues, so make your own decision. Silicone dishes and accessories designed for the Instant Pot are great choices for using in the air fryer.

What is the difference between apple crisp and apple crumble?

There is no difference between these two desserts. The name that you use varies depending on where you live. Crisp is more commonly used in the US while crumble is used in Great Britain.

How do you reheat apple crisp?

To reheat leftovers put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. It won’t be quite as crisp as it was when it was first made, but it will still be tasty. You can also just enjoy it cold!

Air Fryer Apple Crisp

Add making this Air Fryer Apple Crisp recipe to your list of cooler weather traditions! Soft and sweet apples combine with cinnamon and vanilla. It’s all topped with a delicious oatmeal streusel topping.

This recipe has all the feels of a traditional apple crumble or apple slab pie, made easy in the air fryer. 

air fryer apple crisp

Ingredients in Air Fryer Apple Crisp

You only need a few simple ingredients to make this easy apple crisp and chances are, you don’t even need to leave your house for the grocery store. That is, as long as you have fresh apples hanging around!

Here’s what you’ll need to round up from your crisper drawer and your pantry…

Apples – I like to use two varieties of apples when I bake with them. I think it makes the recipe more fun and tasty! I used Granny Smith apples and Gala.

Brown sugar – is in the apple crisp as well as the toppings


Vanilla and cinnamon

Quick oats and flour – make up the topping for the streusel and they’re so yummy! The oats provide the texture we’re used to in an apple crumble or apple crisp. The flour helps to pull the topping all together and soak up some of the juicy apples.

It’s time to get cooking this easy dessert!

air fryer apple crisp ingredients

How to make air fryer apple crisp

  1. Wash, peel and core your apples. You can leave the peels on, but I like them off for apple crisp. Give them a chop into about 3/4-inch cubes. We don’t want them too large or they won’t cook all the way through.
  2. Grab a medium mixing bowl and dump your apples in. Add part of the brown sugar, some of the butter, vanilla and cinnamon. Toss everything together so it’s all deliciously coated.
    Spoiler alert: I took two bites of the apple mixture before it made it into the baking dishes.
  3. Spray your ramekins or mini bowls with some cooking spray and divide the apple mixture into them. Top each with a little square of aluminum foil and add to your fryer basket.
  4. Air fry for 20 minutes until the apples are tender. In the meantime, make the streusel topping. Combine melted butter, oats, flour and the remaining brown sugar.
  5. When the baking time is done, remove the foil and sprinkle the topping onto each individual crisp. Air fry uncovered for another 5-7 minute until they’re nice and bubbly and the oatmeal topping is golden brown.


This recipe makes three individual apple crisps. You can share or you can keep them for yourself!

air fryer apple crisp


What kind of apples should I use?

I like to use two different varieties, usually a tart and a sweet apple. Braeburn, Cortland, Honey Gold, Jonathan, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith. I’d say pick two of your favorite apples and go for it!

What kind of dishes can I use in the air fryer?

Generally, any baking dish that can be used in the oven can go in the air fryer oven…as long as it fits! Before you fill up your dish, be sure to check to make sure you can close your air fryer basket.

What to serve with air fryer apple crisp

A scoop of vanilla ice, a drizzle of caramel sauce or straight up are all delicious in my opinion

Why make apple crisp in the air fryer?

Making the apple crisp in the air fryer is a great way to put your appliance to use, if we’re being honest!! You have an amazing kitchen gadget sitting on your countertop, so use it!

Also, it heats way faster than a traditional oven. And really, do you need an excuse to fill your kitchen with the smells of delicious dessert?

How to store baked apple crisp

If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, you can cool your apple crisp, then store in an airtight container in your fridge. It will keep for 3-4 days.

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