Apple And Banana Salad


This morning, I was inspired by a beautiful apple and banana salad over at Whole city gardens. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like it before! I have to admit that this ‘Apple And Banana Salad’ made me jealous for a second… This is really so good that it made me change my mind about bananas. Bananas are one of those fruits that are always associated with negative ideas. They’re healthy but never tasty. They’re vitamin-rich but not always enjoyable.


Banana and Apple Fruit Salad, a simple and tasty fruit salad made of apple, banana, and orange with vanilla-flavored yogurt drizzle. A delicious, 5-minute fruit salad.

It often happens that many ripe bananas are available in the refrigerator and we are looking for a simple recipe to use them. This autumn fruit salad is very simple, packed with nutrition, delicious, and is perfect for parties, picnics, and barbecues. Are you ready to make a delicious and simple five-minute fruit Salad? Let’s go!

What You Need To Make Banana and Apple Fruit Salad

Maybe you are one of those people who love fruits and want to have several chopped fruits on one plate, I have to say that fruit salads are the best solution for you. This healthy fruit salad recipe is great for barbecues, potlucks, and family gatherings. There are tons of other fruit salad recipes which are made by combining different fruits. This salad is a combination of apples, bananas, and oranges and can be easily customized with the fruits you like. I also used vanilla yogurt for drizzle.

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Vanilla flavored yogurt


  • Chop up the apple and orange into small pieces, Place in your bowl.
  • Slice the banana, Place it in the bowl as well as the apple and oranges.
  • Pour the lemon juice over the chopped fruits.
  • Stir gently until combined.
  • Pour the yogurt on top of banana and apple fruit salad.
  • You can also use types of berries, whatever are your favorite fruits.  And it’s ready to serve!
Banana and Apple Fruit Salad Recipe

How to Make Banana and Apple Fruit Salad Like a Pro?

  • Because apples and bananas discolor over time, it is best to prepare this salad a few minutes before serving.
  • How to keep banana and apple slices from turning brown quickly? Add a little lemon juice to help preserve their freshness.
  • To make the salad look more vibrant, you can use red, green, and yellow apples and do not peel them.
  • Instead of oranges, you can use fresh and delicious mandarin oranges.


The good thing about salads is that you can customize it with your favorite fruits. Fresh strawberries, grapes or walnuts are also delicious choices. We add a little lemon juice to help preserve the fruits freshness. You can substitute lemon juice with orange juice or pineapple juice.

Delicious fruit salad with Greek yogurt and dried cranberries

Calories (per serving): 


This fruit salad recipe is one of the best, tasty, healthy recipes we ever made. It’s an easy healthy food recipe that is ideal for breakfast, dessert, or as a snack served any time of the day.

Its main ingredients are banana, apple and pear, combined with honey. We added walnuts for crunchiness, Greek yogurt for a fresh creamy topping, and dried cranberries for their sweet fruity taste.

The result was sooo delicious, that made us add this nutritious delight in our menu for at least 2 times a week!

If you were wondering how to make a fruit salad that is great both for adults and children, this is a healthy choice you cannot afford overlooking. Each bowl is a superb healthy boost, full of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. If you are not a big fruit lover, this specific recipe will make you rethink fruits as a part of your diet.

If you can’t find or don’t like the cranberries, you can also make this salad with raisins with a different, also interesting result. You can also try any fruit combination you prefer, like orange for example instead of pear. Feel free to adapt the recipe, adding your favorite fruit combinations. But make sure you add the honey and the yogurt with the walnuts when you serve. 

Sunshine Salad

This Sunshine Salad is the best salad to serve up for a picnic in the park, potluck dish, or a treat for a hard day’s work. Fresh fruit paired with a sugar-free Jello to make it a Weight Watchers friendly salad. Believe it or not, this sunshine salad has just 2 WW Points Plus per one serving. 

When I am trying to watch what I eat, I find I struggle when it comes to wanting to snack. I could be working one the computer and devour a whole bowl of chips before I realized I even ate them. If I am not careful I know, I can consume a lot of calories with the snacking I do. 

I generally crave sweet when I want a snack. I wanted to create a fruit salad that I could just grab when I felt that sweet craving starting to rise within me. Let me tell you, this fresh fruit sunshine salad has been such a delicious snack but also help me choose smarter when it comes to my snacking. 

Weight Watchers Sunshine Salad

I have lost 40 pounds on my Weight Watchers Plan, which is amazing. When I take the time to make dinners at home, prep snacks so I can grab and go, it saves me from making bad choices when I am out running errands. I no longer have the urge to run through a drive through, I can just grab a pre-made snack out of my purse. 

This recipe here uses sugar-free vanilla pudding; it helps make it Weight Watcher friendly. Pairing the vanilla JELLO mix next to the mandarin oranges syrup gives it a sweet and creamy consistency that just hits the spot. Then add in your fresh pineapple and banana, and this tropical salad is fit for a crowd.  

Potluck Sunshine Salad 

So if you have plans for a picnic or heading to a potluck soon, this sunshine salad is going to be a perfect fit. If you are on the Weight Watchers, plan you have a tasty dessert that you know you can enjoy, and it is so quick to make. With minimal prep, you can have it ready to go in a hurry. 

I have taken this to potlucks before, and if I know we are going to be outdoors, I just make an extra bowl with ice. I find a larger bowl and will the bottom with some ice. Then I sit the other bowl that has the fruit salad in it, on top, so the bowl is sitting on the ice. It will help keep it chilled as you are waiting to be served. 

Tips for Making Sunshine Salad       

Mandarin Oranges | Do not drain the juice from our oranges. This is what the Jello mix will work with to create a creamy syrup for the salad. 

Pineapple | One tool I use is a pineapple corer. It takes just minutes to get the core out of the pineapple and makes cutting up fresh pineapple so much easier. They are pretty affordable, and most mass retailers have them, or you can buy one online if need be. 

Bananas | I reach for a less ripe banana when I make this salad. I want it to still be mostly yellow with little to no brown spots. You will have a slightly firmer texture, and it will hold up nicely in the salad. When you use a browner (ripe) banana, they can break down a lot faster in the salad, giving you a more mushy texture. 

Perfect Summer Salad

This indeed is an ideal summer salad. If you are not on the Weight Watchers, plan this is still an outstanding fruit salad recipe that I highly recommend serving up. My whole family loves this, and when I bring it to parties or a family gathering, it is always one of the first things that get cleaned up the fastest. 

Give it a try the next time you are craving a fruit salad and see how you like it. If you are not a fan of sugar-free, you can always replace with regular vanilla pudding as well. It will taste just as good. 

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