Apple Crumble With White Sugar


Apple crumble with white sugar is a wonderful fall treat. It goes great with cup of tea and will fill your house with a wonderful scent while baking. This Easy Apple Crumble Recipe is fairly easy to put together and will surely become a family favorite which is why I thought it was the perfect recipe to share today.

Health benefits of white sugar: There is no denial to the fact that white sugar is a natural sweetener, but what people don’t know is that it has numerous health benefits.

Apple Crumble With White Sugar

Comforting and cosy, this simple apple crumble is a family favourite. This classic dessert, with it’s warm apples, cinnamon and crunchy topping is quick to make and perfect for a cool evening.

If you asked me for my top 5 favourite desserts, apple crumble would be one of them. Soft, cinnamon-laced apples sitting under a blanket of crunchy streusel topping – this is the stuff I grew up with.


I love a recipe without a massive list of ingredients and this is definitely one of those.  Here’s the most important.

  • Apples – Granny Smiths work best for this as they keep their shape well when baking.
  • Sugar – two types; white in the apple filling and brown in the streusel.
  • Spices – cinnamon and nutmeg are the perfect cosy partners for the apples
  • Oats – these go into the crumble topping with flour, butter and brown sugar. You can use traditional or quick oats.
  • Cornflour / Cornstarch – this is used to thicken the juices that release from the apples as they bake.

And that’s all there is to it.

Crumble vs Crisp

Back in the day a crumble was less likely to have oats in the topping but these days a crumble and a crisp are very much the same thing. A baked fruit filling covered with a streusel with or without oats and sometimes with nuts.

How to make it – step by step

You may be surprised at how easy it is to make a cosy apple crumble like this.

  1. The streusel is made first, with all ingredients pressed and rubbed together until it looks incorporated and starts clumping .
  1. Next, the filling. Peel, core and chop apples into roughly 1.5cm (1/2 inch) pieces. Combine them with spices, sugar, cornflour and a touch of water and give them a good mix 
  2. Scatter the streusel over the top , then bake. That’s it.

When I was growing up, apple crumble would be served nearly swimming in custard (as in the vanilla sauce style custard) just like below and that’s still how I prefer it but you can also serve it with  ice cream or just plain pouring cream is good too. Whatever takes your fancy.

Tips and Tricks

  • Grating the butter into the other streusel ingredients helps to combine it quickly.
  • Once the apple mixture is combine, try to level it out as much as possible so that the crumble topping sits on top as opposed to falling through all the gaps.
  • This recipe works well for other fruits too. Try stone fruits or pears too. You could also use berries but this would not need to bake quite so long.

This simple apple crumble is best eaten freshly baked but it will keep for a few days covered in the fridge. The longer it sits, the more the topping will soften but you can crisp it up in the oven again.


  • 3-4 Bramley cooking apples
  • 100g granulated sugar
  • 150g plain flour (also works well with gluten-free flour)
  • 75g salted butter, softened


  • STEP 1If you’re planning to cook it straight after preparing, preheat the oven to 180C/350F/gas 4. If you want, however, you can make the crumble beforehand, and cook it later.
  • STEP 2First, you need to prepare the apples. Half fill a large saucepan with water, and peel, core and chop the apples into 1-2cm chunks. Place them in the saucepan to stop them from ruining.
  • STEP 3Drain all of the water from the saucepan, add another 2 tbsp of water and 50g of the sugar, and place on a medium heat on the hob. Stew until the apples become mushy. Once mushy, put the apples into an ovenproof dish.
  • STEP 4Place the flour and the remaining sugar in a mixing bowl. Add the butter and use your hands to mix everything together until the mixture resembles large breadcrumbs. Pour this evenly on top of the stewed apple.
  • STEP 5If you are making the crumble in advance, cover it with cling film and allow to cool to room temperature before placing in the fridge. When ready to cook, place the crumble in the preheated oven and bake for 30 minutes. Don’t worry if the crumble doesn’t looked cooked properly, it most likely is! Eat hot from the oven.

Easy Apple Crumble Recipe

This easy Apple Crumble recipe is true comfort food with sweet caramelized apple filling and crunchy cinnamon topping. Total crowd pleaser and ready in under an hour!

Why This Recipe Works

Everyone loves a warm apple pie, but sometimes you just want something a little less time consuming. Something like this rustic apple crumble.

But before we talk about variations, let’s get to the real deal.

Today’s Apple Crumble is ready in under an hour making it the perfect dessert to pop in the oven while enjoying dinner.

When choosing the perfect apple crumble recipe, this recipe is best because:

  1. Apple stays soft, but not watery.
  2. Not too sweet, but not dry either.
  3. Ready in under in hour (less time than eating dinner and doing dishes).

Ingredient Notes

  • Best apples to use for apple crumble: I like to use a tart apple, like Granny Smith or Golden Delicious. However, you really can’t go wrong with any fresh apple.
  • Oats. I use quick cook oats in today’s recipe, but rolled oats (or old fashioned oats) will also work if you like your oats more chewy
  • Sugar. A combination of granulated sugar and brown sugar is used in the apple mixture, and you’ll just need the brown sugar for the crumble topping.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Apple layer. Peel and dice 4 apples. Combine apples in a large bowl with lemon juice, granulated sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, and flour. Pour into a 2 qt baking dish.
  • Combine crumble ingredients: brown sugar, cinnamon, oats, flour, butter. I find it easiest to use my hands to make the crumble, but a pastry cutter works too. Sprinkle over the top of apple mixture, pressing lightly.
  • Bake in a 375 degree oven for about 50 minutes, until bubbly and caramelized. Enjoy warm with whipped cream or ice cream!

Recipe FAQs

Can Apple Crumble be made in advance?

Absolutely! To make ahead, just assemble, cover with foil and refrigerate until ready to bake (up to 24 hours).

Can you freeze Apple Crumble?

I don’t recommend freezing a crumble, as I haven’t seen good success. The filling tends to get too watery, and the topping doesn’t have a good crunch.

What is the difference between apple crisp and apple crumble?

A crisp is a fruit dessert topped with a crunchy layer of ingredients. A crumble is more of a streusel combination of flour, oats, sugars, and butter.

Health Benefits Of White Sugar

White sugar benefits and side effects

White sugar benefits and side effects Quick Facts
Name:White sugar benefits and side effects
OriginIn the 18th century, sugar became luxury and due to the profit it made, it was called as White gold.
ColorsPure white
Calories467 Kcal./cup
Major nutrientsCarbohydrate (92.09%)
Vitamin B2 (1.77%)
Selenium (1.27%)
Copper (0.89%)
Iron (0.88%)
Health benefitsProvides energy, Lowers blood pressure, Diabetic patients, Brain functions, Treat depression

It is one of the well-known sweeteners which have become a favorite for centuries. It is in the form of crystallized sucrose (a combination of fructose and glucose) which is extracted from sugar beets or sugarcane. When the moisture declines, the juice has natural sucrose that starts to crystallize. It attracts moisture being hydroscopic. The baked goods have sugar which helps to maintain moisture and makes them supple as well as soft. White sugar is also known as refined sugar. It has no calories and also lack in minerals and nutrients.


In the 18th century, sugar became luxury and due to the profit it made, it was called as White gold. In 100, the sugar was known in England. Due to the suitable climate of Caribbean, the sugar industry was started by American Continents. The first refinery sugar was recognized in 1537 in Germany. In 17th century, the impact of refined sugar was started. Upto 18th century, it was well known and reached high demand in sugar. The consumption of coffee, tea, jams, chocolates, processed food and candies was higher.

Nutritional value

Powdered sugars of 120 grams offers 0.28 g of water,  467 calories, 0.01 g of ash, 119.72 g of carbohydrate, 117.37 g of total sugars and 1.51 g of starch. It also provides 92.09% of carbohydrate, 1.77% of Vitamin B2, 1.27% of selenium, 0.89% of copper, 0.88% of iron, 0.22% of manganese, 0.13% of sodium, 0.22% of manganese, 0.13% of sodium, 0.10% of calcium, 0.09% of zinc and 0.04% of potassium.


  1. Coarse Grain

It is the large sugar crystals which are mostly used for to decorate and also sprinkled on top of candy and baked goods.

  1. Granulated Sugar

It is also called table sugar. It easily dissolves in liquids and beverages. It is measured easily.

  1. Caster Sugar (superfine sugar)

Also called superfine sugar, it is small, crystal in size in comparison to granulated sugar. It is easy to dissolve into mixtures and liquids. It is used to make mousses, meringues and custards.

  1. Confectioners’ Sugar

It is the powdered sugar. It is crushed mechanically into a powder form. It dissolves quickly. Mostly it is used in syrups, icings and other desserts.

  1. Lump Sugar

The sugar cubes which is pressed into lumps. It is especially used in tea and coffee. The formation of cube formation is held together with sugar syrup.

Health Benefits of White sugar

Along with various disadvantages, it is also loaded with some health benefits. Though one could gain weight but sugar is essential to maintain proper health. The body requires sugar for energy and strength. Some health benefits provided by white sugar are discussed below:

  1. Provides energy

Sugar is an excellent source of energy. The sugar converts into glucose when it goes to the blood and is absorbed by cells that help to produce energy. Sugar cubes are the great choice for instant energy. The sport persons carry sugar cubes which help to provide them an instant energy.

  1. Lowers blood pressure

The low blood pressure patients should take sugar cubes which assist them to increase the blood pressure instantly. One should consume some sugar if suffered from low blood pressure.

  1. Diabetic patients

The sugar level in diabetic patients is fluctuating.  The level of blood sugar decrease when one does not consume food for long period so the body requires raw sugar for reviving itself.

  1. Brain functions

The brain could not function properly in the absence of sugar. Blackout is the condition which is occurred due to inadequate supply of sugar to brain. One should consume it in moderate amounts as excessive amounts would be harmful.

  1. Treat depression

Sugar helps to cure depression effectively. Chocolates help to increase the mood and make feel good.

  1. Heal wounds

Sugar helps to heal wound faster in comparison to medicine. The nasty wounds are healed faster with granulated sugar. But it requires supervision of medical doctor.


  • It is associated with obesity, diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, increase blood glucose level, kidney ailments, gout, heart problems, hyperactivity, cancer and cavities.
  • Overconsumption might lead to serious health ailments.
  • One could experience increase in weight.
  • It is addictive.
  • High intake of sugar might cause liver failure.

How to Eat         

  • It is used to provide sweetness to beverages and baked goods.
  • It is used to add flavor in savory dishes.
  • It is added to pastries, cakes and muffins.
  • The sauces and spreads are also made with sugar.
  • It is used to make syrup and candies.
  • It helps to maintain color in ketchup.
  • Raw potatoes if dipped in sugar provide crispness when fried.

Other Facts        

  • It is one of the oldest ingredients.
  • In 16th century, the price for a teaspoon of sugar was five dollars in London.
  • India is the largest sugar consumer.

White sugar facts

The crystallized sucrose which is extracted from sugar beets or sugarcane. The moisture is removed from the juice by boiling it. When the moisture declines, natural sucrose of juice starts to crystallize which is removed by abandoning the extracts in the structure of molasses. It also absorbs the moisture of air due to which it could have erroneous flavor and clump. The moisture absorbed by the sugar cannot be extracted. The foods we consume have refined sugar which results in serious health problems such as cholesterol and dietary fats.

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