Avocado Banana Fruit Salad


Avocado Banana Fruit Salad is a layered salad consisting of bananas and avocados. This easy-to-make healthy fruit salad is the perfect summer treat. It’s a great way to use up ripe bananas and avocados from your garden or bought from the market. This healthy breakfast or snack can be made with whatever fruit you like the most. I prefer to make this with strawberries, but pineapple and other berries are tasty as well!

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Easy Avocado-Banana Salad Recipe

If you’re looking for a unique salad recipe to serve at a holiday meal or to bring to a friend’s potluck, look no further. This easy Avocado-Banana Salad recipe is beyond creamy, deliciously tangy, and sweet, kids and adults wouldn’t resist!



When my in-laws visited last month, Roger asked his mom to make one of his favorite childhood side dishes: Avocado-Banana Salad. I wrinkled my nose at the pairing but agreed to give it a try. Then I took a second spoonful. And now I’ve spent the past month making this salad recipe because neither Roger nor I can get enough.

This recipe uses only five ingredients and there’s no cooking involved, so it’s perfect if you’re short on time but want to deliver high on expectations. And maybe that’s my favorite part about this recipe – it could also pass as a dessert.

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How to make avocado mango salad

Step 1: Dressing
We’ll make the dressing for the salad first. A lot of the fruits and veggies in this salad turn brown quickly after you cut them, so we want to minimize the time between chopping and digging in. You can whisk all the dressing ingredients together or shake them up in a jar (great for keeping any leftovers!)

Step 2: Mix
Once that’s done, gather up an avocado, a large apple, mangos, and carrots. Shred the carrots and chop everything else up into cubes.

How to cut mango for a salad

Mangoes are slippery suckers and can be hard to cut. First peel the skin using a vegetable peeler (Fun Fact: The peel of the mango is highly allergenic to many people. To avoid ending up with big swollen lips, always peel these guys).  

Once peeled, find the stem of the mango and look down at the fruit, there are two halves around the weirdly oblong seed. Cut the mango by cutting off the two “cheeks” around the seed. Then just dice up the cheeks into perfect cubes!

Tips & Tricks

Storage Note: This salad doesn’t save well after the dressing is mixed in with everything else.

Nutrition Information

Serving: 1salad Calories: 315kcal (16%) Carbohydrates: 54.5g (18%) Protein: 5.2g (10%) Fat: 11.7g (18%) Saturated Fat: 2.8g (18%) Cholesterol: 3mg (1%) Sodium: 133mg (6%) Potassium: 1118mg (32%) Fiber: 10g (42%) Sugar: 41.7g (46%) Calcium: 100mg (10%) Iron: 2.7mg (15%)

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Fresh Fruit and Spinach Salad

Strawberries are still in the grocery stores and peaches are in season and I love having all this fruit available. I’m so excited since I make this incredible salad that is so fresh and unusual. I know the first time I saw this recipe, I was not too keen on the avocados being a part of a salad. But, once I tasted the unique combination, I was a big fan. You can pump this salad up with any fruit that you wish to add. I’ve been enjoying the seasonal peaches, they are a nice sweet addition to the spinach. It is an easy and unique salad that can be ready quickly for your family or guests.

I have a funny memory of my father. Whenever he and I were in line at a salad bar, he always told me to pick the spinach for my greens. He was very adamant that the spinach was more expensive! I must admit that every time I have a spinach salad, I think of my dad!


Here are some fun facts about spinach you probably didn’t know! Did you know it comes from a flowing plant? Yes, it comes from the flowering plant, Amaranthaceae which is native to central and western Asia. It has been thought to have originated in ancient Persia. It was introduced in India, then China, and was first recorded in China where it was known as a “Persian vegetable.” Did you also know researchers have identified more than a dozen different flavonoid compounds in spinach that function as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents? When the spinach extracts were used in the laboratory, it was shown to slow down stomach cancer, and skin cancer reduction and also prevent breast cancer. Overall it is a great vegetable to eat.

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