Banana Diet Plan For 7 Days


This post is about “banana diet plan for 7 days”. This healthy meal plan will help you lose weight in just seven days without starving or even feeling hungry with the amazing power of bananas. Are you fed up with making hundreds of good food which still leaves your tummy empty after you eat? Then try this banana diet plan and see how awesome it is to lose weight without having to deprive yourself of anything.

Banana Diet Meal Plan


Although nutritious, bananas do not always result in weight loss.

Because so few foods or drinks are off limits on the banana diet, your meal plan can be rather diversified. However, because there are guidelines to follow regarding when and what you can consume, it might be viewed as a fad diet. However, lunch and supper are exempt from the restrictions, so depending on what you eat during those meals, you may lose weight or even gain it. Before making significant dietary changes, consult your doctor.

Banana Diet Breakfast Options

This diet is known as the “Banana Diet” for a reason; its creators advise eating one to four raw bananas for breakfast along with tepid or room-temperature water and nothing else. You should only consume food on the Banana Diet until you’re 80 percent full, which is reached when you stop feeling hungry and begin to feel a tiny pressure in your stomach.

Other Meals on the Banana Diet

Except for dairy items, alcohol, and sweets, you can generally eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner. Additionally, dinner must be consumed prior to 8 p.m., and the only beverage permitted with meals is room-temperature water. Eat only until you’re 80% satisfied, just like you would for breakfast.

If you continue to eat wholesome, well-balanced meals for lunch and dinner, you’ll probably see the finest weight loss outcomes. Each of these nutritious foods—fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins—should take up one-fourth of your plate. Seafood, skinless poultry, and eggs are excellent protein sources that are permitted on the banana diet. Limit foods that are highly processed, refined grains, and rich in fat, sugar, or sodium because these foods tend to be higher in calories and lower in nutrients. This entails avoiding processed foods like candy bars, frozen dinners, frozen baked goods, and hot dogs.

The plan’s avoidance of alcohol and desserts, two indulgences that are high in calories but low in nourishment, is a plus and may aid with calorie restriction. However, the diet’s glaring shortcoming is its exclusion of dairy foods, which would make it challenging for dieters to consume enough calcium.

Banana Diet Snacks

The Banana Diet does not advocate between-meal snacks, although you are allowed to eat a piece of fresh fruit if you are really peckish. Avoid canned and dried fruits because they contain more calories per serving than fresh fruit. In the late afternoon, between lunch and supper, you can also enjoy a brief sweet snack. Since sweets aren’t permitted after meals, you can indulge in a modest amount of sweetness during this afternoon snack, such as a piece of dark chocolate, if you’re craving it. However, the healthiest snack options are fruits or vegetables.

Other Rules on the Banana Diet

Although it’s not required for this diet, exercise increases your chances of losing a lot of weight. For the best results, aim for between 30 and 60 minutes of cardio every day, such as brisk walking, swimming, or bicycling, as well as a few strength-training sessions each week.

The Banana Diet also recommends going to bed before midnight, which may aid with weight loss because inadequate sleep has been linked to a higher body mass index, per a 2004 study that was published in the journal PLOS Medicine. Hormone imbalances caused by sleep deprivation can include increased ghrelin and lower leptin levels. Increased appetite is brought on by this mixture, which may result in weight gain.

Potential for Weight Loss

In general, eating more fruits and vegetables is linked to weight loss, per a 2015 study written up in PLOS Medicine. On the Banana Diet, you would need to consume less calories than you burn off throughout the day in order to lose weight. You could gain weight rather than lose it if you overeat because you select foods that aren’t very filling. It can be simpler than you think to accomplish this. A breakfast of one to four bananas, for instance, might include anywhere between 72 and 540 calories, which is a quite wide range considering that a banana can range in calories from approximately 72 to 135.

Amazing Health Benefits Of A 3-Day Banana Diet

Almost all kids and adults enjoy eating bananas as a pleasure. This delicious fruit is consumed on all occasions and is frequently given to sick individuals since it boosts energy and mood. Bananas and diets were once thought to be mutually exclusive.

A banana diet is currently very well-liked all over the world because it enables people to lose up to five pounds in three days. A real benefit of a banana diet is that it is simple to maintain since bananas are filling and delicious.

In addition to having a wealth of beneficial compounds, bananas also have cleansing capabilities, removing toxins and promoting the function of the intestines. Bananas are a good source of potassium and vitamins, both of which are good for the skin and metabolism.

The banana diet has only one drawback, which is its scarcity (although this drawback applies to all mono diets), thus patients with various chronic diseases should use caution when using this weight-loss strategy.

Not All Bananas Are Suitable For This Diet

For instance, you should refrain from eating green or very strong bananas that don’t appear to be ripe, as well as little bananas. Pick a fresh fruit that is ripe, tender, and has a bright yellow skin.

Additionally, dried bananas are bad for a banana diet because they contain many times as many calories as fresh bananas. Likewise with fried bananas. Therefore, the only bananas that are good for this diet are those that are fresh, ripe, big, and yellow.

 3-Day Banana Diet Meal Plan

Throughout the day, have three to five bananas and three to four cups of milk. Eat one banana and drink one glass of milk is the plan. After two hours, eat another banana, wait for about 30 minutes, then sip milk once more.

No later than eight o’clock in the evening should the last banana be consumed. Another variation of this diet combines eating fresh bananas with making a smoothie with milk and bananas to spice up your diet.

Keep in mind that a healthy diet alone won’t suffice. Add to it with this at-home 20-minute full-body workout challenge!


The banana diet first appeared in 2008 in Japan. It offers a healthy weight loss program that doesn’t deprive the dieter of food or make them feel hungry. The banana diet does not limit banana size, daily servings, or consumption methods (i.e.: individually, mixed or blended, etc.).

The banana diet is not advised for use over an extended length of time or for considerable weight loss. Usually, a 3-day banana diet leads to weight loss of 5–6 pounds. A 7-day banana diet can aid in natural cleansing and weight loss of 6 to 8 pounds.

Banana Diet and its Health Benefits

Because the fruit doesn’t contain any cholesterol or fat, the banana diet has a fair amount of success. Potassium, Vitamin B, and magnesium are all abundant in bananas. They are naturally heart-healthy and beneficial for your bones, kidneys, immune system, nervous system, and nervous system. Bananas also contain serotonin, which is believed to improve one’s outlook on life.

Because they include dietary fiber (also known as roughage), which adds bulk, is water soluble, and passes as gas, bananas may help with weight loss. The body absorbs other nutrients differently as a result of the dietary fiber. For instance, digestive system waste products such short chain fatty acids promote oxidation, which over time prevents fat buildup.

How to Follow the Banana Diet Properly

Any diet should be started and ended gradually to achieve the best results. Although you can eat as many bananas as you want on the banana diet, it’s best to start out gently to give your body time to acclimate. Remember that after becoming accustomed to consuming carbohydrates, sugars, and processed foods, your body is now only consuming potassium, vitamin B, magnesium, and water. Consuming too many bananas quickly can make you feel uncomfortable gassy.

The banana diet need not be monotonous. Bananas can be consumed alone or combined with plain yogurt. For a smoothie, combine one banana, one cup of low-fat or almond milk, and ice cubes. Bananas were frozen and then combined with low-fat or almond milk to create an ice cream delight.

Green tea and two eggs are also included in the seven-day natural cleaning banana diet.
You are allowed to take up to three pounds of bananas each day and unlimited amounts of green tea. At some time during the seven-day schedule, consume two eggs.

The only rules for the 3-day or 7-day banana diet are to avoid eating after 8 p.m. and to get to bed by midnight.

An Example of a Banana Diet Menu

One or more tiny bananas with low-fat or almond milk, as well as room-temperature water, for breakfast (can be blended for a smoothie or added to plain yogurt).

One or more individual bananas (no sweets, combining, or blending) as a morning snack.

Lunch: Various options (you may opt for one banana and a small salad without dressing).

One or more individual bananas (no desserts, combining, or blending) as an afternoon snack.

Dinner (eat before 8 p.m.) – endless options.

Keep in mind to avoid eating after 8 p.m. and to get to bed by midnight.

How To Do A Banana Diet Plan For Detox, Weight Loss And Health

A banana diet plan, often known as a “banana island,” is a simple and enticing method to cleanse your body, begin your weight-loss journey, and promote healing.

I’ve personally participated in a number of banana diets (or “banana islands”), and many of my clients like consuming a lot of bananas every day.

I’m going to go over every detail of this cleanse for hormone balance, weight loss, and higher energy levels today.

The benefits of bananas

One of the healthiest foods in the world is the banana. One of the best things about bananas is that they are affordable and readily available all year round, especially when you consider how many calories they contain.

Bananas are high in magnesium and B vitamins, and they have no cholesterol, making them excellent for natural weight loss. When they are ripe, they are also brimming with simple sugars and a fantastic method to give your body a boost in energy.

Potassium, a mineral that supports good blood pressure and heart function, is abundant in bananas. 400+ mg of potassium can be found in one medium banana.

Studies (1) shown that a potassium-rich diet lowers blood pressure and guards against atherosclerosis (heart disease).


Due to its high fiber content, which helps control the rate of digestion and permits frequent bowl motions, bananas also help with digestion.

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), a special kind of carbohydrate found in bananas, support the growth and maintenance of “friendly” gut bacteria in the lower intestine.

In a study (2), participants who had two bananas each day for two months saw significantly higher levels of bifidobacteria, which improved their digestion and nutritional absorption.

What is a banana diet?

The banana plan involves eating only bananas for a specified amount of time.

I’ve personally tried the 3- to 12-day banana diet several times, and I frequently get inquiries from individuals asking: “Should I only drink bananas? Will milk work in my smoothies? Can I have some coffee? Is it possible to add sugar to smoothies?

Eating bananas is the whole point of a banana island.

That said, I would now strongly advise include greens (such as lettuce, celery, and microgreens) as well as coconut water into your banana meals.

In this way, you will be getting more minerals and other nutrients.

Other than that, you don’t eat any other foods or substances. No coffee, sugar, spices, or any other foods other than just bananas, greens and coconut water. That’s it — simple and sweet.

How long should a banana diet last?   

You can perform a one-day or weekend banana cleanse starting on Friday and ending on Sunday night if you wanted to give your system a short reboot.

One thing I must say is that you shouldn’t always go to the banana islands. In actuality, your diet should include a variety of nutrients.

It, if you wanted to cleanse your body using a banana island, it could be a good idea to do so once or twice a year, perhaps in the spring or the fall.

Additionally, as your body will be going through a deeper detox and regeneration during your cleanse, make sure to get adequate sleep.

You need ripe bananas, which are mushy and spotted since unripe bananas will irritate your digestive system.

Does the banana diet work?

I don’t think there are any quick solutions or short-term cleanses that can address long-term health issues. You need to have the correct plan to balance your health if you have conditions like general hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, blood sugar imbalances, or Candida.

In actuality, the majority of our customers come to us with Candida, weight problems, and hormone imbalances. Here, I discuss natural weight loss, natural hormone restoration, and natural Candida restoration.

A short-term banana cleanse, followed by a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle plan, can, however, be extremely effective.

Here are some benefits that you can get from going on a banana cleanse:

  • helps you detox
  • can speed up healing and recovery
  • can result in natural weight loss
  • increases vitality, energy levels and mind clarity
  • can boost your fitness level and sports performance
  • one of the best ways to switch to a whole food, raw or high raw food diet

Banana diet for detox and weight loss

“Bananas make you fat, so don’t eat them!” Bananas contain a lot of sugar.

You frequently hear these two common statements. They are untrue, though.

Since 2009, Paul and I have both been on a fruit-based raw food diet, and bananas are a staple of our diet.

We’ve maintained a healthy weight throughout the years, and we know several raw foodists who are in excellent shape and regularly consume bananas.

The only way bananas can cause weight gain is if you consume too many calories. The same applies to all foods, not just bananas.

A banana island is a fantastic technique to aid your body in losing extra weight and aiding in detoxification.

The primary reason for this is that you won’t be ingesting processed meals, which might make you gain weight (even if they are vegan!).


A banana island can also be used as a transitional tool to a vegan diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables.

The key is a whole-food, plant-based diet, along with other lifestyle choices like exercise, sleep, stress management, etc., if you want to build a beautiful physique and stay lean over the long run.

My banana diet results

I’ve now done several banana cleanses and I enjoyed them all.

Here are some of the benefits that I personally experienced:

  • Felt AMAZING throughout the whole “journey”
  • Experienced very sharp clarity of mind, which allowed me to restructure tasks and activities in my life and set goals for new projects
  • Felt balanced, in fact, discovered the kind of balance that I have never experienced before
  • Been even more positive than ever
  • My skin got even shiner and silkier
  • Run 22km in one day during my 7-day banana island. Recovered in double quick time, did not have any leg soreness. Also set a new PB for my 5km running!
  • Energy, energy and more energy! Did lots of fitness – cross-fit workouts, cycling, weight-training, dancing – didn’t want to stop!
  • Body felt more flexible than ever

Benefits Of Banana And Milk Diet

Banana’s Benefits 

  1. Bananas are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals. It is especially rich in potassium (about 358 mg in one banana), which is vital for the normal functioning of the body (1).
  2. They also contain fiber (2.6 gms in one banana) that helps the body get rid of the accumulated toxins .
  3. The starch in bananas helps reduce meal size, improve glucose metabolism, and reduce body weight .
  4. Above all, bananas are tasty and consuming them is easy.

Milk’s Benefits

  1. Milk is a quintessential element of our daily diet. It is rich in calcium and proteins that help strengthen the bones and muscles 
  2. Apart from retaining bone strength, calcium also helps in cell signaling, parathyroid hormone balancing, and regulating protein functions
  3. Full-fat milk helps reduce central obesity
  4. Milk also helps lower blood pressure, regulate insulin production, and scavenge reactive oxygen species (ROS)
  5. Milk helps improve metabolic rate

Combined Benefits Of Banana And Milk

  1. Together, bananas and milk provide the body with ample doses of proteins, vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals.
  2. You may drink banana milkshake as a post-workout drink. Add slivered almonds and cocoa powder to your banana milkshake for a fiber- and protein-loaded drink.

You may use the banana and milk diet to either gain weight or lose weight. Discussed below is how to follow the banana and milk diet for both.

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