Best Food For Cat Weight Loss


If you have a cat, you know just how important it is to make sure they stay trim and healthy. A cat that’s overweight can develop all sorts of problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and joint pain. Making sure our cats are fit and healthy is an important part of cat ownership. Our blog reviews the best food for weight loss in cats to help get your furry friend back on track.

Best Food For Cat Weight Loss

fat shorthaired cat lying on the ground

Is your cat struggling with weight? Well, for starters, you cannot enroll them in the gym. However, you can change their diet to help them lose weight.

Weight gain can be dangerous in cats as it makes them prone to health conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, urinary tract disease, and osteoarthritis. In addition, it reduces your pet’s lifespan, which definitely is not a good thing. Bottom line, your cat needs to lose weight. But how?

If you are thinking of reducing their food quantity and putting them on an extreme diet, you are wrong. This will only cause more health problems like fatty liver disease. Instead, your cat should lose weight slowly and steadily. And the best way to achieve this is by introducing your cat to food for weight loss.

To help with that, we’ve reviewed the best cat food for weight loss

The Best Cat Food for Weight Loss

1.Nulo Grain-Free Dry Cat Food for Weight Loss – Best Overall


Nulo Grain-Free Dry Cat Food takes the stand as the best overall cat food for weight loss. It is low in carbs, grain-free, rich in proteins, and has patented probiotics to fuel your cat into action.

This recipe contains deboned duck, turkey meal, chicken meal, and deboned cod, constituting 82% of the proteins. Nulo has included high meat content and fewer digestible carbohydrates to balance the nutrition scale.

In addition, this weight loss cat food has a patented BC30 probiotic, which helps with food digestion, metabolism, and healthy gut flora.

Nulo grain-free cat food has low carbohydrates, which helps with weight management. Even though your feline is overweight, this food will ensure they retain their vitality. This will prevent your cat from respiratory diseases, kidney problems, and osteoarthritis.Pros

  • Prevents tartar and plaque
  • Grain-free recipe
  • Good nutrition
  • Great for indoor cats


  • Less than pleasant odor
  • Higher fat content

2.Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food – Best Low-Calorie Cat Foo

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food
Calories:300 kcal/cup

Hill’s Science Diet is the best low-calorie cat food. This is because skilled veterinary nutritionists carefully formulated the diet to guarantee that cats stay healthy and content as they lose weight. Pet owners recommend it because weight changes are visible in 10 weeks!

The formula contains essential nutrients and easy-to-digest ingredients for cats. They include whole chicken, wheat meal, rice, powdered cellulose, and corn gluten meal. All these ingredients have met stipulated requirements of nutrition and purity, so you need not worry about your cat.

This diet is perfect for indoor adult cats between 1-6 years.Pros

  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • All ingredients are safe for cats
  • Affordable
  • Cats love the taste


  • Inconsistent kibble size

3.Instinct LID Rabbit Wet Cat Food for Weight Loss – Premium Choice

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Pate Real Rabbit Recipe (1)
Calories:85 kcal/3 oz. can

If your cat has a poultry sensitivity, it can be difficult to find food free from chicken and turkey. However, Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit Wet Cat Food for Weight Loss will meet your needs. Made with nutrient-rich rabbit and free from grains and dairy, this food will ensure your cat gets everything they need in their diet and nothing they don’t. It is a little pricier than some of the other options on this list but can certainly keep your cat full and healthy.Pros

  • Limited ingredients
  • High in protein
  • Free from poultry for sensitive kitties


  • Pricier option

4.Castor & Pollux Cat Food – Best Wet Cat Food for Weight Loss

Castor and Pollux Grain-Free Organic Chicken Recipe All Life Stages Cat Food (1)
Calories:101 kcal/3 oz. can

The best overall wet cat food for weight loss is Castor and Pollux Grain Free Chicken Recipe. This food is made from high-quality organic chicken. It’s also higher in fiber to keep your hungry kitty feeling full for a longer stretch. There are a few more calories per can than some of the other options on this list, but the high level of nutrition and the added fiber boost will help keep your cat full and prevent begging throughout the day.Pros

  • High in fiber
  • Nutrient dense formula
  • Organic chicken is the first ingredient


  • Slightly higher in calories

5.Blue Buffalo Weight Control Adult Dry Foo

Blue Buffalo Weight Control Adult Dry Food
Calories:346 kcal/cup

Blue Buffalo Weight Control Adult Dry Food stands out as the best diet cat food. The kibbles are not only delicious but nutritious too. This chicken-and-rice cat food is designed for optimal health immunity, lean muscle maintenance, and weight management.

It is made from real deboned chicken, a fine natural ingredient that will nourish your cat with high-quality proteins. With each serving, your cat gets 30% protein and only 10% fat. It is also rich in calories to help your feline achieve its ideal body weight.

This dry food also contains wholesome fruit, vegetables, and grains. However, it does exclude poultry by-product meals, soy, wheat, corn, and preservatives.Pros

  • Antioxidants strengthen the cat’s immune system
  • Natural ingredients
  • Cold-formed LifeSource Bits from Blue retain potency
  • Great for kittens and cats with hairballs


  • It is pretty expensive


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