Best Food For Chihuahua Dog


Chihuahuas are one of the most popular small breed dogs, and they have many distinct characteristics. The breed is sensitive, intelligent, and active, but can also be wary of strangers. A healthy diet is important for any dog’s wellbeing, but it’s especially important for your chihuahua because these dogs have a very specific set of dietary needs. These needs can be met with good nutrition, which is why we’re going to show you some of the best brands of dog food specifically formulated for chihuahuas!

Best Food For Chihuahua Dog

Few dogs pack as much personality into a 5-pound-package as Chihuahuas do! While these loaded balls of fury don’t need a great quantity of food, they certainly require a high-quality food, to fuel their inner engines.

Keep your little bundle of bounce healthy and happy by feeding him the best food you can find. He’ll thank you, and you’ll feel better knowing that you’re feeding him a nutritious, well-balanced diet, chock full of the things a spunky little Chihuahua needs!

Best Dog Food For Chihuahuas: Quick Picks

  • Blue Buffalo Small Breed [Best Value] This grain-inclusive, budget-friendly recipe from Blue Buffalo is made for pint-sized palates, with chicken and chicken meal as the main ingredients, along with brown rice and oatmeal!
  • Wellness Core Small Breed [Best Grain-Free Chihuahua Food] This grain-free recipe from Wellness features deboned turkey, turkey meal, and chicken meal as the first ingredients for a pack of poultry protein! Plus, there’s no soy, wheat, corn, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.
  • Canidae Pure Small Breed [Best Limited Ingredient Diet]. This limited ingredient recipe is gentle on sensitive Chihuahua stomachs, with just 9 ingredients that bypass common allergens.
  • Wellness Complete Small Breed Senior [Best For Senior Chihuahuas] This small-breed senior dog recipe is the perfect fit for older Chihuahuas greying with grace.
  • Blue Buffalo Small Breed Puppy [Best for Chihuahuas Puppies] This Blue Buffalo formula is designed specifically with small breed puppies in mind, providing the right nutrients to help those little pups grow up right.

Chihuahua Health Problems and Their Dietary Implications

Chihuahuas, as explained by the AKC, are “generally a healthy breed,” and, like many other small breeds, they live very long lives, often exceeding 15 years or more.

While this is great news for owners, it presents a unique challenge: Because Chihuahuas live long lives, they are more susceptible to lifestyle-related health problems. Conditions like arthritis, diabetes and obesity often take many years to manifest, so breeds with shorter lifespans rarely suffer from them.

Several other health problems Chihuahuas face are congenital, but while these shouldn’t influence your dietary decisions, it is still important to provide your Chihuahua with a high-quality food, tailored specifically for treating those conditions that you may be able to delay or prevent.

Some of the most common health problems Chihuahuas experience include:

  • Chihuahuas often battle with skin- and coat-related conditions. Several of these conditions are hereditary, but many others – most notably food allergies – are strongly influenced by your dog’s diet. Look for foods with novel protein sources and no common allergens (corn, soy, milk, beef, poultry and wheat, among others).
  • Your Chihuahua is more likely to develop joint problems than most other small dogs are. While many such conditions, such as luxating patella (a dislocated knee cap), are hereditary; you may be able to prevent or reduce the severity of other joint-related conditions, such as arthritis, by selecting joint health dog foods with chondroitin or glucosamine.
  • Some Chihuahuas suffer from a heart condition called patent ductus arteriosus – a condition in which a heart defect prevents blood from reaching the lungs as efficiently as it should. However, this is a congenital defect that doesn’t have any dietary implications; afflicted dogs require surgery.
  • Chihuahuas often suffer from dental disease. Fortunately, dental disease can often be prevented by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly and giving him teeth-cleaning treats. However, you should also feed him kibble, rather than wet or semi-moist dog foods, as it will help scrape his teeth clean with each meal.
  • Chihuahuas are also susceptible to a variety of eye disorders, including glaucoma, corneal dystrophy and lens luxation. However, these conditions are not likely to be associated with your dog’s diet.
  • Hypoglycemia frequently afflicts Chihuahuas, so many breeders advise pet parents to feed Chihuahuas small, frequent meals (3 to 4 times per day), or on an ad libitum basis (meaning that you keep a dish of food available at all times).

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