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Best fruits for flat tummy contains only healthy and quality fruits that will give you rich nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. When you choose any of these fruits, you get assurance that it is the best choice! Fruits for flat tummy was always the most searched keyword on web these days. That is why i am writing this post. I have already written an article in which i have told about the benefits of fruits . These are very beneficial for our health.

13 of the Best Foods for a Flat Belly

For a slimmer tummy, fill your plate with foods that speed up metabolism and reduce bloat.

When you’re trying to slim down your stomach, core exercises and ab workouts go a long way, but what you eat also plays a huge role.

In addition to drinking enough water; eating fresh produce and healthy fats; and avoiding or reducing your intake of things like alcohol, soda, and sugar, certain foods are particularly good for shrinking your gut.

“If you want your abs to feel flatter, choose foods that will help decrease bloating in your stomach, such as water-packed fruits and veggies,” said Keri Gans, RD, a New York City-based nutrition consultant and author of The Small Change Diet.

These 13 foods will help keep your waistline slim by reducing bloat, boosting metabolism, and giving your body important nutrients that encourage weight loss.


Thanks to the flavonoid antioxidant quercetin (which reduces swelling) and a high water content of 96%, cucumbers “can definitely help prevent bloating,” Gans said. This crunchy veggie is also extremely versatile: eat it in a chopped salad, sprinkle on top of yogurt, or munch on cucumber slices with homemade hummus.

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As a member of the super-nutritious pulse family, lentils—along with other seeds that grow within pods like chickpeas, white beans, and dried peas—are packed with protein and fiber, which increase satiety. They’re also a good source of iron; this is important because studies have shown that being deficient in the mineral could slow down your metabolism.

“Add lentils to salads or use in place of whole grains like brown rice,” said Cynthia Sass, RD, Health‘s contributing nutrition editor. “They also make a great ‘bed’ for a serving of lean protein, along with a generous portion of veggies.”

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If you’re craving an afternoon snack, a banana may be your best bet. In addition to potassium, bananas are packed with resistant starch, a healthy carbohydrate that your body digests slowly, which keeps you full for longer. Resistant starch also encourages your liver to switch to fat-burning mode, giving your metabolism a boost.

Here’s another benefit of this fruit: “Bananas may help prevent water retention in our bodies by regulating sodium levels,” Gans explained, “decreasing the risk for bloating.”

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This perennial herb offers some serious benefits for your belly. “For centuries, fennel has been used to improve digestion, relieve GI spasms, and reduce bloat,” said Stephanie Middleberg, RD, founder of Middleberg Nutrition in New York City.

If you want to try the herb, you can eat fennel raw or cooked (try sprinkling it on pizza or making tomato-fennel soup).

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There are lots of reasons to love this brightly colored tropical fruit, which is a rich source of vitamins A, C, E, and folate. Papayas also contain an enzyme called papain, which helps your GI system break down difficult-to-digest foods—in turn preventing inflammation and belly bloat.

In addition to eating papaya whole and fresh, “it’s wonderful in a smoothie, in salads, or thrown on the grill with a drop of olive oil,” Gans said.

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Whole Grains

Gluten-free diets may be popular, but carbs are fine to keep in your diet (unless you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance). In fact, whole grain carbohydrates actually help you stay slim.

Whole grains are a great source of filling fiber, which aids digestion and increases satiety. Researchers noted in a May 2019 Nutrients study that the risk for weight gain or instances of being overweight or obese was lower with higher consumption of whole grains.

“Whole grains help better regulate blood sugar and insulin levels compared to refined grains,” Sass explained. Sass also recommended starting your day with oatmeal, snacking on plain popcorn, and choosing quinoa or brown rice over white rice.

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Asparagus is full of antioxidants, but it can also promote a slim stomach. This super-healthy spring veggie is a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which your body digests slowly—keeping you full for longer in between meals.

As a natural diuretic, “asparagus facilitates the removal of water and waste to decrease discomfort and bloat,” Middleberg explained. Middleberg added that asparagus also contains prebiotics, which “act as fuel for healthy bacteria in your gut.”

The Best Fruit to Eat for a Flat Belly, Says Dietitian

You can still eat delicious foods when you’re trying to lose weight.

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Trying to lose weight can be a complicated journey, especially if you’re trying to give up all of the foods you love. This is a common mistake that people make, so they often end up feeling burnt out before they even begin. But what if you focused instead on the foods that you can add to your diet instead of the ones you think you might need to take away?

For example, fruit is a healthy, delicious, naturally sweet food that can help with your weight loss goals, especially if you’re wanting to lose belly fat. According to Courtney D’Angelo, MS, RD, author at Go Wellness, one of the best fruits you can eat for a flat belly is an apple!

“Eating an apple a day can do more than keep the doctor away, as they are filled with healthy flavonoids and fibers that could help burn belly fat,” says D’Angelo.

Apples are healthy for many different reasons, including their ability to help lower cholesterol, manage blood pressure, improve your gut health, and according to D’Angelo, help prevent abdominal fat.

“Apples are specifically rich in pectin fiber, which does two things: it promotes satiety, and it can slow down your metabolism because pectin fiber breaks down slowly,” says D’Angelo. “So obviously when we feel full we won’t reach in the cabinet for extra snacks, because they’re also low in calories and sugar, apples make for a great fruit to eat for a flat belly.”


Apples are also high in polyphenols, which come with helpful antioxidants that have been known to help with weight management and control.

One review found that eating apples on a regular basis was associated with weight loss in individuals who were already considered “overweight.” And another group of Japanese studies found that apple polyphenols were specifically associated with a reduction in visceral fat, which is the “dangerous” type of fat found near your abdominal organs.

And lastly, apples can also promote belly fat loss by replacing sugary snacks. Because consistently high consumption of added sugar has been linked to greater amounts of abdominal fat, eating sugar from more natural sources like apples instead can help weight control.

If you don’t want to eat them plain, try throwing some sliced apples into your bowl of oatmeal, especially because the fiber found in oatmeal has been linked to weight control. Or, you could find your favorite nut butter for a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids to go perfectly with an apple.

Flat belly diet: 5 powerful fat burning fruits to eat to promote weight loss

Want to get a flat stomach in 1 week? Include these five low-sugar fruits that burn belly fat in your daily diet to peel off pounds more quickly and achieve your weight loss goals.

These are the five best low-sugar fruits for weight loss

New Delhi: Eating a diet rich in nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables will jumpstart your weight loss and reduce your risk of diseases. While whole foods are a healthy choice and are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, they can have immensely different effects on your hormones and how your body burns calories. Fresh fruits, in particular, are a natural source of sugar and some of them can pack up to 14 grams of sugar in less than a one-cup serving. They contain calories and carbohydrates – the two factors that can hamper your fat loss progress if left unchecked. The bottom line is knowing and opting for fruits that are naturally low in sugar can help you make better food choices, helping you to lose weight and burn belly fat fast.

Perhaps, the secret to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is not just about lifting more weight, although exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and one of the most powerful ways to stay fit. If you want to get rid of that stubborn unhealthy fat hanging around your midsection, you need to eat right and adopt some diet rules to help you stay slim and healthy. We have listed five low-sugar fruits that are high in fibre, antioxidants and other phytonutrients. Include them in your diet to satisfy your sugar craving and speed up your weight loss process. 


Strawberries for weight loss

Like many other berries, strawberries contain very little sugar but are loaded with fibre, antioxidants and other nutrients that can help prevent fat accumulation in the body and aid in weight loss. Strawberries are also a good source of vitamin C. It is said that there are only about 8 grams of sugar in eight medium-sized strawberries.


Blackberries are a good choice to add to your weight loss diet

Like strawberries, blackberries are an excellent choice to add to your weight loss meal plan. They are low in calories but packed with antioxidants and dietary fibre that can help fill you up. Blackberries also contain some protein, which boosts satiety and helps your body burn more calories.

100 grams of blackberries contain about 4.9 g of sugar, 5.3 g of fibre, and 1.39 g of protein.


Grapefruit is low in sugar

This low-sugar fruit has many health benefits, including weight loss. Studies have shown that grapefruit also contains a compound called naringin that can help lower blood sugar and ultimately lead to weight loss.

Half a medium-sized grapefruit contains around 11 g of sugar only.


Oranges are great for weight loss

Oranges are another amazing food to add to your weight loss diet. They can help you feel full due to high fibre and water content. Oranges are also an excellent source of thiamin, vitamin C, and folate – all of which help increase your metabolism and aid weight loss.

A medium-sized orange contains around 14 g of sugar.

Lemons and Limes

Lemons and Limes for burning belly fat

Low in calories, they are packed with vitamin C and are a great addition to your diet if you’re really wanting to lose a few pounds. Lemons and limes contain high antioxidant and anti-cancer properties and help boost your immune system.

There are just 1.7 g of sugar in 100 grams of limes. 100 grams of lemons contain about 2.5 g of sugar.

Note: All content, including tips and suggestions, is purely for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before making any changes to your diet.

Top foods to reduce belly fat

Top 12 foods to reduce belly fat

The struggle to achieve a flat stomach is like no other. Especially for us as Indians. This is because we are used to eating dinner only after 8 pm and our traditional Indian snacks can make us lose our focus more often than not. A bloated stomach not only ruins our confidence but also tends to hamper with our personality, particularly if we are a part of the corporate world. Here are 12 foods that can help you get rid of that belly fat you have been struggling with for a while now:

1. Almonds: Rich in vitamin E and protein, almonds are also rich in fiber. If you are aiming for a flat stomach, you need to get your cravings in hand. The best way is to snack on healthy foods which make you feel fuller for a longer time and do not bloat your stomach at the same time. Almonds are a good start as they contain healthy calories and help curb your hunger.

2. Watermelon: The water-loaded fruit is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. Not only does it contain 82 percent water, but it also helps in removing excess sodium from the body. Sodium contributes to a bloating stomach and watermelon helps get rid of that. Other than this, watermelon is also loaded with vitamin C and contains barely 100 calories in one cup.
3. Green leafy vegetables: As mentioned earlier, fiber is needed to get a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time. Leafy vegetables are also low in calories and serve the purpose of fulfilling your nutritional deficiencies, which maybe the cause for a protruding stomach. Filling up your plate with vegetables will help you keep a bulging belly at bay.

4. Beans: Beans and legumes are great for getting rid of body fat, developing muscles and improving digestion. This is because beans and legumes contain essential nutrients which help the body maintain its nutrition quotient. If you often fall prey to over indulgence, then beans and legumes are your rescue foods.

5. Cucumber: Loaded with only 45 calories, cucumbers are great for a flat stomach. This is because cucumber contains as much as 96 percent water content, which does not give you a bloating stomach and helps your body to cool down.

6. Avocado: This foreign superfood is rich in healthy fats that help your body burn bad fat easily. Considered a magic fruit due to its many health benefits, avocados are extremely essential for those looking to lose belly fat due to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids present in the fruit.

7. Oats: This weight loss superfood is high in protein and low in calories, which make it the perfect food for a flat stomach. Oats take time to digest in the body and hence, tend to burn calories. This is what makes oats a good source of energy through the day and lowers your cholesterol.

8. Water: Water is the ultimate answer to many of our bodily troubles. Need to lose weight? Have enough water,. Have a headache? Complete your water intake every day. Need a flat stomach? Wash off toxins from your body with enough water. However, it is important to remember that too much water can lead to potassium loss in the body. Therefore, sticking to a minimum of 2 litres is essential.

9. Apples: Another fiber packed food, apples are great for a flat stomach. Mid-day snacks are often dangerous, especially if you are working. Too much stress can also make us hog on unhealthy foods. Apples are great as healthy snacks as they make you feel full for a longer time.

10. Peppermint: Peppermint is considered to be great for removing belly fat as it has healing and calming digestive properties which work in the favour of our body. The best way to consume it is in the ]form of tea. You can also add one drop of peppermint oil in your water and consume it.

11. Eggs: Our favourite Sunday breakfast food can be added to our list of belly reducing foods. This is because eggs contain proteins, essential for a thin stomach. Upping your protein intake on a daily basis will definitely help you achieve this goal faster.

12. Fish: Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, both of which are extremely needed nutrients for weight loss and a flat stomach. Consuming good fats help get rid of bad ones and thus contribute to a healthier and fitter body.

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