Best Niacin For Flush


Niacin is the Vitamin B3 that helps convert carbohydrates into energy. Flush Free niacin powder is designed to help you pass any drug test, because it contains an effective but natural amount of Niacin, which does not cause a skin flushing response.

Best Niacin For Flush

You may need to take a drug test for employment purposes, legal reasons, for a sports doping test, or otherwise.  Niacin is one choice you may see mentioned online or by an old-timer as a way to pass a drug test.  This is an effort not quite stealthy enough for modern drug tests but may offer some benefits healthwise and in actually burning fat to actually release THC from fat cells rather than just to mask drug use.  Those who smoke more often, have a higher body mass and whose body detoxes less effectively will need a stronger product and vice versa.  You should be aware that in some U.S. states it is illegal to detox in an attempt to pass a drug test.

What are niacin pills?

Niacin is a B-vitamin, namely, vitamin B3.  It may be called nicotinic acid.  It is critical to many functions of cellular metabolism in humans.  It can be synthesized from pyridine.  Supplementation can be used to prevent a condition called Pellagra, caused by niacin deficiency and featuring neurological, skin, and digestive anomalies.  On a fundamental level, the purpose of B3 is to perform maintenance of NAD and NADP, which are non-protein chemical compounds that are important for metabolism and anabolic reactions respectively. Vitamin B3 is important for oxidative deamination, meaning a form of deamination which produces oxidized products in the liver. Finally, it can also help with coenzyme in lipid catabolism. Lower, you can see Toxin Rid and Urinator, top solutions .

Niacin supplements generally come in the form of pills.  The RDA for niacin is 14 mg to 16 mg per day.  Pills generally provide 500 mg per pill.  These pills are used in the treatment of hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol and other fats) and the prevention or reversal of symptoms of Pellagra (vitamin B3 deficiency, uncommon in present-day developed nations).   Avoid flush-free niacin, these pills are inert and ineffective.

For passing lab testing it is safe to use niacin in most cases, so long as you do not go beyond the safe dosage level.  Niacin can be used for daily supplementation at doses of 14 mg to 50 mg.  You should avoid any detox effort to beat a drug test if you’re under 18 or pregnant.  As for possible side-effects, we’ll get into that in the next section.  If you have diabetes, you should think twice about using niacin, especially for detox when there are many other methods and substances you could use.  To treat hyperlipidemia or improve cardiovascular outcomes, niacin may be prescribed in doses from 50 mg to 3000 mg per day.  To treat pellagra, doses of 300 mg to 1000 mg may be prescribed by a doctor.  For metabolic syndrome, people take up to 2 grams of niacin.

People attempting to detox for a drug test take the dose for metabolic syndrome which is 500mg to 2 grams. This dose will help you burn fat leading up to the test.  Fat burning releases THC from fat cells so that it can be flushed from the body.  On the day of the test, a dose of niacin can be used to help the urine retain a yellow color if your pee has been diluted, but too much niacin will increase fat burning which should be avoided on the day of the test.

Niacin is fairly safe except if used in doses greater than 2 grams per day for the average American male. Pregnant or nursing women should consult their doctor before using high dosages of a niacin supplement.

Negative Side Effects of Niacin Pills

The most commonly reported adverse side effect of niacin use is flushing.  This can range from mild discomfort to feeling like a panic attack, strong fear, or pain.  It is not generally believed to be dangerous but could indicate that a dose of niacin which could affect other parts of the body may have been ingested.  Aside from facial flushing which may last up to half an hour after a 500mg niacin pill, there is also a risk of liver damage and indigestion.  Using niacin for a weed detox can be especially dangerous if proper care is not taken.  With a high dose, particularly of sustained-release types over extended time periods, hepatotoxicity can result.  It’s important that you use B3 cautiously and reasonably.  There is also a risk of niacin toxicity if you were to consume more than the safe dosage mentioned in the previous section.  Symptoms of a niacin overdose include but are not limited to a rapid heartbeat, itching, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.  If you experience any negative side effects of niacin pills, stop taking them immediately (if not prescribed) and go see your local practitioner.

If you use niacin in an effort to beat a drug test on a regular basis, particularly daily, it may cause an increase in blood sugar which could either cause or worsen diabetes.  If you have diabetes, you need to be even more careful taking this supplement.  You may wish to decide against taking it at all in that case and consider another way of detoxing that is safer for you.  Sustained release and high doses of niacin can also result in blood thinning and visual issues.  Thankfully most side-effects of niacin can be reversed relatively quickly once you stop taking the pills.

How to Use Niacin to Pass a Drug Test

Your body’s fat cells can store THC and other drug metabolites.  When your body detoxes, these metabolites are gradually released from your body through various forms of excretion such as sweating and urination.  Niacin is known to speed the breakdown of fat which in turn helps to release THC and other drug metabolites.  Niacin can open blood vessels in fat tissues to help cleanse your system of drugs.  When it comes to using niacin ahead of a drug test, do not take more than the safe amount, that being 2 grams a day.

Here are the directions involved in using niacin:

  1. Abstain from drug use for 3-4 days.
  2. In the morning, take 500mg of niacin with two glasses of water.  This dosage can cause flushing unless you take no-flush niacin.
  3. Stay away from fatty foods and pee frequently.
  4. Every six hours take 500mg of niacin.  Do not consume higher doses and do not take them more frequently.  The point of spacing out each pill is to prevent any risk of niacin toxicity.
  5. Consume a safe and appropriate amount of water with electrolytes.  Avoid drinking too much water as you could run the risk of water intoxication.
  6. On the day of the test, consume two pills with six hours between each one.  You may need to get up pretty early, in this case, depending on when your test is due to take place!
  7. Pop back a B12 supplement if your urine is coming out too clear.  Make sure that your urine is yellow and natural-looking before taking the test.
  8. Take a small dose of creatine too.  This will ensure that your creatinine levels are right prior to your drug test.

Those who’ve used the niacin flush method to get drugs out of their system claim that it works.  As a warning, doses of niacin of 2 grams or more for extended time periods can be toxic to the liver and will cause flushing as well as possibly other uncomfortable side-effects.  It may even land you in the hospital.

There was a case study published in 2018 which highlighted an incident of niacin toxicity involving an individual who was trying to beat a drug test (Fayyaz, Rehman, & Upreti, 2018).  The user spent time in the hospital with vomiting, nausea, and hypoglycemia with possible liver issues although no liver failure.  The user’s recovery took about three days.  Tests for drug use were negative despite the user having smoked weed recently and on a daily basis.  This suggests that niacin can work but it goes without saying that you should never consume too much niacin.  The point is that this terrible incident proves that niacin can help to get weed and other drugs out of your system but that taking too much of it will go beyond those benefits and cause real harm!  So take a safe dose and there’s a good chance that you’ll achieve something.  Do not be tempted to take more.  You’ll probably end up in a bad situation if you do.

While Niacin, a type of B3 has traditionally been used to treat medical conditions like hyperlipidemia and a B3 deficiency, in recent years, it has been popularized within the drug detox community.  It is considered by many as a fast and effective way to clear drugs from the body so as to conceal drug use before a test.  Niacin is easy to find near me and you at grocery stores, drug stores, and online.

How Long Until Niacin Leaves My System?

It’ll probably take just four hours for niacin to leave your body.  Niacin metabolites could possibly take a day or two to leave your system fully if present in high concentrations.  Obviously, you’re gonna have small trace quantities of niacin in everyday foods.  You may be wondering whether testers who are aware of the niacin flush approach may look for signs of niacin use.  The thing is, it’s very unlikely that they could tell if you’ve used this method.  After all, since B3 is in ordinary foods and many people take vitamin supplements, trace evidence of niacin won’t raise any eyebrows.  With that said, the test will be occurring when the niacin is still flushing THC out of fat cells so there could be high niacin levels in your bloodstream.  We do not know if test-makers plan to specifically test for niacin but since it’s an essential nutrient and a common supplement and medication, we can’t imagine that they’ll be able to tell that you were using it in a detox effort.  Not yet anyway! One way or another, high concentrations of niacin will be out of your system within 48 hours.

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