Best Protein Shake For Weight Loss Reviews


When you search for Best Protein Shakes For Weight Loss Reviews, the number of protein shake reviews seem overwhelming. So many options. It is hard to find the best option for your particular fitness goals, personal taste preferences, and nutrition needs. I have done the legwork to find out what is the best protein shake to get you the results you are looking for.

What could Protein Shakes do for you?

Protein shakes have rapidly gained popularity because it provides convenient way to include more protein to your daily diet routine and are known to help in losing weight as well. In this review we will explain everything that is important for our readers to known about protein shakes and how they may impact your daily nutrition and weight. As per the researches, protein shakes have been successful in lowering down body fat and promoting weight loss. However, one must always keep in mind that there is no magic wand. Clinical studies have backed by the fact that higher amount of protein in your diet may bring a lot of benefits that may include reducing excess fat, preserving lean muscle, feeling of satiety, and losing excess pounds.

The popular way to include protein shakes in your diet is to replace the meals with protein shakes that may help you in controlling caloric intake, which can eventually help in losing weight. However, this could not be a long term approach, as you may end up needing in eating solid food again and may gain weight if you don’t make healthy food choices. Though, protein shakes are a healthy choice to lose weight, but you may choose it carefully so that you can get the best nutrition out of it. Before diving into the protein shake bandwagon, you should know that protein has calories and consuming it in high amount may somewhat make it harder for you to lose weight. Your weight loss efforts may ruined up if you drink protein shakes along with your normal diet without controlling your calorie intake or exercising.

An ideal protein intake for an average adult should be 46 to 56 grams a day. However, this amount may vary as per your weight and overall health. Protein shakes and protein powders should only be taken if you are not taking a balanced diet. In order to lose weight, you should focus on burning more calories and consume healthy foods that include fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, vegetable, fibre enriched foods, and protein-rich foods. In addition, you should also avoid consuming sugars, saturated fats and excess salts while adding some physical activity in your daily lifestyle. Even a 30 minutes brisk walk or light exercise 5 times a week can help you in achieving your weight loss goals.

Best Protein Shakes for Weight loss

While there are so many brands of protein shakes available in the market, it is really hard to find the best protein shakes that actually work wonders for your nutritional needs. Protein shakes are the best that can provide extra dietary protein in your daily diet to help building you muscle after doing workouts. In addition, the use of protein shakes will also help in preventing muscle loss during your weight loss journey or due to the usual aging process. Mostly individuals find it ideal to have their protein shake after performing workouts so that they can provide enough nutrition to their body’s building blocks that your muscles need to recover and grow. The best protein shakes are capable of working in three ways that are; by building muscle mass, preventing muscle loss, and reducing recovery time during intense workouts.

Protein shakes not only provide you with the best nutrition, but also fill you up so that you wouldn’t feel hunger. Many of the protein shakes’ advantages actually depends on the type of protein you are consuming and how you are using it. Using protein powders along with healthy fats and fruits can enhance its capability rather than consuming it with just with a glass of water. If you want to have the best protein shake, you must check the contents and nutritional label properly to check the fat and sugar contents included in it. Those protein shakes that are packed up with high calories and sugar content will be more filling than a low-calorie version, but it wouldn’t be that beneficial for your health. You should always choose the nutritional and low-sugar protein shake that can be mixed with fruits or milk to level up the calorie intake if needed.

Protein Shake Recipes for Weight loss

While there are plenty of options of protein shakes for weight loss available in the food stores and pharmacies, you can also make one nutrient-rich protein shake at your own by following the delicious recipe that we will mentioning for you in this article. If you are beginner and have never tried any store protein shake formula, we recommend you to follow this tasty recipe that you can try on to fulfil your needs.


The ingredients that you will be needing to make a protein shake at home are following:

    1 heaped scoop of a good brand protein powder

    1 cup of unsweetened almond milk or low-fat milk

    1 frozen banana, preferably sliced into rounds.

    1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, if suits you

    1 tablespoon of stevia or honey

    Ice cubes, as required.


  •     Put the banana rounds in the blender along with cinnamon powder for an enhanced taste.
  •     Pour one scoop of low-sugar protein powder into the blender as well. 1 scoop supplies 25 g of protein.
  •     Now add in your liquid ingredients such as unsweetened almond milk along with some ice as per you desire.
  •     Close the blender lid and blend it at high speed until all it gets smooth and all the ingredients combined well.
  •     Pour the shake in a tall glass and enjoy it as a replacement to your meal such as lunch or dinner so that you can stay within calorie deficit diet routine. Drink the shake immediately and don’t make it stand for long time.
  • To add up a little more flair to this recipe, you can add up some frozen fruits of your choice like strawberries, black berries and you can also use half cup of plain full fat Greek Yogurt for a change in taste.

Are Protein Shakes Good for Weight loss?

Protein Shakes have gained popularity due to its assistance in weight loss journey. Undoubtedly, protein shakes are a quick and smart way to consume a sufficient amount of protein to maintain your healthy lifestyle. If you are highly active person, you can consume protein shake before or after your workout to meet your daily protein needs. In addition, protein shakes are the healthy option to intake during any time of the day, especially if you are active and want to shed excess pounds.

Consuming protein shakes are considered healthy and safe option because it didn’t increase the amount of calories and takes longer to digest as compared to carbohydrates which gives a feeling of fullness for longer period of time and help you to stay on track.

Following are some of the ways in which protein shakes help in losing weight and excess fat?

  •     Gives you feeling of fullness for longer: Protein is a power nutrient that gives satiety better than any other macronutrient like carbs or fats. The intake of protein will help you to stay full for longer time period so that you can avoid overeating and snacking throughout the day, which in turn helps you maintain a caloric deficit routine.
  •     Building of lean muscle mass: Protein is an ideal ingredient to use if you are opting for bodybuilding or growth of lean muscle mass. When protein is paired up with strength training and resistance sessions, it helps in building up muscles, which helps in increasing the calorie burning process in the body. When an individual gain 2 to 4 pounds of muscle he got an opportunity of burning extra 50 calories per day.
  •     Boosts Metabolic Rate: Protein takes more time and calories from the body to get digested as compared to the same amount of carbs or fat. This in turn will result in the accelerated metabolism of the body will actually help greatly in losing weight, especially with a low-calorie diet routine.

Best protein supplements brands

Bulk Nutrients protein

Bulk Nutrients is an Australian-owned and operated business, offering local gym-goers a wide variety of protein supplements, amino acids, pre-workout and weight loss shakes for all your fitness needs, including travel packs for when you need to squeeze in a workout on the go.

Bulk Nutrients’ Whey Concentrate provides 23g of protein per 30g serving, while the Whey Isolate bumps up the protein to 26g per serving, with flavours including the likes of vanilla, chocolate and banana, with additional options such as peppermint slice and choc honeycomb for the sweet tooths out there. Other protein options include Muscle Food 101, Protein Matrix + and vegan and vegetarian options, with protein pancakes, oats and beverages also available for when you need help at mealtime. Available through the Bulk Nutrients website, protein supplements are usually available in 1kg packets, but larger packets are also available in select product ranges.

    Bulk Nutrients was rated five stars across all research categories, including taste and texture, value for money, effectiveness, variety, packaging convenience and overall satisfaction.

Musashi powder

Musashi offers consumers a wide variety of protein products, including powders, bars and drinks for your fitness needs, with the company also offering meal plans and training tips on its website. One of the more well-known brands available, you can pick up Musashi supplements at select supermarkets and health food stores.

Musashi offers a range of powders, covering low-carb, mass gainers and 100% whey varieties, with the 100% whey offering 24g of protein per 33g serving. These are available in up to 2kg tubs, with Musashi offering a number of flavours per product. Similar to the powders, Musashi’s protein bars are available in both low-carb and mass gainer varieties, with 375ml drinks additionally available for those on the go. Bars and drinks are available for individual purchase, or as multipacks.

    Musashi was rated four stars across the board, including for effectiveness, value for money, taste and overall satisfaction.

Nature’s Way choc plant protein

Known for its range of multivitamins and using natural ingredients, Nature’s Way has also diversified into the protein supplement market, offering including vegan products and supplements with additional benefits, such as collagen.

Available for purchase online or at local supermarkets and pharmacies, the Nature’s Way protein range includes between 22g and 30g of protein per serving, with additional products available, including specialised proteins like protein with super greens or protein with additional magnesium. Tubs are available between 300g and 375g depending on the product.

    Nature’s Way was rated four stars for every category, including packaging convenience, variety, effectiveness, value for money, taste and overall satisfaction.

BSC powder low carb

Another Australian company, BSC – otherwise known as Body Science – offers a wide variety of products, including compression clothing, as well as protein supplements. Available for purchase via its website, BSC is also on offer at supplement stores and major pharmacies.

BSC provides plenty of protein powders, including Lean Muscle, Low Carb, Whey Isolate (which contains 26g of protein per 33g serving), as well as a vegan protein option, giving shoppers plenty to choose from. Available in tubs of up to 3kg, BSC offers flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter and espresso on select powders, with each powder gluten free.

For those looking for a quick option on the go, BSC offers a 450ml Muscle Protein Shake, available in flavours including chocolate, banana and vanilla, with the shakes containing no artificial flavours or colouring, as well as being gluten and GMO free. In addition to protein shakes and powders, BSC offers a number of protein bars and balls to help those who are prone to snacking, which are available in multi-packs.

    BSC received four stars for value for money, effectiveness, packaging convenience and overall satisfaction, along with three stars for variety and taste.

Coles Protein Supplement

Revamping its protein range, Coles now offers the `Perform’ range of supplements, which includes whey and plant-based protein powders. Available as individual satchels for single-use, flavours include vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel, it also contains 22g of protein per 35g serving, providing a punch harder than some may expect from a supermarket homebrand. And if you’re looking for something a little bit extra, Coles also offers the Perform Elite range, available as either a 40g sachet or 500g tub, which contains 30g of protein per serve.

    Coles received three stars for taste and packaging convenience, while also scoring four stars in all other categories, including variety, effectiveness, value for money and overall satisfaction.

Bounce Protein Supplement

Healthy snacking company Bounce is all about helping Aussie families snack smarter, offering a wide range of protein snacks, balls and shakes, as well as keto low-carb bars, vegan bars and kid’s powders. All Bounce products are said to be made with all-natural premium ingredients and contain a balanced nutritional profile to help you hit your macros and nutrient intake.

Bounce is best-known for its packaged whey protein balls, with each packed with 14g of protein per 49g ball. They come in a variety of flavour combinations, including lemon coconut, cashew caramel, cacao mint, mango macadamia and more.

If you’re off dairy, there’s also a small range of `plant’ protein balls available in similarly delectable flavours. Bounce snacks are sold in the health food section of major supermarkets, including Coles and Woolworths, as well as in most health food stores.

    Bounce was rated four stars for variety and packaging convenience, with three stars for all remaining categories, including effectiveness, value for money, taste and overall satisfaction.

How much protein do I need?

How much protein you should be having is a big topic of debate, with plenty of people weighing in with their opinions. At the end of the day, how much protein you should have in your diet will ultimately come down to how active your lifestyle is, what your body goals are, as well as a number of individual factors. So, while the big dog at your gym may recommend a certain amount of protein, if you’re only just starting out in the weights section, chances are you’ll need a different amount.

According to studies published within the CSIRO Protein Report, protein intakes vary depending on lifestyles, with 0.8g of protein per kilo of bodyweight recommended for those with sedentary lifestyles, while 1.6g per kilo is recommended for those with highly-active lifestyles, or those who require higher protein intakes. Similarly, if you’re looking to bulk up (i.e. put on muscle and body mass) then increasing your protein intake will be the first step.

If you’re not 100% sure about how much protein you should be adding to your meals, it’s always best to consult your GP or a medical professional before embarking on a new health kick.

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