Best Quick Meals For Weight Loss

If you are feeling like eating something, then the best quick meals for weight loss are here. Get the list of healthy chicken recipes for weight loss so you can cut your weight in a very short time. Foods that burn fat faster and you need try once. Although there are numerous sources of protein available, ranging from beans and veggies to fish and beef, chicken is by far one of the most popular sources—and it’s easy to see why: It’s affordable, easy to prepare, and lower in fat than many other types of meat. In this article you will find a 3-day healthy meal plan and the health benefits of weight loss
But here’s the dilemma: There are only so many grilled chicken breasts you can eat before you get bored and turn to more flavorful ideas that often come with a big dose of unwanted calories. That’s why we plucked out some of our favorite low-calorie chicken recipes from the Eat This, Not That! archives for the most delicious poultry creations you can easily make at home.

Best Quick Meals For Weight Loss

Quick meals for weight loss is a collection of recipes for everyone who is on a diet and needs to lose some weight. Fast yet effective, these meals might help you slim down.

1.  Crispy Chilli Beef

Crispy Chilli Beef - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

There’s a reason this delicious fakeaway Crispy Chilli Beef has taken the top spot this year, and you’ll know why when you taste it! This showstopping, delicious Crispy Chilli Beef is full of fresh veggies and savoury flavours and ready on the table in only 35 minutes. As an added bonus, it really does look as good as it tastes! Try served with a pile of fluffy rice and Salt and Pepper Chips: you’ll be throwing away the takeaway menu in no time.

2.  KFC Zinger Burger FakeawayKFC Zinger Burger Fakeaway - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

A well-deserved hit in our Top 50 Slimming & Weight Watchers Friendly recipes, and what better savoury delight to take second place than our KFC Zinger Burger Fakeaway? The magic of our KFC Zinger Burger Fakeaway lies in the crunchy coating that surrounds the chicken. If you’re missing your fave KFC fast food treat, then these are certainly one to try!

3.  Chicken KebabChicken Kebab - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

The kebabs from the local takeaway are not only full of calories, but are often quite dry and expensive, too! We’ve used succulent chicken thighs to keep this Chicken Kebab moist and full of flavour!

The construction of our Chicken Kebab might appear to be a little odd, but the kebab stick wizardry is all worth it. What you’re left with is an amazing, slimming friendly chicken kebab that tastes just like the takeaway version, but without all of those pesky extra calories!

4.  Campfire StewCampfire Stew - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Campfire Stew has been consistently one of our Top 50 Slimming and Weight Watchers Friendly recipes and it’s easy to see why! This ideal batch cook recipe is such an easy recipe to make in bulk in the slow cooker for ultimate convenience, whilst still being super tasty.

It’s packed full of healthy ingredients and is suitable to serve with all manner of things – pasta, rice, potatoes, cous cous, the possibilities are endless!

5.  Cajun Dirty RiceDirty Rice - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

A brand new entry in this year’s Top 50 Slimming and Weight Watchers Friendly recipes, Cajun Dirty Rice uses beef mince and a variety of colourful veggies for a delicious rice dish that’s full of flavour and texture. The beauty of this dish is that it’s as versatile as you need it to be: throw in any leftovers you have laying around the fridge and you have a substantial meal on the table in only 40 minutes!

6.  One Pot Mediterranean Chicken Orzo

The members of our Facebook Group went wild for this One Pot Mediterranean Chicken Orzo when it was first released, so it’s no surprise that it’s on our list of Top 50 Slimming and Weight Watchers Friendly Recipes! A small, rice-style pasta shape that absorbs flavour as it cooks, orzo is a great choice for a budget dinner. Pack it with the rest of these wholesome, simple ingredients and you’ll soon see why this recipe is such a smash hit!

7.  Beef Stroganoff

Our Beef Stroganoff is a slimming friendly take on the traditionally rich and creamy dish, without all of the added calories. Filled with lots of mushrooms and other ingredients, it’s a well-rounded meal that has the added advantage of being absolutely delicious! Served with rice or extra steamed veg, our Beef Stroganoff is a cracking, slimming meal that tastes much naughtier than it really is!

8.  Chinese Chicken and Broccoli

Our slimming friendly Chinese Chicken and Broccoli is just as tasty and fresh as something you’d get from the takeaway. In fact, it’s pretty close to how it’s traditionally made – only minus the oil, sugar, and sesame oil!

9.  Diet Coke Pepsi Max ChickenDiet Coke / Pepsi Max Chicken - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

We see people recreating our Diet Coke Pepsi Max Chicken pretty much every day over on our Instagram page – it’s a real fan favourite and we’re always so excited that you love it so much!

The idea of using Diet Coke or Pepsi Max in cooking may be a little strange at first, but trust us: it transforms into a rich, savoury sauce with a hint of sweetness. It’s perfect when paired with Chinese flavours like we’ve done in this recipe.

This Diet Coke Pepsi Max Chicken is packed full of loads of veg and is the perfect, slimming friendly dinner when served with loads of rice.

10.  Enchilada LasagneEnchilada Lasagne - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Using tortilla wraps in an ingenious way, our Enchilada Lasagne fast became one of our most popular recipes ever! It’s in our Top 50 Slimming & Weight Watchers Friendly recipes because of how easy it is to create something that’s as delicious as it is impressive. Whether you’re cooking up a batch of Enchilada Lasagne for the family or stocking up the freezer, it will go down a treat!

11.  Crustless Quiche LorraineCrustless Quiche Lorraine - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

This Crustless Quiche Lorraine is not only the perfect light dinner, it’s also a fantastic packed lunch option. It freezes and reheats really well, so you can make it at the beginning of the week and portion it out across a few lunches or dinners. Crustless Quiche Lorraine is also great for picnics, as it still tastes just as good when it’s cold. Team it up with a salad and you’ve got yourself a lovely light meal to enjoy at home, or on the go! Have diabetes or hypertension raised your risk of heart disease, or do you simply want to eat in a more heart-healthy way? A three-day meal plan can help. This 1,500-calorie plan can help women maintain their weight and can help smaller men lose weight, says Julia Zumpano, RD, LD. (Discover the six benefits of seeing a heart dietitian below.) 3 Day Healthy Meal Plan Day 1 Breakfast: 2 large eggs, 2 slices whole grain bread, peanut butter. Lunch: 2 slices whole grain bread, 1 can tuna (packed in water), 1 slice low-fat mozzarella cheese, 1 Tbsp. olive oil mayo, 1 cup skim milk, 6 baby carrots, 1 Tbsp. light dressing. Dinner: 4 oz. grilled chicken, 1 cup sweet potato, 1 cup green beans, ½ Tbsp. olive oil spread, 1 medium apple, 1 cheese stick. Snacks: ½ cup fresh pineapple, ½ cup cottage cheese.

Day 2

Breakfast: ½ cup oatmeal, ½ cup blueberries, 1/4 cup walnuts. Lunch: 2 slices whole grain bread, 2 oz. low-sodium turkey, 1 slice Swiss cheese, ¼ avocado, ½ Tbsp. light mayo, 1 cup skim milk. Dinner: 4 oz. salmon, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup broccoli, 2 tsp. olive oil, 2 Tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese. Snacks: ¾ cup non-fat plain Greek yogurt, ½ cup strawberries.

Day 3

Breakfast: ½ cup fat-free cottage cheese, ½ cup pineapple, 1 hard-boiled egg. Lunch: ½ cup black beans, ½ cup bell pepper, 1/4 avocado, 2 Tbsp. tomato salsa, ½ cup shredded lettuce, ¼ cup reduced fat cheddar cheese, 1 low-carb wrap, 1 medium peach. Dinner: 3 turkey meatballs, 1 cup whole wheat pasta, ½ cup low-sodium marinara sauce, 2 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese, 2 cup spring lettuce mix, 1 Tbsp. olive oil, 1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar. Snacks: 20 mixed nuts, 1 cup grapes.

Healthy Chicken Recipes for Weight Loss

Healthy chicken recipes for weight loss are quite popular these days. Many people have been giving up meat in exchange for chicken, but it’s important to know that there are many healthy ways to prepare poultry that don’t include frying it in a huge amount of butter or having it drenched in buffalo sauce. I’m sharing the best healthy chicken recipes for weight loss because who doesn’t love a lot of flavor in a healthy-ish (yes healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive) meal?

The Best-Ever Oven-Fried Chicken

Paleo oven fried chicken
Southerners may grunt and grumble about the travesty of “fried” chicken not being cooked in big skillets of melted lard, but we’d bring this crispy, succulent bird to a church potluck in Savannah without batting an eye. A long soak in buttermilk spiked with hot sauce both tenderizes and flavors the meat, while the spiced panko provides a layer of captivating crunch. We won’t go as far as to say you won’t taste the difference (properly fried chicken has a depth of flavor that stretches straight to your soul), but we can say with confidence that this chicken hits the spot.

Best-Ever Healthier Chicken Pot Pie

Low-calorie chicken pot pie
It’s a known fact that pot pies will forever be one of America’s favorite comfort foods, but you don’t want to waste an entire day’s worth of calories, fat, and sodium in just one meal, which is what ends up happening in many restaurant renditions. We take the opposite approach, cutting the calories and fat in a pot pie you will still love.

Chicken Piccata

chicken piccata
With this recipe, you can have a chicken dinner on the table in about 30 minutes. Not to mention, you’ll be using classic Italian ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. That’s our idea of a perfect, healthy, weeknight dinner!

Healthier Orange Chicken

bowls of homemade orange chicken with chopsticks
This version slashes the calorie count of your usual orange chicken takeout. So enjoy a healthier take on this classic Chinese takeout dish with our easy-to-make orange chicken recipe.

Roast Chicken and Vegetables with Fall Spices

roast chicken
There’s something about the smell of roasting chicken, potatoes, and butternut squash that make you nostalgic for fall. It reminds you of crisp fall days, huddled up with sweaters, sipping on a cup of warm soup, and enjoying a flavorful roast. This roast chicken with vegetables is naturally gluten-free and low in calories.

Pesto Chicken with a Garden Salad

keto pesto chicken
This is a picture-perfect weeknight meal: chicken breasts topped with mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce. Pesto, made from basil, olive oil, garlic, Parmesan cheese, and pine nuts adds rich, satiating, heart-healthy unsaturated fats to the dinner. And the peppery bite of arugula, fresh tomato, and red onion are the perfect complement to the gooey melted mozz.

Harvest Pizza with Chicken, Grapes, and Goat Cheese

harvest pizza
Need to use up the leftover cooked chicken in your fridge? This harvest pizza recipe is the perfect way to do so! Mixed with refreshing grapes, fennel, goat cheese, and arugula, this harvest pizza is as nutritious as it is delicious.

Crunchy Popcorn Chicken with Spicy Chipotle Aioli

keto popcorn chicken
We use almond flour, chopped almonds, and a flaky spelt cereal to create a unique crunchy combo that adheres beautifully to little pieces of chicken. While many traditional crunchy chicken recipes use corn flakes, spelt flakes are lower in carbs and provide a toasted, nutty flavor.

Tomato Chicken Curry With Cauliflower Rice

Paleo tomato chicken curry recipe
Looking for something on the spicier side? By using a jalapeño in the recipe, this chicken curry comes with a slight kick, but between the sweetness of the coconut milk and the acidity of the crushed tomatoes, this tomato chicken curry recipe is the perfect dinner dish no matter what season you’re in.

Baked Fiery Buffalo Wings

Healthy fiery buffalo wings
Sometimes, you just really crave a classic dish, and it doesn’t get more classic than some Buffalo wings. This version isn’t fried like most wings tend to be, and instead is a baked version, which cuts the fat content significantly. It’s also easier, cheaper (no oil for frying), and tastier this way, too.

Chicken Mole Enchiladas

Low-calorie chicken mole enchiladas
Authentic Mexican food can be incredibly healthy, as the dishes usually consist of tons of fresh produce and lean proteins. These enchiladas are not only easier to make than the Americanized versions served in most restaurants, but they’re also tastier and contain fewer calories, staying true to their roots.

Chicken and Black Bean Nachos

Low-calorie nachos with chicken and black beans
If you order a plate of nachos at a restaurant, you’re most likely going to end up with soggy tortilla chips that are drowning in cheese, sour cream, and oily ground beef. This version ensures that every chip is evenly covered with protein-packed chicken and fiber-rich beans, plus enough salsa and lime-spiked sour cream and cheese to keep your mouth watering.

Crispiest Stuffed Chicken

Paleo stuffed chicken
This is one common restaurant chicken dish that you’ll typically find infused with cheese, bacon, and ranch dressing, ruining any shot you have at a good day of eating. Apply those same appealing flavors at home to crispy stuffed chicken breast, filled with veggies and pine nuts, and you’ll escape unscathed.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Chimichurri Sauce

Healthy grilled chicken sandwich with chimichurri
This is one chicken sandwich you can’t get at the local drive-thru! It brings a ton of flavor, thanks to the chimichurri sauce it’s dressed in. And along with a solid supporting cast of sweet peppers, sharp raw onions, and peppery greens, you can’t beat this dish that comes in at only 310 calories

Rotisserie Chicken Tacos with Salsa Verde

Chicken tacos with salsa verde
Everyone loves rotisserie chicken, and it’s a fast and easy go-to for dinner when you’re in a pinch with no prep needed. But once you’re ready to get back in the kitchen, turn to this great chicken tacos recipe that you can use with leftover pieces of the meat. Tossed with a good dose of mildly spicy salsa verde, these tacos bring a ton of flavor.

Chicken Salad Sandwich with Raisins and Curry Powder

Chicken salad sandwich with curry and raisins
Chicken salad is often just doused in mayo, but this version is unlike the one you’ll find at your local sandwich shop. We use a modest amount of olive-oil-based mayo, then add in plump golden raisins and curry powder for a sweet and savory combo. Make a big batch of the salad as part of your weekly meal planning and enjoy it stuffed into other sandwiches, in pitas, or even atop a bowl of mixed greens.

Creamy Mushroom Chicken

Healthy creamy mushroom chicken
Chicken buried in mushrooms and cream is the type of dish that’s at home in a country kitchen as well as in an upscale city restaurant. We combine elements from both ends of the spectrum: brown mushrooms and chicken stock from the country, a touch of sherry, and some dried mushrooms from the city. The combination of Greek yogurt and half-and-half gives the sauce richness and a velvety texture, without weighing it down.

Grilled Chicken with Cranberries and Avocado Sala

Grilled chicken salad with cranberries avocado and goat cheese
Sometimes, salads can end up being calorie bombs in disguise, especially if you decide to order one at a restaurant. So how about you make a salad right at home that keeps it the healthy meal it should be? This recipe is rich in protein, and it is guaranteed to cut the number of calories you’d have on a salad you order in a restaurant in half.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Healthy barbecue chicken pizza
Craving pizza? Allow yourself to indulge by adding some chicken on it! This recipe is inspired by California Pizza Kitchen’s Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, and as good as theirs is, we’re confident this barbecue chicken pizza recipe is even better. Plus, it’s cheaper to make at home and has just a third of the calories.

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung pao chicken
What makes a stir-fry so incredibly comforting? It’s knowing that, after a long, difficult day, a spicy and flavor-packed meal can be prepared in a single pan in under 10 minutes. But in most versions across the restaurant and takeout spectrum, the heat takes a backseat to Chinese-American food’s more dominant flavor profile: fat plus salt. This one puts the heat back in the driver’s seat.

Sesame Noodles with Chicken

Healthy sesame noodles with chicken
Italians might cringe in horror to hear it, but the noodle originally comes from Asia. The point is, sometimes a box of fettuccine is just as appropriate for an Asian-inspired meal as it is for an Italian dish. Think of this as a salad, with the noodles sitting in for lettuce. Add some protein and as many or as few vegetables as you like, and toss the whole package with a light but powerful dressing. It’s the culmination of four millennia of noodle knowledge. (Well, maybe not, but it’s awfully tasty.)

Thai Chicken Curry

Healthy thai chicken curry
Redolent of ginger and lemongrass, chiles, and coconut milk, Thai curry brings all of the classic flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine—salty, sour, bitter, hot—together in one dish. What’s more, it derives all of its flavors from ingredients packed with powerful antioxidants. Even coconut milk contains lauric acid, among the healthiest forms of fat you can consume.

Chili-Mango Chicken Stir-Fry

Paleo chili-mango chicken
The combination of heat and sweet is a rollercoaster for our taste buds and a partnership that lurks behind—knowingly or not—our affection for so many Asian dishes: General Tso’s, orange chicken, and mu shu pork, among others. Here, that combination upgrades a basic chicken stir-fry to something special with just two ingredients: The metabolism-boosting heat comes from a lashing of chili sauce (look for the bottle with the Red Rooster and a green screw-on cap) and the sweet flavor from a thin coating of quick-cooked mango chunks.

Chicken Scaloppine

Paleo chicken scaloppine
Another Italian classic lost in translation. Too many cooks interpret this dish—traditionally chicken or pork, lightly floured and cooked with sage and prosciutto—as a huge helping of meat, breaded and fried and covered in a murky, sodium-strewn gravy. Our lighter, more authentic version wraps chicken and sage in a layer of prosciutto, which then becomes a crispy skin that keeps the chicken moist while it sautés. A splash of wine and chicken stock directly into the cooking pan becomes your two-minute sauce. It’s just the latest proof of why simpler is so often better.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Gluten-free chicken cordon cleu with honey mustard
This dish is French in name, but it feels American, right down to its molten cheese core. Normally, this chicken is stuffed, breaded, then deep-fried into submission. But our testing found that a high-heat oven provides all the crunch we want without all the calories we don’t. If honey mustard feels a bit like gilding the lily, it is, but at 350 calories for the whole dish, why not?

Appetizer-Worthy Chicken Pot Stickers

Paleo chicken pot stickers
Making Chinese dumplings at home will only take you about 10 minutes, and this recipe spikes the dish with mushrooms and snap peas. This works great as an appetizer, but you can also cut the recipe down and make it a lean meal for one.

Health Benefits of Weight Loss

1. Helps regulate blood sugar and diabetes

Losing weight improves insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes, says Preeti Pusalkar, a certified clinical nutritionist with Hudson Medical Center, a primary care provider in New York City. Excess body fat leads to an increase in adipose tissue, which causes inflammation and interferes with the function of insulin — the hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels. Weight loss reduces adipose tissue, which allows the body to manage blood sugar more effectively. Plus, you don’t have to lose that much weight to see results. Research has found that just a 5% reduction in body weight improved blood sugar levels in adults.

2. Improved heart health

Losing weight can also improve heart health by reducing pressure on arteries, meaning the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood through the body. The result is lower blood pressure and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels — the “bad” kind of cholesterol that can increase your risk of heart disease, Pusalkar says. And it doesn’t matter if you lose weight through diet and exercise or weight-loss surgery like metabolic surgery — you’ll reap benefits regardless, according to a large 2020 study. Researchers examined the effects of weight loss surgery on obese patients who either had weight loss surgery or who lost weight through lifestyle changes. The risk of heart disease for the surgical group decreased after a 5% to 10% loss of body weight while the nonsurgical group saw a decrease after losing about 20% of body weight.

3. Decreased risk of stroke

Excess weight can increase blood pressure, and therefore your risk of stroke. This is because high blood pressure puts a strain on your blood vessels, making them stiffer and more likely to cause blood to clot. “Losing weight helps improve the efficiency of the heart due to less constricted blood vessels,” Pusalkar says.

4. Better sleep

Overweight people are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea — a disorder characterized by disrupted breathing while sleeping. Excess weight can increase fat deposits in your neck, which can obstruct your airways. If you suffer from sleep apnea, losing weight likely won’t entirely cure the condition. However, losing just 10% to 15% of your body weight can improve sleep quality and reduce the severity of sleep apnea in moderately obese patients, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

5. Improved mobility

Losing weight alleviates pressure on knees and joints, which can improve mobility, Pusalkar says. A large 2012 study of obese adults with type 2 diabetes found as little as a 1% drop in weight cut mobility limitations, such as difficulty walking or climbing stairs, by more than 7%.

6. Higher self-esteem

While there is no direct correlation between weight loss and self-esteem, some studies show that weight loss can improve mood and self-confidence. A 2014 review examined 36 studies to determine the psychological benefits of weight loss. Researchers found consistent improvements in body image, self-worth, and general well-being among subjects who lost weight.

7. Decreased joint pain

Excess weight can cause joints to become stressed, damaged, and inflamed — but losing weight can help. A 2018 study examined obese adults with arthritis pain in their knees. Researchers found that losing 10% to 20% of body weight resulted in less pain and improved joint function than losing just 5% of body weight, which did not show any significant joint pain benefits. The reason likely has to do with how quickly joints wear down when under additional stress from excess weight. “As the smooth surface at the ends of bones, or cartilage, becomes damaged and worn, you feel pain and stiffness in the joint,” Pulsalkar says.

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