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When you monitor your dietary intake and scrutinize it to a minute level, you can get all the six essential nutrients, i.e., vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, water, and carbohydrates. But some people need an external push in the form of supplements, either due to their medical history or for an improvement in their health.

Health professionals often recommend vitamin C tablets as a dietary supplement. They are a valuable source for boosting antioxidant levels, improving iron content, and lowering blood pressure. But how to select the best vitamin C tablet if all serve the same purpose? Which are the best brands when it comes to vitamin C tablets? All of these are answered in detail in the following article.

After proper scrutinization with the help of help experts and nutritionists, we have formulated a list of the twelve best Vitamin C tablets.

The following reviews are based on the ingredients, effectiveness, and other components of the Vitamin C tablets. Go through all the products and select the one that fits your requirements.

The MOUNTAINOR Vitamin C Capsules are 100% vegetarian immunity booster capsules that will help you in getting radiant and glowing skin. As this product is gluten-free, it can be used by people with allergies. A daily serving of 1000 mg is enough to provide heightened immunity for up to 24 hours. The presence of antioxidants helps in fighting free radicals. Along with Vitamin C, these capsules help your body in absorbing more nutrients and minerals.

Besides the extracts of various fruits, zinc is also present in the capsules to help with several deficiencies in the body. Such a combination is crucial for collagen production, leading to better hair structure. According to research, the production of collagen can also give you firmer skin.

The formula used in the manufacturing of this Vitamin C capsule is beneficial in improving the health of your hair, nails, and skin.

After using these tablets, our volunteers noticed their spots and hyperpigmentation become lighter. It also gave them a bright and refreshing glow.

The presence of the extracts of amla, orange, lemon, guava, cherry, and strawberries make the capsule more beneficial to the body. Such a blend gives your body overall protection and significantly improves the texture of your hair and skin.

As there are 90 capsules available in a bottle, it can last you for at least 1.5 months. Moreover, the tangy orange flavor is highly appreciable.

Most people believe that oranges have the highest amount of Vitamin C. But it is not entirely so. Only 53.2 mg of Vitamin C is present in 100 gms of oranges. On the other hand, 100 gms of rose hips contain approximately 426 mg of vitamin C.

Keeping this in mind, the Now Foods Vitamin C-1000 Tablets have rose hip powder as the second main ingredient.

The presence of rose hip powder in these tablets strengthens the immune system. It controls fat metabolism and works as a remedial component for rheumatoid arthritis. Research has also shown that it gradually reduces the symptoms of knee and hip osteoarthritis.

No traces of sugar, salt, starch, milk, egg, shellfish, or gluten is found in these tablets, making them a good option for vegans. With no added preservatives, there are no side effects either.

With a 1000 mg concentration of Vitamin C in one tablet, a single piece is recommended per day. As the tablets are medium-sized, they are not very challenging to swallow.

But you must note that this product is not evaluated by the FDA. As per our experiences, we saw no side effects. However, your discretion is advised, especially if you have a medical history. You can also verify it with your doctor if you want to stay on a safer side.

Made with Swiss technology, the Fast&Up NAC + Vitamin C tablets are ideal for maintaining lung and respiratory health. As these tablets are made with effervescent technology, they are appreciated by people who have trouble swallowing tablets.

In this tablet, the presence of  N-Acetylcysteine is more than Vitamin C. This promotes lung health. During our research, we also observed that this tablet helps in neutralizing free radicals that could damage your body tissues and cells. Furthermore, the blend of NAC and Vitamin C can provide overall protection to your body. Such a blend makes it one of our favorite choices when it comes to Vitamin C tablets.

Other than detoxing the liver, this option can come in handy for improving your performance in sports and other outdoor activities.

The consumption is simple. Just drop the tablet in 250 ml of water and drink it as soon as it gets dissolved. Besides being beneficial to the people who can’t swallow, such tablets are easy on the stomach, are absorbed faster, and keep the body hydrated. We must also mention that the strawberry flavor has a lingering and pleasant taste.

 Chewable tablets by Eucee are the best Vitamin C tablets for those who are allergic to soy. As it contains no amount of gluten or gelatine, this is a safe alternative.

These tablets are highly reliable in improving your immune health due to the presence of Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic acid. The antioxidants push the white blood cells to perform better, thereby improving your health.

During our study, we derived several benefits resulting from the consumption of this tablet. We observed a drastic change in immunity.

If you are somebody who goes to the gym regularly, consumption of these tablets will reduce the chances of muscle soreness.

As it also contains L-ascorbic acid, we observed a natural and bright glow in the skin. These results were visible after a certain amount of time, so do not expect a sudden change right away. But once you start consuming these tablets daily, we guarantee you will see positive changes in your skin.

If you have cholesterol issues or BP problems, you must include these tablets in your daily routine. But consult your doctor before doing so. The health of the teeth is also taken off by consuming these tablets. Hence, you can also give these tablets to your kids to safeguard a healthy upbringing. The delicious green mango flavor will make these your favorite Vitamin C tablets.

Another tablet based on effervescent technology, the Fast&UP Vitamin C tablets, is the best in the market if you are aiming for skincare. As it is made with amla extract and zinc, you get the best nutrients that would help in making your skin glow. As the amla extract has antioxidant properties, consuming these tablets on a regular basis will work as a natural skincare tool. When this is combined with zinc, it also boosts your immune system, giving you a higher chance of fighting off any diseases and infections.

If you compare this one with the previous Fast&UP Vitamin C tablet, you will notice that this one does not have Ascorbic acid. This feature makes it more effective in terms of immunity booster. The main benefit of getting effervescent tablets is that you need not swallow them.

Simply dissolve it in water and drink it. This one has a zesty orange flavor, giving it an edge when it comes to taste. The packaging is sturdy and easier to carry out while traveling. Hence, if you need a daily boost of immunity, you cannot go wrong with this brand.

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