Beyonce Diet Plan For Coachella


Beyonce diet plan for coachella is a diet plans used by Beyonce Knowles to get in shape before the 2014 music festival. The Beyonce 22 Day Diet diet plan is focused on looking good without worrying about weight gain. This diet plan is an unconventional weight-loss method, created by the famous singer Beyonce Knowles. The purpose of this plain and simple diet plan is to lose inches off your waist without any fat gain and also explain the health benefits of dieting.

Beyonce Diet Plan For Coachella

The iconic performer released a documentary of her Coachella performance this month.

Beyoncé’s new documentary “Homecoming” reveals that after giving birth to twins the singer stuck to an extremely restrictive diet as she trained for her Coachella performance last year.

While it worked for her, some experts caution that imitating the singer’s extreme diet and fitness routine isn’t likely a long-term solution for weight loss and physical fitness.

The singer removed bread, carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, fish, and alcohol from her diet and admitted she was “hungry.”

Thinking of trying to shed a few quick pounds using the Queen Bey method? A few nutrition professionals discuss what works and what doesn’t when trying to lose weight in a pinch.

Seek guidance

Dr. Amy Burkhart, RD, a physician and registered dietitian based in California, said celebrities have an incredible amount of influence in the United States.

“When they discuss issues such as weight loss regimens, they inevitably will have people mimic their actions in hopes of achieving equivalent results,” she explained.

Some of the health tips are harmless, such as drinking vegetable juice to improve skin tone. “But if the regimens are extreme and a person has no guidance, someone may potentially be embarking down a risky path,” Burkhart said.

Even Beyoncé says in the documentary she probably would not take on such an arduous diet and fitness regimen in the future.

Most celebrities pursuing extreme diet plans have personal dietitians or nutritionists who assure proper nutritional intake is maintained, Burkhart pointed out.

And for many performers like Beyoncé, being in shape is part of their job and necessary in order to be able to perform on stage for hours at a time.

“Most people, however, don’t have the luxury of a team to guide them in their dietary endeavors,” Burkhart. “This could put someone at risk for health consequences if they don’t know how to properly adjust or supplement for the restrictions they have made.”

Limit smartly

In some cases, it’s good to limit things such as alcohol or sugar. That can be done abruptly and safely, and Burkhart said it’s a good idea for everyone.

Restricting other food groups can harm health, as in the case of people living with diabetes, pregnant and nursing women, and those with kidney disease who attempt low-carb diets.

Some studies have shown that low-carb diets, high in animal protein, may result in a higher risk of death. But other studies suggest that low-carb diets balance blood sugar and lower inflammation markers, Burkhart noted.

“What does appear to be universally accepted is that a plant-based, nutrient-rich diet carries the lowest risk of ill health effects. Low-carb diets that are plant-based actually result in a lower risk of death and cancer,” she said.

Don’t “diet”

Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, a nutrition therapist and certified intuitive eating counselor from New York, cited research that showed dieting causes weight gain.

“Trying to avoid or cut out any food will cause your cravings to increase, not decrease,” she explained. “Dieting is a type of forced starvation. When you start to restrict types of food and/or amounts of food, your body switches into survival mode, triggering cravings and overeating. So the more you try to not have something, the more your body will crave it.”

Beyoncé also may not have completely cut out carbs (or for that matter, other items she said she had), added Marisa Moore, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist from Atlanta.

“It’s notable that as she was talking about her diet, she was eating an apple. This could have been misplaced b-roll, but apples are carbs,” Moore noted.

Bodies operate with a balance of carbohydrate, fat, and protein.

“Not only would it be incredibly difficult to maintain a no-carb diet for life, it could invite low energy or fatigue, constipation, and lower intake of certain nutrients.” she said.

Try modified fasting instead

Still determined to try to drop weight quickly? Burkhart says that modified fasting is popular, and offers a variety of plans to suit different lifestyles. “Most people can easily adhere to a modified fasting plan, even long-term. It can be very effective,” she said.

To avoid gaining back weight, it’s vital to get sufficient, good-quality sleep, maintain an exercise program, and limit or eliminate empty calorie sources such as alcohol and sweets.

“It still comes down to selecting nutrient-dense food, preferably plant-based, that is low in sugar,” Burkhart said.

Blast baby weight naturally

In Beyoncé’s case, she was trying to lose baby weight after carrying twins. Our bodies will naturally lose weight post-pregnancy, back down to our set-point weight range, without us trying to exert control over it, Rumsey explained.

“It takes nine months to gain the weight needed for a healthy pregnancy, and it’s unrealistic and damaging to think that women need to or should lose it right away,” she said.

Jenna Hollenstein, RDN, a nutrition therapist from New York, said it’s unnatural to lose pregnancy weight in an accelerated way, especially for women trying to breastfeed.

“It’s also incredibly stressful and misogynistic to place pressure on women — women who just created another human being with their own bodies — to lose weight,” Hollenstein said.

She explained that after giving birth most women are caring for a newborn, which can affect them in other ways, “often in much more physically and emotionally challenging ways.”

Beyonce 22 Day Diet

Despite how chic Kate Middleton looked leaving the hospital after her third child, no woman should be expected to regain her figure immediately after giving birth.  It’s no surprise that Beyonce felt like she’d gained too much weight after her pregnancy. She hit the scales at 218 pounds right after the twins were born.  

A year later, before her famed Coachella performance, she weighed 175 pounds. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, especially a year after giving birth to twins. But Beyonce strives for perfection and she wasn’t about to go on stage at Coachella with anything less than her perfect body. 

That’s when she decided to start her extreme plant-based diet. 


What is a plant-based diet? 

There are different versions of a plant-based diet, but basically a plant-based diet consists of only eating food that comes from plants. That means fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and grains are okay.  

Beyonce’s plant-based diet was a little different though. She cut out carbs, bread, alcohol, and sugar in addition to meat, dairy, and fish.  

Beyonce took it above and beyond 

 According to Hollywood Life, Queen Bey took what was supposed to be a 22-day diet plan and pushed it to the max. To get ready for Coachella, she doubled the recommended time for this extreme diet, and went 44 days eating only plant-based foods.  

Her plan definitely worked. She rocked Coachella, and made an amazing documentary about her preparation. Homecoming came out in April, but it doesn’t have the footage of Beyonce’s first weigh-in before starting the diet. She posted that in July.  

The diet paid off, but it’s not for everyone 

Beyonce was followed by a team of professionals during her extreme 44-day diet. It may not be safe for the average person to cut so much out for so long. 

Also, remember, Beyonce’s diet was more than just a normal plant-based diet. She cut out a lot of things that people on plant-based diets usually eat, like bread. 

Anyone attempting to copy this diet should be careful. It may be worth asking a doctor or nutritionist first to make sure you get all necessary nutrients.  

A less extreme version of this diet is totally doable, though.  There are a lot of benefits to eating plant-based. The diet lowers blood pressure, improves complexion, and will give you an energy boost. Plus, eating plant-based will expand your palette.   

A lot of celebs eat a plant-based diet 

It would almost be easier to list the celebrities that don’t eat plant-based. A lot of celebrities have jumped on the plant bandwagon in one way or another.  Each person has their own version, which goes to show how versatile this diet is.  

Meghan Markle eats plant-based, but only during the week. Kim Kardashian does something similar. She’s plant-based at home, but she’ll indulge while she’s out.  

A lot of athletes are on a modified plant-based diet. Tom Brady is probably the most notable name on the list.  

We love Beyonce no matter what. The baby weight doesn’t matter to us.  Her larger than life persona and awesome music is enough. But this superstar has high expectations for herself. Her extreme plant-based diet got her to her goal weight. If that’s what makes her happy, we’re happy for her. 

What Beyoncé Eats in a Day to Stay Fit and Fierce

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If you’re familiar with Beyoncé Knowles’ song lyrics, you’re likely well aware that the singer-songwriter/fashion designer/mom/wife to Jay-Z has hot sauce in her bag and enjoys making lemonade out of lemons. But how else does Beyoncé fuel up to stay so fit at 39?

Netflix’s Homecoming documentary chronicled the celeb’s prep for her epic Coachella performance, which included hours of strenuous workouts, dance rehearsals and a 44-day vegan diet following Marco Borges’ 22-Day Nutrition program.

But her typical routine isn’t always that strict. Here’s what Beyoncé eats on a typical, non-concert day as she continues her quest to Run the World.

What Beyoncé Eats in a Day


A morning meal is essential to power her through a busy day—whether it’s shared with daughter Blue Ivy and Jay-Z, invested in designing a new fashion line, exercising or recording.

“I always have breakfast—say, scrambled egg whites, a vegetable smoothie or whole-grain cereal with lowfat milk,” Beyoncé tells SHAPE. We think she’d be a big fan of our Parmesan Cloud Eggs or Strawberry-Banana Green Smoothie.

Throughout the day, she aims to drink at least a gallon of water with lemon, and leans into as many whole, unprocessed foods as possible.


“For lunch and dinner I eat a lot of fish and vegetables,” she says in that same SHAPE interview.

But that doesn’t mean carbs are off the menu. Quinoa, pita and even the occasional fry might make appearances every so often, based on the looks of her @beyonce Instagram feed.


Between meals, Beyoncé might nosh on some popcorn or a protein bar with fruit.


During the week, dinner is often lean protein plus more veggies. Come Sundays and on date nights, Beyoncé allows for a little more wiggle room. Italian restaurant fare from hotspots like Mamo, Bar Pitti and Lucali are dine-out faves when the fam is in NYC. A perfect Bey Day Sunday, according to a chat with PEOPLE, includes “No work, not even a discussion about work; lunch at my favorite pizzeria; having a glass of red wine; and watching Game of Thrones.”

“I always treat myself to one meal on Sundays when I can have whatever I want. Usually it’s pizza, which is my favorite indulgence,” she tells SHAPE.

Portrait of Beyonce on a designed background

The Bottom Line

Beyoncé is honest about the effort it takes to stay in shape.

“I’m not a naturally thin person. I have to work for it,” she tells SHAPE.

And while her vegan challenges and rare restrictive diets in which she just “ate lettuce,” make headlines, you can tell these aren’t her long-term solution when she responds with statements like, “I’m gonna get chocolate-wasted!” after eating a very low-calorie diet before a big concert tour.

On the whole, Beyoncé’s diet seems well-balanced, although we’d imagine she’d feel less like overdosing on cocoa if she allowed herself a square each day and a few more calories. Perhaps vegan before 6 p.m., plus a glass of red wine, chocolate and a bit of seafood for dinner might be a good long-term fit?

She is Queen Bey, after all, and deserves to feel Flawless while having a little wiggle room 80/20-style.

Health Benefits Of Dieting

Benefits of Healthy Eating for Adults

Picture of body identifying benefits of healthy eating for adults

  • May help you live longer
  • Keeps skin, teeth, and eyes healthy
  • Supports muscles
  • Boosts immunity
  • Strengthens bones
  • Lowers risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers
  • Supports healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding
  • Helps the digestive system function
  • Helps achieve and maintain a healthy weight

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