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Best 11 Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet (Info & Pictures)

Chicken breeds with feathered feet are chickens that have feet covered with long plumage. They can be divided into various breeds depending on their characteristics, egg production, or size.

Best 11 Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet (Characteristics, Egg Production, Size, and Pictures)

Croad Langshan a feathered feet chicken

Croad Langsha chicken breed originated from China. The chicken is large, black chicken with feathered feet.

The Croad Langshan is a good layer of heavy brown eggs, and they lay about 150 eggs per year. The chicken can be used as meat chicken because they have a well-muscled body.

A full-grown hen weighs around 8 pounds and 11 pounds for rooster chicken.

Croad Langshan chicken breeds with feathered feet are hardy in winter but have poor tolerance to heat and humidity conditions.

Young chicks may die due to cold weather during the first three months after hatching. You should take proper care during that brooding period.

2. Booted Bantam

Booted Bantam a feathered feet chicken

The chicken is small and has feathered legs and feet but no feathers on the shanks or toes.

Bantam chicken breeds with feathered feet are good layers of tiny eggs with tinted shell color. They lay about six eggs per week.

Booted Bantams are friendly chicken breeds that are easy to tame if appropriately handled as young chicks.

They can be very aggressive towards people and other chicken breeds during mating seasons or sometimes throughout the year after reaching the age of 1-3 years old.

The Booted bantam chicken breed’s weight varies from 1.25 lbs for hens to 2 lbs

The Booted bantam chicken’s lifespan is about 4-8 years.

3. Belgian d’Uccle

Belgian d'Uccle

Belgian d’Uccles are the oldest chicken breeds with feathered feet in Belgium, dating back to 1835.

They have a large chicken body structure with long legs but no feathers on them, which makes their legs appear short and fat looking despite the length of their legs.

The average weight of roosters is about 1.65 lbs and hens is about 1.35 gm. Just like other chicken breeds with feathered feet, Belgian d’Uccles are excellent layers who lay brown eggs.

Each hen can produce about 90 eggs per year. They can live for a maximum of 8 years.

Belgian d’Uccle chicken breeds with feathered feet are not broody chicken. They tend to fuss a lot and jump onto their chicken coop’s roof if someone or something has upset them.

4. French Marans

French Marans

The color of the French Maran chicken breed varies from black, red, golden, silver, and white chicken with many different feather patterns throughout its chicken body, which makes it one of the most beautiful chicken breeds.

The chicken is good for looks and has other great qualities that make it an excellent choice for meat production. They have a large and robust chicken body structure despite being a bantam fowl chicken.

French Marans have serious attitude problems, so you should keep them away from other chicken breeds in a separate chicken pen. They may attack and kill the chicken of different breeds who come near their pen.

Marans lay small to medium-sized brown eggs, which are more nutritious than the chicken’s white egg, and they tend to be poor layers during winter seasons.

The chicken is very friendly and easy to tame if appropriately handled when they are baby chicks. It’s not recommended for someone who doesn’t know how to handle chicken well.

Their lifespan is around 5-8 years, depending upon the treatment provided by the owner, as healthy chickens with good care live longer than those living in miserable conditions.

French Maran chicken standard rooster weights about 7.5 lbs and hens 4.25 lbs for a bantam male fowl the weigh is about 2.25 lbs & 1.75 lbs for female bantam.

5. Brahma Chicken

Brahma chicken with feathered feet

Brahma chicken breed is the heaviest chicken globally and one of the giant chicken breeds with feathered feet, weighing between 4.5-5.5 kgs when fully grown.

They have full body feather coverage except for their legs & feet, so they are less vulnerable to cold weather than other chicken breeds with feathered feet.

They have a friendly personality that makes them easy to tame if appropriately handled as young chicks. Their vast body structure makes it difficult to escape from predators or walk around in a portable chicken coop.

It’s recommended not to keep them together with other chicken breeds unless you have a chicken farm with chicken pens five times larger than standard chicken coops.

Brahma chicken breed lays eggs that weigh more compared to other chicken breeds.

Even though they lay huge eggs, their production rate is only around 150-200 eggs per year on average, and some hens stop laying eggs entirely at a very young age of 1 year old.

Their lifespan is between 4-8 years, depending upon the treatment provided by the owner.

Black Chicken Breeds: Ultimate List

Just like how every woman needs a little black dress, every backyard flock needs black chicken breeds. Why? Because it’s a beautiful and elegant color!

Luckily, black chicken breeds can be found easily in hatcheries and private sellers. If you’re interested in getting to know the various kinds of breeds with dark feathers (including black and white speckled chicken breeds!), you’re in for a treat!

You’ll discover your options in this ultimate list of black chicken breeds!

Ultimate List of Black Chicken Breeds

  • Ayam Cemani
  • Black Sex Link Chickens
  • Black Australorp Chicken
  • Silkie Chickens
  • Black Star Chickens
  • Marans Chicken
  • Black Jersey Giant Chicken
  • Cochin Chickens
  • Orpington Chicken
  • Black Polish Chicken
  • Sumatra Chicken
  • White Crested Black Polish Chicken
  • Black Rock Chicken
  • Bantam Cochin Chickens
  • Frizzle Chickens
  • Minorca Chicken
  • White Faced Black Spanish
  • Langshan
  • Svarthöna
  • Castellana Negr

Ayam Cemani

In addition to being an all black chicken breed, Ayam Cemani also have the distinction of being the most EXPENSIVE chicken breed in the world! On average, a breeding pair goes for $5,000!

This type of chicken originally hails from Indonesia, where it’s prized for its mystical abilities. Ayam Cemani chickens are completely black (both inside and out), and have a heart as black as its feathers.

Their blood is also said to be quite thick, and a darker red than normal (although this theory hasn’t been proven).

In Indonesia, this black chicken is said to be a good luck charm, and some people believe it can communicate with the beyond. In some cultures, the Ayam Cemani is used in ceremonies before big events.

However, you might be disappointed to learn that even though the Ayam Cemani is the only true 100% black chicken breed, they don’t lay black chicken eggs. They lay cream colored eggs of medium size.

If you do buy this breed, please do your homework and make sure your supplier is honest – there’s many people who try to pass off hybrid chickens as purebred Ayam Cemani.

Some hatcheries that offer Ayam Cemani are Featherloverfarms, Cackle Hatchery, and Greenfire Farms Hatchery. You can read our review of Cackle Hatchery here.

Black Sex Link Chickens

This breed isn’t really a black chicken breed (it’s a hybrid) but they’re still very beautiful birds that are also super friendly (and the roosters tend to be calm).

Black sex link chickens are the result of crossing two purebred heritage chicken breeds – a Rhode Island Red rooster with a barred rock hen. The term “sex link” means that the coloring of the chicks depends on the sex of the chick.

When black sex link chicks are born, the male chicks have a white spot on their heads – the females don’t (they’re all black). This unique trait only consistently occurs when the Rhode Island Red rooster is crossed with a Barred Rock hen – in other words, black sex link chickens don’t breed true.

This chicken breed is very healthy and make great layers and pets. Many prefer this breed to raise free range chickens eggs and organic free range chickens.

You can purchase black sex link chicks at Cackle Hatchery, Purely Poultry, and McMurray Hatchery.

Black Australorp Chicken

Black Australorps are wonderful chickens to have in your flock! This clean-legged breed originated in Australia from the Orpington chicken. They got a lot of attention in the 1920s when they broke several world records for the most eggs laid! You can find them now in any farm store in the US.

Their black feathers also have shades of green, and the hens are great layers and very friendly. This big black chicken will tolerate confinement well, and is an egg laying machine of over 250 eggs per year.

You can purchase this breed at Cackle Hatchery, Purely Poultry, and Meyer Hatchery.

Silkie Chickens

Silkie chickens are another black chicken breed.. They are cute and cuddly, so they are easily loved as family pets. They’re calm, and are patient with being held. The hens are well-known for their brooding ability and their extra toes! They lay 2-3 cream colored eggs per week, and are generally friendly. Kids just love them!

Their feathers are more like down, and you’ll fall in love with their feathered feet! They lay around 250 brown large to extra large eggs per year. In addition to black, Silkies also come in a variety of other colors, including white and buff.

You can purchase this breed at Cackle Hatchery, Chickens for Backyards, and Meyer Hatchery.

Black Star Chickens

A relatively new edition to the backyard chicken world, this breed is medium sized and weighs in at around 7 to 8 lbs, with hens at 5 lbs. This bird is very docile, hardy, and low maintenance since they can adapt to local conditions.

You can purchase this breed at Chickens for Backyards and Meyer Hatchery.

Marans Chicken

This breed is called “chocolate eggers” because they’re well known for their dark colored eggs. Marans originated in the town of Marans, in France, and their eggs are said to be the best in the world. Not all hens will lay the deep chocolate brown eggs, although all females will lay brown eggs.

You’ll love their feathered feet and hardy natures. While black Marans chickens are said to have the best eggs, this breed also comes in other varieties, including Wheaton, Cuckoo, Blue Copper, and more. They are a rarity, and have wonderful personalities.

You can purchase this breed at Cackle Hatchery and Purely Poultry

The Ultimate List Of Black Chicken Breeds: 17 Cool Breeds

Not all black chicken breeds are created equal. Some types of black chickens are only black on the outside, while others are black to the bone. 

Find out what makes each black bird different (and why some are more expensive than a car).

This is our all-black chicken breed list.

1. Ancona

The Ancona is a small-sized Italian chicken breed that you can get in standard and bantam sizes. These chickens only come in a speckled feather pattern. Yes, it’s not a pure black bird, but it is mostly black with white tips. 

They also have white earlobes and a single or rose comb that is bright red. These active Italian chooks are hard to confine and can get flighty. Ancona hens are not good sitters and don’t usually go broody.

Anconas are hardy chickens that are excellent layers, even laying through the winter. They lay large white eggs. 

2. Australorp

The Australorp is an Australian chicken breed developed from the English Black Orpington. 

Australorps have uniform black feathers with a green sheen. They also have slate blue legs while bright red wattles and comb pop over the relatively dark silhouette. 


Hailing from the land Down Under, these chooks are chill, docile birds. They aren’t aggressive at all and become great mums with their broody nature.

These dual-purpose chickens are better at producing eggs than they do fried chicken. Australorps is an egg-laying machine – they can lay around 250 medium-sized brown eggs per year!

3. Ayam Cemani

The Ayam Cemani is a very rare native Indonesian breed.

This bird is black inside and out. Yup, even on the inside. Their organs, meat, and bones are black. Even this dual-purpose chicken breed has dark red blood.

ayam cemani

On the outside, everything from the tip of their comb to the nails on their toes is black. Genetic hyperpigmentation causes all this blackness. (Plot twist: Their eggs are cream-colored.) .

This bird is greatly respected because many believe it holds magical powers and is seen as a good luck symbol.

Of course, the price for all that would be roughly $2,500 US. They are the most expensive chicken breed in the world.

4. Black Shumen

The Black Shumen is a borderline ancient and rare breed originally bred from Bulgaria. 

They are on the brink of extinction. The Bulgarian Poultry Breeders Association is trying to restore the breed’s numbers and popularity.

These pure black chickens have prominent combs and wattles, as well as white skin and gray-black shanks. 

Black Shumen is a grumpy old bird. They tend to be aggressive, don’t like egg-sitting, and are flighty.

This black chicken breed matures quickly compared to other old breeds. Black Shumen lay small cream-colored eggs, and they have little meat on them.

5. Breda

Another rare breed that comes in black (among other colors) is the Breda. 

These birds are unique because they have no combs. The lack of comb comes in handy during the cold Dutch winters that they experience. 

What they lack in a comb, Bredas make up for in feather style. They strut around with their feathered legs, vulture hocks, and long, lush hackles. 

These birds are not only stylish but also well-tempered and productive. Bredas are calm and docile and great for eggs and meat.

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