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Black chicken with white head is a legendary creature that are said to be found in some parts of Africa. Evidence such as pictures, videos and eyewitness accounts.I was having a lot of fun and I told you about the time I had a black chicken with white head. You never knew what a penguin’s head was really like until now.

Top 13 Black and White Chicken Breeds (With Pictures)

Black and White chicken breeds are one of the most beautiful breeds you will find in the chicken world.

They are special and unique in their appearance.

Previously, we have looked at different colors of chicken breeds including black chicken breeds and white chicken breeds.

However, in this article, we will be talking about chickens with the black and white combination.

If you are thinking of raising something different, then you can consider taking a look at our list.

List of Black and White Chicken Breeds.

Below are 13 awesome black and white chicken breeds you can raise on your farm.

  • Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Chicken.
  • Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken.
  • Lakenvelder Chicken.
  • Silver Spangled Hamburg Chicken.
  • Dominique Chicken.
  • White Crested Black Polish Chicken.
  • Light Sussex Chicken.
  • Dark Brahma Chicken.
  • The Black Sex Link Chicken.
  • Cuckoo Maran Chicken.
  • Columbian Wyandotte Chicken.
  • Mottled Ancona Chicken
  • Silver Laced Polish

#1. Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Chicken.

  • Purpose: Dual purpose
  • Temperament: calm and friendly
  • Weight: 6.5-8.5lbs
  • Egg production: Good medium-sized brown eggs.

Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Chicken is one good black and white chicken you can add to your flock.

These chickens are quite lovely with white and silver feathers, laced with black linings around.

A nice dual-purpose breed that can give you up to 180-200 eggs in a year.

In addition to good eggs, they also offer good meat.

These chickens are calm and friendly and easily get along with fellow chickens and humans.

In addition, they are by no means aggressive, however, they do not tolerate bullying.

Furthermore, they love to roam and free-range.

Nevertheless, they know how to handle confinement as well.

This black and white chicken breed is usually healthy and can live up to five years.

One other good thing about them is that they are not noisy birds.

Therefore, you can raise them in a quiet urban neighborhood.

#2. Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken.

  • Purpose: Dual-purpose breed
  • Temperament: Friendly and talkative.
  • Weight: 7.5-9.5
  • Egg production: Good brown large-sized eggs
barred rock largest chicken breed

Barred Plymouth Rock chicken is another beautiful black and white chicken breed to behold.

These birds are very friendly and usually get along well with other chicken breeds.

They also get along with humans.

Furthermore, a Barred Plymouth Rock chicken is normally sweet and calm.

This chicken breed is an awesome dual-purpose breed that offers quality meat and eggs.

However, the hens are not known to be broodies.

Nevertheless, you can rely on the hens to produce up to 280 large brown eggs in a year.

In addition, they are quite healthy birds that can live up to eight years.

Because of their calm nature, raising them in a quiet environment won’t be much of a big deal.

#3. Lakenvelder Chicken.

  • Purpose: Egg production
  • Temperament: Dominant, hardy
  • Weight: 4-5lbs
  • Egg production: Fair cream-colored eggs
Lakenvelder Chicken

This is one black and white chicken breed that lacks spots.

They have necks, heads, and tails that are made of black feathers and bodies lined with white feathers.

Practically the Lakenvelder chicken is proud of its crisp and unique appearance.

Furthermore, they can be dominant and aggressive, especially to other less assertive breeds.

Nevertheless, they are quite friendly to their own kind and sometimes to humans as well.

Lakenvelder does not really do well in confinement.

This is because they are usually flighty and energetic, and they love to roam.

Therefore if you have plans of adding them to your flock then you need to ensure there is enough space for them to roam.

 These chickens are fair layers and can produce up to 150 cream-colored eggs in a year.

Basically, they are hardy birds and can thrive in all climate conditions.

#4. Silver Spangled Hamburg Chicken.

  • Purpose: Shows and Egg production
  • Temperament: Alert, nervous
  • Weight: 4-5lbs
  • Egg production: Good medium-sized white eggs.
Silver Spangled Hamburg black and white Chicken

The fourth black and white chicken breed on our list are the Silver Spangled Hamburg Chicken.

These chickens have an absolutely beautiful and elegant appearance.

Hence they are used for poultry shows.

Nevertheless, the Silver Spangled Hamburg Chicken is a nervous and alert bird.

Their alert nature enables them to avoid danger and predators.

Furthermore, although they are not great table birds, they do well in egg production.

Therefore, you can count on the hen to lay about 200 medium-sized white eggs in a year.

Basically, they are also hardy chickens and are not easily prone to diseases.

If you want a low-budget chicken then you can opt for the Silver Spangled Hamburg Chicken.

These birds eat less and are quite economical.

#5. Dominique Chicken.

  • Purpose: Dual purpose (egg and meat)
  • Temperament: friendly gentle and sweet
  • Weight: 5.5-7.5lbs
  • Egg production: Good medium-sized brown eggs.
Dominique black and white colored chicken

Dominique is one sweet and friendly black and white chicken you can get out there.

These birds are just one awesome chicken breed you will easily fall in love with.

They are also known as Dominicker and sometimes they are regarded as pilgrim fowl.

These chickens have a striking resemblance with the Barred Plymouth Rock chicken.

However because Dominiques have a v-shaped pattern, you can easily tell them apart.

One good benefit of raising the Dominique chicken is their great meat.

In addition to this, the hens are also great layers.

The Dominique chicken can lay up to 250 medium-sized brown eggs in a year.

Furthermore, they are known to be broodies and make good mothers.

Their feathers are also beneficial as you can use them for pillows.

These birds are good for urban neighborhoods because they are not noisy birds.

Generally, Dominique chickens are healthy birds and can basically live up to eight years.

Lastly, they also do well in confinement.

Beautiful Black and White Feathered Chicken Breeds

There are many beautiful chicken breeds to choose from. They can be chosen for their egg-laying abilities, their meat quality, as a dual-purpose breed, a pet and or a show bird.

Not only do they come in all shapes and sizes they come in various feather colors and color patterns too.

In this article, I have put together my top 10 Black and White feather colored chicken breeds!

10 Black and White Feathered Chicken Breeds

Silver Spangled Hamburg

The Silver Spangled Hamburg is not only a beautiful chicken, but they are also very economical to feed. They do not eat as much as most other breeds as they prefer to forage for their own. They are a very sprightly character that always seems cheerful, alert and happy. Their beautiful silver-white feathers are dotted with rich black flecks. It gives them a polka dot effect. And their rose comb makes them look as if they are smartly attired. These chickens will also give you a good amount of medium sized white eggs for the table. 

Silver Laced Polish


I have to admit whenever I see the Silver Laced Polish chicken breed I have to smile. These chickens look like they have crazy hats on. Their crests are an array of white feathers rimmed with black. Usually, all you can see is the crest and their little yellow beak as the crest nearly completely covers their eyes. The Black laced edging around the white feather gives them a beautiful black and white lacey pattern to their plumage. They will lay about 200 medium/large white eggs a year

Barred Plymouth Rock


The Barred Plymouth Rock is a dual-purpose bird with a really great quality meat and will lay a good amount of Large Brown eggs for the table each year. They usually lay around 4 -5 eggs per week and are a value to any flock. They have a great nature and the Barred variety has feathers that look like they have black and white stripes. They are a very popular farm and or homestead breed that are fast gaining attention in backyard coops. They are intelligent, curious, easy to handle and will adapt to most sized gardens.

Light Sussex

A prolific layer of between 250 to 280 large/extra-large eggs per year. The light Sussex chicken is a very old breed that has been gracing the back gardens of Europe and England for many, many years. This chicken has been kept for both its egg laying abilities and high-quality tasty meat. It is also a very friendly, calm, smart and adaptable chicken breed. A person cannot go wrong with a Sussex chicken or two in the garden. Their Light Sussex has white feathers that cover its entire body with its hackle and tail feathers having black edgings. The male’s tail feathers are completely black with the female’s having some completely black tail-feathers mixed with a few white ones with the same black markings as on their Hackles. I have to admit that this is one of my favorite breeds of chicken. 


The Dominique is also known as the Pilgrim fowl or the Dominicker. The black and white barred markings on this chicken breed along with their flared tailfeathers giving them almost the same look as a turkey. This is one of the oldest chicken breeds in the United States and used to be highly regarded as a dual-purpose breed. The lay a decent amount of Large Brown eggs a year for the table and are such wonderfully nurturing, calm and friendly birds. I would go as far as to say they have really great manners. Owners of these chickens are always commenting on their sweet natures and fun antics.

Silver Spangled Appenzeller

The Silver Spangled Appenzeller always looks like it has just stepped out of a hair (or rather a feather) salon. Their crests look as if they have just been neatly swept up and coiffed on top of their head. Their V-shaped combs look like a tiara holding back their crest. Their silver-white feathers are dotted with black markings giving them a speckled look.
This breed is also held in high esteem in its country of origin which is Switzerland. There it is the national breed of Switzerland. They are excellent climbers, foragers and do well in any weather condition making there very hardy birds. The only thing I would warn about this bird is that they do not like to be confined and do need space to roam, free-range and forage about. They do lay a decent amount of medium white eggs a year.

Silver Spangled Orloff (or Russian Orloff)

This breed is also known as the Russian Orloff although it is originally from Persia. The breed was developed and bred by a Russian count and is where it got its name from. The Silver Orloff is an extremely beautiful bird in both the male and female sex. With its silver-white body spangled with black. On the females, the black spangles cover from her head to her body. Her beautiful fanned tails are white with a few spangles dotted on it. Their clean legs are silver grey! The males hackle feather varies from having black pencilling on the silver-white or just completely silver white. His tail feather, however, is usually always white with black tips. They were bred as a dual-purpose breed and are said to have very sweet tasty meat. The hens will lay a fair amount of medium to large light brown eggs. Roughly around 3 per week.
These are really magnificent chickens they have a cool, calm regal bearing about them. They are also quite friendly, alert, intelligent and can be easy to handle if raised correctly.

Silver Lakenvelder

They are not overly friendly but can be tamed if raised from chicks. The Silver Lakenvelder has got to be one of the most beautiful black and white feathered breeds. They also carry themselves like supermodels and are very inquisitive some people even say they an A-type personality. Both the males and females have silver-white feathers that are spangled with black on the hackles and tail feathers. Some of the males, however, have completely black hackles and tail feathers. They are also good layers of medium to large cream-colored eggs. 

Silver Laced Wyandotte

I do love the Silver Laced Wyandotte their pretty white plumes laced with black edgings. They always bring to mind what the image of a true mother hen looks like. Although to the flock they can be quite bossy and a bit domineering they are also such friendly birds. They like to keep their flock in order and will not tolerate disarray. But they keep the flock together in such a calm amicable way you can forgive her bossiness. They are also very good dual-purpose birds in that you will get top quality tasty meat and they lay around 250 Large brown eggs a year.
I can recommend these birds for most flocks and they do tend to bear confinement well

Top 20 Black And White Chicken Breeds For B

Black and white chicken breeds are very striking in their appearance. Their solid white or solid black feathers, or combination of black and white, make for a stunning display in your backyard.

Interestingly, some chicken breeds with black feathers have white meat while certain breeds with white feathers have black meat. The blackest of the black have black bone and almost black blood.

Some of these stunning chicken breeds are raised for show purposes only, while others are raised for egg production or dual purpose both egg and meat production.

If you’re looking for attractive chickens to raise in your backyard for show, meat and/or egg production, consider some of these 20 black and white chicken breeds.

Pure Black Chicken Breeds


Originating in Australia, Australorps have black feathers that have a green and purple sheen to them. This breed is prized for both egg production and meat. Hens produce around 250 light brown egg per year. They will go broody a couple times each year. Living to around 8-10 years of age, one Australorp hen can provide you with 2,500 eggs in her life time. This breed holds the record for most eggs  produced in one year. The record holding hen laid 364 eggs in one year.

Adults weigh between 7-8 pounds and will adapt to living in either confined spaces or free range. Australorps are shy until they get to know their owner, then they will happily follow their owner around like a puppy.

Australorp Chicken Breeds

Ayam Cemani

Native to Indonesia, the Ayam Cemani chicken is the blackest of all breeds. A genetic condition  of hyperpigmentation causes this breed to have black feathers, skin, beaks, claws, and meat. Even the blood from this chicken is almost black. The perfect black ones have a very high value in Indonesia, because it is believed that they possess mystical powers.

The eggs of the Ayam Cemani are white, however, they are not big egg producers and will have times when they stop laying eggs. Expect about 80 eggs per year from this black chicken breed.

Adult hens are small and weigh about 4-6 pounds. They have long, featherless legs and sharp spurs.

Ayam Cemani Chicken

Black Shuman

Black Shumans originated in Bulgaria and are rare, with only 350 accounted for worldwide. The deep black feathers have a green sheen and the head is topped off with a very prominent red comb. The meat of this chicken is white.

Adult Black Shumens will weigh between 3-4 pounds. Hens are good layers and will produce around 150 large white eggs per year. They rarely go broody.

Hens mature early and begin laying large, grayish eggs at the rate of 170 per year. Black Shumans weigh between 4-6 pounds when mature.

Black Shuman Chicken

4. Kadaknath

This all black chicken has black feathers, black comb, black eyes, black meat and even black bones. The appearance of the cooked meat from this black meat chicken might take some getting used too, but the nutritional value exceeds all other white meat chicken breeds.

This solid black chicken is highly prized for its nutritious meat. High in protein and low in fat and cholesterol, this black meat chicken is raised in backyards primarily for meat production.

Adult Kadaknath chicken will weigh 4-6 pounds. Hens will lay around 100 white eggs per year. They are poor setters and rarely hatch their own eggs.

Kadaknath Chicken Breed

5. Minorca

Originating in Spain, the Minorca is a large chicken breed typically raised as an ornamental breed. However, they are good eggs producers. Minorca hens will lay around 120 large, white eggs per year. The hens start laying eggs at 26 weeks and rarely get broody. Some strains of the Minorca will produce more eggs, up to 230 per year.

Minorcas are a hardy breed that will adapt well to any climate, soil condition and to confinement.

Graceful and energetic, Minorcas are a great addition to a backyard farm for both appearance and egg production, Also known as Red Faced Black Chickens, they have light red faces and the comb of the hens fall forward.

Minorca Chicken Breed


Originating in England in the 1800s, this black chicken breed has short, fluffy feathers that make the chickens look much large than they really are. The thick, soft, puffy layer of feathers allows this chicken breed to stay warm in cold climates. Underneath the black feathers is a layer of white skin.

Bred for both meat and eggs, Orpingtons lay around 150 large brown eggs per year. Adults weight between 8-10 pounds. Orpingtons do come in other colors, but black is the most striking.

Orpington Chicken Breed


This black chicken breed is soft and fluffy, with a gentle nature that makes them excellent pets. Chatty and sweet, Silkies are an excellent pet choice for children or for first time breeders.

Silkies have some very unique characteristics: they are not water proof like other chicken breeds; they have black faces and black skin; they have five toes instead of the usual four and their meat is a dark gray-blue color.

Silkies will lay around 100 white eggs per year and try to hatch every one of them. They are not good layers, but they are excellent mothers and will set on any clutch of eggs and ‘mother’ any little chicks in the chicken coop.

Silkies Chicken Breeds


Originating in Sumatra, this black chicken breed is known for its long flowing tail and fighting capability. This breed was once used only for fighting, but is now bred as a show chicken. While the breed has lost much of its fighting capability, it has retained its flying ability and a tall fence will be needed to keep this chicken breed in your backyard.

Sumatra chicken will weigh 3-4 pounds when mature. Hens lay around 100 small white eggs per year.

Sumatras are flighty and skiddish, not a good choice for pets or eggs. The long flowing tail feathers which touch the ground make them best raised as show chickens.

Sumatra Chickens

Swedish Black

This chicken is cross between the Ayam Cemani and local Swedish chickens. It has all the same black pigmentation, including a black tongue, but it’s smaller than the Ayam Cemani. Adult hens will weigh between 5-7 pounds.

These chickens have a calm nature and are good laying hens. Swedish Black hens will produce about 150 cream colored eggs per year.

Swedish Black Chickens


Originating in Italy in the early 1900s, this breed has deep black feathers that have a green sheen. Large bright red comb makes this breed highly noticeable among a flock of hens.

Hardy breed known for its high quality meat and egg production. Adults weigh between 4-5 pounds and hens will produce around 200 white eggs per year when they are five months old.

Valdarnos are strong, rustic chickens that were bred for life outdoors. Ideal breed for large, open backyards where chickens can forage on the free range.

Black and White Chicken Breeds


An attractive black and white chicken breed that has solid black feathers with white tips. Every fifth feather has a white tip which gives this breed a speckled appearance.

Originating in Italy, Anconas are very popular in the United States and England.

This hardy breed is an excellent egg producer, laying over 200 eggs per year even in cooler winter temperatures. Hens rarely go broody, are excellent foragers and can fly well also.

Ancona Chicken Breed

Black Cochin

Black feathered body with white head, the Black Cochin originated in China and is noted for its massive appearance. The fluffy underlayer of feathers make this black and white chicken breed look much bigger than it really is.

This breed is hardy and handles cold weather well. Calm and friendly nature, great for children’s pet.

Hens will produce around 200 eggs per year, continuing to lay even during winter. They will go broody a few times per year.

Black Cochin Chicken

Barred Rock

Attractive black and white chicken that appears to have stripes. Originating in Massachusetts, the Barred Rock is a sweet, friendly highly productive egg layer that will produce around 300 eggs per year.This breed is a dual purpose breed, raised for both eggs and meat.

Calm and friendly nature, this hardy bird will adapt to most any situation. Cold hardy and ideal for raising in areas that have harsh winter weather.

Barred Rock Chicken Breed

White Crested Black Polish

Attractive show chickens, the White Crested Black Polish is an ornamental breed that originated in Poland.

This breed is gentle and meek, making it ideal for a pet. The attractive white crest on top of its head looks more like hair than feathers, but the crest also impairs its vision.

This unique chicken breed is not known for its egg production, although one hen will provide you with 200 eggs per year. For its safety and happiness, keep White Crested Black Polish chickens in a confined space. Keep this bird dry at all times, especially in winter, to prevent head feathers from freezing.

White Crested Black Polish


Originating in Wisconsin in the 1800s, the black and white Golden Wyandotte has black lace feathers and black tail, topped off with red comb, ear lobes and wattle.

This breed is calm and docile, excellent for backyard chicken breeding. Hens will lay around 120 brown eggs per year and will occasionally go broody. Golden Wyandottes are happy raised in confinement or free range.

Wyandotte Chicken Breed

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