Calcium Supplements In Pregnancy Third Trimester


Calcium is one of the key minerals you need during pregnancy-along with other vitamins and minerals, your body provides it to your baby to aid the development of vital structures like the skeleton. Needs vary by age and too much and too little calcium can cause complications. Keep reading to find out how much calcium you need, why it’s important, and how to make sure you’re getting enough.

Calcium Supplements In Pregnancy Third Trimester

Teen moms require a little more. They need enough to maintain their bones and the stores of calcium in their own bodies while supporting the growth of their baby. Therefore, experts recommend that pregnant teens aged 18 and under get at least 1,300mg of calcium each day.

Your developing baby needs calcium to form bones and teeth. They’re building an entire skeleton, after all. Calcium is also an important nutrient for your baby’s heart, muscles, nerves, and hormones.

During pregnancy, you give your baby all the calcium they need, so when you consume the recommended amount of calcium every day you are taking care of your baby and yourself. If you don’t get enough, you could run into some complications. Regardless of whether or not you take in enough, your body will still give calcium to your baby. So, if you are not replacing what you’re giving away, you could end up with weakened bones and a greater risk of osteoporosis later in life.

In severe and rare cases, too little calcium could lead to death. While, understandably, many of these complications are a cause for worry, remember that you are likely to get some calcium without even trying. Plus, you should have enough stored in your bones to provide for your growing baby.

Calcium Supplements In Pregnancy Third TrimesterIn the case that you do have any health issues listed that are more likely to lead to too little calcium, your doctor will be well aware and working closely with you to prevent any complications.

It is rare to get too much calcium from the foods that you eat. You are most likely to take in an excessive amount of calcium if you use supplements.

It’s important to understand which nutrients and how much of each nutrient is in your prenatal vitamin and any other supplements that you take. You may be getting extra without even knowing it. It’s always best to talk to your doctor about any vitamins that you are taking or considering, so you get what you need without taking too much. If you are 19 or older, you do not want to take more than 2,500mg of calcium each day, and if you are 18 or younger, you do not want to go over 3,000 mg daily.

Your body does not make calcium, so you have to get it from food, fortified products, and supplements. Four servings of fortified milk or other fortified dairy products will fulfill your daily calcium requirement by giving you about 1,200mg (approximately 300mg per serving). A glass of fortified orange juice has the same amount at about 300mg per serving. Other foods such as greens, nuts, and beans have a little less (about 100mg per serving).

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