Cherries Jubilee With Frozen Cherries


I love cherries. This recipe is for Cherries Jubilee with frozen cherries but you could definitely use fresh if you are in a pinch and need to make a recipe. The difference is the frozen brings up the sauces consistency and makes it much easier to get a smooth consistency without lumps or clumps. Subtle improvement, but greatly appreciated by me.


Cherries jubilee is a traditional dessert that is incredibly tasty and beloved. This recipe may be made in 15 minutes if you use defrosted frozen cherries. Flambéing is not required.

A dessert called Cherries Jubilee is created with liquor and cherries (Kirsch). When the alcohol is poured, the thick sauce made from cooked cherries is optionally flambéed.

The dessert’s creator, Auguste Escoffier, is credited with creating the original recipe for one of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebrations.

There are many versions of this dish, like most others. Here is my take on the recipe, which incorporates frozen cherries to create a decadent sauce that can be served in a variety of ways more than just with ice cream.


Cherries jubilee is a simple dish despite having such a beautiful name.

In fact, this recipe is especially simple to make because frozen cherries already have the stones and stalks removed. Additionally, the recipe is adaptable:

  • This recipe does not require the addition of any alcohol, making it simple to modify for use by kids and adults who choose not to consume alcohol.
  • It’s not necessary to flame the cherries, either. If the idea of lighting food seems a little intimidating, you can skip this step (though I urge you to read on to discover more about the process before you rule it out)

Note:  If cherries jubilee aren’t flambéed, the flavor is only slightly altered. If you want to flame the cherry, the alcohol flavor will be more prominent and complex; if you choose not to, the flavor will be fresher.

What Is Cherries Jubilee?

Cherries jubilee is a traditional dessert. As a dessert for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee celebration in the late 1800s, which marked her 50th year as monarch, chef Auguste Escoffier created cherry jubilee.

Cherry jubilee is a straightforward dessert. Just cherries, sugar, and alcohol are present. To intensify its flavor, it is boiled down into a syrup and flambéed. The vanilla ice cream is then drizzled with it. Cheap, simple, and delicious

What You Need To Make Cherries Jubilee

  • Measuring cups and Spoons
  • Large skillet
  • Long match or lighter

How Do You Make Cherries Jubilee?

It takes about ten minutes! Here is how you make cherries jubilee

  1. Cherries, sugar, and lemon juice are combined in a big skillet over medium heat. In order for the sugar to dissolve and the liquid to turn syrupy, let it cook for around 5-8 minutes.
  2. After turning off the heat, carefully pour your booze into the skillet.
  3. With a long match or lighter, carefully light the alcohol in the skillet while it is back on the heat.
  4. Till the flame goes out, gently stir the cherries in the pan. It will complete in around 45 seconds.
  5. Over vanilla ice cream, immediately serve the cherries.
A close up of cherries jubilee spooned over vanilla ice cream.

Gemma’s Pro Chef Tips For Making Cherries Jubilee

  • If fresh cherries are not available, you can substitute frozen cherries in this recipe. Since fruit is frozen when it is most ripe, you can be sure that it will still taste good.
  • Before adding the kirsch or rum, make sure the pan has been taken off the heat. Alcohol may catch fire if the pan is too hot before you’re ready and far enough away.
  • Keep a skillet lid close by. Simply cover the pan to put out the fire if the flames seem excessively large.
  • Simply boil the cherries for a few minutes after adding the rum or kirsch to burn off the alcohol if you don’t feel comfortable lighting the alcohol.
  • You can use cherry or orange juice in place of the alcohol if you prefer to make this without it.
  • Serve this with my simple homemade vanilla ice cream if you can!

How Do I Store Cherries Jubilee?

The best way to serve this dish is hot off the pan over ice cream. The leftovers can be chilled, covered, and kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. You can reheat it in a pan or consume it cold.


Let’s start off by being honest. I now take great care before engaging in any fire-related activity after once coming very close to setting a kitchen on fire while deep-frying.

But after reading about the safe flambéing of food, I made the decision to try it for this cherry jubilee dish. I’m happy I did because, when carried out in a safe and controlled manner, it’s not at all a frightening procedure.

The cherries don’t need to be flambéed; they taste excellent after the Kirsch has been added and cooked for a few seconds on the heat. But if you are thinking about doing the last flambé phase of the process, you should be aware of the following:

  • Use a shallow pan that has low sides and a long handle. Avoid attempting to flambé in a dutch oven or a high-sided saucepan because you run the risk of burning yourself while attempting to ignite the alcohol within the pan.
  • Always turn off the heat before adding the alcohol to the pan. This is particularly crucial if using a gas stove. Alcohol can be safely added to the pan after the heat source has been removed without running the danger of an unplanned ignition.
  • Make sure the pan is set up in an open area, away from things that could catch fire, like cabinets, drapes, etc., before lighting it. If the flames go too high and they are in an open area, they won’t be able to light anything.
  • Keep a pan lid nearby so that you may cover the flames with it and wait for them to go out if they go out of control.
  • Always pour the alcohol into the pan after measuring it out into a small jug or basin. Never pour straight from the bottle into the pan because it is simple to underestimate the amount or pour too much in accidently, which will ignite a furious flame.
  • Before lighting your lighter, measure the alcohol for safety’s sake. The combination of an open bottle of alcohol and an open flame is dangerous.
  • The best method for lighting the alcohol is with a long-handled lighter. Use only a long match or cigarette lighter to avoid burning your hand.
  • More flames can be anticipated when a meal is flambéd, the more alcohol a recipe specifies. While you are mastering this technique, add a little alcohol if you are feeling uneasy.

Two teaspoons of Kirsch are used in this cherry jubilee recipe. This makes it a perfect meal to test out your first flambé technique because it will only result in a gentle flame rather than strong flames. The flames and roar of the alcohol igniting last for around 30 seconds before swiftly dying down.

(Gentle reminder: While these are my recommendations, they are not all-inclusive, and I am not an expert in fire safety. You alone decide whether to flambé, and you do so at your own risk.



As easy as this cherries jubilee recipe may seem there are some important guidance notes for me to share with you

  • As the cherries defrost, remember to gather the liquid they release. It ought to be close to 150 ml. If the final sauce is overly thick after adding the orange juice or a drop of water because your cherries didn’t generate as much liquid
  • As soon as the liquid is placed on the heat, it is crucial to stir continuously. Without stirring, the cornflour will cause the sauce to become lumpy.
  • The liquid will progressively thicken during cooking, turning dark as a result, and lose its opaque aspect when the raw cornflour cooks. When the sauce is wonderfully thick, stop cooking.
  • Bring the sauce to a boil after the cherries have been added, then add the alcohol. If the sauce is scorching hot, it will quickly warm the alcohol through, making it simpler to ignite.
  • Follow the safety instructions to flambé safely, and only finish this level if you really want to. It is not required in any way. Believe me, blazing or not, those cherries are excellent with or without booze.
  • The most important thing to remember is to flambé this dish in a calm setting. Additionally, avoid performing this step if you are drunk.


Can I reheat leftovers?

Leftovers should be cooled, covered and stored in the fridge for up to 3 days. They can either be eaten cold or can be warmed through in a pan, stirring frequently.

Is this suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets

No animal or dairy products are used, so it is 100% vegan without modifications needed.

This cherries jubilee recipe is also naturally gluten-free. It is however, always wise to check the packaging of cornflour since, although it is a gluten-free product, cross-contact can occur in some manufacturing plants. Read the box label to clarify this issue if necessary.

Can I use it as a pie filling?

Yes, you can use cherries jubilee as a pie or crumble filling. Just make as instructed and let cool completely. Never pile warm cherries into raw pastry as it will melt and ruin the dough


By far my favourite way to serve cherries jubilee is with English style pancakes and vanilla ice cream. I’ve loved this combination for a great many years.

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