Chicken With 4 Legs


This is a true story about a chicken with 4 legs. Yes, it’s possible. And yes, it’s an amazingly weird thing to see such an animal walking in the middle of nowhere like if nothing is strange at all.

I have just found a chicken that has four legs. This is amazing. The chances of this happening are astronomical; unless of course you live on a farm with no health and safety regulations and then it’s actually really common.

Villagers flock to see baby chicken born with FOUR legs instead of two discovered in India

The two-month-old chick was born with polymelia which means that it developed two extra legs in the egg – and is in demand but its owner is refusing to sell it

A rare four-legged baby chicken has been discovered in rural India where it happily lives with an extra set of limbs.

The two-month-old chick was born with polymelia which means that it developed two extra legs in the egg.

The little chick clearly has two normal legs and an extra set that dangle behind it in a video filmed at its home in Rojhada, Betul, in northern India.

Javed Ali, who lives in the Kidwai Ward of the city, owns the four-limbed chicken.

He said that the unusual creature has sparked much excitement in the local community, with many people coming to visit the tiny chick.

And people have even tried to buy the diminutive bird for as much as 5,000 rupees (£55.30).

Four-legged chicken attracts interest in China


Two legs good, four legs better for Chinese chicken star

To eat or not to eat, that is the question — and perhaps how many people to invite for dinner.

These and, no doubt, numerous other questions must have been going through the head of the Chinese poultry farmer who discovered a four-legged chicken on his farm.

The farmer, Zhu, and his daughter, were so concerned by the discovery that they took the bird to local officials to see if they could shed any light on the creature that offered double the usual number of drumsticks.

According the People’s Daily Online, which has published pictures of the bird, the hen was deemed edible, and is not thought to be suffering from any long-term health issues. And all four limbs function, meaning that the chicken can walk and run as well as any other.

The four-legged feathered friend, however, while a rarity is not unique. Four-legged chickens have previously been reported in China, as well as in India, the U.S. and Thailand but, more often than not, the additional limbs are nonfunctional.

Various theories have been put forward as to why the bird, dubbed “Frankenchicken,” may have hatched with the additional legs, including stress, shock or radioactivity.

Neighbors and friends shocked

To date, it is the only four-legged chicken found on Zhu’s 10,000-head poultry farm in Shangdong Province, and it has become somewhat of a local celebrity with visitors lining up to photograph it.

But its fame will be fleeting as the father and daughter have said that —  assuming it does not outrun them — they will eat the bird, as to do otherwise would be a waste. The questions simply remains: How many guests will be around table once the bird is served up, and who gets a leg?

The Cautionary Tale Of The Four Legged Chicken

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Hmm. I think they are charging us for two chickens instead of one I told Andrew.

Andrew looked at the check. Granted, it was in Spanish, but he agreed it looked like two chickens were on the tab.

We were on the tail end of a two week family vacation in Panama and running short on cash so we were counting every penny. We were dining at a hole in the wall locals place that served fresh cooked chicken roasted in a fire pit on site. [Seriously, fresh chicken. Chickens were running around onsite in the parking lot!]

My husband, exercising his Spanish language prowess, attempted to explain to our server that we were being charged for double the food when we had only ordered one chicken for our family to share.

The server looked very confused but, after much pantomiming and smiling on our parts, talked to the manager and brought us a new bill.

On the way back to our motel, our bellies full, we all commented about how tasty and moist our meal was, especially the drumsticks.


Jill had a drumstick.

Drew had a drumstick.

Andrew ate a drumstick.

And I had a damn tasty drumstick.

By my, albeit slow, calculations, if everyone ate a drumstick, we either screwed that restaurant out of half the tab or we just ate a four legged chicken!

Four legged chicken

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I wish I could tell you that we returned to the Panamanian restaurant to pay the rest of our tab. But, alas, we had just about run out of cash for the trip and the restaurant did not accept credit cards.

Although we will likely never return to that particular restaurant again (if it is even still in business eight years later), I will never forget the importance of clear communication with others despite any language barriers.

And the importance to travel out of the country with enough cash!

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