Chicken With Chorizo Recipes


Chicken with chorizo recipes is an uncomplicated stew designed for those evenings when you don’t feel like slaving away in the kitchen. You can use your own homemade chorizo or one of the many popular ready made chops available at your local superstore. Once you’ve got the chorizo you will need to find a couple chicken breasts as well as some potatoes and tomatoes.

Chicken & chorizo ragu

  • Preparation and cooking time
    • Prep:15 mins
    • Cook:40 mins
  • Easy
  • Serves 4

Serve this delicious chicken and chorizo ragu over rice or pasta as an easy midweek dinner for the family. You can freeze any leftovers for another day

  • Freezable


  • 120g cooking chorizo, chopped
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, grated
  • 1 tsp hot smoked paprika
  • 80g sundried tomatoes, roughly chopped
  • 600g skinless and boneless chicken thighs
  • 400g can chopped tomatoes
  • 100ml chicken stock
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • jacket potatoes, chopped parsley and soured cream, to serve (optional)


  • STEP 1Fry the chorizo over a medium heat in a large saucepan or flameproof casserole dish for 5 mins or until it releases its oil and starts to char at the edges. Add the onion and fry for 5 mins more or until soft. Tip in the garlic and cook for 2 mins before stirring in the paprika and sundried tomatoes. Add the chicken thighs and fry for 2 mins each side until they are well coated in the spices and beginning to brown.
  • STEP 2Pour in the chopped tomatoes and stock, and turn the heat down. Cover and cook for 40 mins until the chicken is falling apart and the sauce is thick. Stir the lemon juice through. Serve by piling spoonfuls of the ragu into hot jacket potatoes with parsley sprinkled over and a dollop of soured cream, if you like.

Spanish Chicken And Chorizo

Rich, hearty and warming Spanish Chicken and Chorizo – crispy Spanish chorizo, sautéed onions and peppers + juicy chicken thighs braised in red wine on the stove top and then finished off in the oven and sprinkled with thyme | gluten free + dairy free

Spanish Chicken and Chorizo  in a skillet

This Spanish Chicken and Chorizo skillet is perfect for cozy winter, weeknight dinner! Serve it over potatoes, roasted vegetables, or my favourite – a fresh slice of homemade gluten free bread – perfect for dipping into the sauce to soak up all the excess juices!

A Few Things To Keep In Mind Before You Make This Spanish Chicken And Chorizo

Spanish Chorizo vs Mexican Chorizo:

  • This recipe uses Spanish Chorizo sausage and not Mexican Chorizo sausage. What’s the difference? Spanish chorizo is seasoned with garlic and pimentón (Spanish smoked paprika) while Mexican chorizo is seasoned with vinegar and chili peppers making it more spicy. Spanish chorizo is also already cured meaning it’s safe to eat without extra cooking while Mexican chorizo most often needs to be cooked like regular sausage first.

What type of red wine to use?

  • Rioja is a wine region in Spain where many high quality Spanish wines come from and it makes an excellent wine for this dish. However, feel free to use another type of Spanish red wine or a non Spanish red wine if you prefer – I won’t tell! Just keep in mind that different wines will make for slightly different tasting dishes so make sure to choose a wine you enjoy.

What if I don’t have an oven safe skillet?

  • This recipe starts off on the stove top and then finishes in the oven. For minimal clean up I like to use a skillet that’s oven safe, effectively making this a one pot dish. If you don’t have a skillet that suitable to be put in the oven just transfer your chicken, chorizo and veggies to a large casserole dish just before transferring to the oven.

Chicken and Chorizo Paella

This easy chicken and chorizo paella is bursting with Spanish inspired flavours. It takes 30 minutes to make and is a budget alternative to the classic.









Why you’ll love this recipe

This chicken and chorizo paella is easy to make, loaded with Spanish inspired flavours and is whipped up in one pot. It feels like a recipe that you want to save and make for a crowd at the weekend, but being a 30 minute paella recipe, you could easily make it during the week. It also works amazingly as meal prep!

The Spanish dish paella originated in Albufeira, a rural lagoon located next to Valencia. There are many types of paella, with the meat/seafood being interchangeable. Chicken and chorizo is a less traditional combination, but it’s definitely my favourite. 

Traditional elements of a paella include:

  • Sofrito base: onion, peppers, garlic. 
  • Short grain rice, cooked within the other ingredients of the paella. 
  • Minimum stirring! This is not a chicken and chorizo risotto, where we have to stir with every ladle of stock. We just leave it be and let the flavours do their thing (making it super low effort).
  • Yellow, saffron infused rice.
  • Smoked Paprika – a stand out flavour that I associate with any paella recipe. 
Photo of paella in bowl

How this paella is more budget friendly

The main reason that this recipe is more budget friendly, is that we use a tinyyyy bit of turmeric, as a saffron substitute. Saffron is super expensive and I find that I’m not looking for the flavour of saffron, I’m looking for the gorgeous yellow hue that it provides. 

Enter turmeric. 

Now I don’t want you to be spooked and think this recipe will taste like turmeric. We’re using such a small amount for the quantity of other ingredients we’re using. It’s just enough to add a nice colour to the rice, giving it that stunning glow to this chicken and chorizo paella. 

Close up phot of paella ready in pan with lemon wedges as garnish


Chicken thighs

I love the tenderness of chicken thighs and think they work best for any Spanish paella. 

Spanish chorizo 

The smokiness of the cured Spanish chorizo sausage, infuses into the base of the paella which seasons the whole paella. I always find that the fat that renders from chorizo when frying on a low heat, is so so flavourful and I think that’s why this chicken and chorizo paella recipe is my favourite. 

I also like to choose a chorizo with a hint of spice, as this adds more depth of flavour. 

Paella Rice

Paella rice is a short grain rice that is cultivated in Eastern Spain. It absorbs moisture really well and is integral to the paella coming together perfectly. 

Chopped Tomatoes

For flavour, acidity and sweetness. 


Lemon adds brightness and a mediterranean feel to the recipe. 

Frozen/chopped mixed peppers 

A traditional component to a paella recipe but made even easier. I use frozen chopped mixed peppers which taste just as great, they’re frozen at prime freshness and no need for slicing! 

Frozen Peas 

The added greens for this recipe. 

Onion & Garlic 

⅔’s of the sofrito that is the base for this recipe. 

Overhead shot of ingredients for Spanish paella

How to make this chicken and chorizo paella

Start this easy paella recipe by adding the diced onion and olive oil into a large/deep non-stick frying pan on a low/medium heat. Season with salt and saute for around 3 minutes, until softened.

Diced onions in frying pan

Then add the chopped chorizo into the pan and fry for a couple of minutes, adding the garlic in after the fat starts to render from the chorizo.

Chopped chorizo added to pan with diced onions

Add the rice, paprika, turmeric, and another pinch of salt and pepper.

Rice added to the pan with chorizo and rice

Gently fry for a couple of minutes. This will toast the rice slightly and bloom the spices.

Frying rice, spices in pan with chorizo and rice

Next, pour the chopped tomatoes, chicken thighs and stock into the pan. Stir to incorporate everything and reduce the heat to a low simmer. Cover with a lid for 20 minutes.

Chicken and stock added with rice/onions and chorizo

After this time, stir the peppers and peas into the pan and pop the lid back on to cook for another 5 minutes.

Frozen peppers added to pan

At this point, everything will be cooked! Finish by squeezing the juice of half a lemon (or a whole depending on preference) into the pan and seasoning with salt if necessary. Enjoy!

Paella cooked and ready to serve from pan

Tips for making this recipe the best

Don’t stir your paella!
Except for when you add the ingredients, after you add the stock, you want to keep the stirring to a minimum. This will increase the sticky bits of rice at the bottom of the pan, which is called socarrat. When you add the peppers and peas, just make sure that the sticky bits aren’t turning into burnt bits.

Remove excess fat from chicken thighs
Due to the increased level of fat in chicken thighs, you usually get more visible fat attached to the meat. I like to trim this off as I don’t like the texture and it also reduces unnecessary fats, when the meat is already juicy and tender.

Ensure that the heat is well distributed on the bottom of the pan
As we aren’t moving the rice around a lot, we want to ensure that everything cooks evenly. You can do this by adjusting the placement of the burner every five minutes if you have a smaller hob. If you have a really good pan, the heat will transfer evenly anyway. This will make the best socarrat for your chicken and chorizo paella. 

Paella served in pan with lemon wedges


What rice should I use for paella?

You want to use a short-grain rice and in particular a paella rice. Most supermarkets label them ‘paella rice’ but if they are labeled with their more traditional name, you might see bomba rice or calasparra rice on the packaging. Both are the most commonly used paella rices. 

Do I need a paella pan to make this recipe?

I use a regular deep/large non-stick frying pan for this recipe, not a paella pan. So this recipe is super accessible to everyone. Paella pans are great for distributing heat evenly and to get a large surface area of the pan at the base, but if you follow my tips above, you’ll still get a great end result. 

Should I stir whilst cooking?

After the rice enters the pan, only stir to add in the other ingredients. This will maximise the socarrat as described above and as we are using a low/medium heat, this will prevent burning of the sticky bits at the bottom of the pan. 

close up shot of paella in bowl with lemon wedge


How do you reheat?

This paella is super easy to reheat. Simply add a serving to a bowl and microwave on high for 2 minutes. Serve with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice and enjoy. Refrigerate for up to 4-5 days. 

Can you freeze paella?

Yes! Paella freezes well, which makes it perfect for meal prep. To defrost, leave a frozen serving of paella in the fridge overnight and then follow the reheat instructions above. We don’t want to defrost at room temperature in case the rice is left for too long. 

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