Chicken With Collard Greens


Chicken With Collard Greens is a delicious, spicy, and healthy dish that you can make in minimal time. It is one of the best chicken recipes that I have tried out. This recipe is also budget friendly and easy to be made by anyone who has access to all ingredients.

When you’re trying to eat healthy, it can be hard to find meals that are filling and flavorful. The best way to make any meal work is with sides — and that’s especially true when it comes to making collard greens and chicken. Collard greens are one of the most popular vegetables in the world, and they’re packed with nutrients like calcium and iron. Chicken is also a healthy meat choice, but it can add some extra fat if served in a large quantity. To avoid this problem, we’ll need to pair chicken with collards…

White House Garden Herb-Roasted Chicken with Braised Greens

  • Level: Easy
  • Total: 1 hr
  • Prep: 15 min
  • Cook: 45 min
  • Yield: 4 serving


  • 3 tablespoons chopped mixed fresh herbs (such as rosemary, thyme, sage and parsley)
  • 1 tablespoon dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 3-to-4 pound chicken, quartered
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 slices bacon, diced
  • 1 large red onion, diced
  • 2 bunches kale, collard or mustard greens (a mix also works well), stemmed and torn
  • 3/4 cup chicken stock


  1. Mix the herbs, mustard and olive oil in a nonreactive baking dish. Add the chicken, season with salt and pepper and turn to coat evenly. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator at least 1 hour or overnight. 
  2. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Place the chicken on a foil-lined baking sheet and roast until the meat is cooked through and the skin is crisp, 30 to 40 minutes. 
  3. Meanwhile, saute the bacon in a deep pan or Dutch oven over medium heat until rendered, about 5 minutes. Add the onion and cook until translucent, 6 to 7 minutes. Add the greens, in batches, and saute until wilted, about 4 minutes. Add the chicken stock, cover and gently braise over low heat until tender, about 40 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and serve with the chicken

Spiced Roast Chicken & Collard Greens with Maple Butter & Thyme

From the Test Kitchen

Tonight, we’re roasting up a half chicken—the perfect portion for two—which features all the best parts of the bird. Our classic preparation highlights succulent light and dark meat with a spice rub of sweet paprika, ground coriander, garlic powder and crushed red pepper flakes (for a mild kick). To ensure tasty, crispy-skinned meat, we’re browning the chicken skin on the stovetop before roasting it in the oven. We’re serving it over a bed of stewed collard greens and onion and spooning warm, homemade maple butter on top—a sweet, rich mix of melted butter, maple syrup and apple cider vinegar.

  • Nutrition PER SERVING
  • Calories: 670 Cals (est.)


San Simeon Pinot Noir

San SimeonPinot Noir, 2014



Spiced Roast Chicken & Collard Greens with Maple Butter & Thyme
  • 1 Half Chicken
  • 1 Yellow Onion
  • ½ bunch Collard Greens
  • 1 bunch Thyme
  • 2 Tbsps Butter
  • 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp Maple Syrup
  • 2 tsps Roast Chicken Spice Blend (Garlic Powder, Smoked Sweet Paprika, Ground Coriander & Crushed Red Pepper Flakes)



Feature Video

2. Collard Greens

Collard greens, a common ingredient in Southern cuisine, are a variety of cabbage whose leaves grow loosely at the top of a tall stem as opposed to creating a “head” like typical cabbage. Many people compare their excellent, slightly bitter flavor to a cross between kale and cabbage. Collard greens officially cemented their place in Southern culture and cuisine when they were named the state vegetable of South Carolina in 2011.



  1. Prepare the ingredients:

Set the oven’s temperature to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Fresh food should be washed and dried. Collard greens’ stems should be cut off and thrown away. Peel, cut in half, then slice the onion very thinly. Remove the thyme leaves from the stalks and throw away the stems.

Brown the chicken:

2. Brown the chicken:

Line a sheet pan with aluminum foil. Pat the chicken dry with paper towels; season on both sides with salt, pepper and as much of the spice blend as you’d like, depending on how spicy you’d like the dish to be. Sprinkle the skinless side with half the thyme. In a medium pan (nonstick, if you have one), heat 2 teaspoons of olive oil on medium-high until hot. Add the seasoned chicken, skin side down. Cook 4 to 6 minutes, or until the skin is browned and crispy. Turn off the heat. Transfer the browned chicken, skin side up, to the prepared sheet pan, leaving any browned bits (or fond) in the pan on the stovetop.

Roast the chicken:

3. Roast the chicken:

Place the browned chicken in the oven and roast 24 to 26 minutes, or until cooked through. (An instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the breast should register 165°F.) Remove from the oven.

Cook the collard greens:

4. Cook the collard greens:

While the chicken roasts, add 2 teaspoons of olive oil to the pan of reserved fond; heat on medium until hot. Add the onion; season with salt and pepper. Cook, stirring occasionally, 3 to 4 minutes, or until softened. Add the collard greens and ⅓ cup of water. Cook, stirring occasionally, 18 to 20 minutes, or until the collard greens are wilted and very tender. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Transfer to a serving dish and set aside in a warm place. Rinse and wipe out the pan.

Make the maple butter:

5. Make the maple butter:

The pan that was used to cook the collard greens should be heated briefly just before serving. Add the vinegar, butter, maple syrup, and salt & pepper to taste. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes, occasionally stirring the pan, or until bubbling and well-combined. Add salt and pepper to taste and turn the heat off.

Serve your dish:

6. Serve your dish:

Place the roasted chicken on top of the cooked collard greens on the serving dish. Add the maple butter on top. Add the remaining thyme as a garnish. Enjoy!


This savory, healthy Chicken and Greens dinner will make your mouth happy!

My very lucky husband works in an office where fresh, hot lunch made to order is delivered every day. They order food in the morning through a service called Eat Club, and then the food magically appears at lunchtime. He has had BBQ ribs, bacon-wrapped meatloaf, enchiladas, and just about everything in between, and he usually says everything is just OK.

Things changed last week when a Paleo restaurant showed up on the menu, and it is suddenly everyone’s favorite. I have not tried it myself since I spend my lunches taking photos of leftovers or eating frozen burritos, but he now comes home raving most days about whatever kind of stewed meat and vegetables he had for lunch. He and his friends say they aren’t interested in the Paleo diet exactly, but the food travels well and just tastes really good.

One of the first dishes he told me about was pork and greens. He is not particularly good at describing foods in detail, so I just used my imagination as to what it was like. When thinking about dinner recipes for this week, I was inspired to try some sort of meat and green something. As much as I love stewed pork, I wasn’t looking to cook a roast all day, and I had just thawed some clearance chicken that needed to be used. Thus, chicken and greens was born!

Now, let’s just talk about this whole Paleo thing for a moment. Actually, maybe you can do the talking because I know next to nothing about it. I do know that it’s about cavemen and that cavemen didn’t eat rice or salt or ice cream, which sounds like a pretty bad time if you ask me. I did consider serving this without rice, but my lifetime habit of eating a meat/grain/vegetable combination at dinner just wouldn’t let me.

You totally could skip the rice, but as for Paleo, I’m not sure about the wine and bacon. Don’t skip those though. THEY ARE TOO GOOD.

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