Chicken With Herbs And Garlic


Chicken With Herbs And Garlic is a delicious recipe you will want to include in your meal rotation. If you’re looking for tasty herbs, this meal is your answer. This Chicken With Herbs And Garlic dish will be ready to eat in a half hour so why not begin preparing it now?

This Chicken with Herbs and Garlic is a quick, delicious dinner that’s low carb. Made in one pot, you can have a healthy dinner in 30 minutes!

Garlic and Herb Baked Chicken Breast Recipe

Isn’t it strange how the simplest things can be the most intimidating?

Baked garlic herb chicken breasts in a white plate.

Case and point:

I’m a published cookbook author who appears as a professional food personality on national television. Yet when it comes to making hard-boiled eggs—I call my dad for help.

Every. Single Time.

Sliced garlic chicken on white plate

Don’t worry, when it comes to chicken breasts, I’ve got you covered. That’s what we’re here for. The point is that despite this protein being so straightforward, it consistently lands at the top of people’s lists of “things I don’t like to cook.”

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Chicken breasts have a bad rap.

They’re notorious for being bland, dry, overcooked, and boring. But why is that? Well, for starters: they’re a lean protein.

They contain almost no fat, and in the culinary world, everyone knows that fat equals flavor. Chicken is also one of the proteins that’s most often cooked wrong. Those afraid to undercook it will heat it until it resembles shoe leather. Those who think that salmonella is a ray-
finned fish, well, they probably know how this story ends.

Sliced cooked chicken on cutting board

So here they are:

My life-changing secrets for flawlessly cooked, fearlessly flavorful baked chicken breasts.

If you’re questioning my status as a chicken expert, I don’t blame you. We just met. That being said, I’m happy to give you a brief background on my familiarity with the subject at hand.

I’m sixteen and have just pulled into my parents’ leafy, circular driveway after a leisurely afternoon hangout with friends. I walk through the mahogany-glazed front door and am instantaneously struck with the warm scent of nutty roasted garlic and woody rosemary that’s been smeared over a whole roast chicken.

For me, this is the quintessence of home.

In the land of cosmically marvelous chicken, my dad is the mayor, the president, and the duke of dark meat. In what felt like the blink of an eye, he would transform a gangly whole fowl into an elegant meal of golden chicken pieces surrounded by caramelized carrots and succulent gravy.

I studied his every move as he would toss a kitchen towel over his left shoulder, drain the viognier from his glass, and scatter finely chopped herbs over our finished plates. It was like watching Walt Whitman effortlessly scribble poetry onto a bar napkin.

Sliced garlic chicken on white plate

Though I was a straight D student in a traditional school, I was an overachiever in this home-taught chicken course. My dad’s go-to poultry method was baking. On a typical night, he would gently brush the chicken’s pink skin with fruity olive oil and sharp, pungent crushed garlic.

A parade of paprika and then into the oven the bird would go. These mouthwatering memories, no doubt, led to my current day love affair with chicken.

The first time I was faced with the solo act of cooking it, I thought back to those delicious moments just before my dad would slice into the meaty breasts. I suddenly wondered: how did he know they were done?

I never once saw him use a kitchen thermometer. Well, as it turns out—after decades of practice, he was proficient in poultry and just knew “by the touch” that it was time.

Sliced garlic chicken on white plate

Although I, too, proudly carry this skill, I still strongly support and encourage taking the chicken’s temperature.

On that note—never forget the phenomenon of “carryover cooking.”

Once meat is removed from its source of heat, its temperature continues to rise—making even more of an argument for using a thermometer. You’ll know exactly when the chicken is 95% done cooking (about 155 – 160° F) and that, my friends, is the exact time it’s ready to come out.

But wait, we started at the end. Let’s take a few steps back.

Chicken cooked on baking sheet

First, the brine. In just a flash of fifteen minutes, and with nothing more to it than water, salt, and a large bowl—you can add tenderness and juicy texture to typically bland breasts.

For my next trick: fat!

Adding heart-healthy olive oil to chicken breasts trims the calories and I’m cool with that. However, I’m an advocate for brushing with butter. My teeth—and my chicken.

The fragrant garlic, grassy herbs, and savory spices this recipe calls for add profuse flavor, but the butter adds a richness that can’t be replicated.

Got it? The 3 B’s. Brine. Butter. Better check that temp.

I use these techniques not only for crafting a beautifully browned, expertly moist morsel of lean protein, but also to fill my present kitchen with the comforting smells of past chicken celebrations.

Garlic and Herb Chicken Marinade Recipe

This Garlic and Herb Chicken Marinade recipe makes the BEST juicy, tender, flavorful chicken that is a perfect main dish or delicious on a salad and pasta. Everyone will love this grilled chicken recipe marinade.

Garlic and Herb Chicken sliced

Chicken is a staple in many family dinners since it is so versatile and generally affordable. There is a large variety of cut and an endless number of ways to prepare it.

Garlic and Herb Chicken Marinade Recipe

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When cooking chicken on the grill, I always marinate it first to give the chicken a little flavor boost and garlic and herb chicken marinade is my family’s favorite.

I often buy a bottle of ready-to-go garlic and herb spices but have found that it isn’t always available. So, I decided to make my own version of the grilled chicken recipe marinade and I’m excited to share it with you today.

How To Make Garlic and Herb Chicken Marinade

Garlic and Herb Chicken Marinade Spices

Step One:

Mix together sea salt, minced onion, roasted garlic powder, black pepper, coriander, parsley, and paprika.

chicken and garlic and herb marinade in bag

Step Two:

Put the spice mixture, olive oil, and vinegar into a gallon sized ziplock bag.

Add two pounds of boneless, skinless, chicken breasts.

Toss to coat well, place in the fridge and marinate the chicken for 30 minutes.

Grilling Garlic and Herb Chicken

Step Three:

Grease the grill grates, discard the marinade and grill the chicken over medium-high heat for about 5 minutes per side for a total of about 10 minutes or until chicken reaches an internal temperature of 160°F.

Garlic and Herb Chicken sliced

This grilled chicken recipe marinade results in the BEST juicy, tender, flavorful chicken that is perfect the way it is or delicious with rice or pasta.

Grilled Chicken Recipe Marinade Tips

1. Any of the seasonings in this recipe can be swapped with whatever seasonings you prefer. Just keep the same amount of olive oil and vinegar.

2. I used white vinegar for this recipe but you can use apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar if you want that added flavor.

3. If you don’t have a gas grill available, you can make indoor grilled chicken using a grill pan. Warm the pan over medium high heat. Grease with olive oil. Grill the marinated chicken breasts for about 5 minutes per side. Remove from heat and cover with a pan lid or a foil tent and allow it to rest for 5 minutes. Check that the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165°F.

4. If you don’t have a way to grill the garlic and herb chicken at all, you can cook the chicken breast in the oven. Bake at 400 degrees, on a greased, rimmed baking sheet, for 18-23 minutes, until chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165°F.

5. To cook the chicken faster, cut the thickness in half so that each chicken breast becomes two thin chicken breasts. Grill for about 3 minutes per side, until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165°F.


If your baked chicken breast tends to turn out boring and bland, then you have to try this Garlic Herb Baked Chicken Breast. It’s basically like the most delicious homemade garlic bread but made with chicken instead of bread. It’s tender, juicy, has tons of herby-garlicky flavor, and it’s ridiculously easy. Plus, it’s quite versatile. Keep scrolling for all my ideas for how you can serve this super simple Garlic Herb Baked Chicken Breast.

Sliced Garlic Herb Baked Chicken Breast ready to be served.


For boneless, skinless chicken breast, it’s best to use a quick, high heat baking method to prevent the meat from drying out. I prefer to bake chicken breast at 400ºF for 20 minutes. The high heat allows the chicken to heat through to a safe temperature quickly, before it has time to dry out. Coating the chicken breast in oil or butter also helps slow the evaporation, which will keep the chicken juicy.

If your chicken breast is thicker than 3/4″ at its thickest end, you will want to pound it slightly to reduce the thickness and ensure quick and even cooking. An ideal thickness is 1/2-3/4″.

This high heat, fast baking method is ideal for boneless breasts only. You can find detailed instructions on how to bake bone-in chicken breast in my Herb Roasted Chicken Breast recipe.


As mentioned above, you definitely want to coat the boneless, skinless chicken breast in some sort of fat to help slow evaporation and keep the meat moist. While testing this Garlic Herb Baked Chicken recipe, I tested both butter and olive oil. Butter was definitely superior, although olive oil still worked. The butter not only added more flavor, but it was much easier to coat the meat in the garlic herb mixture.

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