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The chicken with the mohawk is an amazing American breed of chicken. It is just one of many chicken breeds that are native to America, others include Polish, Red Caps and Senoritas.  I was raised on a homestead in New Hampshire, close to where I went to college at nearby Dartmouth. While in school I helped raise chickens as pets and they made wonderful companions while studying in my dorm room. Though they had a tendency to be noisy and very picky eaters.

Top 5 Rare Chicken Breeds

Rare chicken breeds are a must-have for hardcore hobby breeders.  They look exotic, they’re few in number and can often mean a big pay day if you manage to successfully breed these sought-after species!  Many dedicated exhibitionists hatch and nurture these rare chicken breeds to keep their kind alive, as numbers are dwindling.  Here are our top 5 most spectacular rare chicken breeds from across the globe.

Ayam Cemani

Ayam cemani chicken
  • one of the most exotic chickens in the world
  • only sold in pairs
  • in Asia, consuming their meat is thought to ‘put their consciousness at ease’

The Ayam Cemani is one of the most exotic rare chicken breeds you can imagine.  Their entire body is black – their feathers, their skin, even their organs!  There’s also nothing normal about to their hefty price tag (about $2500 a pop!).

This bird is definitely comes under the rare chicken breeds enthusiasts of designer animals covet – but they do produce eggs (around 60 a year) and their black meat is a delicacy to those who can afford it!  Check out our breed profile for more information on this incredible Indonesian bird – it really is the creme de la creme of rare chicken breeds!

Appenzeller Spitzhauben

  • Spitzhauben translates to ‘pointed bonnet’
  • can survive on little food
  • very good fliers – therefore need big fences!

The Spitzhauben originates from Switzerland, and with its mohawk and splotched feathers looks like the rock star of the chicken world!

This member of the rare chicken breeds is named after the traditional ceremonial hats worn by Swiss women in the 1500s – the hats resemble the unique crest of hair upon the chickens head, hence they called it the Spitzhauben!

Cross-breeding has made finding a Spitzhauben that meets breed standards rare, but there are dedicated breeders who keep the chickens authentic.  The rules are clear – they must have a “forward-raking mohawk”, “blue leg colour” and the roosters must have a “comb that is not separated and split.”  Sounds over the top, but maintaining rare chicken breeds is serious business!

White-Faced Black Spanish Chicken

Illustration of white faced black Spanish chicken
  • Originates from the mediterranean
  • A known to have a wide range of personalities – from charming to mean!
  • One of the oldest breeds recorded in the United States

The White-Faced Black Spanish chicken is a challenge for hobby breeders, as the key to the perfect breed is maintaining the chickens round white face, which is often likened to a mask.  A mediterranean breed by origin, It is believed that they were the first of the rare chicken breeds to arrive in America.

Partridge Barthuhner

  • bred to withstand cold climates
  • developed beards to beat the elements!

Another rare chicken breed is the Barthuhner (which literally translates to ‘bearded chicken’) that originates from Switzlerland.  It is indeed a striking bird, with the Partridge breed sporting brightly hued feathers and no crest – but one of their most unique features is the ‘beard’ underneath their chin, a result of being bred in a very cold climate.

This breed has become quite rare, with only a few dedicated breeders making an effort to replenish the numbers of the Partridge Barthuhner.

Transylvanian Naked Neck

Transylvanian naked neck chicken in backyard
  • naked necks are a the result of a random genetic mutation
  • their bare neck makes them more resistant to heat

The Transylvanian Naked Neck is not one of the most attractive rare chicken breeds, but they are popular for exhibiting.  Their breed emerged from Romania and are still popular in Eastern Europe.

Their neck has been bred to be completely bare as this is what competition standards require.

Rare chicken breeds are often fascinating to look at, and having them in your flock is considered a great asset to any hobby breeders and exhibitioners!  If you want to know what the rare chicken breeds in your area are, head to an exhibition or find a hobby farm.

Whether it’s a flock of rare chooks that takes you fancy or a more common variety, it can be eggstremely confusing and difficult to find the perfect breeds for you and your family. From looks, to personality, to egg-laying talents – where should you begin?

Cluckily, our friends over at Chickenpedia have created an amazing Chicken Breeds Course. This extensive online course shares useful advice on choosing the right chickens for you as well as size & frequency of eggs laid. You’ll even learn about their individual personalities, and be able to use their family-friendly compatibility scale through this well-structured program. It really is a great way to find your perfect backyard buddies which is why I highly recommend them to all of my readers! The courses are beginner-friendly and filled with vital information to help you raise a happy, healthy flock.

7 Chicken Breeds with Mohawks

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Enough of regular chickens, planning to bring a unique ornamental breed home? How about a chicken breed with mohawks? There are several chicken breeds with mohawks that can be raised as regular layers/meat producers or an ornament. The most popular chicken breeds with Mohawks are the following;

Chicken Breeds with Mohawks

  • Polish
  • Silkie
  • Appenzeller Spitzhauben
  • Brabanter
  • Crevecoeur
  • Houdan chicken
  • Pavlovskaya

1. Polish


Polish is the one European chicken breed that has Mohawk. The beard, mohawk, and the topknot of feathers give the polish chicken a dramatic appearance.

This chicken breed has been around for so long that it can not be concluded when exactly Polish started existing and where do they belong.

Polish chickens have all the qualities of domestic birds. They are gentle, docile, and have quirky personalities.

Unlike most chicken breeds, Polish love to be held this makes the breed a great pet and show bird.

Moreover, Polish is a hardy breed. It does not require any different care from the regular breeds to live a balanced life.

Polish chickens are not unreliable layers however they get recognized as a good meat producer. Therefore if not as a show bird or pet, the Polish chickens are raised for meat mainly.

2. Silkie


The silkie chicken breed is known for its fluffy plumage that feels like silk or satin. It’s the same chicken breed that is spelled as Silky or recognized as Chinese Silk chicken, wu-gu-Ji, Bantam Silkie, and Bantams.

Though Silkies are more known for their funny hair and mohawks, however, they have got several unusual qualities to be noticed as well.

To be more specific, Silkies have blue earlobes, black skin, bones, and five toes on each foot (that’s super unusual as most chicken breeds have four toes).

Silkies have got a true domestic birds temperament; they are calm, friendly, and docile.

Therefore, their friendly temperament and the black meat bring Silkies to be raised at farms and backyards.

Silkies are believed to be a great layer as well however their egg production often get affected by broodiness. Therefore, Silkies are raised for meat birds, show birds, or pets.

Silkie is an expensive breed, not every chicken farmer can afford to raise it. The not-so-adult silkie chicken is being sold for $120. Moreover, their upkeep cost is also usually higher than the regular breeds.

3. Appenzeller Spitzhauben

Appenzeller Spitzhauben

As the name suggests, Appenzeller Spitzhauben is a crested chicken breed. This chicken breed originates from a historical Appenzell region of Switzerland. What’s worth knowing about Appenzeller Spitzhauben is that Switzerland recognizes this chicken breed as a “national bird”.

Appenzeller Spitzhauben is an active domestic bird. They do not like being held or confined to a place rather prefer foraging and roosting in the trees.

If there is enough space to forage and trees to roost, the Appenzeller Spitzhauben preferred not to raise.

Appenzeller Spitzhauben is best suited for a free-range system. To sprinkle salt on the wounds, Appenzeller Spitzhaubens is a good flier. Therefore, secure fencing is required to raise them.

However, Appenzeller Spitzhauben is an extremely cold-hardy bird. They do not require any special care to survive the winters and prevent frostbites.

4. Brabanter


Brabanter is an ancient Dutch heritage chicken breed that originates from Brabanter, Netherlands. In the country of origin, Brabanter is known and recognized as “Brabanconne”.

Brabanter has been here for a long time, it has made an appearance in several 17th-century paintings.

Brabanter is a hardy, good forager, and an exceptional layer. The females hardly go broody, they produce a good number of eggs each year. Therefore, they are often raised on eggs and meat. They appear like Columbian rock chickens.

Brabanters have all the qualities of a good domestic breed. They are goofy, calm, inquisitive, brave, and silly just as the chicken breed should be. What’s more worth mentioning is that Brabanter does not have any serious health issues. So, raising Brabanter would not be tricky.

5. Crevecoeur


Crevecoeur is a historic French chicken breed that went extinct around 2007. This chicken breed was somewhat related to a few norman breeds like La Fleche, Caumont, Caux, and Pavilly.

This domestic breed was used to recognized by well proportioned compact bodies, moderately sized crests, beards, solid black feathers, prominently red face, comb, earlobes, wattles, slate blue or black short legs, feet.

Crevecoeur was considered a good dual-purpose chicken breed. They were good layers and a fine meat producer with having a tremendous amount of meat on their breasts.

Crevecoeur has every quality the chicken farmers look for. They are quiet, deliberate, and happen to have a peaceful temperament.

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