Chicken With Ponytail


What is a chicken with a ponytail? This is a question I can finally answer for you.

Chicken, ponytail. Chicken, ponytail. The man always thought of that whenever he sees one, which is pretty strange. He had another thought running at the back of his head: Should I wear a dress or a shirt and jeans?

Types of Roosters with Ponytail

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Whether your rooster’s feathers are covering its eyes or you want to up the style quotient, putting feathers in a ponytail is an adorable solution.

Ponytail is easy to do yourself as compared to other hairstyles.

Some roosters have enough feathers that can be tied in a topknot. Crests or tufts of hair add extra sparkle to the looks at shows and poultry exhibitions. Roosters that can be styled with a ponytail are given below.

Rooster Breeds with Ponytail

1. Polish

Polish roosters have crests or tufts of hair on the head. Many Polish rooster owners tie their hair in a ponytail to let them see clearly.

The beautiful hair or crests of this unusual breed goes well with its lean, beautiful bodies.

The topknots of feathers are very colorful and flamboyant making the bird look like a rock star.

Some creative owners style the crests in different ways, the ponytail is one of them.

The crest is less pompom and more firework in shape and that’s what makes them different from the Polish hen.

These stunning birds look so good with different hairstyles that anyone would stop and take a second look.

2. Sultan

This wacky fighting rooster is quite rare and distinctive thanks to its unique physical characteristics.

Adorned by long and flowy feathers on their heads, tails, legs, and feet, their unique appearance catches eyes everywhere they go.

There are many adorable pictures of Sultan roosters available online where their hair is seen tied in a ponytail. As the rooster’s name represents it looks fancy.

The long feathers often obstruct their view, therefore, many owners clip them or tie them in a bun.

Roosters with Ponytail

Their V-shaped comb is completely covered by the crest, fluffy feathers cover most parts of their bodies.

It is an ornamental breed with its decorative plumage, puffy crests, and foot feathering.

3. Houdan

This unusual rooster is easy to identify from other chicken breeds and Houdan hens. The heavy-looking breed has a large crest, fifth toe, and V-shaped comb.

Those were some of the recognizable characteristics of the breed. However, what makes them stand out from others is their topknots of feathers.

Most experts consider it a mix of Polish and Dorking chickens because of their similar characteristics.

The head-encircling crest of feathers could make anyone jealous.

The signature crest is the biggest asset and liability of the Houdan rooster on the show floor.

Their excess head feathering can be styled in different ways.

4. Brabanter

Brabanter is a heritage breed, relatively rare and smaller in size. They have unique facial features, beginning with an odd comb and tuft of feathers.

Available in different color varieties such as black, blue, white as well as gold and silver.

Several color varieties have beautiful feathers on the head that will catch the onlooker’s fancy.

This feather stays upright and can be easily tied in a knot or ponytail. Beautiful coloring and pattern make this breed look good.

It is a rare chicken breed, even the avid bird watchers are not aware of it.

5. Crevecoeur

The head of the Crevecoeur rooster has a distinctive “v” comb with medium-sized crests and beards.

Crevecoeur is no ordinary farmyard chicken, rich black feathers, large crest, and beard are testament to that.

The beauty of this gentle-natured bird is enhanced by the full crest. Some roosters have large crests which impair their vision, making them more vulnerable to predators.

Therefore, many rooster owners trim the feathers short for clear vision. This fancy rooster is adorably fuzzy and easily wins new admirers at poultry exhibitions and shows.

6. Polverara

This unusual breed has highly ornamental rooster breeds with many distinguishing characteristics.

The medium-sized bird has a feathery crest that stays erect on the head. Luckily, the crest feather does not cover the eyes or obstruct vision.

The proud tuft of feathers on the head is similar to the crest of an ancient helmet. This dual-purpose bird has a V-shaped feathered crest that towers over its head.

It is a fabulous and showy breed with an impressive appearance. The rooster has rightfully earned the title of a show bird.

These several color varieties have feathers with beautiful luster. This showy breed is delicate and well-flavored.

7. Padovana

This is an ancient Italian breed well-known for its characteristic crests. Padovana cocks or roosters have a long, curved crest, distinguishing them from the hens.

This ornamental rooster is used for exhibitions and shows due to its striking experience.

The crust of the rooster has circular, thin, and pointed feathers encircling the head laterally and on the backside, front feathers are shorter.

The front and back feathers can be tied in a ponytail and should not block the view. The peculiar crest adds to the beauty of the feathered bird

8. Silkie

Silkie, Silky, or Chinese Silk rooster has fluffy plumage that feels like silk or satin. Like other body parts, the head is often covered with shaggy feathers that make them look furry. These fluff-balls have feathered crests that often block their eyes.

The head looks more like a pom-pom, having a similar appearance to Polish roosters. The crest looks like a ‘Walnut’, almost circular in appearance. The voluminous ponytail enhances its appeal and adds to its beauty.

Feathered crests are beautified with black or dark mulberry comb. Their feathering, personality, and characteristics are not found in many other chicken breeds.

9. Appenzeller Spitzhauben

This national breed of Switzerland boasts several unique facial characteristics. Roosters have a forward-pointing crest and v-shaped comb. The crest is moderately sized and does not block eyes.

Native to Switzerland’s Appenzell district, the forward sweeping crest feathers are similar to the “spitzhauben,” or pointed hoods worn by the women of the region back in the day.

This perky bird has a very sophisticated and dainty look. These roosters are typically larger than the hens and reach a full-grown weight of approximately 5.5 pounds. Their bodies have white with black markings that almost look like polka-dots.

Small Chicken Breeds: The 15 Smallest Chicken Breeds In The World

Keeping these little guys is not a pain in the butt, head, or pocket. And, they are not just for fancy exhibitions or for a small chicken coop – they can go head to head against standard-size chickens! 

There’s a small chicken breed that gives you 150 eggs per year, a tiny chicken that crows as loud as your normal talking voice, a small hen that adopts and fosters chicks, and a super fluffy bird that is friendly around children. 

Here are 15 small chicken breeds for your backyard.

1. Serama Bantam

sideview of a Serama bantam chicken standing on grass
The smallest chicken in the world…looking confident!

Rooster: 0.75 lbs | Hen: 0.69 lbs

The Serama Bantam is the smallest chicken breed in the world – both roosters and hens are under a pound! However, the American Poultry Association and American Bantam Association have yet to accept this breed.

Being incredibly small has its perks. The Serama chicken is very low maintenance. They are actually THE MOST popular apartment pet in Malaysia That’s because they are so quiet – roosters crow at 60 decibels at most. That’s just as loud as you talk on the phone.

It’s just really hard to get a hold of this breed of chicken in the USA because they are rare, and most breeders are in Asia.

2. Dutch Bantam

Rooster: 1.21 lbs | Hen: 0.99 lbs

Coming in second place are the Dutch Bantams. They are not as tiny and light compared to Serama Bantams, but they make heads turn because of their distinct appearance. They have large, single red combs with five distinct points. Plus, you can’t miss their large white earlobes. 

This petite size chicken is also a true bantam breed with no big chicken counterpart. Dutch bantams were popular trade animals in Holland during the 17th century . But their first USA debut in the 1950s didn’t go so well. 

Chicken fanciers only took notice during the small breed’s second introduction. Since then, these little guys have been a crowd favorite. Sometimes you just gotta strut it till you make it!

3. Appenzeller Bantam

sideview of a black and white Appenzeller bantam chicken walking on grass with dried fallen leaves
Small, yet stylish. Check out that Hairstyle!

Rooster: 1.5 lbs | Hen: 1.25 lbs

Spitzhauben Appenzellers sport a rockstar, spiky “hairdo” atop their heads. Barthühner Appenzellers don’t have a crest, but they have beards. Either way, these little chickens have feathering fit for the Swiss weather. They also lay a good amount of medium-sized white eggs per week.

This tiny size chicken breed is free-spirited. They don’t like confinement, and they love to fly. If you get these birds, show them off and let them roam freely. After all, World War II almost wiped out their population . And until now, breeders struggle to get this breed recognized by the APA. 

4. Old English Game

close up of an Old English Game chicken
Small but fearless. You can see the inner warrior

Rooster: 1.5 lbs | Hen: 1.38 lbs

The Old English Game was once a fighting cock. Yes, these slick-looking little chickens are also feisty and fearless. They got “game” both in the sporting and fashion fields.

Nowadays, these birds serve an ornamental purpose. Although, the fighting instinct seems to be innate. Chicks spar at a young age, and full-grown roosters are very aggressive. They don’t like confinement, and squabbles can turn deadly. 
Luckily, hens are the complete opposite. They are gentle and docile. Some breeders even use Old English Game hens as foster moms .

5. Japanese Bantam

a light brown Japanese bantam chicken standing on a person's right hand
Introducing: the small bantam that lays tiny brown eggs

Rooster: 1.63 lbs | Hen: 1.38 lbs

Japanese Bantams are one of the most popular chicken breeds for exhibition. They have very short legs and a unique tail that stands very erect, almost touching the back of the neck.
Even though they are super popular, they are also challenging to breed. Only expert breeders get the tail right. Plus, the short legs can be deadly.

“If two short-legged birds are bred together, 25% of the offspring will be pure for Cp, a lethal gene combination which causes a disability making them unable to hatch.”

Breeders need detailed genetic history for successful breeding. But the good news is these birds don’t have a diva complex. They are friendly and gentle. Plus, hens lay a good number of tiny brown eggs.

6. Belgian D’Anvers

Rooster: 1.63 lbs | Hen: 1.38 lbs

The Belgian d’Anvers is an old bantam breed. Historians trace their appearance since the 17th century. And the APA recognized them as an official breed in the 1940s. Plus, this breed is one of the few true bantams around . 

They seem proud of that because they strut their stuff with confidence. Exhibition is their forte, and roosters are the best. They hold their heads high and keep their flowing tails up. Belgian d’Anvers also have beards and clean legs. They come in a few colors, including white, in case you like small white chicken breeds.

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