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I am now going to share with you the Cooked Apples Benefits.Maybe it is not exhaustive but it will help you a lot  Cooked apples are delicious, healthy, and packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Let’s explore the benefits of cooked apples and why you’ll want to make these a regular snack in your kitchen.

Stewed Apples For Gut Health

You’ve heard about bone broth for gut health, but what about stewed apples? Read on to discover the benefits of this simple dish, plus how to make it.

Are cooked apples as healthy as raw?

Both cooked and raw apples are healthy, but stewed apples can be particularly helpful for gut health.

Let’s consider at raw apples first. By eating these, you benefit from nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium. You may even enjoy greater overall health, since a review of studies found that eating apples was associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, asthma and type-2 diabetes

But cooked apples have an extra benefit: gut-healing pectin. This special form of fibre is released during the stewing process, and new evidence suggests that it may help to repair and maintain the intestinal mucosa lining One animal study found that pectin can help to:

· Modulate gut bacteria

· Get rid of toxins in the gut

· Reduce inflammation

Even though pectin is present in raw apples too, its effect is more pronounced when the apples are cooked. You know you’ve released a gut-healing level of pectin when stewed apples develop a gel-like sheen.

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Is it better to cook apples with the skin on?

You’ll still get a good dose of pectin if you peel the apples, but you may miss out on other nutrients that can help with gut healing if you get rid of the skin.

Apple skin is full of minerals, fibre and special plant compounds called polyphenols. One of these, quercetin, is known to have anti-inflammatory effects.

If you do decide to leave the skin on, it’s best to choose organic apples. This is because conventionally grown apples tend to have pesticide residues on the skin.

Are stewed apples good for constipation?

Stewed apples can help to alleviate constipation because they’re full of fibre. The insoluble fibre increases bulk in the stools, while the soluble fibre increases water content. Together, these help stools to move through the digestive system at a healthy pace

Stewed apples may also improve dysbiosis, which further supports good digestion.

Are cooked apples easy to digest?

Cooked apples are easy to digest because the stewing has already partially broken them down. If you’ve cooked them without the skin, they’re even more digestible.

The only exception to this is if you’re following a low-FODMAP diet for SIBO, dysbiosis or IBS. Apples are high in FODMAPs, which means they can cause bloating and digestive discomfort in some people. If this applies to you, wait until the reintroduction stage of your low-FODMAP diet before you try stewed apples.

Are stewed apples acidic?

Apples have a pH of between 3 and 4, which means they’re acidic. They remain acidic when they’re stewed.

But that doesn’t mean they have an ‘acidic’ effect in your body. Your blood has consistent pH of 7.35–7.45. This pH is tightly controlled and cannot be changed by food.

What are Baked Apples Good for?

Everyone knows about the high nutritional value and many benefits of fresh apples, but few people think that when they are baked, they are no less healthy.

This method of culinary processing allows you to store many vitamins and minerals in the fruit, as well as to reduce their calorie content and neutralize other negative factors. Almost everyone can eat baked fruit as food, although, of course, there are some limitations.

Information about the benefits of baked apples is no secret, but many ignore such knowledge, depriving themselves of a safe source of valuable substances. Therefore, nutritionists advise everyone who cares about their own health to pay close attention to this dish.

What is a baked apple suitable for?

One of the advantages of baked apples is the pleasant taste and ease of preparation. They can successfully replace sweet temptations with high calories. To prepare them, simply wash the whole fruit, remove the core from them, place them in a tray and keep in the oven for 10 minutes.

You can cook apples in the microwave, although it will be a little longer and will take 20 minutes. In addition, some experts believe that the microwave oven destroys the nutrients contained in apples and other fruit, so it is better to use it only to heat up food.

The benefits of baked apples are undeniable. Vitamins and microelements are present in them in huge quantities: vitamin C, A, K, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, etc., as well as pectins, dietary fiber, antioxidants and others. All of these substances from baked apples will be absorbed much better than from fresh apples, especially if a person has problems with the stomach or intestines.

The list of the useful properties of baked apples is quite big. They clean the blood vessels very well of bad cholesterol and help maintain the level of this substance in the blood at an acceptable level. Baked fruit optimize bowel function and relieve constipation, as well as neutralize diarrhea.

They are almost safe for the gastric mucosa, as they irritate it much less than fresh fruit with their large amount of organic acids in the composition. However, you should not eat baked apples on an empty stomach and in large quantities, if you have gastrointestinal diseases.

They also have a diuretic effect, remove toxins from the body and improve the general condition. Doctors prescribe a diet with baked apples to those who live in heavily polluted areas, such as near large factories and plants.

These fruit bind well to free radicals, heavy metals, remove them from the body and prevent the development of cancer. They also suppress hunger well and therefore help you lose weight.

In addition to the benefits, baked apples have some contraindications. They can provoke allergies or irritate the intestines when consumed in excessive amounts on an empty stomach. In addition, people with gastritis, peptic ulcer or high stomach acidity should also eat these fruit carefully, in whatever form.

For those who look after their figure, they must remember that any ingredients added during the preparation of baked apples, such as honey, sugar, nuts and more, add calories to the dish and can provoke the appearance of extra pounds.


Boiled apples help to flush the extra fat from the system. It aids digestion and is filling too. Pectin in apples helps in reducing the absorption of fat through the cells. Both raw and boiled apples are healthy.
Here are Health Benefits of a “boiled apple”

It helps to have a healthier heart. It has the ability to control various heart diseases similar to heart attack or heart attack. It keeps the heart healthy by supplying it with air and proper blood flow to the heart.

It helps prevent excessive fatigue. Feeding boiled apples helps prevent excessive fat that causes obesity. It helps to reduce your weight loss as well as obesity-related illness.

It helps control the body’s level of sugar. Another benefit of “boiled apple” consumption is the maintenance of your normal blood sugar. And as such, it is possible to avoid diabetes. Therefore, people with diabetes should eat boiled apples to control their sugar and not even grow up.

It helps to control Cholesterol or “Cholesterol level”. The “boiled appple” is good and effective to keep the cholesterol level normal in our body. However, it also helps to prevent any heart condition like “stroke” and other complications associated with heartbeat.

 It has been a good day for daily diarrhea. Soft pink apples are used to accelerate digestion within our body. It helps to absorb nutrients and not bad cholesterol or fat.

 It helps to treat constipation. Boil an average sized red apple till it changes color. Eat it and drink the watet used for boiling.

Apple Benefits That Will Make You Crave Crumble

Apples are the most popular fruit in the United States — after all, what’s more American than apple pie? Not only are apples tasty (there’s a reason why some varieties even have “delicious” in their name!), but they have plenty of health benefits, too.

How do you like them apples? Here are eight good reasons why you should like them a lot.

1. Apples are full of nutrients and antioxidants

One large 8-ounce apple including the skin has 130 fat free calories. It provides 20 percent of your daily fiber recommendation, 8 percent of vitamin C, and 7 percent of potassium. It also provides 2 percent of both calcium and iron.

But wait, there’s more! Just like that old saying, an apple a day really can help keep the doctor away. Apples are rich in antioxidants, natural superheroes that fight off the cell damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals.

Antioxidants may help prevent a host of health problems like cancer, hardening of the arteries, neurological diseases, and more.

2. Apples are great for your gut

As a stellar source of fiberapples help keep your digestive tract running smoothly.

The skin contains insoluble fiber, which is beneficial for your bowels. It bulks up your poop and helps keeps you regular.

Apple flesh contains a soluble type of fiber called pectin, which may have some additional benefits. Pectin is a prebiotic that feeds and helps grow the good bacteria in your colon. Studies suggest pectin could help reduce the inflammation associated with weight-related diseases and could even boost your immunity.

3. They may help you lose weight

Apples contain a high amount of water, making them what’s called a low energy (or calorie) density food. Eating apples gives you a feeling of fullness that will hopefully make you less likely to want to grab a less healthy snack, like a pint of Ben and Jerry’s — or even oat cookies.

In a 10-week study of 50 women with overweight, those who ate apples lost 2 pounds, while those who ate oat cookies that contained the same amount of calories and fiber didn’t lose the weight.

The researchers believe that regardless of the fiber content, the low energy density of apples and other fruits may help reduce body weight over time.

4. Apples may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes

Along with helping you lower your weight, eating apples may help lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Unlike type 1 diabetes, type 2 is highly preventable, especially by eating a healthy diet.

In fact, eating an apple every couple of days may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 23 percent, according to a large 2013 study.

Apples contain substances called polyphenols that help prevent damage to the cells in your pancreas that produce insulin. Polyphenols also slow down the process of absorbing sugar into your bloodstream so that you don’t have sudden spikes in your blood sugar.

5. They may improve your heart health

Apple skin contains lots of flavonoids, substances that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In a small 2017 study, participants who ate the skin of two apples twice a day for 4 weeks had more significantly improved blood flow to their hearts than participants who ate pureed apple flesh twice daily.

This improvement in blood circulation was long-lasting. It was noted a couple of hours after the participants ate the apple skins as well as 4 weeks afterward.

Apples can also help lower your “bad” LDL cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease. When healthy adults between the ages of 40 and 60 ate an apple a day for 4 weeks in a 2012 study, their LDL levels dropped 40 percent.

6. Apples may help reduce the risk for strokes

Those flavonoids in apple skin have benefits besides keeping your heart healthy. They also help lower your blood pressure and prevent strokes.

A 2014 meta-analysis of 20 studies suggests that eating two small apples a day could reduce your risk of a stroke by almost a third.

A large 2011 study of 20,000 adults found that those who ate more apples and other fruits with white flesh, which are high in flavonoids, had a 52 percent lower risk of stroke over the next 10 years than adults who ate few of these foods.

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