Crash Diet Plan For 7 Days


Crash diet plan for 7 days is a crash diet that cuts through all the bull -that you’ve been fed about losing weight. What if there was a unique eating program that placed no daily caloric restrictions on you but still allowed you to lose five pounds a week? The Crash Diet Solution has been developed using scientific evidence, extensive research and real life case studies proving it works.  

What Is A Crash Diet?

A crash diet is a quick weight loss dieting method for shedding pounds in less time. It is a restrictive or a very low-calorie diet (<= 800 calories) plan for short-term weight loss goals.

A crash diet is not meant for long-term weight loss. The results of a crash diet are short-lived, and you will gain the pounds right back if you do not eat healthy and workout. However, for an occasion right around the corner, you may try a crash diet. Here’s a list of popular types of crash diet. 

Do Crash Diets Work?

Crash diets deliver short-term results. Because the dieter is cutting their calories so low and making such big changes to what they eat, their body will certainly lose weight. While crash diets do influence large amounts of weight loss, they are not safe and are easily reversible.

Risks of Crash Dieting

A healthy diet promotes strength in a body, but crash dieting can bring many risks to the body. High metabolism is important when losing weight, but crash dieting can make the metabolic rate lower. This is due to muscle breakdown being much greater with crash dieting. Less muscle means a lower metabolic rate, which can end in more weight gain.

When crash dieting, the body is not receiving all of the minerals and vitamins it needs to keep a strong immune system. A low immune system means that getting sick is much more likely. Your body requires vitamins A, D, E, and K in order to maintain a healthy immune system.

Due to a low carbohydrate diet, your body will start to break down fatty acids in order to produce ketones. Ketones might help the body to lose weight, but they also can damage the body. Ketones can cause nausea, bad breath, and liver and/or kidney problems.

The body loses so much weight in certain types of liquid diets because it is losing such large amounts of water weight. While effective, it is an unhealthy long-term weight loss method. Glycogen stores (the source of energy that binds water) are depleted faster than the fat cells that release the water. Once you start eating again, your body will gain back weight trying to replenish glycogen and water stores. This will cause dehydration

A crash diet can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. Even so, it can have harmful effects on the heart. Due to increased heart fat levels, a dieter can experience heart problems early on in their diet.

Alternative Ways to Lose Weight

Crash dieting is not a healthy or safe way to lose weight. Instead, you should consider some different weight-loss methods. Reduce the intake of alcohol, sugary foods, and foods with trans fats. Include more proteins, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains in your diet. Partake in physical activity daily and take part in exercise 150 minutes per week.

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Types Of Crash Diet

1. Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse may help you lose 10 pounds in a week. It includes vitamin C-rich lemon juice, two to three teaspoons of maple syrup, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Cons – All you can drink is lemonade. You may feel extremely hungry and experience nausea, irritability, and mood swings.

2. Juice Cleanse Diet

Juicing is a great way to be on a liquid diet without compromising on nutrients. You will consume dietary fiber-rich and vitamin C-loaded fruit juices that will flush out toxins and rejuvenate your body. It is also good for the skin.

Cons – It may not be sustainable for more than two days.

3. Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is a nutritious soup diet made mainly with cabbage and other veggies. All you have to do is consume this soup to lose water weight quickly and slim down.

Cons – Consuming only this soup for more than a day might cause boredom.

4. Grapefruit Diet

The grapefruit diet involves consuming half a grapefruit and other healthy foods in every meal. It aids quick weight loss without compromising on health.

Cons – Consuming grapefruit for every meal may cause nutritional deficiency and tooth enamel erosion, and it can be super challenging to eat only one type of fruit.

5. Hollywood Diet

The Hollywood diet has been popularized by Hollywood celebs and claims to cause a weight loss of 10 kg in just 48 hours. All you have to do is drink an herbal mix called “Hollywood diet,” which is available in supermarkets and online. 

Cons – It is not doctor-approved. Your body may react to the herbs in the mix, and just drinking this mix will make you irritable and compromise on immunity.

6. Chicken Soup Diet

This diet requires you to consume chicken soup for seven days. You may add veggies of your choice to enrich the soup with vitamins and minerals. You may also have freshly pressed fruit juice as a snack.

Cons – It is not for vegans and vegetarians.

Clearly, crash diets are not nutritionally wholesome, but they aid quick weight loss in a short period. If you want to try it, do it for three days or seven days. Find an easy 7-day crash diet plan below.

7-Day Crash Diet Plan For Quick Weight Loss

How much weight will you lose after being on a crash diet for three to seven days? Find out below.

How Much Weight Will You Lose?

You may lose up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in seven days. You will lose water weight in the first three days, and your body will shift to the fat-burning mode . in the next four days.

Crash diets are only meant for short-term weight loss. Does that mean that they are not safe? Find out in the next section.

Is Crash Diet Safe?

Crash diets are safe if done for one to two days. Sometimes, doctors recommend crash diets to people who need to lose weight quickly for surgery. But being on a very low-calorie diet for a prolonged period, without the supervision of a licensed professional, might make you land in hot water. How can you crash diet safely? Scroll down to find out.

How To Crash Diet Safely

Here’s how to crash diet safely:

  1. Choose A Crash Diet That’s “Doable”– Crash diets are emotionally taxing, but when you have so many options, choose one that is convenient for you. If only eating an apple a day is not your thing (must be supervised by a doctor), go for a soup diet that will keep you full and nourished. 
  1. Cut Back On Refined Sugar– Avoid consuming refined sugar or foods containing it, like cake, pastry, doughnuts, ketchup, dips, candies, and chocolates.
  2. Snack Smart – Going on a crash diet can be easy if you know how to snack smart. Consume low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods like fruits, baby carrots, cucumber, unsalted nuts (limited quantity), half a cup of plain yogurt, home-baked veggie chips with yogurt dip, and green tea. 
  1. Do It For A Limited Time– Every crash diet has a time duration, say, two days or seven days. Stick to the specified duration, and you will not overwhelm your body with low-calorie diets. If losing weight is not urgent, you can follow the 1200 or 1500-calorie diet. 
  2. If Possible, Avoid Social Gatherings– You know what happens when you go to parties and gatherings – diet goes out the window! Hence, it is best to avoid parties. If you need to offer support to a friend or a family member (and you happen to live in the same city), carry your food or choose foods that will not throw you off your diet.
  1. Avoid Alcohol– Alcohol gets converted to sugar, which gets stored as fat. Also, drinking alcohol while on a crash diet may cause glucose imbalance in your body. 
  2. Refrain From Vigorous Exercise– If you are on the Master Cleanse or Juice Diet, it is best to avoid exercising. You may do light stretching and yoga but not full-fledged cardio and strength training. 
  1. Drink Water With Rehydration Salts – Crash dieting might require you to drink water or fruit juice frequently. Drink water with rehydration salts at least twice a day to keep your electrolytes balanced. 

Note: Talk to your doctor before you start the crash diet.

If you crash diet safely, you can reap the following benefits.

Benefits Of Crash Dieting

  • Causes quick weight loss
  • Gives instant satisfaction
  • May be good before certain surgeries (has to be approved by your doctor)
  • Less costly

You must keep a few points in mind before you start crash dieting.

Things To Do Before Going On A Crash Diet

  • Count the number of days you have before the special event. If it is a month away, try the Mediterranean diet and do some cardio to lose weight.
  • Talk to a dietitian or your doctor, especially if you are a new mother, have undergone surgery, have a BMI over 30, are on antidepressants or any other medication that hinders weight loss, or are over 50 years.
  • Stock your kitchen with foods you are going to consume in the coming week. Toss out all other “distraction foods.”
  • Keep a journal. You will undergo mood swings. Writing a journal can help during those times.

But things can go quite wrong when you misuse the crash diet. Here are the side effects: 

What Happens When You Misuse The Crash Diet?

Crash Diet Side Effects

It is really easy to get carried away and misuse crash diets. In that case, the following may happen:

  • Eating disorders
  • Slowed metabolism
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Muscle loss
  • Slowed cell and organ function
  • Compromised immunity
  • Impaired brain function
  • Weak bones
  • Poor attention
  • Hair loss
  • Skin problems

Crash dieting for a prolonged period is unhealthy and should not be done without professional guidance. This brings us to the next topic – should teenagers crash diet? Since the crash diet gives quick results, many teenagers want to follow it. But should they? Find out below.

Should Teenagers Crash Diet?

No, teenagers should not crash diet. The ages of 13 to 19 are part of the growing phase. Going on crash diets might stunt your growth and affect your mental health. If you do need to lose weight, seek the help of a professional.

Talk to a registered dietitian and get a customized diet chart. You must also be physically active and aim to be fit and strong. Also, remember, you don’t have to fit into any size to feel beautiful and worthy. Be healthy and happy, and pursue your dreams.

 Here’s the takeaway message.

Crash Diet Is Not For Long-Term Weight Loss

Crash diets are unsustainable and unhealthy. The weight that you lose is mostly water weight. Moreover, most people tend to misuse these diets, which causes health issues. We do not recommend going on an unsupervised crash diet. You must consult your doctor before trying out our sample 7-day crash diet plan.

Crash diets are the quickest way to lose some pounds quickly, but they can turn out to be extremely dangerous if misused. They have to be treated as short-term weight loss options. Following these diets, which involve taking less than 800 calories a day, for more than a week is not advisable. Your body may get deficient on the nutrient front and lead to adverse effects like weak immunity, nausea, muscle loss, etc. Consult a doctor if you are a new mother, obese, old, or on antidepressants. These diets are a strict no-no for teenagers as they may impact their physical and mental growth. If you have a larger time window (like a month) for a special occasion, opting for the Mediterranean diet is advisable.

Oz-Approved 7-Day Crash Diet

By feasting on nutrient-dense foods, you can lose weight faster and more efficiently. The goal of this crash diet is to dive right in, making the habits you learn and the recipes you make in the next 7 days part of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Weight-loss guru Dr. Joel Fuhrman claims he can get you on the fast track to dropping the pounds in just one week. The secret? It’s not a starvation diet, but the exact opposite. His plan allows you to eat all you want and still lose weight. The key is in feasting on nutrient-dense foods — rich in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants — that are low in calories. Many of the superfoods you are familiar with fall under the nutrient-dense category. According to Dr. Fuhrman, the more of these kinds of foods you eat, the faster you will lose weight.

Why does Dr. Fuhrman’s plan work? Every meal you eat according to his specifications also helps you stave off hunger. Hunger is one of the major roadblocks most dieters face when attempting to lose weight. Dr. Fuhrman’s findings suggest that eating a diet of nutrient-dense foods results in a sustainable eating pattern that can lead to weight loss and improved health — even if you are consuming fewer calories. It’s the nutrients that satiate you for longer and make the periods of hunger between meals more tolerable, so you won’t feel desperate to reach for an unhealthy snack or comfort food. His plan focuses on healthy, whole foods – but makes no room for anything processed, including fake diet foods.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Crash Diet is only extreme in that you dive right in. The idea is that the new habits you learn in the next 7 days will become part of your lifestyle. It will no longer feel like a diet, but your default method of eating. Here are the 3 simple steps for everyone who wants to slim down in a week:

Step 1: Follow the 90/10 Rule Every Day

For the next 7 days, you’ll eat 90% nutrient-dense foods — veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts, beans and whole grains. For the remaining 10%, you can have healthy oils, meat and dairy.

A typical day on the Crash Diet would look like this:

Light and Lean Breakfast

While eating protein, like eggs, is often touted as the right way to start your day, the same rules don’t apply here. Many people eat too much protein, resulting in an overconsumption of calories and weight gain. Think of only light and lean foods, like fruit, oats and flax. You may be asking yourself, what about the yogurt? None here. If you are concerned about calcium, consider this: Natural unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables have calcium. For example, an orange has 60 mg of calcium.

Belly-Blasting Bean Lunch

Ignite your body’s fat-blasting furnace by eating beans. Beans are a dieter’s best friend. They keep you full, and are high in resistant starch, meaning that half the calories consumed can not be absorbed. They also reduce blood sugar, and create the fatty acid butyrate, which may burn fat faster. Studies show that butyrate improves mitochondrial function in your cells, leading to a decrease in fat. If you’re worried about gas, fret not. The more beans you eat, the more your body will build up the good bacteria you need to digest them. You can enjoy beans in a burger patty, in chili or as a dip.

Lean Green Skinny Supper

Think outside the salad bowl. Make greens and vegetables your main dish in other creative ways — enjoy a veggie pizza, eggplant roll-ups or a veggie stir-fry. You can even add an ounce of chicken to your stir-fry for a little bit of extra flavor.

Step 2: Use Secret Weapons

Dr. Fuhrman recommends eating “BOM’s” to really kick your body’s fat-burning mechanisms into high gear. BOM’s are Berries, Onions and Mushrooms. These foods are anti-angiogenic. Why is this important? Because anti-angiogenic foods can starve fat cells by cutting off the blood supply to your fat. How? The growth of new capillary blood vessels is called angiogenesis. Research shows that cancer cells, for example, are known to hijack angiogenesis and keep it permanently switched on to ensure that it has a dedicated, uninterrupted blood supply so it can grow. But, by eating foods that can block the process of angiogenesis, you can starve these cancer cells. Dr. Fuhrman maintains you can also block the blood supply to fat cells by eating anti-angiogenic foods. The more of these foods you eat, the more weight you lose.

Step 3: Detox With Skinny Shakes

To flush fat from your body, you’ll need to release the toxins that are keeping you swollen with fat and fluid. To repair cellular damage from processed foods, make a Skinny Shake of pomegranate juice, strawberries and lemon. Pomegranates are anti-angiogenic and can reduce inflammation. Strawberries are anti-angiogenic and protect against oxidative stress. And lemon juice has vitamin C, natural antibacterial properties, can aid digestion, and helps reduce stress.

7 Day Crash Diet Plan For Weight Loss

If you are ready to lose those extra kilos, you can opt for something quick and healthy like a crash diet. Boldsky has a popular seven-day crash diet plan for weight loss. This seven-day crash diet can get you the curves you are longing for.

Yes, in seven days or one week, you will be a new and improved person. There are some who do not believe in crash diet as they consider it to be unhealthy, but it is not true. There are some crash diets for weight loss which are filled with nutrients and other sources of vitamins which will give you the energy and help you lose weight quickly.

This seven-day crash diet plan for weight loss has a list of must haves. If you consume what is directed in the list, you will be able to lose those pounds quickly.



Day 1 – Soup Diet

Start off Day 1 with a soup. Right through the day, indulge in different soups. It could be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. But, make sure the non-vegetarian is only of lean meat. Do not add salt to the soup, let it be as simple for you to consume.

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Day 2 – Cabbage Diet

One of the best vegetables that aids in rapid weight loss is cabbage. Follow the cabbage diet religiously on Day 2 of seven-day crash diet plan for weight loss. This vegetable also cleanses your body as it contains a high amount of fibre.

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Day 3 – Grapefruit Diet

On Day 3 of the seven-day crash diet plan for weight loss, add grapefruit to your plate. Grapefruits contain fat-burning enzymes that help to lose weight fast. So, consume the fruit in any form, right through Day 3.

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Day 4 – The Juice Diet

Yes, fruits are the best way to lose those extra kilos. On Day 4 of your seven-day crash diet plan, have juices of fruits which are solely water content. The water present in the juice fills your tummy, thus keeping away those hunger pangs.


Day 5 – The Veggie Diet

You need to consume some source of vitamins and nutrients, and proteins as well. Spinach, carrots and the potato diet for weight loss is something you should add to your seven-day crash diet plan for weight loss.


Day 6 – Water Diet

On Day 6, your body needs to cleansed out all the toxins. It can be done only with the help of water. Drink as much as to 6 to 8 litres of water on Day 6. Water also helps to burn the fat (warm water).


Day 7 – The Hollywood Diet

On Day 7 of crash diet plan for weight loss, it is time to give your body a treat. Have a pinch of coco and a small bite of your favourite meal. Make sure you do not overeat.

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