Crockpot Apple Desserts


Crockpot Apple Desserts Crockpot Apple Desserts have to be the easiest dessert to make. And because you can use your Crockpot, it’s nice and simple, so you can spend time with family instead of slaving in the kitchen. Next time you’re in a hurry, whip up one of these delicious apple desserts cooked in the crockpot. They’re as healthy as they are easy to make and everyone will love them.

Crockpot Apple Dump Cake

Discover how to prepare the simplest dessert ever, apple dump cake, in your crockpot! When apples are in season in the fall, you’ll want to make a crockpot cake since it’s simple to prepare and requires little cleanup.

This cake just requires a small number of ingredients, so start apple season off with one of my favorite autumnal sweets.

Apple dump cake on plate with vanilla ice cream, spoon and cinnamon sticks

BEST Apple Dump Cake

Do you know what a dump cake is? You simply “throw” all of the ingredients into a pan and bake the dessert—it couldn’t be simpler. Alternatively, as in the case of the apple dump cake I’m sharing, everything is placed in the crockpot. One of the simplest desserts ever is this one.

Apple Dump Cake in a Crockpot

There are countless variations of dump cakes, which are often made with cake mix and fruit. For fall, this crockpot apple cake recipe is the best. I adore apple recipes, and this one is just as delicious and simpler to make than an apple crisp or apple crumble.

Six Ingredients in Dump Cake

  • Apples: I like Granny Smith apples best, the tart with the sweet. They are also sturdy enough they don’t get mushy in the crockpot.
  • Granulated Sugar: To sweeten the apples
  • Cinnamon: Can’t have apple desserts without cinnamon!
  • Yellow Cake Mix: This is the magic of a dump cake – dumping in the cake mix!
  • Oats: Quick oats or old-fashioned oats make this more of a crumble
  • Sliced Butter: The butter melts as the cake cooks creating that crumbly top.

Do you know how to predict the arrival of fall? There’s a shift in the wind, and as soon as it happens, I’m pulling this dump cake out of the slow cooker. It’s my go-to dessert during the transition from summer to fall.

(Well, that turn in the air comes with a mix of days with 100 degrees, but I manage to get there.)

How to Prep Apples for Cake

For this recipe, I often use five to seven apples. Because they are so tart and maintain their shape even after simmering for several hours, I adore Granny Smith apples.

If your apples are large, you can use fewer; however, the recipe is quite flexible, so don’t worry too much about it!

I use an apple peeler equipment that makes peeling and coring apples really simple because I am apple addicted. However, you can also complete it by hand:

  • Use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin
  • Cut the apples into quarters and then, using a paring knife, cut the cores out.
Overhead shot of apple dump cake ingredients in slow cooker

How to Make Apple Dump Cake

  1. Apples: Just pour your diced, peeled, and cored apples into the slow cooker. Sugar and cinnamon should be added on top.
  2. Dump: Fill the slow cooker with enough cake mix and oats to completely cover the apples.
  3. Butter: Spread an even layer of sliced butter over the cake mix and oats.
  4. Prepare the cake by securing the lid and cooking it for four hours on high. I’m done now. Easyest apple cake to make in a crockpot.

Tips for Making Crockpot Dump Cakes

  • The first crockpot rule is that they are all unique! This cake may require more or less time, depending on your model.
  • In case your slow cooker overheats when you make this for the first time, I advise checking on the cake after 1 12 hours.
  • When the butter has completely melted and the cake batter no longer resembles powder, the cake is considered to be finished. The cake’s top need to be golden brown.
  • Sometimes I put a paper towel between the lid and the insert to maintain the proper level of moisture because it will soak up a lot of the condensation that forms early on in the cooking process. I take it out after two hours so the liquid in the crockpot can dissolve the cake mix.

After you’ve tried this recipe, you’ll know how it will bake and if it needs more or less time.

Homemade Cake Mix vs Boxed Cake Mix

Cake mix is what makes this dish so simple, although I can understand if that’s not your thing. Although (full transparency!) you may try using homemade yellow cake mix. Although a few readers have done it successfully, I’ve never tried it.

How to Serve Apple Dump Cake

Grab a serving spoon and scoop it into bowls! It’s delicious just as it is, but here are some ideas to dress it up:

  • On top, place a dollop of vanilla ice cream. All that delicious apple sweetness will combine when it melts!
  • Also tasty is a spoonful of whipped cream.
  • For an additional indulgent treat, add a sprinkle (or whole glug!) of salted caramel sauce.
  • Keep it straightforward and sprinkle some powdered sugar over each serving.

This crockpot apple cake dump cake will probably become a family favorite if you give it a try! Every year, my family asks for it, and I usually make it repeatedly during the fall. Hope you enjoy it!

Slow Cooker Apple Crisp

Making delicious apple crisp in a slow cooker is a terrific way to avoid overheating your kitchen in the summer. Additionally, it is the ideal fall dessert and a tasty treat for chilly winter nights.

apple crisp done cooking with spoon in it

This heartwarming delicacy just requires a few simple ingredients: apples, brown sugar, flour, crushed almonds, butter, and cinnamon. It takes two and a half hours on high in your crockpot until it’s ready to be served with ice cream or whipped cream on top!

Is it better to cook apple crisp in the oven or slow cooker?

  • For home cooks with busy schedules, the slow cooker apple crisp is ideal.
  • You can spend your time doing other things while the apple crisp cooks while the slow cooker is unattended. It takes attention to ensure that apple crisp bakes properly and the topping doesn’t burn in the oven.
  • Why not choose the less stressful option by utilizing the crockpot because both cooking ways taste great?

Can I use fresh apples instead?

We’re using canned apple pie filling in this recipe to keep things straightforward. The texture and flavor of canned apple pie filling are excellent and thick.

If you decide to use fresh apples instead, make sure to peel and slice them before putting them in the slow cooker.

The components for homemade apple pie filling are as follows:

  • 6 apples, thinly sliced and peeled
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 Tablespoons flour (to help thicken the sauce)

Toss the apples with the flour, sugar, and cinnamon. Continue with the recipe after adding to the slow cooker.

What should I use for the topping?

The usual ingredients for streusel toppings are flour, sugar, butter (or margarine), baking soda or powder, salt, and occasionally additional spices like cinnamon. When combined with the flour and ground nuts in this slow cooker apple crisp, the oats provide a crumbly and properly cooked dessert.

How to make slow cooker apple crisp

  • Apple pie filling: Any brand, be sure not to grab sugar-free unless you are needing sugar-free.
  • Brown sugar: Light brown sugar works best
  • Oatmeal: Rolled oats, not quick-cooking.
  • Flour: All-purpose flour
  • Chopped pecans: I buy these already chopped, this saves a step! This is what gives the topping a “crunch”.
  • Butter: Salted butter, melted
  • Seasonings: Ground cinnamon, nutmeg, salt

What is the difference between apple pie and apple crisp?

While apple crisp uses a streusel topping, apple pie uses a pastry crust.

How long does cooking take?

The crock pot takes around two and a half hours to prepare apple crumble on high.

Can you cook it without an apple pie filling?

  • For the recipe, any fruit filling, such as cherry, berry, or strawberry, may be used.
  • Other choices include entire cranberry sauce, canned peaches in sliced form, or even chunks of pineapple. I’ve even seen a version that includes frozen blueberries. If you want to attempt an alternative recipe without apples, think outside the box because they all seem fantastic.

A delectable treat that won’t heat up your kitchen on hot summer days is the slow cooker apple crisp. In the winter, when you don’t want to bother about turning on the oven and heating up the entire house, it’s also fantastic.

Slow-Cooker Apple Recipes to Make This Fall

We love using fresh apples in whatever recipe we can when fall arrives. There are so many ways to enjoy apples during the season, whether for breakfast, lunch, supper, or dessert. Your new favorite method for preparing these juicy beauties will be one of these slow-cooker recipes. Enjoy breakfast dishes like overnight oats or slow-cooker apple butter.

For an after-school snack, consider slow-cooker lettuce wraps with chicken or applesauce. Make dinner special with our slow-cooker turkey with apple butter glaze or slow-cooker braised pork with apples. And for dessert, indulge in some slow-cooker apple cobbler or apple crisp.

These apple crockpot dishes are cozy, enticing, and utterly mouthwatering. The beauty of your slow cooker hasn’t really been shown to you until you’ve tried these crockpot apple recipes. These slow cooker dishes will see you through the season, from breakfast to dessert.

Crisp Apple and Pear

Apple crisp desserts are ideal for the fall, and this slow-cooker variation practically requires no effort from you.

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Apples

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Apples

Wake up to the comforting aroma of warm spices and apples with this easy overnight oats recipe.

Chunky Applesauce

Chunky Applesauce

This slow-cooker applesauce is an ideal after-school snack for the kids.

Butternut Squash-Parsnip Soup

Butternut Squash-Parsnip Soup

This cozy soup is ideal for chilly nights you want to spend indoors.

Overnight Maple-Raisin Oatmeal

Overnight Maple-Raisin Oatmeal

Make this big-batch oatmeal recipe once and reheat a personal serving each morning for the whole week.

Slow-Cooker Chicken Lettuce Cups

Slow-Cooker Chicken Lettuce Cups

These lettuce cups are an easy low-carb option that’s still filling for lunch or dinner.

Hard Cider-Braised Pork

Hard Cider-Braised Pork

This comforting dinner is cooked with fresh apples and hard apple cider for rich fall flavor.

Apple Butter-Glazed Turkey

Apple Butter-Glazed Turkey

Whether you serve this slow-cooker turkey recipe up at Thanksgiving or the weeknight dinner table, it’s going to be a hit.

Pork with Apples, Bacon, and Sauerkraut

Pork with Apples, Bacon, and Sauerkraut

This delicious dinner is company-ready for your next dinner party.

Hearty Oats and Grains

Hearty Oats and Grains

This slow-cooker breakfast recipe is so easy to make ahead.

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