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Cupping for weight loss is something that’s often overlooked, but it’s easily one of the best natural remedies for weight loss out there. Because of this, cupping is something you need to try if you’re struggling with your weight. It really does work.

What is cupping?

Cupping is a practice that has evolved for over 2000 years in Chinese society.

The first record of cupping dated to the year 281 AD. During this period, people used animal horns for cupping treatments. During the Qing dynasty, bamboo and ceramic cups were boiled in herbal solutions before being applied on the skin.

Today, the most common type of cups are the small glass domes you see in health and wellness parlours across the world.

The process

The techniques and materials used in cupping have seen improvements in the recent years. Slimming treatment centers often combine treatments like acupuncture for faster and healthier weight loss.

The process involves creating negative pressure on the patient’s skin and moving the cups steadily all over the area. The practitioner creates this negative pressure by introducing a flame in the cup. The cup is then placed on the back, and it creates suction for the skin and muscle tissue. This could create a temporary welt on the back.

The principle behind the process is to create an environment of stagnation in the back. This triggers a reaction for the body’s qi to start its free movement again.

Cupping types

There are broadly two kinds of cupping:

Dry cupping

In this, a flame or any other burning object is inserted into the cup before inverting the cup on the patient’s body. The process of using flames during cupping could result in serious burns, if not administered properly. Hence, make sure you get the procedure done by an experienced physician and not by any slimming therapist.

Wet cupping

This is a much stronger cupping technique. Here, suction is punctuated with strategic bleeding to release toxic blood. It could also be combined with acupuncture, where the practitioner will use needles. The cuts heal in a few days and there is no scarring.

Ask your cupping center whether your preferred method is available.

Does cupping provide immediate results?

A weight loss program singapore is not the only objective of cupping. It achieves weight loss by stress alleviation, elimination of water retention, toxin removal, stimulation of digestion and so on. The therapist will recommend the number of sessions needed for your unique weight loss requirement.

Cupping and fat loss

Cupping improves your metabolism by removing stagnation in your blood.

As we age, our circulatory system weakens, which interferes with the movement of blood. In traditional Chinese terms, we refer to this as blood stasis or “dampness”.

Stagnating blood interferes with the delivery of fresh blood to cells, tissues and organs. Over time, this causes them to become metabolically more inefficient.

Cupping therapy loosens up connective tissue and opens up capillaries, allowing newly oxygenated blood to pour into the area of application. This helps your cells grow, repair and in the process accelerate your metabolism.

At the same time, this process flushes out the stagnated blood through the lymphatic system, carrying waste and ruptured fat cells along with it.

What makes cupping so special is that it can affect tissues up to four inches beneath the skin. This makes it one of the best deep-tissue therapies available, since it can even remove visceral fat nestled around your internal organs.

Hacking the body through its acupoints

The application of cups are not random. Depending on what they want to accomplish, practitioners apply the cups on specially selected acupressure points along our meridian channels.

According to TCM, our bodies have 12 meridian channels, the purpose of which is to transport blood and energy to all organs.

Our acupressure points are located along these channels, and each one correlates to a different bodily function. Applying a cup on a certain acupressure point allows us to target or “hack” that specific function.

This can have wide-ranging benefits for your metabolism, your digestive system, your respiratory system and more.

The cupping process

A cupping treatment starts with warming cups with a flame. This creates a vacuum that, when applied on your skin, exerts suction. The suction loosens connective tissue, allowing new blood to enter the surrounding area.

Of course, an open flame is never used anywhere where it can scald you.

Nonetheless, the idea of heated cups can be terrifying! It’s no surprise then that heatless suction cups are gaining popularity. These come with rubber valves that manually pump out air without applying heat.

Benefits Of Cupping For Weight Loss:

The cupping method improves the treatment’s effectiveness and accelerates the slimming process. When fat causes cellulite, it can harden into lumps beneath your skin over time and cannot be removed with a massage alone.

Clearing Of Stagnant Blood:

Cupping the right meridian channels loosens the tissue and clears the stagnant blood. As a result, your metabolism is restored to more efficient levels.
The use of cups is not at random. Practitioners place the cups on specially selected acupressure points along our meridian channels, depending on their goals.

Body Toning:

By stimulating acu-points and running them along lymphatic lines, cupping therapy promotes weight loss and full-body toning. These specific acu-points give your circulatory system the energy it needs to metabolize body fat, including fat in problem areas and fat around internal organs. A better circulation can help remove toxins and excess water that are causing or exacerbating your weight problems.

Losing Fat Deposits:

Cupping is also effective for targeting stubborn fat deposits around your waist, thighs, and upper arms. Because cupping affects your deep tissues, it can also reach visceral fat at a deeper level. The fats are liquefied and removed via the lymphatic system.

The advantages of cupping go beyond weight loss. Cupping therapy, like a deep-tissue massage, relieves physical and emotional tension in your body.

Cupping has recently been highlighted as a treatment used by celebrities and professional athletes, providing faster healing, pain relief, and as a general treatment to promote wellness. It has been around for a long time but has recently gained popularity due to celebrity interest.

Cupping After-care Tips:

Cupping aftercare is critical for maximizing the benefits of cupping. It is critical that you follow these after-care tips;
• After cupping, you may feel more tired than usual or experience flu-like symptoms (headache or general body aches). This is a temporary immune response to the cellular waste that cupping helps release.
• Water aids in the removal of cellular waste from your tissues by flushing your lymphatic system. That’s why stay well hydrated after cupping.
• Make an effort to cover the area(s) where you received cupping.

Who Performs Cupping?

Cupping is performed by registered health professionals. Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, Medical doctors and Physical therapists can perform cupping.
You can get information about cupping for weight loss from your nutritionist. And discus the diet plan that is helpful along with cupping for weight loss.

Cupping for weight loss before and after

There are many options available for people who are wanting to lose weight. The common advice is to change your diet, eat less, move more, all of which is great advice. Cupping for weight loss before and after you change your habits can also have a beneficial effect, giving you a better chance at weight loss success rather than relying on willpower alone.

Why do we gain weight?

The short answer is simply overeating and under-exercising, but it is more complex than that alone. As you get older, your metabolism slows down – it’s imperceptible at first, but slowly and surely your body will become less efficient at using energy, and more likely to store fat.

With a faster metabolism, everything that gets put into your body gets processed at high speed, and there’s no opportunity for any lingering fat deposits to build up. Of course, the more you eat, the more chance there is that your body won’t be able to keep up, and as you age the problem will only get worse.

How does cupping for weight loss before and after the event help?

Cupping is a treatment that chiropractor Baton Rouge has been successfully using for a very long time. There are records of it being used over 1000 years ago by many ancient cultures including the Egyptians and the Chinese. The process itself is quite simple.

So-called “cups” are used to perform the treatment, which in times gone by may have been regular cups you might drink from, animal horns, or anything with a similar shape. The modern medical equivalent is custom made for the treatment.

One or more cups are placed on the skin in the area that is to be treated, and a vacuum is created within the cup. The vacuum is normally created by igniting a substance within the cup before applying it to the body – don’t worry, as the ignited substance does not come into contact with your skin. It is simply used to heat up the air within the cup.

As the air cools when the cup is inverted, it creates a vacuum which pulls the area of skin below the cup into the opening. The skin in this area will redden and the blood vessels in the area expand. An alternative variation on this procedure is the use of silicon cups and a pump system to create a vacuum – whichever method is used the net result is the production of a vacuum in the selected area.

With the expansion of blood vessels, the procedure supplies extra nutrients to the tissue and increases hydration, and also offers a similar effect to a deep tissue massage. The top layer and several sublayers of the skin are stimulated, bringing new life to the area, and additionally kickstarting the metabolism.

It is almost as if your body had forgotten about certain areas, and the stimulation provided by cupping reminds your body of what it needs to do.

As cupping increases the blood flow to the area that is being treated, it will also accelerate the natural healing processes of the body. This will decrease inflammation and boost the immune system, both of which are beneficial when trying to change your body composition, i.e. losing weight.

The cups are left in a single position for several minutes before they are either removed or alternatively relocated to another area to continue the treatment.

This treatment is effective both before and after starting your weight loss journey as it keeps your body in the optimum condition whether you are trying to lose weight or not.

Is cupping for weight loss safe?

Yes, cupping is an entirely natural treatment that uses the body’s own responses to accelerate weight loss and improve the immune system and metabolism. There may be a period of mild discomfort immediately after the treatment in the areas that were treated, but this will soon pass. This is caused by the vacuum pulling on the tissue and may be considered similar to the discomfort you may experience from a bruise.

No drugs are used during the process, and cupping is safe for most people – however, you may need to speak to a specialist if you are pregnant or have a heart condition. 

What’s the difference with cupping for weight loss before and after treatment?

Before your cupping for weight loss treatment your body may be run down and slowly stopping working in the way that it should. After cupping, the tissue of your body is reactivated and re-energized, repairing and rebuilding itself to be the fantastic machine that it was always meant to be.

Your body will actively work to heal itself, bringing you closer to your weight loss goal.

Always remember that cupping is not the only procedure required for weight loss. You’ll need to watch what you eat and take regular exercise too. Cupping will accelerate your results but should not solely be relied on as the cure for being overweight.

When to avoid cupping?

As much as cupping is a holistic technique, there are also times when you will be advised to avoid cupping therapy. This is especially true for people who are currently suffering from or are prone to skin conditions such as edema or skin ulcers.

If you are being treated for haemophilia or any other bleeding disorders, you may also experience a higher risk of bruising. To be safe, do consult a practitioner before committing yourself to a cupping therapy program.

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