Diet Food Recipes For Weight Loss In Tamil


The diet food recipes for weight loss in tamil is specific recipes for each symptoms. The diet food recipes for weight loss in tamil helps you to develop your own food that’s low in calorie and help you to lose weight. In recent times, the demand for healthy diet food recipes that help in weight loss has become very high. The reason for this is that experts in many fields have brought out a lot of evidence which proves how processed foods directly affect a person’s body structure.

Diet Food Recipes For Weight Loss In Tamil

Are you looking to lose weight?…don’t worry. Check your shopping list. Please note which item we buy most of it. By eating certain types of food at the right time, our body gets supercharged and we can know that only by eating that one food, there is a possibility of losing weight.

Breakfast must haves

Don’t forget that those meals should include protein, fiber, and healthy fats. The calories added to the body by eating that food must be completely burned by our activities.

If you plan to lose weight, the first thing you should consider is breakfast. This food should be very simple and easily digestible. With this food, the fats stored in our body should be dissolved quickly.

Let’s take a closer look at 7 foods that don’t help you lose a lot of weight even after eating healthy foods.

Salmon and avocado

We all know that avocados are high in healthy fatty acids. It is a new thing that we know that this fruit contains a lot of fiber which is necessary for our body. Half an avocado contains 7 percent fiber, which is about 25 percent of our daily fiber needs.

A study in a journal found that 40 percent of those who ate an avocado for lunch did not feel hungry for the next 3 hours. Salmon is not only high in fiber, but also has anti-inflammatory properties, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. It not only gives you health but also keeps you from gaining weight.

Oatmeal and nut butter

Although there are many benefits to eating more oatmeal, the primary one is weight loss. In a study conducted on people who ate oatmeal for breakfast, they felt fresher throughout the day. They have less appetite.

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that they were able to function at full capacity until it was time to eat lunch. The rapidly soluble beta glucan fiber in oatmeal slows down our body’s rate of digestion. Helps to stay fuller for longer periods of time. Adding 2 tablespoons of peanut butter to this provides 8 grams of protein and all the energy the body needs.

Yogurt and berries

Add berries to high-protein Greek or Icelandic yogurt. Adding more yogurt to our diet provides many benefits to our body. People who plan to lose or gain weight must include yogurt in their diet. It is mentioned in the International Journal of Obesity that it works depending on the condition of our body.

Berries are also high in protein. Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries,

Among them, the antioxidant called flavonoid is high. It plays an important role in maintaining body weight. A high intake of such antioxidant-rich foods not only plays an important role in maintaining body weight, but also prevents obesity.

Eggs – Hot Shas

A breakfast based on a few eggs with a cup of cereal

If we take it, it helps in keeping the body weight under control.

The journal reported that eating eggs with hot shaz helped keep body weight under control. A study conducted by Purdue University revealed that eating some chili after a meal curbs hunger and burns more calories. Capsaicin, a chemical found in hot peppers, has been shown to generate excess heat in the body and accelerate weight loss.

Chia seeds and greens

People who want to lose weight should consume foods that are high in fiber. A study in the journal found that those who consumed as much fiber as 4 grams per day lost three-quarters of a pound in 60 days.

Chia seeds should be an important part of breakfast. One tablespoon of chia seeds contains 5 grams of fiber. Along with this, if you add fruits and vegetables in smoothies and eat them, you can see a noticeable improvement in weight loss. Greens contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that our body needs. These help to play an important role in weight loss.

Protein Powder – Chilled Fruit

When you add protein powder to chilled berries, which are widely used for weight loss, it provides immense benefits. protein. When you eat a lot of nutritious foods, it helps your body burn excess calories and keep your weight under control. ,Not only this, it also accelerates the metabolism of the body.

This is the tasty chapatti… make and eat it to lose weight!

How to use chapati into a healthy weight loss meal? In tamil: Chapati is good for weight loss. But they can help in weight loss only if they are consumed in the right amount.

This is the tasty chapatti... make and eat it to lose weight!

Chapati recipes in tamil:  Chapati is known as one of the most popular dishes in India. Taking these as our daily diet will improve our health. Chapati plays a major role in weight loss in particular.

When we plan our diet to stay healthy, most of us skip essential food items like chapati and rice. Because there are theories floating around that cutting down on carbohydrates can help you lose weight. But does it really help? Or is it a myth? Let’s see here about that and how chapati helps in our weight loss.

How to make chapati a healthy weight loss food?

The fiber content of wheat chapatis is relatively higher than that of rice. It is good for weight loss. But they can help in weight loss only if they are consumed in the right amount.

An average person needs 28-30 grams of fiber per day. It is sufficient for a healthy digestive system. Interestingly, 1 wheat chapati contains about 0.4 grams of fiber. It will provide your body with proper fiber. However, if you are planning to lose some weight, increasing your fiber intake in your diet can help you lose weight naturally by improving your digestive system and metabolic rate.

You can turn your regular wheat chapati into a fiber-rich one by changing the cooking method. Apart from that, adding healthy flours like ragi and other grains can increase the fiber and turn your regular chapatti into a healthy weight loss meal.

Also, mixing multigrain flour with wheat flour in a 1:1 ratio will increase your daily fiber intake.

Finally, if you like stuffed chapatis, be sure to add fresh vegetables such as grated carrots, radishes, broccoli, and cauliflower. You can also add pulses to your chapatis to increase the fiber content. This will make your chapatti heavier and help you sustain your hunger for longer.

What do experts say about eating chapati to lose weight?

“It is a complete misconception that chapati is good. Although the glycemic index of rice is slightly higher than that of wheat, rice provides fewer calories and more satiety than chapati. Because the amount needed to satisfy your hunger with rice is much less than with wheat. You eat less because the rice expands and increases in size when you cook it.

Nutritionally, wheat has slightly higher amounts of certain minerals than rice, and since whole wheat is high in fiber, rice works better because you consume less in terms of calories and weight loss.” says fitness and nutrition expert Rohit Shelatkar.

How to make your regular chapati healthy?

Always mix in healthy flours like oats, almonds, millet (jowar) or ragi to make your chapatti even healthier. However, it is better to mix them in small proportions.

If you want to reduce the fat in your chapati, avoid adding dairy fats like butter and ghee.

Using multi-grain flour or whole-grain flours like ragi or nachini can help reduce the calorie content of the chapati.

Lastly, always check the amount of chapatis you eat.

Tamil Nadu traditional Dishes to Lose weight and for good health

Tamil Nadu traditional Dishes to Lose weight and for good health

Tamil Nadu dishes are known for its rich varieties of cuisines, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The state offers many healthy diet foods that can help with your weight loss efforts. In Tamil Nadu, Rice and lentils are their main food. These cuisines can not only be a part of a diet to lose weight, but they are also so delicious that you would never want to stop eating them. Tamil Nadu dishes are also healthy like Bengali, Punjabi, and Karnataka dishes.

Tamil Nadu Dishes: Drinks For A Healthy Diet

1. Nongu Sherbet (43+ calories)

Recognized as Nongu Tamil Nadu, ice apple is a juicy fruit that comes from the Palmyra tree. It is used to make Nongu Sherbet, which is quite beneficial for a healthy diet and has an abundance of gentle flavors. This drink is a great relief in the days of hot summer when you want nothing but quench your thirst. It is a cooler drink one should not miss.

2. Sambaram or Butter Milk (40 calories per 100 gm.)

It is popular as a Ram Navmi special in Tamil Naidu. Though, every household makes its version of this weight loss drink. It is also called Neer Mor, which is basically a watery buttermilk. This is a great addition to your diet to lose weight. It has cooling properties and excellent for a healthy diet with added flavors.

Tamil Naidu Dishes: Snacks For Healthy Diet and Weight Loss

1. Sesame Cakes (35 calories)

Sesame dish is a great source for healthy calories. When it is combined and baked with jaggery, it becomes a sweet-tasting cake with flavorful crispiness and aroma. These cakes have a lot of nutritional values and are good for those suffering from diabetes. It can be added to the diet to lose weight and so on.

2. Kuzhi Paniyaram (33.4 calories per serving)

Made from black gram, Kuzhi Paniyaram is also a snack rich with healthy calories. You can make it spicy with chilies or eat it with sugar to make it sweet. It is healthy and can be eaten by anyone. It is a resourceful dish for the diet to lose weight.

3. Green Pea Masala (calorie 149)

Being rich in healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber, Green Pea is a small vegetable that can be used to make an excellent healthy diet food. You can mix green peas with spices to create a spicy, delicious, and healthy snack.

4. Peanut Snack (calorie 233)

This is the regular snack that is part of many cultures including Tamil Nadu. It is very easy to prepare and quite pleasant to eat. This is indeed a healthy snack with a combination of boiled peanuts, carrots, spices, etc. making it a flavorful and colorful snack. It can make a delicious part of a diet to lose weight.

5. Moong Dal Masala (72+ calorie)

It is efficient weight-loss diet food. This is rich in calories, vitamins, proteins, potassium, sodium, etc. In addition, it is very easy to prepare. You can boil Moong Dal with coconut and salt. To add more flavours, you can also add a small amount of sugar and other spices. It is a healthy and aromatic dish.

Tamil Naidu Veg Dishes To Include in Diet to Lose Weight

1. Rava Upma (calorie 192)

Rawa or Semolina is used to make the healthy dish of Upma. First, it is dry roasted and then you can add vegetables of your choice in it to make it a healthy diet for weight loss. You can also garnish it with coconut and cilantro leaves to give it a mouth-watering look.

2. Gluten-free Masala Dosa (calorie 252)

It is a very easy recipe and a nice choice for having a healthy breakfast. This gluten-free masala dosa is a great vegan recipe that you can make quickly even if you don’t have batter sitting around for hours. It is good for your diet to lose weight.

3. Garlic Rasam (calorie 67)

Garlic Rasam is a spicy and aromatic lentil soup that can be quite beneficial for easing sniffling problems during cold. It is very effective and healthy for weight loss.

4. Idli-Sambar (40 calories per serving)

Although it is a South-Indian dish, people all over the parts of this country like to have it. Idli is prepared with fermented rice batter and sambhar is prepared by adding lots of healthy vegetables and spices such as cumin seeds, curry leaves, mustard seeds, etc. It is a superior alternative for weight loss.

5. Kambu Rice (378 calories)

Kambu rice can be very valuable in maintaining a healthy diet. It is a famous dish of Tamil Nadu. This can be eaten with Sambar or a dish of mixed vegetables, called Kadamba Kootu. It is good for a diet to lose weight.

Non-veg items for Healthy diet

1. Chicken Chettinad (calorie 300)

This cuisine is known for its unique cooking requirements. Many marinated spices are added to the chicken and then it is properly cooked until it is juicy and delectable.

2. Prawns Kuzhambu (calorie 100)

It is prepared with prawn meat together with the marinated masala. It is also a popular delicacy from Tamil Nadu. Its marinated masala enriches the flavors and taste of the dish the moment it touches your senses.

3. Chicken Salna (calorie 120)

It is a native and healthy diet Tamil dish. The flavor of the main ingredient is further enriched by the unique, aromatic, and watery gravy of the cuisine. It can be eaten with rice.

Permanent Weight loss tips in tamil: You can lose weight without exercise

 Weight Loss Tips and Foods in Tamil

the beginning

Everyone wants to lose weight but does not put in the physical effort and effort to do so. The reason is that not everyone is able to walk and exercise immediately after waking up in the morning after drinking water. For most people, going to bed at night and waking up in the morning to go to work is fine. It’s not that you can lose weight just by exercising hard. You can also lose weight by eating some healthy foods. This is a post about tips to lose weight that way.

Why do you gain weight?

Before trying to lose weight, consider why you gained weight. Some people may also experience sudden weight gain due to some hormonal changes. Some people overeat but are at a healthy weight. Some people eat less but get fat. It is important to know about this before trying to lose weight

Family reason

Some people may appear overweight due to genes. Although they look fat, that is their nature. To know this you will have to look back to your great grandfather’s physique. If none of your ancestors were fat but I am chubby then this weight loss article will help you. 


Everyone has a different diet. Some people drink coffee right after waking up in the morning. Some people drink cumin water after brushing their teeth and drink coffee only after a quarter of an hour. If you are overweight try to change your diet. Changing your eating habits to a low-calorie diet can help you lose weight quickly.

Foods to Avoid

  1. Jung Diets
  2. Salt
  3. Oily foods

These are the foods that should generally be avoided by anyone starting to think about weight loss

Foods to take

No diet will help you lose weight instantly. Some foods can help you lose weight gradually. This is because they suppress your appetite but reduce the amount of fat you were getting before. This will gradually reduce your body weight.

Consuming 1200 calories per day helps you lose weight safely. 

By consuming 1200 kcal daily you can lose 500 gm in a week

At the same time, you can’t have a healthier day if you get the proteins and vitamins your body needs. If you make this habit daily, your body will be healthy and your weight and weight loss will be balanced.


Idli is a simple dish. A palm sized idli has 39 calories.

5 idlis and a cup of oil-free coconut chutney are perfect for breakfast.

This gives the body 230 calories.

It is said by many that there are only carbohydrates in Italian and it is said on the internet that Italian is not a product for weight loss. But Idli has everything needed by the body like protein, fiber, carbohydrates, sodium and potassium. Tamilian quality food is Italian.

Can you eat dosa to lose weight?

If Idli is very good, dosa is very bad for those who want to lose weight. But what to do! If the idli flour is left over, they become dosa.

A regular sized dosa has 80 to 133 calories. When you eat Nalu Dosa in the morning, most of the vitamins and minerals are not available to the body and the fat and carbohydrates prevent you from losing weight. 


We eat rice every day as long as it suits us. It cannot be avoided. So making a proper schedule will help you lose weight

150 grams of rice. Be it Sambar or Rasa. That gives you 200 calories. It also includes protein, essential fat, and fiber. But the body needs as many grams of protein as you weigh.

However, it is generally necessary to take 56 grams of protein for a male and 46 grams of protein for a female.

Soya beans

100 grams of soya beans meet the protein requirement of 40 grams and other protein requirements are included in breakfast and dinner. So consuming 100 grams of boiled soya beans daily is one of the foods that will help you lose weight.

Sprouted lentils

Sprouted beans meet the protein and mineral requirements of the body with a low calorie intake. 100 grams of sprouted lentils contain only 30 grams of calories. If you soak it in a wet cloth at night and eat it divided into morning, afternoon and night, you will not have to struggle much to balance the calories and lose weight.


As important as protein is for daily weight loss , fiber is also essential. That means fiber. Most people eat corn flakes for fiber. Spinach is an excellent source of fiber. 72 grams of spinach has only 10 grams of calories. Therefore, spinach is the main food that gives more vitamins without increasing body weight. Consuming 100 grams of spinach daily with lunch is essential for weight loss.

Fruit and vegetable

You can’t just eat beans and lentils every day. A healthy balanced diet with fruits and vegetables is also important for the body.


  1. Banana
  2. Apple
  3. Orange
  4. Drachchai
  5. Cucumber
  6. Pomegranate

You can add any of these to your lunch daily.


  1. Beetroot
  2. Carrot
  3. Cabbage
  4. Cauliflower
  5. For him
  6. Beans

A combination of any two of these can be included in your daily lunch list.

Low calorie

The nuts and fruits on this list of vegetables and fruits are very low in calories and high in vitamins. By including these in lunch you can get up to 500 calories and lose weight.

Evening time

Most people have something to eat in the evening too. A sudden change in eating habits can also cause discomfort to the body. So gradual weight loss is good. Avoid oily products and eat popcorn in the evening. Popcorn is not high in calories. A handful of popcorn has only 40 calories. Or no popcorn if you’re an evening tea drinker. Drink only tea. That gives 70 calories. Avoid adding sugar and drink it with jaggery. 


Dinner is best taken between breakfast and lunch. 

If you want to lose weight by 500 grams every week for sure, eat 4 chapatis every night. Wheat is high in fiber. Having a fiber-rich meal at night helps you start the next day smoothly. You can use Kuruma without tubers for chapati. Otherwise you can use chutney. These will give you 350 calories and help in weight loss .

Before sleeping

What people who want to lose weight should do before sleeping:

  1. Do not sleep immediately after eating
  2. Do not eat lying down
  3. 15 minutes after eating should be a light massage
  4. Then drink half a cup of unsweetened milk

Half a cup of milk

Sugar-free milk not only helps you sleep better, but also cuts down on unnecessary calories for the day. Because no matter what schedule we eat, 10-20 calories can be wasted in the body. Half a cup of milk is used to reduce it. Those who want to lose weight must drink half a cup of sugar-free milk every night

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