Diet Plan For Weight Loss Of 10kg


A healthy lifestyle diet plan for weight loss of 10kg is a key factor in weight loss and maintaining that weight,but the road ahead can be long and difficult for many people.The overall health benefits of following a proper diet plan for weight loss of 10kg will motivate even the most stubborn dieters to stick to their newest,healthier habits and lifestyle changes. Here are some diet suggestions that can help you to get started on your quest for better health.

The Best Indian Diet Plan to Lose 10Kgs in One Month


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our lifestyle has drastically changed, limiting our physical activity. Trapped inside our homes, we have easy access to leisure and food, which added many unwanted elements to our lives. If your clothes from last year don’t fit anymore — worry not, you are not alone. The idea is not to stress and drop those extra kilos from the body.

Diet Plan to Lose 10 Kg Weight In A Month

This article will introduce a highly rigorous diet plan to lose 10 kg weight in a month. This 10-kg weight loss diet plan is initially challenging. However, with the right motivation, you will get used to it and start enjoying the process.
We need at least 1,500-2,000 calories in a day. By planning 10 kg weight loss in one month, we reduce it to 1,000 calories per day.

To lose 10 kgs, we must note that we should burn extra calories to create a calorie deficit. With a balanced diet behaviour, include 30 minutes of physical exercise in your daily routine. You can also opt for Yoga which gives fantastic results if practised at the start of the day.

Besides, Yoga is advisable if you have any existing health conditions including diabetes, obesity, and thyroid or any food allergies.

Morning Detox Plan

Check out these exciting detox drinks that’ll help accelerate weight loss at home:

  • A glass of lukewarm water with half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Boil a tablespoon of cumin in a glass of water and add it to your lemon-honey detox water. It burns fat efficiently.
  • Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and ½ tablespoon of cayenne pepper to a glass of lukewarm water to whip a fat-burning detox drink.
  • Add a tablespoon of ginger paste and two tablespoons of fresh mint paste to a glass of warm water.
  • Blend cucumber with mint leaves and half a thumb of ginger. Dilute the paste in a litre of water and consume it first thing in the morning.

Indian Diet Plan To Lose 10 Kg In a Month


10 kg Weight Loss in 1-Month Diet Chart

let’s distribute the daily calorie intake of 1,000 through breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Our target is to intake 250 calories at breakfast, 300 calories at lunch, 250 calories at dinner, 200 calories at mid-morning and an evening snack at 100 calories.


The first meal of the day is indispensable, and you should pack it with proteins and vitamins. Here are five breakfast ideas:

  • Idli Sambar:This savoury Indian preparation is perfect for those on a weight loss journey. Take two medium-sized steamed idlis with 1/2 bowl of sambar, which adds up to 230 calories.
  • Oatmeal Bowl:Low On Calories, High On Fibre: A bowl of oatmeal is a perfect healthy breakfast. You can take this with either skimmed milk or homemade curd. Add a ripe banana for sweetness; you can also load it with grapes, diced apples, and berries.
  • Poha:Cook your poha with a spoon of ghee, mustard seeds, chopped veggies, coriander leaves and some lemon juice. A bowl of poha keeps you full for several hours.
  • Healthy Smoothie:Blend some baby spinach, one medium-sized apple, half a carrot, half a beetroot, half a banana, half a cucumber, one cup water, one cup curd into a smoothie. You can add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it. Also, carry four soaked and peeled almonds on the go.
  • Bread-Omelette:While the above breakfasts fit perfectly in a vegetarian diet plan, a simple non-vegetarian breakfast is an omelette with two egg whites, an egg yellow tossed in olive oil and baby spinach. Add two brown bread toasts to stay full for a longer time.


Some fantastic lunch ideas that go with this 10 kg weight loss diet plan:

  • Brown Rice, Dal:Brown rice is rich in fibre and antioxidants, and it adds multiple health benefits to your routine. Fill your regular lunch bowl with half a serving of steamed brown rice and thickly cooked tur, moong or masoor dal. Don’t miss adding a serving of sliced cucumber, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Multigrain Chapati And Chicken Curry:Two chapatis made from multigrain wheat and a bowl of chicken curry will keep you full for prolonged hours while giving your body the much-needed dose of fiber and protein.
  • Vegetable Bowl With Chickpeas:
    Take ½ cup soaked and boiled chickpeas seasoned with a pinch of salt. Add carrots, beet, beans, broccoli and a pinch of salt to a bowl of boiled vegetables. Add the boiled chickpeas to it. Sprinkle lemon juice and mix well. This would make a nutritious, fiber-rich and wholesome lunch pack.
  • Chicken Sandwich:For an easy and quick lunch, you can prepare a chicken sandwich with two slices of multigrain bread stuffed with chunks of grilled chicken breast, two tomato slices, three onion rings, and two freshly chopped lettuce leaves.
  • Salmon fish, Veggies, Rice:Add a grilled salmon fillet to your serving as it contains around 124 calories. Enjoy it with one bowl of rice and a side of mixed veg curry.


Munch on these snacks at around 11 AM and 5 PM:

  • Green Tea, Rusk:Ditch your regular tea for green tea as it’s a good antioxidant. Add two rusk slices made of whole wheat or sooji.
  • Whole Fruits:Whole fruits are always recommended over fruit juice as the latter lacks fibre. On days you have not had a banana for breakfast, have it as a snack. You can also pick a whole apple, guava or pear.
  • Nuts:Four almonds and a few raisins make a healthy snack on the go. You can also take two dates with it. To stay full, add an oat biscuit to the meal.
  • Hardboiled Eggs:You can also eat hardboiled eggs for a quick snack. You may eat two eggs in a day, but try to have only an egg yolk because yellow is high cholesterol.
  • Protein bars:Sugarless protein bars are also an excellent snacking option, but it’s best if you make them at home with lots of dry fruits, using dates as a sweetener.


Since it’s your last meal of the day, we recommend finishing your dinner by 7 PM. Here are five low calories dinner choices:

  • Vegetable Wrap:Treat yourself to two whole-wheat mixed vegetable wraps. These are nutritious, delicious, and simple to make.
  • Chicken Noodle Soup:A bowl of chicken soup with boiled wheat noodles, boiled carrots, cabbage, spring onions, and sweet potatoes is offbeat and healthy.
  • Chapati And Soya Curry:Soya curry is rich in proteins and fibres. Pair it with two chapatis.
  • Scrambled Eggs:A scrambled egg with loads of finely chopped vegetables; add a bowl of leftover dal from lunchtime.
  • Paratha, Raita:Have a wholewheat paratha with a bowl of curd seasoned with roasted cumin, coriander powder, finely chopped onion and chilli.

Expert Tips to Follow While Doing This Diet

  • Always drink a glass of water 15 minutes before having a meal.
  • If you’re craving sweet, have a date or a ripe banana.
  • Start your day with some free-hand exercises, if not a full-fledged workout routine.
  • Try to get at least seven hours of sleep.
  • Drink more water while you are following this diet plan.

Remember to drink a glass of lukewarm water right before hitting the bed. It’ll help flush out all the toxins from your body the next morning.

Weight loss diet tips to lose 10 kg in one month

Image may contain Human Person Eating and Food

If you’re still figuring out a way to lose weight and build that beach body for the summer trip you’re taking next month, it’s about time you stopped wondering and start working. Now, to achieve weight loss, you don’t even have to hit the gym because we showed you these 10 exercises you could perform at home to lose weight in a month that don’t require any equipment. But along with those exercises, you also require a healthy and effective diet to help you shed those kilos in time. So we spoke to Mehar Rajput, Nutritionist at FITPASS who drew up this diet plan for you to follow through the course of the month.

Diet plan to lose 10 kg in 30 days

When it comes to weight loss, you often find yourself switching to different diets and exercises to break the monotony. But consistency is important while trying to lose weight. With the diet plan drawn up below, you can lose up to 10 kg in about a month, provided you follow it strictly and perform at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Rajput has provided alternatives with every meal, to make it easier for you to follow the healthy and nutritious diet.

Early morning detox drinks

Lemon detox drink: Consume a glass of warm water with half a freshly squeezed lemon juice (and a tsp of honey if you want) to cleanse your liver and aid in weight loss.

Nutritional value: Carbs: 3.2 grams, Proteins: 0.5 grams, Fats: 0.2 grams, Calories: 17

Ginger detox drink: Consume a glass of lukewarm water with a tsp of ginger paste (and 2 tbsp of fresh mint paste if required) every morning on an empty stomach to aid in weight loss.

Nutritional value: Carbs: 0.3 grams, Proteins: 0.0 grams, Fats: 0.0 grams, Calories: 1

Cucumber detox drink: Cucumber is a highly cooling vegetable for the summer. You could consume a cucumber detox drink by combining water with a peeled cucumber, handful of mint leaves and 1/2 an inch of ginger. If you want, you could add 1/2 tsp of black salt for taste.

Nutritional value: Carbs: 0.0 grams, Proteins: 0.1 grams, Fats: 0.0 grams, Calories: 0

Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV has tons of benefits on weight loss and is a quick way to detoxify the body. Consume this drink in the morning with a tbsp of ACV in a glass of warm water.

Nutritional value: Carbs: 2.7 grams, Proteins: 0.1 grams, Fats: 0.1 grams, Calories: 11

The benefits of detoxified water: It helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, balancing the Ph level of the body, boosts your immune system and metabolism as well as improves digestion.


Oatmeal Oats is loaded with complex carbs and proteins compared to other grains. Its benefits include lower blood sugar level and cholesterol level.

Nutritional value: Carbs: 36.2 grams, Proteins: 7.2 grams, Fats: 7.1 grams, Calories: 235

Alternative: Muesli with milk, vegetable oats upma, oats cheela with mint coriander chutney

Egg Omelet: Eggs are very good sources of protein. More than half the protein of the egg is found in egg whites along with vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, Copper, Zinc and Selenium.

Nutritional value (1 whole egg): Carbs: 2.5 grams, Proteins: 6.0 grams, Fats: 2.1 grams, Calories: 104

Alternative: Tofu Roll, Mushroom Sandwich, Chicken salami sandwich and shredded chicken sandwich

Green Tea: Loaded with antioxidants, helps in detoxification and boosts up your metabolism.

Alternative: Lemon Tea, Green Coffee and Herbal Tea.

Nutritional value (1 cup): Carbs: 0.0 grams, Proteins: 0.0 grams, Fats: 0.0 grams, Calories: 2

Apple Smoothie with Almonds: Apple may help prevent against lung, breast, colon and lever cancer. Apple along with milk gives you benefits of calcium, protein, magnesium, fibers and vitamins.

Nutritional value (1 glass): Carbs: 22.0 grams, Proteins: 3.6 grams, Fats: 4.8 grams, Calories: 145

Mid-morning snack

Hot Chocolate: Even a small cup of hot chocolate could aid in weight loss and keep your hunger under control. Chocolate has powerful antioxidants to help reduce appetite by nearly 30 per cent.

Nutritional value (1 cup): Carbs: 61.8 grams, Proteins: 9.6 grams, Fats: 11.1 grams, Calories: 385

Fruits: Loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Gives you satiety, which helps you avoid overeating.

Nutritional value (1 cup of watermelon): Carbs: 5.0 grams, Proteins: 0.3 grams, Fats: 0.3 grams, Calories: 24


Vegetable Soup: It helps in controlling your appetite by giving you lesser calories along with fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional value (1 bowl): Carbs: 13.1 grams, Proteins: 3.4 grams, Fats: 7.6 grams, Calories: 133

Alternative: Moong dal soup, vegetable oats (in soup style)

Grilled Salmon Fish: Provides you protein, omega3 fatty acid, vitamins and minerals which helps in keeping your heart healthy.

Nutritional value (1 piece): Carbs: 2.1 grams, Proteins: 6.9 grams, Fats: 7.5 grams, Calories: 103

Steamed Rice: This is one of the healthier ways to cook rice, because this prevents the loss of water soluble nutrients and doesn’t required any added fat.

Nutritional value (1 cooked cup): Carbs: 26.6 grams, Proteins: 2.5 grams, Fats: 0.3 grams, Calories: 115

Egg Sandwich: This could include 2 slices of multi-grain bread with 2 egg whites, onion slices, tomato slices and freshly chopped lettuce to make it a healthy meal.

Nutritional value: Carbs: 28.8 grams, Proteins: 11.9 grams, Fats: 8.0 grams, Calories: 231

Brown Rice: It is a healthier fiber packed and low energy density food.

Nutritional value (1 cup): Carbs: 21.7 grams, Proteins: 2.2 grams, Fats: 2.2 grams, Calories: 104

Dal: It is loaded with complex carbs, good sources of protein, vitamins and minerals along with essential amino acids. It helps to lower cholesterol level and controls sugar level.

Nutritional value (1 cup): Carbs: 20.8 grams, Proteins: 8.5 grams, Fats: 2.2 grams, Calories: 137

Evening Snack

Lemon Tea: It is rich in Vitamin C, helps in detoxification and boosts your rate of metabolism.

Nutritional value (1 cup): Carbs: 4.0 grams, Proteins: 0.4 grams, Fats: 0.0 grams, Calories: 17

Alternative: Green Tea, Lemon Water and Coconut Water.

Wheat Rusk: Wheat rusk is a healthier alternative for biscuits as they are low on calories.

Nutritional value (1 rusk): Carbs: 4.3 grams, Proteins: 1.0 grams, Fats: 0.8 grams, Calories: 23

Alternative: Oats cracker, roasted chana and roasted makhana.

Hard Boiled Egg: Eggs are very good sources of protein. More than half the protein of the egg is found in egg whites along with vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, Copper, Zinc and Selenium.

Nutritional value (1 whole egg): Carbs: 0.6 grams, Proteins: 6.3 grams, Fats: 5.3 grams, Calories: 78

Nuts: Nuts are high in heart friendly unsaturated fats, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals. When you munch on whole nuts, you eat slower because you need to chew them longer.

Nutritional value (Half cup): Carbs: 8.8 grams, Proteins: 6.1 grams, Fats: 15.9 grams, Calories: 201

Orange Juice: Avoid having juices and try to have whole fruits as it will give you more of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional value (one glass): Carbs: 27.2 grams, Proteins: 1.8 grams, Fats: 0.6 grams, Calories: 120

Grilled Brown Bread Sandwich: You could have a half grilled brown bread sandwich with some vegetables such as onions, capsicum, tomato, lettuce, corn, spinach as a healthy evening snack which is low in calories and also filling, instead of going for fried foods.

Nutritional value: Carbs: 32.4 grams, Proteins: 7.2 grams, Fats: 9.2 grams, Calories: 241

Alternative: Amaranth chapati wrap, ragi chapati wrap, sprouts and boiled dal


Whole Wheat Vegetable Wrap: This meal contains fiber, vitamins and minerals. A good alternative for this can be Amaranth chapati wrap with vegetables, Quinoa salad or couscous salad.

Nutritional value: Carbs: 17 grams, Proteins: 7 grams, Fats: 2 grams, Calories: 143

Chicken Noodle Soup: Provides you protein, omega3 fatty acid, Vitamins and minerals which helps in keeping your heart healthy.

Nutritional value (1 bowl): Carbs: 41.6 grams, Proteins: 17.6 grams, Fats: 9.3 grams, Calories: 322

Alternative: Clear chicken soup, clear vegetable soup, oats (with chicken soup style)

Roti (Chapati): It is loaded with complex carbs and proteins compared to other grains. Its benefits includes lower blood sugar level and cholesterol level.

Nutritional value (1 roti): Carbs: 17.4 grams, Proteins: 3.0 grams, Fats: 0.4 grams, Calories: 85

Alternative: Brown rice, Amaranth chapati and quinoa salad

Boiled Chicken

Nutritional value (1 bowl): Carbs: 0.2 grams, Proteins: 35.7 grams, Fats: 0.9 grams, Calories: 151

Alternative: Grilled chicken, roasted chicken, grilled fish fillets.

Soya Curry

Nutritional value (1 cup): Carbs: 20.8 grams, Proteins: 37.8 grams, Fats: 6.6 grams, Calories: 168

Alternative: Grilled tofu with veggies, tofu bhurjee and egg whites salad.

Want to lose 10 kilos? Here are 10 tips!

Low carbohydrate diet

It’s through consuming food that we get the energy we need to survive. This energy is composed of three sources of energy: carbohydrates, protein and fat, also known as macronutrients. These nutrients work differently in your body and affect your metabolism and therefore your body weight.

Therefore, it is feasible to lose 10 kilos with a low carbohydrate diet. Depending on the number of carbohydrates you eat, you can quickly lose weight or lose more slowly. Most people want to lose weight quickly. However, 10 kilos in two weeks difficult to achieve, even on the Atkins diet, this is not a healthy way to lose weight. 10 kilos in two months is more realistic.

10 tips

Below we give 10 tips to lose 10 kilos in a shorter time.

Tip 1: Avoid carbohydrate-rich products

Avoid buying carbohydrate-rich foods so you’re not tempted to eat them. Avoid products such as pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, cake, candy, soft drinks and juices.

Lose 10 kilos

Tip 2: Prepare your own meals

Prepare your own food ensures that you can make the right choices. When you cook yourself, you usually automatically eat fresher, less processed ingredients. So you can avoid sugary sauces and ensure you aren’t eating more carbohydrates than needed. In addition, it is also very fun to cook! Need inspiration? Take a look at our recipe page for the most delicious low-carb recipes.

Tip 3: Eat more protein and fat

When you eat fewer carbs, you can replace it with foods that contain more protein and fats. These energy sources will make you full longer and you’re less likely to overeat. Examples of protein-rich foods are:

  • Beef, chicken and poultry
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Eggs
  • Full yoghurt, curd, and milk
  • Nuts, seeds and seeds
  • Vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach and bok choy

Examples of products that are high in healthy fats:

  • Nuts and seeds: walnuts, hazelnuts, linseed, sesame etc;
  • Oils: olive oil, sesame oil, etc;
  • Oily fish: herring, salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc;

Tip 4: Snacking

Even if you arer trying to lose weight you can still snack, as long as you make the right choices and still lose weight! A raw snack such as cherry tomatoes, cucumber or a handful of nuts helps relieve hunger. Maybe you fancy chocolate? Choose a piece of dark chocolate or one of our bars.

Lose 10 kilos

Tip 5: Choose healthy groceries carefully

In tip one we suggested only bringing low carbohydrate foods into your home. Instead, you can buy the best only healthy, low-carb products, including:

  • All fruit and red fruits (strawberries, blackberries and raspberries contain much less sugar than other fruit).
  • Meat, chicken and fish
  • Dairy products, such as Greek yogurt and eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Low carbohydrate crackers
  • Low carbohydrate bread
  • Low carbohydrate cereal
  • Olive oil
  • Coffee, tea and all kinds of water without sugars / carbs

Want to know what you can eat on a low-carb diet? In this article you can read more about foods are suitable for which phase and how the phases of Atkins precise work.

Tip 6: Weigh yourself no more than once a week

When you diet you often tend to weigh yourself every day. Often this can demotivate you, especially if the scale stays the same for a day or two. In addition to food, there are more factors that play a role in scale weight such as whether you’ve exercised, water retention and hormone levels.

Weight is only one indication of success. Through weekly instead of daily weighing, it no longer becomes an obsession. You’re more likely to see good results after a week rather than on a daily basis.

losing 10 kilos

Tip 7: Ask the people around you

Ask friends, family and colleagues to tell you their opinion on your weight loss, plus they’ll also then understand why you might miss that piece of cake or a pasta, and therefore be more supportive. Having a support system can help to keep you on track.

Tip 8: Exercise

In addition to adjusting your diet, adding some exercise can help you to lose the 10 kilos in one or two months. Do not you like intense exercise? No problem, 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough. Try a walk, bike ride or swim.

Tip 9: Keep a food diary

It’s common to over-eat without paying attention so keeping track of what you eat will give you a clear view and you can see where you can improve. People who keep a food diary often have more success losing weight than those who do not.

lose 10 kilos

Tip 10: Start Today

Often people say, “I’ll start on Monday” but why not today? Even small changes can make a difference. So start today, we can help you!

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