Easy Apple Crumble Pie With Oats


This easy apple crumble pie recipe with oats is easy to make and is perfect for breakfast or dessert. The apples are soft and tender, and the crumble is warm and crisp. This dessert is naturally vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, so it can be enjoyed by almost everyone! This is a very easy recipe that can be served at breakfast, dessert or any time during the day.

Apple crumble pie recipe

  • Serves 6
  • 30 mins to prepare and 1 hr to cook
  • 621 calories / serving
  • Freezable


For the pastry

  • 250g (8oz) plain flour
  • pinch salt
  • 125g cold butter, cubed
  • 2-3tbsp cold water

For the filling

  • 2 cooking apples, peeled, cored and cut into slices
  • 50g soft light brown sugar
  • 1tbsp plain flour
  • ½tsp ground cinnamon

For the crumble topping

  • 100g cold butter, cut into small cubes
  • 100g (3½oz) plain flour
  • 50g oats
  • 25g granulated sugar

Each serving contains

  • Energy2595kj
  • Fat32g45%
  • Saturates20g99%
  • Sugars22g24%
  • Salt0.8g13%


  1. To start, prepare the pastry by mixing the flour, salt, and butter cubes in a large bowl. Rub the butter into the flour using your fingertips until there are no more noticeable butter chunks and the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs.
  2. Add just enough of the cold water to the dough with a knife to bring it together. Before usage, chill the dough for 30 minutes while it is wrapped in cling film.
  3. Set the oven to Gas Mark 4, 180°F, and the fan to 160°F.
  4. The cold pastry dough should be rolled out to suit a 20 cm (8 in) pie plate. To weigh down the pastry, place a sheet of nonstick baking paper on top and add baked beans or grains. After 10 minutes of blind baking in the preheated oven, remove the paper and beans, and bake the food for a further 5 minutes, or until it is pale gold and sandy to the touch. Keep the oven running.
  5. To make the filling, place the apple slices in a bowl and add the cinnamon, sugar, and flour.
  6. Sift the flour into a bowl and whisk in the butter to make the crumble topping. Rub the butter into the flour using your fingertips until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add sugar and oats by stirring.
  7. Place the apple filling in the pie shell, then sprinkle the crumble on top. Bake the crumble for 30 to 40 minutes, or until it is crisp and golden and the apples are tender inside.

Apple Pie with Oatmeal Cookie Crumble

With a flaky crust, delectable apple pie filling, and oatmeal crumble topping, Apple Crumb Pie is a simple pie recipe. It’s like making the tastiest dessert ever by combining oatmeal cookies with traditional apple pie.

one slice of apple pie on a dark green plate with crumble topping

Apple Pie with Oatmeal Crumble Topping

I love pies and cookies, therefore I created an incredible pie called apple crumble pie by combining two timeless recipes. This recipe for oatmeal crumble will be a favorite if you enjoy both oatmeal cookies and apple pie.

For this recipe, you may either create my favorite pie crust from scratch or, for simplicity, buy pie dough from the store. All of the filling’s ingredients are apples: soft apples that have been sweetened with brown sugar and flavored with cinnamon. In other words, a traditional pie filling that is always satisfying.

Because Granny Smith apples are crisp and tart and go well with the sweet, sugary oatmeal topping, I prefer to use them in this pie. The texture combo is perfect here!

Why you’ll love this recipe

I adore this recipe because it has the flaky bottom crust and crumbled oats topping of a crumble but is baked into a pie. It resembles several delicacies rolled up in a single pie.

This recipe calls for filling a pie crust with apple filling, followed by an oat-based crumble topping. This oatmeal crumble apple pie is really easy to make and raises the bar for apple pie.

Ingredients in Oatmeal Crumble Topping for Pie

  • All-purpose flour: Be sure to measure it correctly.
  • Quick-cooking oats: If you don’t have them, you can make your own quick oats.
  • Brown sugar: Packed, always!
  • Ground cinnamon: A must in apple pie!
  • Diced unsalted butter: Be sure to use unsalted, or omit the salt.
  • Salt
full circular pie with crumble topping

How to make Oatmeal Crumble Topping

  • In a sizable basin, mix the flour, brown sugar, oats, cinnamon, and salt. Cut the diced butter into the dry ingredients before adding it.
  • Once you’ve made your oatmeal-based crumble pie topping, sprinkle it over the prepared apple pie, and then bake it!

Storing and Freezing Instructions

You may keep the apple crumb pie in the fridge for up to three days after it has cooled to room temperature.

The baked pie can also be frozen for up to three months. Before serving, keep it tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and thaw it at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Expert Tips

  • You can make quick-cook oats even if you just have old-fashioned oats on hand! After processing them briefly in a food processor to break them down, measure the specified quantity in the recipe.
  • The traditional combination of apples and cinnamon can also be made with the same amount of nutmeg, cloves, or allspice. Alternately, consider using pumpkin or apple pie spice.
  • The simplest way to incorporate the butter while making the crumble oatmeal topping is with a pastry cutter. It’s a fantastic tool that makes the work a lot simpler.


Soft, spiced apples make up the filling of this apple crumble pie, which has a buttery oat topping on top. Making it vegan and/or gluten-free is simple.

We attempted to recreate one of our favorite apple pies from the Santa Barbara Farmers Market rather than a 2-crust pie, which always feels too heavy to me. Soft, spiced apples make up the filling of this apple crumble pie, which has a buttery oat topping on top. It’s a mixture of apple crumble and pie. I believe it is the finest of both worlds. The only problem is coming up with a name for this delectable apple pie. Would Apple Crumble Pie or Dutch Apple Pie be more appropriate?

Let’s examine how to prepare a delectable apple crumble pie for your Thanksgiving or Christmas table, or simply for weekend baking.


Apples from your backyard tree make the best apple pies out of all the varieties that are suitable for creating them. Although Braeburn, Honeycrip, and Golden Delicious are suitable, I prefer Granny Smiths because they are the traditional apple pie variety. For this recipe for deep dish crumble apple pie, three pounds of apples are required.


I enjoy leaving a lot of apple peel on when I make homemade applesauce in the slow cooker. But for pie, we want skinless, tender apple pieces. I finely sliced the peeled apples after cutting them into four pieces and removing the core.

The apples are combined with fresh lemon juice, spices, coconut sugar, and arrowroot starch. I’ve found that mixing the ingredients together with my hands works best. I adore replacing the typical white sugar in my apple pie recipe with coconut sugar. It is less refined than white sugar and has a flavor that is deeper, almost caramel-like. In this recipe, arrowroot, a natural starch that thickens without containing gluten, is used in place of flour. I also use arrowroot to make biscotti, a gluten-free treat.


The crumble I use for my Baked Peaches and my Grain-Free Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp are both utilized in this apple pie. In order to make the crumble topping, I combined the ingredients by hand and in a food processor. Do this step by hand if you prefer to see the whole grain (like in the video).


Since I didn’t have the time to test this recipe with a homemade crust numerous times, I used a store-bought pie crust. Readers love my popular gluten-free, vegan pie crust made with almond flour because it goes great with everything from pumpkin pie to quiche. However, I haven’t tried that crust with this specific recipe, so I can’t say with certainty how well it withstands the apple juices.

I don’t mind using a store-bought crust for this specific recipe because the apple filling and crumble topping are the main attractions.


The enjoyable part is now. The pie crust is filled to the brim with apple filling. It’s alright if it appears to be a large mound because the apples will boil down.

We just need to finish by adding the crumble topping. The majority of crumble pie recipes call for baking it uncovered, but after having so many burn, I now bake mine using foil until the final 15 minutes. This crumble is created using almond flour and walnuts, which may be the problem since nuts are prone to burning easily.


  • You should allow more time than you anticipate for the apples to soften and crumble to burn. Keep foil covering it loosely. Before baking, sauté apples in a spoonful of butter if you prefer them very tender.
  • Make the pie in advance; it reheats well. Reheated a day or two later, it tastes wonderful. Just keep in the fridge until you’re ready to reheat.


How do you know when apple pie is done?

The pie’s filling should be bubbling around the edges and the bottom crust should be golden around the borders. Additionally, the crumble topping needs to be golden brown.

Is cooking apples necessary before preparing pie?

Nope! They can be added to the pie in raw form; the oven will cook them.

How is apple pie served?

Although this pie is delicious on its own, it is strongly advised to top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, handmade whipped cream, or prepackaged whipped topping.
Another option is to top pie pieces with a drizzle of caramel sauce and a garnish of roasted nuts like walnuts, pecans, or almonds.

Which apples make the finest pie apples?

The best apples are tart or tart-sweet and will maintain their shape when baked. Granny Smiths are always my preferred choice because they are particularly acidic, which helps to balance the pie’s sugar content.
Use Gala, McIntosh, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, or another brand.

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