Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas To Take To Work


If you are looking for Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas To Take To Work, then you are in the right place.Here I have rounded up 17 of the yummiest, tastiest and simply easiest lunch ideas which will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Looking for some easy healthy lunch ideas to take to work? There’s nothing worse than feeling tired and lazy on a Monday morning after the weekend when you know you should be getting up, going to the kitchen, and cooking yourself a healthy dinner.


Easy Chicken Quesadilla With Feta Cheese - easy healthy lunch recipes

If you’ve got some cooked chicken, feta cheese and vegetables you can easily make this tasty quesadilla recipe in 10 minutes. You’ll put all of the ingredients in a bowl, mash them together, spread over a tortilla, fold in half and toast in a pan. Use whole grain tortillas (or tortillas that fit your diet). I usually love pairing this kind of sandwiches or quesadillas with something fresh. Usually I make a quick salad and it keeps me full until dinner. The recipe is here.


Healthy lunch ideas: avocado chicken salad recipe

This is a super tasty and easy avocado chicken salad and it is one of my favorite chicken salad recipes. It’s super flavorful, fresh and filling. Recipe here.


Easy healthy lunch ideas: Chicken egg bake recipe

If you’re often on the go and don’t have time to eat over the sink during your 5 minute lunch break, you might consider mixing a bunch of things together in a bowl and baking them. Without sugar. With chicken and vegetables instead. That would be one disgusting banana bread….But no, it’s not banana bread – it’s an egg bake. You can use any smaller baking pan you have at home to make this delicious egg bake that I shared on my sister’s blog. It’s filled with vegetables, cooked chicken and it’s super easy to make. The recipe says breakfast, but you can eat it any time you’re hungry for something savory – it’s perfect for lunch, great to meal prep as well. You can find it here.


Vegan Quesadilla with chickpeas - easy healthy lunch or dinner that is ready in less than 20 minutes!

Another quesadilla recipe! Fill this one with chickpeas, herbs and vegetables spread the mixture on one half, fold and toast on both sides in a pan. Serve with some guacamole, salad – anything fresh! It’s an easy, quick and delicious vegan lunch. The recipe is here.


Mediterranean Salmon Bowl - a healthy dinner idea that is easy, full of flavor, super satisfying and ready in less than 30 minutes! This healthy salmon recipe comes with a meal prep option and can easily be made keto and low carb by using low-carb zucchini hummus (recipe provided). | clean eating dinner recipe

One of the few salmon recipes on my blog and it is one of my favorite recipes for lunch and dinner. To be honest I never make a recipe exactly the same way twice, but I often make some variation of this bowl. Feel free to use the vegetables you have at home for this one.


Having this delicious healthy avocado chickpea salad again for dinner tonight. It was sooo refreshing! A great high-fiber recipe, full of antioxidants and very easy and quick to make - perfect for summer!

I used to make salads like this one every single morning before I went to work. I would pack it in a container, it took me about 10 minutes and it kept really well in our fridge in the office. It tastes so fresh, but also has the saltiness from the feta cheese and the olives and it’s really filling. Now that I don’t leave the house, I seem to find more excuses not to make salads like this one. It’s really weird. However, I’ve recently started counting my vegetable servings (aiming for 8) and am getting back to making salads for lunch, because we need those fresh vegetables to feel good. Great story, can I eat it? If you want to make this delicious chickpea salad, here’s the recipe.


Crustless Tuna Quiche Recipe: Easy healthy lunch idea

Canned tuna is a super versatile ingredient and it goes really well in a crustless quiche. Super easy to pack and take to work, great for meal prep and very filling and tasty. Recipe here.


15-Minute Chicken Quinoa Fried Rice Recipe - easy healthy lunch idea

Fried rice has to be one of my favorite meals – it’s easy, quick, super delicious and you get to use all of your old food. If you don’t have rice, but quinoa, you can still get the same treatment with the recipe right here.


Meal prep chicken bowls - easy and healthy lunch ideas

This is a super simple, quick and delicious Mediterranean recipe with chicken, chickpeas, hummus and a salad. I mean it’s got all of my favorite things, the recipe is here.


Easy spinach chickpea cakes recipe! This is a healthy chickpea recipe that is delicious and perfect for lunch, dinner or a snack! Serve with salad and hummus for a healthy vegetarian meal!

I feel like chickpeas are gonna win an award for the most used ingredient on this list. But there are no awards, so sorry chickpeas. You’re only gonna get smashed in a bowl with a bunch of other ingredients and eaten. I know it sounds scary, but you’re delicious. And these chickpea spinach cakes are tasty too, perfect with some garlicky sauce like this cashew sauce and a quick tomato cucumber salad. Recipe here.


These sweet potato black bean power bowls are full of flavor and really easy to make. You'll love these healthy vegan power bowls as a healthy gluten free vegan dinner idea or lunch recipe!

Roast some sweet potatoes and cauliflower in the oven and make these bowls in no time! They’re plant-based, easy and delicious. Recipe here.


Like who says final notes? After writing this blog for 5 years now, I still don’t know how to end things…But I hope you get some inspiration and some new lunch ideas that you’ll actually want to make. These are some of the things I usually make and I like them. Stay safe and enjoy these sweet potato and black bean bowls!

Awesome Easy Lunches To Bring To Work

 Smashed White Bean and Avocado Sandwich

Once you make the white bean spread, you’ll be set for sandwiches (or straight chip-dipping) all week. Get the recipe.

 Barley and Kale Salad with Golden Beets and Feta

Roast a bunch of beets all at once to keep in the fridge and add to various yummy jumbles. 

 Pan Bagnat (French Tuna Salad Sandwich)

The only complicated part is picking up any ingredients you don’t have (like artichoke hearts); after that it’s just chop and toss. Get the recipe.

 Mushrooms and Wheat Berries

You can throw in any kind of cooked grain you have; farro or barley would be equally nice. Get the recipe.

Pesto Chicken Roll

Chop up a roast chicken breast (from a store-bought rotisserie bird, if you’re not feeling motivated) and mix with cubed mozzarella, pesto, and a veggie or two. Sugar snap peas suggested, but bell pepper or cherry tomatoes could also be nice.

 Pasta Salad with Broccoli and Peanuts

This easy Asian-ish peanut butter sauce would be great on any number of noodle-veggie combos. Get the reci

 Chicken Salad with Apricots and Almonds

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