Easy Healthy Recipes With Eggs


When searching for easy healthy recipes with eggs, the possibilities seem endless. I’ve gathered easy egg recipes from all different cuisines, and have broken them into 7 categories. If it’s breakfast time, there are a variety of egg recipe to pique your interest. Lunchtime is covered by my huge list of egg recipes as well. Don’t like preparing dinner? You’re in luck because I have a section just for that!

Healthy egg recipes

Eggs are cheap, high in protein and nutritious. Discover Good Food’s best ever healthy egg recipes, from omelettes and tortillas to shakshuka and salads.

  • A one pot rice dish is a fab way to use up leftovers – this one combines healthy veg and turkey, topped with fried egg
  • Spiced aubergine pilaf with poached eggs – Chunks of roasted aubergine are stirred through rice in this vegetarian meal, topped with mint and poached eggs for protein
  • Veggie peanut noodles with coriander omelette ribbons – Combine egg noodles with fresh flavours- sweet chilli sauce, garlic and coriander, with some Chinese greens and crunchy carrots thrown into the mix
  • Spicy Moroccan eggs – This quick, spicy brunch dish is packed with healthy courgettes, chickpeas, tomatos and spinach. Flavour your sauce with rose harissa
  • Egg & veggie pittas – Cram wholemeal bread pockets with healthy aubergine, beetroot and carrot, then add a garlic and dill yogurt and eggs
  • Acquacotta – This traditional Tuscan soup, which means ‘cooked water’, is served with a poached egg for extra richness – a perfect starter or light lunch
  • Potato & paprika tortilla – This thick, traditional Spanish omelette is bulked out with new potatoes and flavoured with herbs
  • Potato salad with anchovy & quail’s eggs – This healthy, satisfying salad makes a tasty packed lunch or light supper with green beans, parsley, chives and lemon
  • Lighter Scotch eggs – The picnic classic gets a healthy makeover – two thirds of the fat is knocked off by using lentils and lean pork and baking instead of frying
  • Spinach & pepper frittata – A balanced, omelette-like dish of protein-rich eggs baked with cheese, garlic, tomatoes, peppers and spinach
  • Omelette pancakes with tomato & pepper sauce – Healthy, low-calorie and gluten-free – these herby egg ‘pancakes’ will become your go-to favourite for a quick midweek meal
  • Poached eggs with broccoli, tomatoes & wholemeal flatbread – Protein-packed eggs with antioxidant-rich broccoli make this a healthy and satisfying breakfast choice
  • Indian chickpeas with poached eggs – This quick, fibre-rich veggie supper is filling and good for you too. Chickpeas are a great source of manganese, which is essential for healthy bone structure
  • Egg Niçoise salad – A vegetarian Niçoise salad, that’s packed with goodness – fibre, folate, iron, vitamin c and gluten-free too

Healthy Egg Recipes

Find healthy, delicious egg recipes from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Parmesan Cloud Eggs – These light and fluffy eggs are loaded with Parmesan and scallions for tons of flavor, plus there’s a luscious runny yolk on top. And don’t worry, this impressive brunch recipe is easy enough for anyone to master.

Avocado Egg Chilaquiles – Crisp tortilla strips are baked with salsa and green chile peppers and topped with a fried egg, chopped avocado, cilantro, and red onion.

Artichoke-Scrambled Eggs Benedict – Roasted artichoke bottoms stand in for English muffins in this quick yet elegant supper. Substitute roasted mushrooms for the pancetta for a vegetarian option. Serve with roasted new potatoes or a tossed salad.

Avocado & Smoked Salmon Omelet – Stay full until lunch when you add this avocado and smoked salmon omelet to your morning routine. This healthy omelet recipe is packed with healthy fat, which helps quash hunger, and the avocado’s fiber helps you feel full longer.

Egg Drop Soup with VegetablesCarrots, baby sweet peas, and green onions are added to the traditional egg drop soup in this recipe.

Spinach & Mushroom Quiche – This healthy vegetarian quiche recipe is as simple as it gets. It’s a quiche without the fussy crust! It’s filled with sweet wild mushrooms and savory Gruyère cheese. Enjoy it for breakfast or brunch, or serve it with a light salad for lunch.

Red Lentil Fritters with Ginger-Yogurt Sauce – Here we soak lentils instead of fully cooking them, which gives them just enough added moisture to be whirred up into a fritter without being too wet. Serve these curry-spiced fritters on top of a green salad or tucked into a pita.

Spinach, Mushroom & Egg Casserole – This delightful spinach, mushroom and egg casserole is layered with earthy cooked mushrooms and baby spinach, fluffy eggs and nutty cave-aged Gruyère that deepens the flavor. Serve this easy casserole for breakfast, brunch or even dinner with a green salad on the side

Frittata with Asparagus, Leek & Ricotta – In this quick asparagus frittata recipe, asparagus, leeks and ricotta combine to create a tasty meal that’s perfect for spring.

Easy Pea & Spinach Carbonara – Fresh pasta cooks up faster than dried, making it a must-have for fast weeknight dinners like this luscious yet healthy meal. Eggs are the base of the creamy sauce. They don’t get fully cooked, so use pasteurized-in-the-shell eggs if you prefer.

Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps – We love the retro vibe of these egg salad lettuce wraps. Iceberg lettuce makes a perfect low-carb swap for bread to serve the egg salad.

-Ingredient Bell Pepper & Cheese Egg Cups – Requiring just three main ingredients—bell peppers, eggs and shredded

Reasons to have eggs for dinner

Eggs are the ultimate convenient fast food, great for making budget yet nutritious meals. Previously thought of as just a breakfast food, they’re also perfect as the hero of your next quick and easy dinner. They’re rich in protein and packed with nutrients that are essential for healthy ageing. Here are some of our best recipes featuring this versatile ingredient.

'Caesar' spaghetti

1. ‘Caesar’ spaghetti

This super speedy dinner is ready in just 25 minutes.

2. Bacon and egg quiche

Taste member ‘ALadyLike’ says that this quiche is equally delicious served hot or cold.

3. Spicy tomato and capsicum meatball shakshuka

Serve this Middle-Eastern dish with crusty bread to soak up all the delicious sauce.

Sticky sweet chilli egg nasi goreng

4. Sticky sweet chilli egg nasi goreng

A popular Indonesian stir-fry, the whole family will love these bowls of goodness.

Mexican zucchini slice

5. Mexican zucchini slice

You can make this Mexican-inspired zucchini slice up to two days in advance. Gently warm in the oven before serving, then top with the avocado, tomato and sriracha.

Cheat's Turkish pizzas

6. Cheat’s Turkish pizzas

For an easy dinner try these super quick Turkish pizzas that are loaded with flavour.

Eggs with lentils and spiced mint recipe

7. Eggs with lentils and spiced mint recipe

A quick and easy vegetarian sensation where eggs collide with lentils and mint.

Salad nicoise with rice

8. Salad nicoise with rice

Be the envy of the office with this simple, flavour-packed Nicoise salad!

Mini okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes)

9. Mini okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes)

These Osaka-style pancakes are often made with cabbage or spring onion, topped with a strong, sweet okonomi sauce (similar to barbecue sauce) and striped with Kewpie mayonnaise.

Healthy nasi goreng

10. Healthy nasi goreng

Ready in 30 minutes, this Indonesian fried rice is packed with pork fillet, prawns and vegies, and makes for a family-friendly dinner.

Egg, mushroom and pesto tarts

11. Egg, mushroom and pesto tarts

This tart is a great choice whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Egg, mushroom and pesto taste divine together on the golden pastry base.

Easy egg, feta and black bean tostadas

12. Easy egg, feta and black bean tostadas

Fire up your tastebuds first thing in the morning with these easy Mexican brekky idea. Best of all, it’s gluten-free!

Carbonara gnocchi bake

13. Carbonara gnocchi bake

We’ve combined two family favourites – cheesy carbonara and gnocchi – into one easy bake that will have everyone scrambling for seconds.

Asian-style crispy egg and rice salad

14. Asian-style crispy egg and rice salad

With protein-packed eggs and low GI rice, this quick and easy lunch or dinner will keep you fuller for longer.

Middle Eastern omelette with labne and dukkah

15. Middle Eastern omelette with labne and dukkah

Cooked in the one pan, this quick and easy omelette has Middle Eastern flavours and is perfect for brunch or dinner.

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