Easy Lunch Ideas Slimming World


I’m excited to share these Easy Lunch Ideas Slimming World that are absolutely perfect for busy days. Whether you’re at home, at work or out with friends these fast and delicious lunches have been quick and easy to prepare in under 20 minutes!

I’ve been doing Slimming World for a while now and I love it. I know there are a lot of people that really struggle with what they eat and this is where I come in to help! I want to share my collection of easy lunch ideas slimming world recipes.

Easy Lunch Ideas Slimming World

Our incredibly substantial lunches will keep you energized all afternoon, whether you have time to prepare a feast or are eating at your desk.

This year’s experience working from home has taught me to always have a few Slimming World lunch suggestions handy. It only took a couple of weeks of confinement for me to grow tired of eating the same things every day and begin looking for lunchtime ideas.

There are probably others besides myself. Serving up a filling lunch is frequently the first task to go off the to-do list in between meetings, appointments, and caring for young children. And if we don’t have a strategy in place when hunger strikes, our attempts to lose weight may start to fail.

Our five delectable Slimming World lunch ideas will fill your lunch box with wow-factor, whether you’re working from home or seeking for weight loss-boosting lunches on the road.

Slimming World lunch ideas

No ordinary sandwich

Sandwiches are a great lunchbox filler since they can be prepared the night before, eaten on the fly, and they are very satisfying. To make your sandwich as substantial as possible, pile it high with Free Foods like lean cooked meats, vegetables, and salad.

When you’re Food Optimising, you can pick from wholemeal bread, rolls, wraps and pitta breads for your daily Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice, so there are lots of ways to level up your sandwiches without it being game over for your weight loss. When you join Slimming World, your Consultant will explain your Healthy Extra choices – and you’ll get a Food Optimising guide, plus access to our online food search tool, planner and barcode scanner, to make following the plan easier.

RECIPE TO TRY: Slimming World turkey club sandwich

serves 1
7 Syns (deduct 6 Syns if using the wholemeal bread as a Healthy Extra)

What you need:

2 back bacon rashers (visible fat removed)
1 large egg
low-calorie cooking spray
2 slices wholemeal bread from a small 400g loaf
1 tbsp fat-free natural fromage frais
1 level tbsp extra-light mayonnaise
½ tsp mustard powder
shredded lettuce
½ tomato, sliced
½ red onion, sliced
1 roasted red pepper in brine from a jar drained, rinsed and sliced
cooked skinless turkey slices
2 gherkins, sliced

What you do:

1. Grill the bacon until cooked through and crisp, then keep warm.

2. Fry the egg in low-calorie cooking spray until cooked through. Meanwhile, toast the bread.

3. Mix together the fromage frais, mayonnaise, mustard powder and 1 tsp cold water, and season lightly.

4. Spread the mixture over 1 slice of toast, then layer up with the lettuce, tomato, red onion, and red pepper. Add the turkey slices, bacon, egg and gherkins. Top with the second piece of toast, slice in half and enjoy!

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Slimming World members have access to over 1,500 recipes online, including sandwiches, super salads and more, over on the member website.

Prep like a boss

At Slimming World, we’re big believers in planning – and prepping your lunch ahead of time will ensure you’ve got a slimming-friendly meal ready to go when midday hunger strikes! A salad can be prepared in minutes before you start work and left in a sealed container in the fridge to keep it fresh until lunchtime. If you really want to get ahead, a big batch of veggie-packed soup will last in the fridge for up to five days, or even longer if you store a few portions in the freezer.

RECIPE TO TRY: Carrot and coriander soup

Fancy making your own Slimming World soup? Our Free carrot and coriander concoction adds butternut squash and cannellini beans into the mix to make it even more satisfying.

Quick and easy

Even if you find it difficult to prepare (my hands are up!), there are a few shortcuts you may take to still enjoy the flavors of a home-cooked lunch. While a few eggs are all you need to quickly prepare an omelette, crustless quiche, or scrambled eggs, canned vegetables like beans and diced tomatoes make great toast toppings. For a quick supper, Claire prepared this vibrant pizza omelette (you can find a terrific recipe over on the member website):

Claire's pizza omelette-slimming world lunch ideas-slimming world blog

RECIPE TO TRY: Eggs benedict

Our eggs benedict recipe makes a filling lunch – and it can be on the table in just 15 minutes!

eggs benedict-slimming world lunch ideas-slimming world blog

MORE ON THE BLOG: Cracking ways to enjoy eggs

Grab-and-go eats

On the days when you’re really pushed for time, it can be helpful to have a no-prep meal handy. That’s why we’ve recently added a range of ready-in-minutes lunch bowls to our Slimming World food range (available at Iceland). You can also find the recipe for each dish inside the packaging or on our website if you fancy making your favourites at home when you’ve got more time.

RECIPE TO TRY: All-day breakfast bowl

Alyson tucks into a hearty portion of our All-day breakfast bowl when she’s tight for time. She says: “Finally got to try the new All day breakfast lunch bowl and it didn’t disappoint. A great option for when you have nothing prepared 😋”

MORE ON THE BLOG: Our Slimming World soup bowls are causing a stir

Use your leftovers

Chilli, stew, curry, lasagne – last night’s leftovers make filling lunches with minimum fuss. Our meatball pasta bake is delicious reheated the next day and served with a fresh salad. Or you could top a jacket potato with last night’s mixed bean chilli for a quick and easy lunch. And because you’re making your meals stretch further, you’ll be saving money on your food shop, too!

Asian BBQ beef-Slimming World lunch ideas-slimming world blog

Ryan packed up his leftover Asian BBQ chicken, with some egg fried rice and steamed broccoli, ready to enjoy on his lunch break. He says: “Leftovers are the best!! And this one kept me going at work.”

RECIPE TO TRY: Sticky chicken

If Ryan’s leftovers have got your taste buds tingling, our sticky chicken uses just four ingredients and tastes just as good the day after!

sticky chicken with rice-slimming world lunch ideas-Slimming World blog

The Best Slimming World Lunch Ideas

Are you searching for some Slimming World lunch ideas to help you to stay on plan? If so, I’ve got you covered! 

It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to lunch, but shaking things up a little bit can help you to stay motivated and resist the temptation of raiding the biscuit tin at midday.

Whether you’re a sandwich lover, prefer something light, always feel ravenous by the time lunchtime rolls round, or you just need something you can grab without any fuss during a busy working day, I’ve got plenty of suggestions you can try…

Perhaps you want to save your Syns for dinnertime or a sweet treat, or you just prefer to have something light at midday. If so, take your pick from these Syn free lunch ideas…

  • Jacket potato – with tuna, baked beans, chilli con carne, or cottage cheese… There are tons of options for Slimming World jacket potato fillings!
  • Tomato soup
  • Indian vegetable and chickpea soup
  • Ham, egg, & Slimming World chips
  • Omelette – chuck in ham, lean bacon, onions, peppers, and whatever veggies you have to hand!
  • Onion bhajis – serve with salad and homemade tzatiki made with plain yoghurt, diced cucumber, garlic, and mint
  • Homemade salad – choose your favourite protein (such as chicken, beef, tuna, quorn, or eggs) and serve with salad vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and sweetcorn
  • Pasta salad – add pasta to the above option! Add a Syn free dressing or stir in a little low fat natural yoghurt
  • Couscous salad 
  • Rice salad
  • Scrambled eggs, baked beans, and salad
  • Creamy cajun chicken pasta
  • Chicken fajita pasta
  • A ready meal from Iceland’s Slimming World range

Lunch ideas using your Healthy Extra

Your Healthy Extra A & Healthy Extra B allowances let you enjoy bread and dairy as part of your diet, and this opens up a ton of extra lunch ideas for you to choose from!

  • Cheesy beans on toast
  • Scrambled eggs on toast 
  • Sandwich – with your Healthy Extra you can choose sliced bread, a bun, or a wrap. Of course there are tons of different fill-in options, including chicken salad, cheese savoury, and bacon and tomato
  • Tortilla wrap pizza – use a Healthy Extra tortilla, top with tinned tomatoes, cheese, and veggies, and bake in the oven
  • Chilli feta hash
  • Pizza hash
  • Bacon and leek hash
  • Cheesy Marmite hash
  • Tuna and sweetcorn fishcakes
  • Scotch eggs – be aware that different sausages can have wildly different Syn options! Iceland have a Syn free sausage in their Slimming World range
  • Meatball sub
  • Pizza bites with dippy egg
  • Creamy garlic mushrooms on toast
  • Cheese and onion pasty
  • Steak bake
  • Ham & mushroom pizza calzone

cheesy marmite hash

Low Syn lunch ideas

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… Don’t be scared to use your Syns! Your allowance is there for you to enjoy, and using it to make your meals more filling and satisfying will ensure that you stick with the plan and see results in the longer term.

  • Coronation chicken – use as a filling for a sandwich or jacket potato, or serve with a salad
  • Chocolate and banana French toast
  • Add light mayonnaise to any of your Syn free options – for example, you could have a tuna mayonnaise jacket potato or sandwich
  • Add a chocolate bar or bag of crisps – check out more Slimming World snack ideas
  • Add a slice of banana cake for dessert
  • Cheese and onion roll
  • Sausage roll
  • Corned beef pasty
  • Thai green curry – with rice or a jacket potato
  • Cheese and bacon scones – these are perfect with a bowl of your favourite soup!
  • Cheeseburger pasta

slimming world coronation chicken

Slimming World lunches for work

If you usually eat your lunch at your desk, you might have to get a bit more creative with your Slimming World lunch ideas. You likely won’t have access to the same kitchen facilities as you do at home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy varied and satisfying meals at lunchtime.

Here are some tricks and ideas to keep in mind for when you need a Slimming World lunch if you can eat at work…

  • Planning and preparation are absolutely key! Sit down on a Sunday and plan out your lunches for the rest of the week. This will help you to avoid the temptation of grabbing something from the vending machine
  • Where possible, batch cook for your lunches. You could make a big bowl of pasta salad for example that could keep you going for most of the week if stored in a fridge
  • Be mindful of those little extras that you might nibble on at work throughout the day, and keep track of any Syns that you’re having
  • Consider making an extra portion of your evening meal, and taking it for lunch the next day. This means less time spent in the kitchen! You’ll have more options available to you if you have a microwave at work, but many dishes can be served cold too

Ideas for eating out at lunchtime on Slimming World

Because no item is completely off limits under the Slimming World program, you can still enjoy eating out while pursuing your objectives.

You don’t need to deprive yourself while you’re on the road because there are still plenty of options available.

The official Slimming World Syns directory features a large number of well-known eateries and coffee shops, allowing you to make ahead plans. The same rules apply if you purchase a sandwich or a meal deal from a grocery store.

A little common sense goes a long way if you have to stray from the path and will be eating at an independent cafe, for example. If you’re ordering a sandwich, don’t be afraid to request that the bread be delivered without butter and that any salad dressing be provided on the side.

Ensuring you get your speed foods

Do not forget that according to the fundamentals of the Slimming World diet, you should make sure that one-third of your meals consist of fast food.

This will ensure that you obtain the vitamins and minerals you require for your overall health and wellbeing, as well as that you feel full after eating.

A salad is a terrific alternative for lunch, and by varying the vegetables you use, you can keep things interesting and diverse. You can also try a lot of dressings that are Syn-free or low-Syn.

A fruit salad as a side dish may also be a fantastic idea, or you could prepare some carrot, cucumber, and baby tomato crudités.

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