Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes


There are various Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes that you can cook for your kids and make them eat. A lot of kids hate eating boiled potatoes or baked potatoes at lunchtime. Are you looking for some ideas to make your children eat 3 slices of potato with their lunch?

We’ve all been there, we come home from work or school and don’t know what to do for dinner. Potatoes can be an easy solution to this. They are easy to make and versatile. Here are some easy lunch ideas with potatoes.

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Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

Ten Packed Lunches with Potatoes

Mustard Seed Potato Salad

For a quick lunch or served with salmon, this refreshing potato salad can be served warm or cold with a mustard seed dressing. Perfect for a cozy winter meal. See the recipe.Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

Ten Packed Lunches with Potatoes

Roasted Potato Garlic Soup with Kale and Sausage

Make a hearty and nutritious potato soup that can be made ahead of time and packed for a comforting lunch for your midday work break. See the recipe.

Ten Packed Lunches with Potatoes

Grilled Potato Salad and Feta Dressing

Warm or cold, this grilled potato salad can be prepared all winter long or enjoyed on a warm day. Serve with a feta vinaigrette and take it on the go for a fun-packed lunch. See the recipe.

Ten Packed Lunches with Potatoes

Smoked Salmon and Yogurt on Baked Potato Pancakes

Easily baked in the oven, these shredded potato pancakes make an elegant bite, but are light and refreshing with smoked salmon and Greek yogurt. Enjoy from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. See the recipe.

Ten Packed Lunches with Potatoes

Potato Skordalia

A Greek dip, Skordalia is just as good as your go-to hummus and is packed with nutrients from potatoes and almonds. A perfect on-the-go snack. See the recipe.Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

Ten Packed Lunches with Potatoes

Homemade Tater Tots – Gluten Free

Learn how to make the tater tots that are just as delicious, but better for you and can be made gluten-free. Who doesn’t want a side of tots in their lunch box? See the recipe.Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

Rich Potato Leek Soup

Without a drop of cream, this rich potato leek soup is surprisingly smooth, silky, and a warm delight. Make the night before and enjoy lunch the next day. See the recipe.

Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

Cilantro Chimichurri and Garlic Roasted Potatoes

Roast ahead these flavorful garlic potatoes and pack for an easy lunch with cilantro chimichurri. See the recipe.

Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

Brown Butter and Thyme Potato Cake

Brown butter and a balsamic glaze makes this layered potato cake an instant winner for a dinner side or packed up for lunch on the go. Hot or cold, it is so delicious. See the recipe.

Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

Potato Samosa Bites with Raita Sauce

A perfect bite with some spice, these Indian potato samosas are served with a cool raita sauce for a new lunch idea. See the recipe.

Cheap Meals with Potatoes

Potatoes are one of my favorite grocery items to cook with. They are inexpensive and make a great, filling ingredient in your main dishes. When you don’t have a lot of money to spare on groceries, you can utilize potatoes to make inexpensive meals and stretch your food and your dollars. Here are 11 cheap meals to make with potatoes.

1. Baked Potato Bar 

One of my favorite meals ever. Super cheap to make and everyone will love being able to add their toppings.  Try the classics like bacon, cheese, sour cream, butter, and chives. Or you can get a little creative with items like leftover pulled pork, or buffalo chicken pieces. Have fun with it!

Cheesy Potato Soup Recipe - Warm and creamy Cheesy Potato Soup recipe is a deliciously perfect classic comfort food recipe to keep you warm and happy all winter long. Yummmm! One of my all time favorite <a href=

2. Potato Soup 

I don’t care if it’s cold or warm out, potato soup will always be one of my favorite kinds of soups, and one of my kid’s favorites too.  This is my favorite stove-top Cheesy Potato Soup Recipe, or you can use Crock Pot Cheesy Potato Soup recipe in the Summer when you’d rather not use the stove.  You can also make a large batch of potato soup to freeze, and use it for dinner again or split it into lunch-size portions.

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Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

3.  Shepherd’s Pie

– If you have never eaten Shepherd’s Pie, this is something you need to add to your monthly grocery menu. Traditional shepherd’s pie is made with ground beef, but I like this Chicken Shepherd’s Pie recipe which is made with chicken and is usually a little cheaper for us (since ground beef has been kind of pricey lately). It’s a super simple dinner recipe that anyone can make.

Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

4.  Fried Potatoes 

Want to fill up that crew of yours? Fried Potatoes make an excellent main dish or side dish. Easy to make and filling to the core.  You can make these fun by cutting them in different shapes like wedges, coins, wavy, or skinny fries.  You can also pan-fry or throw them in a deep fryer or even an air fryer.  Plus, you can even get creative with toppings and dipping sauces.  Ketchup is always a fan favorite, but consider making “campfire sauce” made from 2 parts of your favorite barbecue sauce and 1 part of mayo. It’s one of my favorites.  Or put some easy toppings on your fries, like chili, shredded cheese, cheese sauce, sour cream, etc.  The possibilities are endless because potatoes are so versatile! One of my favorite recipes is this Garlic Chive Baked Fries recipe.

Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

5.  Potato Gratin

This dish is probably recognizable because most people buy it in the box. However, you can easily make this dish in your kitchen for much cheaper (and healthier).  You could also make scalloped potatoes like these super yummy Dijon Scalloped Potatoes.

Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

6.  Twice Baked Potatoes

Because once baked isn’t enough. Stuffing those already baked potatoes with yumminess is sure to make your crew happy! Try this Twice Baked Deviled Potatoes. They’re one of our family’s favorite recipes!

7.  Don’t forget the Mashed Potatoes

There have been many times where Mashed Potatoes were our go-to main dish! You can make mashed potatoes in so many ways, which makes it an awesome cheap meal to make with potatoes. Plus they’re super easy to make. You can even make them in the microwave by poking holes in the potatoes and cooking them in the microwave, then mashing and adding milk and butter.  So simple.  Whip up some gravy, or throw in some simple add-ins like herbs or cheese to keep it interesting.

Easy Lunch Ideas With Potatoes

8.  Potato Salad

– Potato salad is, of course, a Summertime picnic favorite, but it can be a yummy dish all year long.  It’s another one of those dishes that you can get creative with as there are SO MANY potato salad recipes out there.  I’ll share 2 of my favorites to get you started.  This Best Potato Salad recipe is close to a classic Southern-type potato salad recipe.  Creamy with some mustard, and a little kick of spicy for some extra flavor.  This Deviled Egg Potato Salad recipe was inspired by none other than deviled eggs and features hard-boiled eggs, mayo, and mustard.  I love both of those recipes, and I’m really not even that big of a fan of potato salad!

Cheesy Ranch Potatoes Recipe - Creamy, Cheesy Ranch Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food recipe that everyone will love.  Perfect for potlucks, holidays, and a crowd favorite dish to pass. Soft, warm potatoes covered in creamy ranch and cream cheese and topped with gooey melted cheddar.  Easy potato side dish recipe.  11 Cheap Meals with Potatoes - You can save money by making some frugal meals to stretch your food and your money with these 11 yummy and filling Cheap Meals to Make with Potatoes. Frugal living and saving money with these frugal meals with potatoes. They're sooo good too!

9.  Cheesy Potatoes

I don’t think there is anything better in the world than Cheesy Potatoes. Cheese makes everything better, especially potatoes.  Most of the time, I’ll turn our cheesy potatoes into a casserole, like this Crock Pot Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole or these Creamy Slow Cooker Potatoes with Sausage and Chives.

One Pan Garlic Chicken and Potatoes is a perfect easy family dinner recipe.  Easy, savory One Pan Garlic Roasted Chicken and Potatoes is a full meal, roasted in the oven all at once. So easy and equally delicious! Wow! This looks fabulous! 11 Cheap Meals with Potatoes - You can save money by making some frugal meals to stretch your food and your money with these 11 yummy and filling Cheap Meals to Make with Potatoes. Frugal living and saving money with these frugal meals with potatoes. They're sooo good too!

10.  One Pan Meals

Using meat, vegetable, and potatoes, you can easily make so many one-pan meals. One of my favorites is chicken, green beans, and potatoes like in this  One Pan Garlic Roasted Chicken and Potatoes recipe.  Or you could skip the meat altogether like in this Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans recipe.

Bacon Cheddar Patty Cakes

Latkes in a Frying Pan

A crispy, delicious way to use leftover mashed potatoes. “Omg! It was quick, easy, and out of this world good,” says Katic. “Served them up with some baked eggs and fresh fruit, and was instantly hailed as a kitchen hero.”

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Potato Waffles

Potato Waffles on a blue plate

Leftover mashed potatoes in the waffle iron? It’s the way Einstein would’ve done it. “These are potato pancakes,” says SuperWifey. “But without all the greasy clean-up and calories from pan-frying. I serve them with chicken and sauteed apples.”

Jay’s Hearty Breakfast Skillet

Jay's Hearty Breakfast Skillet

A great one for personalizing. Use leftover bakers or microwave the potatoes to save time. This skillet features a vegetable medley including bell peppers, sliced mushrooms and onions. Bacon never hurts—in fact, it’s the crown jewel of this easy breakfast dish.

Ham Cake-ettes

ham patties with wilted greens and green beans on modern white plate

Ham cake…doesn’t sound delicious. But Ham Cake-ettes? I need that. “They’re the perfect combo of pancakes and croquettes,” explains Avon. She likes them with honey mustard sauce, chutneys, or applesauce. It’s the responsible way to utilize leftover ham and mashed potatoes.

Deluxe Corned Beef HashDeluxe Corned Beef Hash

Elevate your breakfast with a classic hash that envelops potatoes in butter, parsley, and of course, cubed corned beef. A meal like this is the answer to serious hunger or just a hankering for potatoes in the morning.

Cheesy Bacon Tater Tots®

Cheesy Bacon Tater Tots®

This tots recipe does triple duty. It’s a sensational side dish, an appealing appetizer for game day, and topped with an egg or two a terrific breakfast! “The potatoes crisp in bacon grease before being baked with Cheddar cheese for an easy bacony, cheesy treat,” says fab every day

Quick and Easy Home Fries

Quick and Easy Home Fries on a turquoise plate

This 3-ingredient recipe is simple yet effective. No reason to complicate the straightforward and satisfying blend of salt, butter, and potatoes. Home fries are so easy to personalize, and work well when you have little time but need maximum flavor.

Early Morning Oven Roasted New Potatoes

closeup of golden brown skin-on halved potatoes in a white ceramic dish

A beautifully simple dish of potatoes, butter, salt, and rosemary. Reader M. Stoffel recommends heating the pan in the oven while prepping the potatoes, then dumping the potatoes into the hot pan. “It makes them crisp all over and prevents sticking,” she says.

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