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Finger food for party is an ideal dish which is generally served at parties and get-togethers. You don’t have to worry about the flaw of rather unhealthy food as the finger food for a party is usually very easy to prepare and takes less time. Besides, these dishes are tasty, inexpensive and filling to eat. So if you want to get together with your friends, colleagues or family members for a party anywhere like in your house, garden or veranda or maybe at some other place then these foods which are mentioned under this heading would be the best option for you because they do not require much cooking and can be quickly made.

The perfect finger food for parties is savoury and tangy chicken wings. They go great with beer and wine and there is a wide variety of dipping sauces you can make yourself. You can also personalize the flavour of your chicken wings by using different seasonings and flavours to your liking. This simple snack can change the dynamics of your party since it is so easy to prepare and eat.

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Finger Food For Party

The cooking plan is a useful device for a party organizer to make out the menu succinctly, ensuring the soundness of each dish and the completeness of the dishes per one person. Finger food is a sort of small sweet, savoury or salted dish, which may be eaten by hand. It includes a variety of snacks such as potato chips, nuts,­ vegetable crudités, toasted or dried nuts, biscuits,­ crackers or pistachios, chips with dips or sauces and other delicacies.

Following are a list of finger food party menu:

Mini carbonara quiches

1.Mini carbonara quiches

Use a muffin pan to make these easy, cheesy individual crustless quiches.

Crispy mozzarella sticks

2.Crispy mozzarella sticks

Stringy mozzarella, coated in breadcrumbs and fried until crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle. Snacks don’t get much cheesier than this.

3.Air fryer wontons

You will love this new finger food idea that also works as a snack. Each crunchy parcel contains a mixture of pork and prawn mince. Dip them into our easy-to-make honey sesame sauce and watch them become your new favourite air fryer recipe.

Buffalo wings with crispy onion rings and kale slaw

4.Buffalo wings with crispy onion rings and kale slaw

Get ready to get your fingers sticky with these spicy buffalo wings served with crispy onion rings and slaw.

Super-crisp potato bites

5.Super-crisp potato bites

Feed a hungry crowd with our super-crisp potato bites.

Crustless mini ham and vegie quiches

6.Crustless mini ham and vegie quiches

Loaded with vegetables, these mini frittatas are a great healthier-for-you lunch or a snack option. They also make excellent finger food for a get-together of any size.

Haloumi and corn fritter bites with creamy avocado dip

7.Haloumi and corn fritter bites with creamy avocado dip

These mini cheese and corn fritters are a perfect snack, lunchbox treat, finger food or light meal. We can’t stop dunking them in the creamy avocado, lemon and yoghurt dip!

Meatlovers mini pizzas

8.Meatlovers mini pizzas

Meat lovers unite with these tasty 20-minute pizzas loaded with crispy bacon, chorizo, onion and cheese.

Air fryer ravioli chips

9.Air fryer ravioli chips

We’ve taken the viral pasta chips TikTok trend to new heights with our air fryer version. We used cheese ravioli but this recipe would work with any filling!

Sticky teriyaki chicken and spring veggie skewers

10.Sticky teriyaki chicken and spring veggie skewers

Enhance the flavours of these sticky teriyaki chicken and asparagus skewers with a fresh squeeze of lemon.

Mini masala sausage rolls

11.Mini masala sausage rolls

From the second the aromatic Indian spices hit the pan you’ll be counting down the minutes until these tasty pastry bites are baked and ready to eat. These mini rolls are just as happy being passed around at a party as they are in a school lunch box.

Cucumber bites

12.Cucumber bites

These tiny and crunchy cucumber bites are refreshing and satisfying at the same time.

Pizza cob dip

13. Pizza cob dip

This easy entertaining recipe offers an Italian twist on the traditional cob loaf dip. Great if you want to feed your friends, family or a crowd as part of a party menu.

Pie maker mini fetta, pea and mint frittatas

14.Piemaker mini fetta, pea and mint frittatas

With a few basic ingredients like peas, eggs and a block of Fetta cheese, you can whip up a bunch of mini frittatas in your pie maker and have lunch sorted for a whole week.

Curry puffs

15.Curry puffs

Dip these golden beef and veg curry puffs into a cool cucumber sauce for a tasty homemade snack.

Bulgogi pork with pineapple

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16.Bulgogi pork with pineapple

Thinly sliced pork is glazed in a sticky Korean-inspired sauce made (finger food for party)from chilli paste, soy sauce, ginger, brown sugar and sesame oil then tucked into steamed buns and served with pineapple and avocado. Recipe by Curtis Stone.

Air fryer salt and vinegar potato gems

17.Air fryer salt and vinegar potato gems

Everyone’s favourite chip flavour, salt and vinegar,(finger food for party) works wonderfully with these crispy potato morsels. This recipe is great both as a finger food served to your guests or an afternoon snack for the kids. Air frying the gems ensures they stay soft in the centre and crunchy on the outside.

Easy bacon, pesto and haloumi bites

18.Easy bacon, pesto and haloumi bites

5 ingredients are all you need to make(finger food for party)this super easy bacon, pesto and halloumi bites.

Curtis Stone’s egg bites with kale and fetta

19.Curtis Stone’s egg bites with kale and fetta

Low-carb and low-cal, these egg bites (finger food for party)with kale and fetta are the perfect lunchbox snack or brekkie on the go.

finger food for party

20.Beef, chorizo and olive empanadas with corn salsa

For a new family, favourite encase tender beef, chorizo and olives in buttery shortcrust pastry.

finger food for party

21.Honey mustard chicken sausage rolls

Perfect for your next party, these sausage rolls use chicken sausage mince and a delicious mixture of honey and mustard for extra flavour.

finger food for party

22.Gluten-free Thai buffalo wings

Enjoy Thai-inspired gluten-free chicken wings with a light salad after work.

finger food for party

23.Croissant sausage rolls

Is it a croissant? Is it a sausage roll? It’s both! Kids and adults alike will go crazy for this cute new variation on beef sausage rolls made with puff pastry, mince and actual sausages.

finger food for party

24.Spinach and cheese bombs

Stuffed with spinach, garlic and bocconcini, these golden cheese bombs are the perfect finger food.

finger food for party

25. Cheesy Hawaiian breadsticks

Mix the concept of pizza and breadsticks, and you end up with these delicious cheesy Hawaiian snacks that can be dinner for the kids or finger food at your next party!

finger food for party

26. Chickpea and beetroot falafel with tahini sauce

Serve these tasty chickpea and beetroot falafels with warm pita bread and delicious tahini dipping sauce.

finger food for party

27.Mini cheese and cranberry pastry wreaths

Crisp and cheesy with a hint of sweetness, these simple puff pastry twists are a must-make for Christmas canapes.

finger food for party

28.Air fryer cheesy corn ‘ribs’

These corn ‘ribs’ are created by quartering the corn lengthways. Smothered in Mexican seasoning and parmesan, this dish will become your new favourite air fryer recipe. Serve it with a tangy lime sauce, as a side, as an entree or as a snack.

finger food for party

29.Piemaker vegetarian quesadillas

These Mexican black bean-filled quesadillas are made even easier in the pie maker. Perfect for lunchboxes, too.

finger food for party

30.Garlic, sweet chilli and lime prawns

Fire up the barbecue and enjoy these extra tasty prawns marinated in garlic, sweet chilli, lime and fresh coriander.

finger food for party

31.Jatz-crumbed camembert bites

Searching for easy finger food recipes? Covered in crunchy Jatz biscuits, these 5-ingredient cheesy camembert bites are ready in 25 minutes and will be your new go-to canape dish.

finger food for party

32. Lamb skewers with minted tzatziki

For a snack, everyone can pick up and enjoy, try these tasty lamb skewers served with minted tzatziki.

finger food for party

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33. Spicy chicken puffs with ponzu dipping sauce

Get the party started with these spicy chicken puffs, served with a homemade ponzu dipping sauce.

finger food for party

34. Carrot and tops tempura

When you’re looking for a way to make the most of sweet carrots, this incredibly easy tempura batter should be your go-to.

finger food for party

35. Pull-apart chilli bombs

It’s an explosion of flavour in your mouth! This fiery chilli, cheese and salami pastry bombs will really get the party started.

finger food for party

36. Mini bread quiches

Score full marks with this lunchbox idea – made with a healthy bread crust, these mini quiches are always met with a smile!

finger food for party

37. Bubble and squeak chunky potato cakes

Satisfy hungry tummies with these golden potato and ham cakes served with coriander pesto and fresh lime.

finger food for party

38. Sweet potato wedges with seeds and yoghurt

Refuel busy kids with these nutritious and energy-boosting sweet potato wedges with seeds and yoghurt.

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finger food for party

39. Smoked salmon, avocado and herb tarts

Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or a festive party, these simple tarts are a fantastic way to entertain.

finger food for party

40. Bacon, cheese and creamed corn sausage rolls

Our bacon, corn and cheese filling puts a new twist on the classic sausage rolls recipe, all wrapped up in crispy puff pastry. Cut them into mini sizes, perfect for lunchboxes or your next party.

finger food for party

41. Pumpkin, fetta and rosemary twist

Nothing beats the smell of homemade bread just out of the oven. This pumpkin, feta and rosemary twist recipe is the perfect addition to any dinner table.

finger food for party

42. Pie maker Twisties potato puffs

We’ve taken your favourite childhood snack Twisties, combined them with mashed potato and cooked them in a Kmart pie maker.

finger food for party

43. Char-grilled prawns with creamy cucumber and dill salad

An appetiser with style and taste. Try this fresh prawn salad for your next dinner party or as a light meal on warm, sunny days.

finger food for party

44. French onion cheese puffs

Take French onion soup mix and add it to butter, flour, eggs and cheese then cook in your air fryer until golden and puffy. It’s the ultimate cheesy snack hack!

finger food for party

45. Air fryer okonomiyaki

It’s now super easy to make okonomiyaki, Japanese savoury pancakes, with the help of your air fryer and some egg rings. These are also mini versions, perfect as canapes or snacks. Drizzle with tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise and just wait for that flavour explosion in your mouth.

finger food for party

46. Sticky pork belly bites

For a mouth-watering starter, you can’t go past these sticky pork belly bites. Best of all they only take 15 minutes to make!

finger food for party

47. Prawn and lime spring rolls with chilli mayonnaise

You’ll go nuts for the chilli mayo on these classic spring rolls!

finger food for party

48. Pie maker pizza pockets

Get on board the pie maker trend with these fab new easy pizza pockets.

finger food for party

49. Mini lemon and raspberry cakes

Enjoy all things nice with these sweet little mini cakes, perfect for celebrating or just as a baking project.

finger food for party

50. Prawn bites with green goddess dip

Great for entertaining, these prawn bites can be made in advance to free you up on the day.

finger food for party

51. Cheesy pumpkin puffs

These 5-ingredient cheesy puffs are cooked in a muffin pan and are perfect for the kids’ lunchboxes.

Mini glazed cheeseburger bites

52. Mini glazed cheeseburger bites

These little bites look a bit fancy but are super easy to pull together and taste just like cheeseburgers.

Cheesy nacho balls

53. Cheesy nacho balls

Air-fryer bites filled with, pork mince, beans and corn kernels are coated in cheesy corn chip crumbs.

Silverbeet and feta hand pies

54. Silverbeet and feta hand pies

Serve up a tasty snack with these crisp silverbeet and feta pies.

Crispy blue cheese and thyme polenta fingers

55. Crispy blue cheese and thyme polenta fingers

We think wonderful meals shouldn’t end with the weekend. Perfect for rounding out your mains, this savvy side dish can be prepped a little in advance to make life easier on busy weeknights when you’re short on time and ideas. (See notes for more).

Mini corn, cheese and buttermilk fritters

56. Mini corn, cheese and buttermilk fritters

A quick and easy dinner that will be on the table in just 30 minutes!

Seven-layer Mexican dip

57. Seven-layer Mexican dip

You can forgive your guests for double-dipping, with this vegetarian bean dip packed with fresh, chopped capsicum, cucumber, lettuce and avocado.

Mini prawn cocktail pappadums

58. Mini prawn cocktail pappadums

With a few prepared ingredients, you can assemble and serve this tasty finger food in just 15 minutes – no cooking required.

Chicken salt potato balls

59. Chicken salt potato balls

Crispy, golden potato balls cooked in an air fryer and sprinkled with savoury chicken salt? Yes, please!

Barbecued prawn and mango lettuce cups

60. Barbecued prawn and mango lettuce cups

Barbecued king prawns are coupled with chopped mango and served in crisp lettuce leaves for a fresh start to your party.

Pie maker mini lasagne

61. Pie maker mini lasagne

Lasagne in the pie maker? Yes, you can. These easy mini lasagne pies will be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Digestives-crumbed cheese bites

62. Digestives-crumbed cheese bites

Air fryer cauliflower cheese bites

63. Air fryer cauliflower cheese bites

Forget deep frying, by cooking these cauliflower bites in an air fryer, you will cut back on the fuss and the oil. They make the perfect snack or you can also serve them as a side dish, just drizzle the sauce on top. The smoky seasoning gives them that great barbeque taste.

Pie maker meat pies

64. Pie maker meat pies

Party food and footy favourite meat pies get the Kmart pie maker treatment and they’re easier than ever.

Caramelised tomato and goat's cheese bruschetta

65. Caramelised tomato and goat’s cheese bruschetta

Get your festivities off to a flying start with this easy and impressive appetiser of oven-roasted tomato and goat’s cheese.

Pie maker cheesy potato gem and bacon bites

66. Pie maker cheesy potato gem and bacon bites

Cooked in the Kmart appliance, these cheesy bites have a potato gem base and are topped with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce to serve.

Colin's smoked mackerel croquettes

67. Colin’s smoked mackerel croquettes

Colin Fassnidge’s deep-fried croquettes are crispy, gooey balls of goodness and are one of the most popular dishes at his restaurant – they often change up the filling, but they’re always a favourite! Start this recipe at least one day ahead.

Air fryer Brazilian cheese bread puffs

68. Air fryer Brazilian cheese bread puffs

This popular Brazilian snack, known in its native country as pao de queijo, is gluten-free and works great as a mini savoury treat or a canape. Making it in an air fryer ensures it’s extra crunchy on the outside while still chewy and soft on the inside.

Spicy jerk chicken bites

69. Spicy jerk chicken bites

Satisfy a crowd with these spicy chicken bites served with sweet homemade pineapple chutney.

Air fryer honey mustard haloumi crunchers

70. Air fryer honey mustard halloumi crunchers

These crunchy air-fryer halloumi fingers are coated in crispy mustard flavoured panko crumb and served with a 3-ingredient honey mustard mayo.

Roasted tomato bruschetta caprese

71. Roasted tomato bruschetta caprese

20 minutes is all you need to make this Caprese-style, roast tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto bruschetta.

Hawaiian pineapple sticks

72. Hawaiian pineapple sticks

Loaded with succulent ham and juicy pineapple, these Hawaiian pineapple sticks will soon become a lunchbox, after-school and dinner staple in no time!

Pie maker condensed milk ripple cakes

73. Pie maker condensed milk ripple cakes

Cooked in a Kmart pie maker from only 4 ingredients, these moist chocolate puddings are the easiest dessert ever.

Caramelised onion and beef sausage rolls

74. Caramelised onion and beef sausage rolls

Please a crowd with these tasty caramelised onion and beef sausage rolls sprinkled with pistachio dukkah for an extra special twist. Serve with tomato chutney.

Sweet potato and ham scruffin bites

75. Sweet Potato and ham scruffing bites

Combine two classic favourites – scrolls and muffins – to make these sensational sweet potato and ham scruffing bites!

Pie maker gozleme bites

76. Pie maker gozleme bites

How do you make gozleme even better? Cook it in a Kmart pie maker! It has the same delicious spinach and feta filling and flaky pastry you love in the original.

Prosciutto-wrapped haloumi sticks

77. Prosciutto-wrapped haloumi sticks

Two of our favourite party ingredients combine for these bite-sized snacks that make the perfect finger food.

Pie maker cheesy garlic bread bombs

78. Pie maker cheesy garlic bread bombs

Cooked in a Kmart pie maker, these oozy garlic bread balls make for an easy kid’s dinner, side dish or finger food idea.

Garlic bread mini quiches

79. Garlic bread mini quiches

For something a little different, make these little quiches using flattened bread instead of pastry.

Air fryer sticky chicken bites

80. Air fryer sticky chicken bites

These morsels of chicken breast, covered in a sweet and gooey sauce are irresistible. Have them as a cheeky snack or serve with a salad and a potato side for a complete meal.

Beetroot, goat's cheese and mint blinis

81. Beetroot, goat’s cheese and mint blinis

Make vegetarian finger food in a flash with these super-easy beetroot and goat’s cheese-topped blinis.

Cheesy Mexican tostada bites

82. Cheesy Mexican tostada bites

Ready in 25 minutes, this Mexican-inspired canapé proves finger food can be quick and easy.

Air fryer salmon croquettes

83. Air fryer salmon croquettes

Simple croquettes made with mashed potato, flaked smoked salmon and creamed corn. The panko crumb is air-fried until perfectly crunchy.

Sushi fingers

84. Sushi fingers

These easy-to-make sushi fingers are a light meal alternative, and are perfect for little fingers at dinner time, too.

Easy tuna bento balls

85. Easy tuna bento balls

Perfect for lunchboxes, these Japanese rice balls are stuffed with corn, cream, avocado and mayonnaise.

Cheesy leek and potato gems

86. Cheesy leek and potato gems

We guarantee that if you make these crispy morsels of oniony, cheesy potato, they’ll rival the potato gems from the freezer aisle. Homemade is always best!

Turkey, brie and apricot sausage roll bites

87. Turkey, brie and apricot sausage roll bites

These moreish Christmas-inspired sausage roll bites have the perfect combination of sweet and savoury flavours – try and stop at just one!

Pork and miso pie maker dumplings

88. Pork and miso pie maker dumplings

If we love the air fryer, then we adore the pie maker. Try these dumplings that only require 20 minutes of prep – you’ll be converted.

Mini corn fritters with smoked salmon

89. Mini corn fritters with smoked salmon

These mini corn fritters with smoked salmon are a delicious way to get the party started!

Mini muffin pan quiche bites

90. Mini muffin pan quiche bites

We swapped pastry for wonton wrappers to make these impossibly easy savoury mini quiches.

Lobster vol-au-vents

91. Lobster vol-au-vents

Lobster Lovers will be into this retro-cool vol-au-vents. It’s an indulgent recipe and the Australian Rock Lobster will be sure to impress your friends.

Air fryer French onion chicken pastries

92. Air fryer French onion chicken pastries

This is a great way to elevate the humble supermarket barbecue chicken into an easy lunch. (Or you can just use your roast chicken leftovers). Add everyone’s favourite retro ingredient of the moment – french onion soup mix – to the chopped chicken and bacon and it’s destined to become your new favourite air fryer recipe.

Cheesy mini cob wreath

93. Cheesy mini cob wreath

We’ve turned the classic cob loaf dip into a mini pull-apart sensation! Made with a handful of easy ingredients like pre-made pizza dough, this Christmas-perfect finger food is a breeze to whip up.

Mini cheese and bacon 'sausage' rolls

94. Mini cheese and bacon ‘sausage’ rolls

Sausage rolls but not as you know them. We’ve combined five slices of cheese, an egg and bacon and put them inside crispy puff pastry for an easy finger food recipe that will go down great at any party. Brushing the pastry with strained egg yolk gives the pastry a super glossy, crispy finish.

Air fryer vegetable tempura fritters

95. Air fryer vegetable tempura fritters

These crunchy air-fryer zucchini and corn fritters are made with a light Japanese tempura-style batter. Serve them with delicious sesame and soy mayo dipping sauce at your next party.

Grilled prawn cocktail bruschetta

96. Grilled prawn cocktail bruschetta

Dress up your prawn cocktail for the entertaining season, with this barbecued prawn bruschetta with homemade cocktail sauce.

Air fryer cheesy chicken sticks

97. Air fryer cheesy chicken sticks

These cheesy, crispy sticks are cooked in just 15 minutes and make a perfect lunch box snack for you or the kids.

Cheat's crunchy pea and mint risotto balls

98. Cheat’s crunchy pea and mint risotto balls

Impress your guests with these easy bite-sized risotto balls.

Curtis Stone's prawn platter with whipped avocado

99. Curtis Stone’s prawn platter with whipped avocado

Put a fresh spin on classic Aussie seafood dishes with these delicious Asian-inspired spices and sauces.

Samosa puffs with cumin raita

100. Samosa puffs with cumin raita

Try these tasty samosa puffs filled with spicy beef and homemade cumin raita for easy entertaining.  Recipe by Faiza Rehman, MasterChef Australia Series 5 contestant.

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