Food For Kids Parties


Are you looking for a party that will put a smile on your child’s face? Our Food for Kids Party is a proven hit with both parents and kids alike. Your children will get to participate in step by step games, activities and crafts inspired by their favorite foods from around the world. They’ll love making their own pizza, pasta, sushi and more—and eating it!

Food For Kids Parties

As I prepared the food for Immy’s recent birthday party I realised that so many of our favourite party foods feature year after year. Sometimes they are presented slightly differently to fit the party theme but most are our own versions of simple, classic birthday recipes. They’re great because kids love them plus they’re super simple to make. Here are our twelve top picks for classic kids party foods.

Sticking to classic, homemade party food ideas will help you to stick to your budget. These recipes are simple to make and most can be pre-prepared in the days before the party. Click through via the green links for recipe details.

1. Fruit Wands
Fruit and marshmallow kebabs make fabulous magic wands for fairies, wizards and all manner of magical creatures. Add a melon star (cut with a cookie cutter) to the end of your kebab stick for a fabulous finish.

2. Fairy Bread
What could be simpler than buttered bread covered in coloured sugar sprinkles? I love fairy bread because it can easily be cut into all manner of shapes with a cookie cutter to match your party theme.

3. Chocolate Crackles
A favourite party food from my own childhood, check out my healthier, low allergy version of the traditional chocolate crackle recipe.

4. Honey Joys
Mmmmm…honey joys! One of my personal, all time favourite party foods. See the recipe here at Planning with Kids.

5. Jelly or jello
Colourful jelly can be layered with rainbow colours, whipped up or be dressed up to suit your party theme. And jelly doesn’t have to be served in a cup or bowl – how fun are these jelly oranges! These disappeared in a flash at Immy’s recent party. (Via Planning with Kids)

Classic party food ideas: Popcorn

6. Popcorn
To make our Princess Popcorn, we drizzled white chocolate over our popped corn and sprinkled it with colourful rainbow sprinkles. Pop it in the fridge to set, then serve.

Or check out this list of creative flavours for your party popcorn, check out these ideas from The Organised Housewife.

Classic party food ideas: Cupcakes

7. Cupcakes
A classic vanilla cupcake can be dressed up in a myriad of ways with icing, sprinkles, lollies or homemade cupcake toppers.

8. Cookies
Another food that is so easy to theme – cookies! For shaped cookies, I like the Planning with Kids Easy Cookie Cutter recipe but in the interest of full disclosure I outsourced these Cinderella slippers to a friend of a friend! Don’t they look great.

9. Shaped Sandwiches
Whip up a loaf of sandwiches with your favourite sandwich fillings and then cut them into shapes with your favourite themed cookie cutters. Where were we before the cookie cutter was invented!!?

10. Mini Quiche
A great savoury option, mini quiche can be made with any number of different flavour combinations. Though ham and cheese always seems to be a hit with small people!

11. Mini Pizza
Whether you make pizza shapes (our star pizzas were made on a flatbread base) or rolled pizza pinwheels (made with puff pastry), pizza is pretty much the #1 favourite savoury party food of our pint-sized party guests,

12. Sausage Rolls
A savoury classic, these homemade sausage rolls taste so much better than the store bought version and they’re simple enough for me to make! Recipe via The Organised Housewife.

Foods You Need At Your Next Kid’s Party

Kids won’t believe their eyes when you bring out these fun snacks, from mini hamburger sticks to flower pot cupcakes, at your next party.

1Party-pie pops

Use a number-shaped cutter for the age of the birthday boy or girl, or use decorative cutters, if you prefer.

2Dracula’s fang ice-cream sandwiches

The ‘stakes’ are high when you trick and treat the kids this Halloween with these ice-creams that they’ll love to sink their fangs into. Start this recipe a day ahead.

3Fruit balloon

An inspired approach to kids’ party food with fresh fruit presented in a gorgeous balloon shape.

Tiny taco dipping pots

4Tiny taco dipping pots

When Mexican is on the menu, these tiny taco dipping pots are a great side to spread around the table. Avocado, tomato, sour cream, cucumber – so much freshness and only 20 minutes to make. Perfect party food!

Choc-top ice-cream cookies

5Choc-top ice-cream cookies

These shortbread biscuits are decorated to look like ice-cream cones. Cold fact.

Fruity taco time

6Fruity taco time

Trick or treat? Serve up these ‘Tacos’ for a self-serve treat at a kids’ party.

Mini hamburgers on sticks

7Mini hamburgers on sticks

Need inspiration for your kids’ party? Score full marks with these mini burgers on a stick!

Turtle cake pops

8Turtle cake pops

Make a splash with your next children’s party by creating these fabulous cake pops.

Chicken nuggets with starfish chips

9Chicken nuggets with starfish chips

Make a splash with your next children’s party by creating these tempting chicken nuggets.

Triangle sandwich cakes

10Triangle sandwich cakes

We’ve given triangle sandwiches a surprise twist to make your next afternoon tea at Nanna’s or kids’ party a whole lot sweeter and lots more fun!

Ice-cream cone cupcakes

11Ice-cream cone cupcakes

Add some fun to your parties with this exciting variation on chocolate cupcakes!

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