Food For Snacks


We’re so impressed with the number of fantastic snacks that we’ve found at our local grocery store. We want to share them with you and hope that you’ll be able to find some new staples in your diet as well.

Food For Snacks

Snacking refers to the intake of foods during the day other than your main meals. Snacks typically consist of smaller food portions distributed between meals.

While no one snack will lead to weight loss, these snacks may help promote weight loss as part of an overall healthy eating pattern.

Here are healthy, weight-loss-friendly snacks to add to your diet.

mixed nut snack including pecans, pistachios, and almonds
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1. Mixed nuts

Nuts are an ideal nutritious snack, providing the perfect balance of healthy fats, protein, and fiber.

There are plenty of nuts you can choose from, including walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, cashews, and pistachios.

Because they don’t require refrigeration, they’re a great choice for snacking on the go. Be mindful of your portion size, and aim to stick to about 1 ounce or 1/4 cup.

2. Red bell pepper with guacamole

The combo of red bell peppers and guac gives you plenty of nutrients that help keep you feeling full for hours.

3. Greek yogurt and mixed berries

Plain Greek yogurt and berries make a delicious, nutrient-dense snack.

4. Apple slices with peanut butter

snack of apple slices with peanut butter on a white plate
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Apples and peanut butter are a match made in heaven — both nutritionally and flavor-wise.

By combining apples with peanut butter, you’ll enjoy a crisp and creamy snack. Try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon for an added flavor boost.

Note that many store-bought peanut butter brands contain added sugars and oils. Check the ingredient list and choose one that only contains peanuts and salt.

5. Cottage cheese and fruit

Cottage cheese is high in filling protein, boasting 24 grams in just 1 cup.

Pairing cottage cheese with fruit complements the cheese’s protein and fat content with the fruit’s fiber, resulting in a sweet, creamy, and filling snack.

The combination is exceptionally good when combining the cheese with tropical fruits such as pineapple, papaya, or watermelon.

6. Celery sticks with cream cheese

Celery sticks with cream cheese are a classic low carb snack that can help keep you feeling full.

7. Kale chips

Kale is incredibly healthy, as it’s loaded with fiber and antioxidants like beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

Healthy Snack Ideas to Power You Through the Day

If you work a nine-to-five job (or something like it), then you know the importance of having healthy snack ideas at the ready to help you power through the WFH or office grind. A nutritious little midmorning or afternoon munch can provide the fuel top-off you need to stay focused until it’s time to clock out. A good snack is also kind of like a mini-break for your mind and treat for your senses.

Generally, an energizing and sustaining snack is going to have some nutritional staying power in the form of protein, fat, and/or fiber, Toronto-based dietitian Abbey Sharp, R.D., has previously told SELF. And while sometimes all you want is a little nibble, San Francisco–based dietitian and SELF columnist Jessica Jones, M.S., R.D., C.D.E., has said that including at least two different food groups (starches, fats, proteins, or fruits/vegetables) will result in a more substantial snack.

This list is full of convenient and healthy snack ideas, including the personal favorites of a few R.D.s and a bunch of our own picks. There are general recommendations for snack-worthy foods as well as specific prepackaged options, plus a few ideas for homemade snacks you can batch-prep if you’re so inclined. Basically, there’s a little bit of everything, so that you can find snacks to suit your tastes, dietary needs, and budget—because the best healthy choices look a little different for everybody. 

Choose two (or three!) from this list for a more filling combination snack, and mix it up so you get a nice variety of nutrients, flavors, and textures—protein and carbs, salty and sweet, creamy and crunchy—to keep your snack game fresh. Keep them within arm’s reach of your home (or office) workspace, or in the kitchen as an excuse to get up and stretch your legs for a minute.

  • sunflower seeds
    • Luis Benitez, EyeEm/Getty Images1Sunflower seedsSeeds are a source of protein, fat, and fiber, Brittany Kohn, M.S., R.D., tells SELF. Sunflower seeds are among Kohn’s favorite types. You’ve got a few different choices, too: They come shelled or unshelled, roasted or raw, salted or unsalted. 
  • Simple Mills SoftBaked Peanut Butter Cookies
    • Thrive Market2Simple Mills Soft-Baked Peanut Butter CookiesGet a double-dose of nuts at snack time with these cakey, honey-sweetened peanut butter cookies, made with almond flour. Pair one or two with a tall glass of milk for extra protein.Buy it: $4, thrivemarket.comEditor’s note: Thrive Market purchases require a membership, which starts at $5 per month but pays for itself if you use it at least once a month.

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  • pumpkin seeds
    • Diana Taliun/Getty Images3Pumpkin seedsThese are another of Kohn’s favorites. Full of fiber, fat, and protein, they’re great by themselves—and even better when you put them on top of things like toast, yogurt, or oatmeal. 
  • Oatmeal
    • Image Source/Getty Images4Plain oatmeal packetsOatmeal isn’t just for breakfast—it makes a hearty snack, too. “Packets of instant, plain oatmeal microwaved with water in a mug and sprinkled with cinnamon is a great cold-weather snack when you want something warm and filling,” Katherine Younger, R.D., tells SELF. (Find more ideas for doctoring up plain oatmeal here.)
  • Assorted Dried Fruits
    • Maximilian Stock Ltd./Getty Images5Dried fruitDried fruit can satisfy that mid-afternoon sweet tooth while tiding you over with filling fiber. Younger goes for a few dried apricots or dates paired with raw nuts for a dose of healthy fat, too. 
  • Hanover Organic Ancient Grain Pretzels
    • Amazon6Hanover Organic Ancient Grain PretzelsEvery well-stocked snack cabinet needs a ridiculously large barrel of pretzels, right? These salty twists are made with spelt, an ancient variety of wheat rich in fiber and protein.Buy it: $13,
  • almonds
    • Unsplash/pixabay.com7AlmondsNuts are delicious, shelf-stable, and “deliver a great protein and fat combo,” says Younger. Almonds are pretty widely available and delicious raw or roasted, salted or unsalted. They pair great with a piece of fruit. 

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