Food With 300 Calories


Welcome to food with 300 calories. You put so much work into counting calories, why not make an extra effort to make sure they are going towards healthy options? Find great food choices with the Calorie Counter. Look up some of your favorites or let our automated search tool narrow down your options based on your selection criteria.


Food With 300 Calories

When you’re looking to dial down the calories for your next meal plan, you need a list of easy-to-make 300 calorie meal plans to pull from.

That’s exactly what you’ll get and these low calorie meals pack in a ton of flavor so you don’t have to sacrifice your taste buds for eating healthily.

Picking your own low calorie dinners can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re looking for and that’s why we wanted to give you a comprehensive list to use.

baked fish fillet

You’ll find low calorie dinner ideas that are sweet and some that are savory so everyone in the family can get something they love.

Whether you need low calorie lunch ideas or low fat dinner ideas, this list has you covered.

What’s even better is, these healthy low calorie meals are super simple to make so you can have dinner ready without needing to spend your entire night on it.

Sit back and pick a couple of favorites from these easy low calorie meals so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body.



1. Turkey Meatloaf

Meatloaf is a classic in many households and the mix of savory flavors is enough to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

This turkey variation is even healthier than the original but it tastes just as great.

Once you get this down, your family will be asking you to make it again and again.

Meatloaf is capable of being mixed into some other dishes too so you could add this to a salad or a sandwich if you have some leftovers after the meal.

Sneak in some extra veggies into your meatloaf because it’s so savory that no one will even be able to tell the difference.



2. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps are the best way to cut some calories out of a meal and this Chicken lettuce wrap recipe is delicious.

The flavors are Asian-inspired so you’ll have a perfect blend of tangy and sweet flavors in your wraps.

Getting rid of any carbs with this meal will not just make it healthier but it’ll also make it a lot cheaper too.

The lettuce gives the perfect light and crunchy texture to the meal mixed with your savory meat.

This is a great one for parties too, because everyone can have their own wrap and it doesn’t require any dipping or extra utensils.



3. Low-Calorie Italian Casserole

When people think of low calorie meals, they think the meal has to be flavorless.

That’s not the case with this Italian casserole recipe that is packed with flavors that will satisfy any taste bud.

You can even throw in a ton of different veggies and greens into your casserole to make it even healthier.

This is one you might be tempted to make with a side of garlic bread, but a fresh salad would be a much better idea.

This is one of the dishes that will fill you up all day long and you won’t have to worry about grabbing snacks in between meals.


4. Skinny Oven Fried Chicken

If you’re short on time and need a dinner you can prepare quickly and be mostly hands-off, this skinny oven-fried chicken dish is your new best friend.

You can make the chicken extra crispy by making a homemade mixture of cornflakes and breadcrumbs.

The best part about the recipe is how easy it is to make.

Once you season the chicken and throw it in the oven, all you need to do is wait till it turns a golden brown.

You can throw a bunch of chicken on a sheet pan too, so that when it’s done you can have leftovers to throw on a salad later in the week.


5. Chicken Burrito Bowls

If you’re craving the mix of flavors the burrito has to offer you can still have it all in one bowl.

Cut out the carbs and have your burrito in a bowl to make it healthier and under 300 calories.

You can even add a little also to the mix if you want to spice it up some.

The ingredients you can add to this burrito bowl are endless so once you get the recipe down, just add in whatever you like.

If you don’t want to use regular rice, you can substitute it for cauliflower rice or quinoa instead.


6. Baked Tilapia with Lemon & Capers

Baking Tilapia is incredibly easy and adding in some lemon with capers sauce really turns it into a tasty dish.

The lemon sauce adds citrus notes and mixed with the salty capers, you’ll have a bright and light meal that is perfect for warmer days when you need a refreshing dish.

The best part about this recipe is how easy it is to whip up. You simply mix the capers, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in a small bowl then spread it over your tilapia filet.

Toss it all in the oven and then wait for perfection to unfold. The entire family will enjoy this flavor profile because it’s probably a good variety from your usual meals.



7. Butternut Squash Soup

When the weather starts getting cooler outside it’s time to bust out this recipe.

Butternut squash soup is the perfect meal to prep on a Sunday afternoon because it’ll last you all week long and you can have a big bowl anytime your heart desires.

It’s also great for those nights when someone says they don’t know what they want for dinner or if you just want something warm and nutritious.

The fall flavors really match the season so your kids might be clamoring for this recipe once they get cold.

Having a huge pot in the fridge during the fall or winter is always a great idea.

Meals Under 300 Calories

Some people enjoy eating two or three larger meals throughout the day, while others (myself included) prefer to eat several smaller meals. Contrary to popular belief, the number of meals you eat is simply a matter of preference as far as weight loss is concerned. When it comes to losing fat, as long as you consume fewer calories than your body uses each day, you will lose weight! The 30 recipes below are all under 300 calories per serving, which is perfect for those of us that enjoy eating several smaller meals each day!

Just because they’re lower in calories does not mean that these recipes are lacking in flavor. Our Skinny Ms. recipe creators know how to pack a lot of nutrition and flavor into a single serving of food! Don’t believe it? See for yourself and try them out!

Meals Under 300 Calories

1. 5-Ingredient Egg Stuffed Peppers

egg stuffed peppers

These 5-ingredient egg stuffed peppers are just as easy to make as they are scrumptious! They’re perfect for busy mornings because you can prep them ahead of time, grab them, and get out the door!

2. Slow Cooker French Toast Casserole


Even when you’re watching what you eat, you can still enjoy a delicious brunch with your friends! This slow cooker french toast casserole is sure to impress you, as well as your guests!

3. Berry Overnight Oats

overnight oat recipes for busy mornings

Berries and quinoa is there a better combination of flavors? I think not. We think that this incredible overnight oats recipe will immediately become one of your new favorites; it’s definitely one of ours!

4. Quinoa Apple Breakfast Bowl 

This quinoa apple breakfast bowl is packed with nutritious ingredients that will help you power through your day. Not to mention that it will also please your taste buds!

5. Spicy Breakfast Tacos

I could eat tacos for every meal, including breakfast! Our healthy, spicy breakfast tacos are vegetarian-friendly, packed with protein, and loaded with fiber!

6. Crustless Vegetable Quiche

Our crustless vegetable quiche is another recipe that is perfect for brunch, but it makes a great weekday to-go breakfast, as well. With 11 grams of protein per serving, it is sure to keep you full all morning long!

7. Spinach and Artichoke Breakfast Sandwich

Looking for something a little more hearty? At just 237 calories per serving, this spinach and artichoke sandwich will fill your belly without wrecking your diet.

8. Strawberry Waffles

Did someone say waffles?! Believe me, after you try this recipe, you’ll never want to eat store-bought waffles again. What’s even better is that the kids will love these just as much as you do!

9. Greek Yogurt Pancakes with Blueberries and Honey

No waffle maker? No problem! These Greek yogurt pancakes with blueberries and honey are just as yummy, and even easier to make! 

10. Turkey Sausage Breakfast Muffins

These protein-rich, low-carb turkey sausage breakfast muffins are super flavorful and perfect for meal prepping ahead of time! Make them on Sunday and have breakfast ready to go all week!

11. Slow Cooker Turkey Sausage with Barley Soup


There are so many reasons to love bringing a thermos of soup with you for lunch! It’s so easy to prep and package ahead of time. This slow cooker soup is also loaded with vital nutrients, as well as incredible flavors. 

21 Easy Meals Under 300 Calories For Meal Prep!

21. Vegan Taco Salad

Vegan Taco Salad



20. Chicken Fried Rice 

Chicken Fried Rice

Calories: 251kcal
Chicken fried rice is one of my best tasty meals for the lunch menu during the holidays. This chicken fried rice makes it so easy and is loaded with lots of chicken, vegetables, and spices. 
With eggs, carrots, green onions, garlic, frozen peas, cooked rice, chicken, and other kitchen staples make a perfect weeknight dinner recipe that everyone will love to eat and share. You can make this recipe with leftover chicken recipes.

19. Pizza Lasagna Rolls 

Pizza Lasagna Rolls

Calories: 232 kcal
If you love pizza, you must love this pizza lasagna roll. It is so tasty, loaded with lots of delicious flavors that make you incredible. 
When you think of some traditional Italian meals for lunch, these hot pizza roll slices come first. These pizza rolls lasagna bites are so yummy, loaded with good quality tomato sauce mixed with cheese, herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. This recipe is for all pizza lovers, enjoy

18. Stir Fry Zucchini Noodles

Stir Fry Zucchini Noodles

Calories: 272 kcal
When you need some healthy meal but you want noodles. These stir fry zucchini noodles are the best option to get a healthy and delicious meal for lunch or dinner. 
These noodles are packed with lots of vegetables and it takes only 30 minutes to prepare at home. This is a low-carb version that maintains your diet and keeps you healthy. Also, you can add any vegetables, turkey, chicken, or anything. 

17. Egg Roll in a Bowl

Egg Roll in a Bowl

Calories: 270kcal 
This egg roll recipe is a delicious and easy recipe that you can make at home for lunch or a snack. This recipe is ready in just 20 minutes to prepare. 
This egg roll is healthy, low carb, and keto-friendly that is filled with delicious pork, crunchy cabbage, onion, and cooked in a delicious sauce. All those ingredients get together in a bowl make a great dinner for all.

16. Carrot and Ginger Soup

Carrot and Ginger Soup

Calories: 154 kcal
This carrot ginger soup is a delicious, comfortable, and healthy meal that is loaded with few ingredients and is ready in just 30 minutes. Simple to make, I’m sure it is your clean eating favorite for lazy days.
You can make this soup in an instant pot or pressure cooker. All the ingredients dump into the pot and cook for 10 minutes. Then quick paste or blend with a hand mixer to get a creamy smooth texture. It is vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free soup that is perfect for lunch or a weeknight busy dinner.

15. Sesame Chicken Stir Fry

Sesame Chicken Stir Fry

Calories: 275 kcal
Looking for a healthy dinner with chicken? Try this stir fry sesame chicken at home which is flavourful, tasty, and easily paired with side dishes like hot white rice, noodles, tacos, etc.
This chicken recipe is delicious, tender soft, and loaded with tangy-sweet sauce makes this recipe so tasty. This is one of my favorite meals under 300 calories that your whole family will love. And it takes only 25-30 minutes.

14. Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

Calories: 282 kcal
Ground turkey sweet potato skillet is a healthy and flavourful meal that you will have on repeat for your family. Easy to make with few ingredients such as ground turkey, sweet potato, onion, spices, and mozzarella cheese. 
This recipe is ready in just under 30 minutes. Serve this recipe with salad or any side dishes and this is the perfect quick and easy healthy dinner for your family..

13. Thai Peanut Chicken Salad

Thai Peanut Chicken Salad

Calories: 251 kcal
Salad is the healthiest option for busy lunch and it gives you nutrition and vitamin. If you love eating salad, must try this Thai peanut chicken salad recipe. It is loaded with chicken, peanuts, lots of vegetables, and peanut dressing. 
An easy and quick recipe that is ready in just 20 minutes to prepare. A fresh, healthy, simple, and perfect meal that is loaded with Tender chicken, crunchy cabbage or use coleslaw, a delicious peanut-lime-ginger dressing, red bell peppers, scallions, and chopped peanuts. This is the best-ever chicken salad recipe that you will love!.

12. Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry

Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry

Calories: 289 kcal 
To make this healthy meal for busy lunch or dinner, this coconut quinoa curry is the best option for your whole family. This is made in the slow cooker, even if you can make it in an instant pot or pressure too. 
Serve this curry recipe with rice, roti, noodles or pasta, etc. This is one of the easiest meals ever and healthy too. Just make this with quinoa, other vegetables, coconut milk, or shredded coconut.

11. Lemon Chickpea Salad

Lemon Chickpea Salad

10. Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

9. Chickpea Spinach Curry

8. Sausage Topped White Pizza 

Sausage Topped White Pizza

7. Cod With Cucumber, Avocado, And Mango Salsa Salad 

Cod With Cucumber, Avocado, And Mango Salsa Salad

6. Blueberry Corn Quinoa Salad 

Blueberry Corn Quinoa Salad

5. Cauliflower Fried Rice

Cauliflower Fried Rice

4. Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry 

Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

3. Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls

Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls

2. Baked Bean Curry

Baked Bean Curry

1. Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad

Calories: 249.3 kcal
Tuna salad is a healthy recipe and protein-packed meal for everybody. A tasty, easy, and quick creamy texture that is loaded with lots of delicious flavors. It is a perfect tuna salad served on lettuce wraps, keto bread, or even with your favorite keto crackers or cheese crisps!

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