Food With Almonds


Food With Almonds promises to give you fresh, healthy and delicious recipes that are made with almonds. You’ll find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. Our recipes use almonds in an assortment of ways. From almond flour to almond milk to almond butter. The best part is they’re all gluten-free!

Food With Almonds

They come raw or roasted, sweet or salty, sprouted or unsprouted but they’re always crunchy and satisfying. Today, almonds are the star of the Nut Show. They come in lots of varieties, and they’re classified by their color, shape and size. The land of Hollywood superstars, California, grows and produces the most almonds worldwide. We may call it a nut, but almonds are actually the seed of a tree. Like any good actor, they can play a number of roles in your diet. You may see them starring on your plate as protein in the form of almond butter. They can also be used as the fat you toss into your salad to keep you satisfied longer. Finally, you may see them in your afternoon snack as energy-laden fuel to rocket you through until dinnertime. So roll out the red carpet, because regardless of the role they’re playing in your diet, almonds are award-winners in the categories of both taste and health benefits.

The Dirty Deets

Should you be concerned that “nuts are fattening”? Not really. Almonds are one of those foods that are loaded with nutrition, and few people find themselves overweight or in poor health from chowing down on too many almonds. Still, it is possible to overdo it and undermine your best weight management intentions. An ounce of almonds — that’s 24 little seeds — packs 180 calories, 6 grams of satisfying protein and 14 grams of heart-healthy fat. Restraint is required, but since these little nutrition nuggets are super satisfying, a little goes a long way. Pre-portioning is really helpful, so make yourself some snack baggies.

  • Almonds help your ticker stay healthy. They lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and are packed with vitamin E, magnesium and potassium, which helps oxygen and nutrients flow more freely through the blood. We know hearts represent love, so show your ticker some lovin’ with almonds.
  • Almonds are a bone-building food. That 1-ounce serving has as much calcium as 1/4 cup of milk. On top of that, they’re loaded with phosphorus to keep your skeleton and chompers healthy and strong, which will lower your risk of fractures and breaks.

How To Chow Down

Thanks to modern technology, you can drink, bake and spread your almonds. If you want to reap the benefits of these nuts, try these options:

  • Almonds are a great dairy alternative. You will find almond milk and almond yogurt right next to the dairy versions. Pour it over your cereal, add it to your coffee or drink it straight. You can replace your regular yogurt for the antioxidant-rich alternative and use it as a snack, in a parfait or dip for your crudités. (As upwave review-board member David Katz, MD, notes, almond milks vary in quality and may contain added sugar; also, they don’t provide all of the nutrients of the nut.)
  • Almond butter is one of those brilliant inventions that was once confined to health food stores, but now we find it everywhere we turn. Use it as you would peanut butter: on a sandwich, with celery sticks and apple slices and stirred into your oatmeal. Be on the lookout for squeeze packs that you can toss into your purse, desk or car for a portable, stable snack on the go.
  • Of course, there is no shortage of almond recipes out there — but if you like them seasoned and snackable, they’ll store for a couple of weeks, so they make a great homemade holiday gift. If you want to make them savory, think cayenne, salt and Tabasco. If you like ‘em sweet, bake ‘em up with some sugar and spice and everything nice.

In The Know

Almonds can even help you in bed. First, crunching almonds can help you relieve aggression, making it easier for your body to rest and relax. The selenium in them fights depression and anxiety, which is essential for good shuteye. Want a homeopathic remedy for upping your man’s libido? The fatty acids in almonds are essential to the production of male hormones that regulate sex drive. Finally, eating almonds before bed can help you fall asleep and stay asleep, thanks to the magnesium and protein they contain. So eat some before light’s out. Sleep tight!

What Are Almonds

You know almonds: They’re the perennial nutritious food. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s down on this tree nut.

The obsession with almonds can be traced way back to 1400 B.C., when the nuts were mentioned in the Bible. Later, almond trees took root in modern-day Spain, Morocco, Greece, and Israel, and eventually, almond trees found a home in California. But it wasn’t until the 20th century that the California almond industry blossomed. Today, almonds grow on over half a million acres and are the state’s top agricultural export.

If you were to look at an almond on the tree, it’d appear nothing like you’re used to seeing in your salads and trail mix. Almonds have a hard, green shell, which cracks open right before harvest. After harvest, they’re dried, and the shell and hull are removed. That’s when they look like the little brown almonds you know and love.

Today, you can buy almonds in various forms: whole, sliced, slivered, or chopped, or as almond flour, milk, paste, or oil. Each is uniquely delicious in its own right, and all are good for you.

Almonds are a healthy part of your daily diet, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate guidelines, and have a number of health benefits like the ones below. 

They May Help Boost Your Heart Health

Almonds can help keep your ticker in shape. In a small study that looked at 48 healthy adults with high LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, which is linked to heart disease, eating 1.5 oz of almonds per day for six weeks decreased LDL cholesterol as well as belly fat compared with people who ate the same number of calories in a muffin. (Both groups’ diets contained the same amount of cholesterol and saturated fat.) The authors conclude that replacing a higher carbohydrate snack with almonds may be a heart-healthy swap.

They Could Help Improve Your Overall Diet

If you do one thing for your health today, let it be eating a handful of almonds. Indeed, research suggests that improving your diet can be as easy as adding almonds to your day. A small study of 29 parents and their children who ate 1.5 and 0.5 oz of almonds or almond butter, respectively, for three weeks saw their diets improve compared with a control group. The nuts also influenced participants’ microbiota (particularly in children); this collection of bacteria in the gut plays a role in immunity and health. What’s more, adding almonds to their diet didn’t increase the total amount of calories that participants consumed, as they likely ate fewer snacks.

They May Help Prevent the Onset of Type 2 Diabetes

When you’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it can be a struggle to change your diet and figure out what you can and can’t eat to best manage your blood sugar. Almonds are on the “eat” list. In a study, 65 adults with prediabetes were put on a 16-week American Diabetes Association–compliant diet in which 20 percent of calories came from 2 oz of almonds per day. Compared with a control group that stayed nut-free, those who ate almonds improved their insulin sensitivity and lowered their LDL cholesterol.

15 Delicious Almond Recipes

And now: our top almond recipes!

Sesame Honey Roasted Almonds

First up in our almond recipes: roasted almonds! This recipe dresses up whole almonds to make them the perfect salty-sweet snack. Roasting them with a mixture of honey, salt, sesame seeds and cayenne pepper makes for a crunchy, elevated take on this superfood nut.GET RECIPE

Easy Almond Butter

Ever made almond butter at home? It’s truly simple and it tastes even better than store bought! In this recipe, you’ll toast the almonds to bring out even more flavor. Then throw them in the food processor and blend until a thick paste forms. (Add a pinch of cinnamon for some flair!)

Almond Cashew Homemade Crackers Recipe

Did you know you can make crackers out of almonds? Yes, this cracker recipe is totally made of nuts: no flour! A blend of almonds and cashews are made into a nut flour that’s rolled out and cut into crackers. Bake them up and they make a crunchy, protein-packed snack.

Skillet Chocolate Chip Almond Flour Cookies

Another almond recipe: our famous chocolate chip skillet cookie! This one has been made and loved by many. The trick is almond flour, which makes the cookie turn out chewy and caramely, almost like a blondie. Since the dough base is primarily almonds, it’s got more nutrients than the typical refined white flour cookie. And it’s easy to make: mix all ingredients in a bowl, dump it in a skillet, and bake. You can’t get much easier than that!

Honey Almond Granola

Granola is a classic almond recipe. In this honey almond granola, slivered almonds shine in a mixture of oats, honey and cinnamon. Mix in your favorite dried fruit (we love raisins and dried cherries) and enjoy with yogurt or milk.

Famous Tomato Almond Dip

This tasty tomato dip has become a bit “famous” in our circles: friends and family always asks if we’re bringing the tomato almond dip! This dip takes just 5 minutes to whiz together in a blender or food processor. And the ingredients are seriously simple: canned tomatoes, almonds, garlic, and olive oil. And the flavor? Every time we make it, this tangy tomato dip is gobbled right up in a flash

5 Minute Romesco Gnocchi Sauce

Romesco sauce is a traditional Spanish almond recipe made of red pepper, almonds and garlic. Here we’ve made a 5-minute sauce for gnocchi pasta by whizzing up romesco sauce in the blender. It comes out with a tangy flavor, and the almonds make it more filling than a traditional marinara. Substitute in any type of pasta for the gnocchi.

Chocolate Almond Cake

Here’s a chocolate cake recipe that’s made of almonds! It’s naturally gluten-free by using ground almonds instead of flour: you can grind them in a food processor or use purchased almond meal. It’s rich, chocolatey and delicious, sweetened with maple syrup and chocolate chips! The decadent cakes are served in little ramekins for individual portions.

Vegetarian Spinach Quiche with Almond Crust

Almonds can substitute in for quiche crust, too! This almond recipe is a vegetarian quiche; it’s naturally gluten free using almond flour and olive oil. It’s delightfully crunchy: an improvement on the traditional pastry crust, we’d say! The quiche is filled with a hearty spinach and Gruyere cheese filling, that’s got shallots and a splash of white wine for sophistication. It’s a total crowd pleaser!GET RECIPE

Blackberry Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

One of the best and easiest places to use almonds in recipes? Salads! We’ve used almonds on more salads than we can count. But here’s a perfect one to try: this salad features baby greens, tangy blackberries, and creamy goat cheese. Top it off with a contrasting crunch: here we used smoked almonds to make the salad over-the-top incredible.

Cherry Almond Snack Bars

Another great almond recipe is using almonds to make snack bars! These are similar to a homemade Lara bar, using almonds, cocoa powder, Medjool dates, and dried cherries to make a brownie-like, nutrient-dense bar. Medjool dates are a variety of date that are large and exceptionally sweet: they’re used to make the energy bars that you’ll find packaged in stores. And there even more fun to make at home!

Chocolate Muesli Recipe

Ever had muesli! While granola is typically covered in oil and sugar and baked until it’s very crispy, muesli is typically either raw or lightly toasted. It has no oil and usually no sweetener or is lightly sweetened. This recipe is a chocolate muesli, so it’s lightly sweetened with maple and has a little bit of dark chocolate and dried cherries. Serve it up with almond milk and it’s seriously satisfying.

Chocolate Cherry Dessert Bites

Here’s another great way to use almonds: in a dessert crust! These chocolate cherry dessert bites highlight all the best of that natural pairing: chocolate and cherries. They’re rich and chocolate-y but use just a few whole food ingredients! The crust is made of mostly almonds and oats, blended into crumbles and pressed into a muffin tin. And the creamy chocolate mousse topping is made of just three ingredients: coconut oil, maple syrup and cocoa powder. Topped with delicious sweet cherries, each one is a little bit of heaven.

Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice Cream

Why not use almonds as mix-ins in ice cream? This one is a homemade version of the popular Baskin Robbins flavor: it’s intensely coffee flavored, with a chocolate tahini ribbon and roasted almonds. It’s dairy-free too: but so creamy you’d never know it!

Fudgy Vegan Brownie Recipe

And last but not least in our almond recipes: these fudgy vegan brownies! The almonds are incorporated in two ways: in almond butter, which makes the brownies gooey and fudgy. Then, chopped almonds and dark chocolate chips are sprinkled as a crunchy topping. These have become a fan favorite!

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