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What is up, cheeseheads! We’re so excited to welcome you to our new food blog, Food With Cheese.

We are two stay-at-home moms who love food and cheese—and by that we mean, like, really love them. One of us (Christina) has a three-year-old son and a six-year-old daughter; the other (Alicia) is the mother of twin girls who are five. We both live in the same neighborhood in New York City, and one day we were just sitting around chatting about our favorite things: food and cheese! And then we were like… why don’t we start a blog?

So here it is. It’s all about our favorite recipes that involve—you guessed it—food with cheese. We’ll be posting lots of recipes as well as tips for making your own meals at home that involve food with cheese. Hopefully you’ll find something you like here!

Food With Cheese

15 Best Cheese Recipes | Easy Cheese Recipes

Cheese is the one ingredient which is used worldwide and is loved by over half the world’s population. Here are our 15 best cheese recipes, featuring savoury tarts, cheese fondue, pasta and more.

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15 Best Cheese Recipes | Easy Cheese Recipes

Cheese recipes to prepare at home.


  • Here we bring you our favourite cheese recipes.
  • They are super indulgent to have.
  • Take a look.

Here are our 15 best cheese recipes which we think are a must try.
Cheese! Glorious cheese! Glorious cheese!

Think: Cheese atop crackers, a dreamy pizza with melted cheese, a piping hot bowl of mac n cheese, a heavenly ham and cheese sandwich, and the list goes on. Cheese is the one ingredient which is used worldwide and is loved by over half the world’s population. A turophile is a person who loves cheese. It is known that some ancient Roman houses had a special kitchen called careale only for making cheese! Cheese can be made with the milk from cow, sheep, goat or buffalo. Did you know that in the 16th century, cheese was known to have been used as a currency in Denmark? The United States is in fact, the largest producer of cheese now and there are about 2000 varieties available all over the world.

We bring you our 15 favourite cheese recipes, featuring savoury tarts, fondue, pasta and more. Your taste buds are in for a treat, we promise.

1. Oreo Cookie Cheesecake

A much-loved dessert made with crunchy oreo cookies, luscious cream cheese and melted chocolate. This cake is a sweet sweet blessing!


Cheese Recipes- Cheesecake is a classic dessert that can disappoint just nobody, specially when cream cheese melts in the mouth!

2. Margherita Pizza
Cheese used: Mozzarella cheese

When you think of cheese, does an image of a piping hot pizza flash across your eyes? Well then, here’s the recipe of the classic Margherita pizza with mozzarella cheese (famously known as the pizza cheese!) and basil leaves.


Cheese Recipes- A true Italian flag, classic margherita pizza is the favourite of one and all.

3. Watermelon, Olive and Feta Salad

Cheese used: Feta cheese

The perfect summer salad of melon, olives and feta cheese with toasted pumpkin seeds. The sweetness of watermelon is balanced well with chaat masala, lemon and soy sauce. A melange of flavours!

Cheese Recipes- A refreshing summer salad with goodness of watermelon along with feta cheese.
4. Savory Corn Tarts

Cheese used: Cheddar cheese; Ricotta cheese

Party snacks get a healthy makeover! Go gluten free with these savory tarts made with maize flour and filled with a cheesy vegetable mix.

Cheese Recipes- Go gluten free with these savory maize tarts full of cheese!

5. Gratin of Potatoes with Garlic Cream

Cheese used: Gruyere cheese; Cheddar cheese; Parmesan cheese

Dig deep into layers of sliced, seasoned potatoes and three types of cheese, baked golden brown with garlic-y undertones.

Cheese Recipes- A favourite party snack, goodness of garlic dipped deep into cheese.
6. Cheese and Pesto Eggplant

Cheese used: Parmesan or Cheddar

Eggplant laced with Parmesan cheese and baked in freshly made pesto sauce.

Cheese Recipes- Goodness of pesto and eggplant, baked to perfection.

7. Four Cheese Pasta

Cheese used: Swiss emmental cheese; Cheddar cheese; Parmesan cheese; Brie cheese

Cheese lovers, rejoice! Gourmet macaroni cheese with parmesan, cheddar, brie and emmental. This recipe is as cheesy as it can get. 


Cheese Recipes- Cheese lovers, rejoice. Gourmet macaroni cheese with parmesan, cheddar, brie and emmental. This recipe is as cheesy as it can get.

8. Cheese Fondue

Cheese used: Swiss emmental cheese; Gruyere cheese

Fondue is a Swiss dish made with melted cheese. Emmenthaler and Gruyere cheese melted and drizzled with some white wine. Dip blanched vegetables like broccoli and baby corn in this hot mixture and enjoy the cheesiness in every bite.


Cheese Recipes- A Swiss dish made with melted cheese and drizzled with white wine
9. French Onion Soup with Cheese Souffle

Cheese used: Any or mozzarella cheese

An old world classic – a broth of sweet caramelized onions topped with a cheesy souffle as light as a feather. Baked till the cheese melts and served immediately, this one’s a slurp that warms your soul!


Cheese Recipes- A classic French soup, light and easy.
10. Mushroom Mac and Cheese

Cheese used: Gruyere cheese; Cheddar cheese; Parmesan cheese

The ultimate comfort food – mac and cheese, now with the goodness of mushrooms.

Cheese Recipes- The classic comfort food.

11. Classic Mac and Cheese

Cheese used: Cheddar cheese

The quintessential cheese recipe! Mac and cheese is the most loved, all-time meal for kids and adults alike. Quick, easy and loaded with cheese.p8o5usq

Cheese Recipes- A quick and easy mac and cheese recipe in a microwave.

12.  Blueberry Cheese Pastry

Cheese used : cream cheese 

A perfect dessert with tinge of blueberries and creamy cheesecake to indulge in for anyone with a sweet tooth!


13. Cheese Rakakat

These Lebanese cheese rolls also known as Rakakat (in Arabic) are a well-known appetizer, served right along with hummus or baba ganoush.


14. Mozzarella Sticks

A must-have in every café menu, mozzarella sticks give the perfect combination of cheesy gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside.


15. Masala Cheese Toast

As you can tell by the name, this toast recipe is filled with a host of tangy and spicy masala and cheese that gives a burst of flavour in every bite.


food with cheese ideas

Best ever cheese recipes

Cauliflower cheese

Cauli cheese. Arguably one of the heroes of British food. Is it really a roast dinner if there’s no super cheesy, crispy-topped, piping hot cauliflower cheese on the table? Easy to make, you may argue, but follow these handy hints and tips to make it unreal.

Bombay chilli cheese toastie

Stuffed with peppers, spices, potato, cheese and green chutney, chef Maunika Gowardhan’s favourite cheese toastie is so very moreish.

Bombay chilli cheese toastie

Baked fondue with potato and pickle dippers

Three types of melted cheese, hot potatoes and little gherkins on sticks – what’s not to love? This recipe has weekend written all over it.

Baked fondue with potato and pickle dippers

Vegetarian Welsh rarebit with poached eggs

A quick veggie-packed version of a classic Welsh rarebit served with soft runny eggs.

Rarebit Recipe with Poached Eggs and Spinach

Quick mac ’n’ cheese with crispy breadcrumbs

Easy, cheesy comfort and no faffing about making a flour-based roux, this mac ‘n’ cheese is ready in just 25 minutes, perfect midweek comfort food.

Mac ’n’ Cheese with Crispy Breadcrumbs Recipe

Giant cheese-stuffed Mexican meatballs

Dark chocolate and dried ancho chillies add richness and heat to this indulgent meatball bake. Serve with a fresh coriander salad for a crowdpleasing winter warmer.

Giant Cheesy Mexican Meatballs Recipe with Rice

Tartiflette tart

You can make everything for this tart – pastry shell and filling – ahead of time. Just fill with crispy bacon lardons, pickled cornichons and melt-in-the-mouth reblochon cheese and bake to serve.

French Tartiflette Tart Recipe with Shortcrust Pastry

Croûte savoyarde

Next-level cheese on toast, this comforting open-faced sandwich is covered in melted cheese, soaked in white wine and topped with ham and crispy fried eggs for pure indulgence.

Croûte Savoyarde Recipe (Cheese on Toast) from Author Felicity Cloake

Four-cheese lobster toastie

Take your festive toastie up a notch with chunky chopped lobster in a silky, oozy four-cheese sauce.


Cheese and Marmite flapjacks

A great way to pack in the oats without adding tons of sugar – cheese and Marmite together is an umami bomb.

Cheese Flapjacks Recipe with Marmite

Cheddar and spring onion risotto with balsamic tomatoes

Try our creamy risotto oozing with mature cheddar cheese topped with pan-fried cherry tomatoes bursting with flavour.

Risotto with Cheddar Cheese Recipe with Balsamic Tomatoes and Onions

Italian flatbread with pear, walnut and gorgonzola

The combination of gorgonzola, pears and walnuts is usually found in a salad but works brilliantly on this molten cheesy bread. It’s great hot but equally good for lunchboxes the day after.

Italian Flatbread Recipe with Pear, Walnut and Gorgonzola

Korean chilli-cheese fries

Load French fries with Korean chilli flakes, gochujang, coriander and plenty of cheese for an indulgent sharing dish to serve at your next gathering.

Korean Cheese Fries Recipe

Best ever cauliflower cheese

Cauli cheese. Arguably one of the heroes of British food. Is it really a roast dinner if there’s no super cheesy, crispy-topped, piping hot cauliflower cheese on the table? Easy to make, you may argue, but follow these handy hints and tips to make it unreal.

Cauliflower Cheese Bake Recipe

Greens and gruyère toastie

Try our quick and easy toast recipe from food writer John Gregory-Smith. This oozy fried cheese sandwich is made using swiss chard, cream and gruyère cheese – the perfect indulgent brunch.

Gruyère Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Mac ‘n’ cheese with bacon

An overwhelmingly cheesy pasta bake that’s rich with Red Leicester and crispy bacon pieces, finished off with a crunchy breadcrumb topping. Guaranteed to make you grin from ear to ear.

mac n cheese with bacon

Tex-Mex cheese on toast

Packed with plenty of flavour, our super simple Tex-Mex style cheese on toast makes for a great quick and easy lunch

Tex-Mex Cheese on Toast

Croque monsieur galette

Need an indulgent cheese recipe? Make this galette recipe with golden puff pastry and ham oozing with nutty and creamy gruyère cheese for a showstopping dish.

Puff Pastry Galette with Ham and Cheese

Halloumi fries

Is there anything better than fried cheese?! We don’t think so! Ever since we tried street food van Oli Baba’s legendary halloumi fries they’ve been haunting our dreams.

This is our attempt to recreate that deep-fried cheesy magic. You may have noticed that we’re mad about halloumi at olive, so we’ve create a collection of our best halloumi recipes.

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