Food With Free Delivery


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably spent more of your life ordering food than cooking it. But who says that has to be the way it is?

At [company name], we believe that the best things in life are homemade—and we don’t just mean what you eat. That’s why we’ve created a service that makes it easy and affordable to get delicious, homemade meals right to your door. We’ve taken the best recipes from all over the world and made them easy to cook at home. And since we’re all about making sure everyone can enjoy this experience, our recipes are also free of gluten, dairy, and other common allergens.

Whether you’re trying to save time or money, or just want a healthier alternative to takeout, we’ve got something for everyone!

Food With Free Delivery

We’ve all been there: You’re ordering food for a night in from your favorite restaurant. The splurge is worth it, and you don’t have to get all dressed up if you’re not leaving the house. But then, when you place your order, it hits you — the food delivery fee. In some cases, it’s a couple bucks. In others, a quite a bit higher (we’ve seen up to $20 delivery fees). And then you start second-guessing your decision. Perhaps you’ll put on shoes to pick up that order, after all.


Can I Get Free Food Delivery From Restaurants?

Sometimes. And we’re about to show you some ways to do that. But first, a little history — you may remember the spring of 2020. That’s when restaurants, desperate for business in a time when people were hesitant to buy or touch anything that hadn’t been disinfected first, used free delivery as a motivator to get people to order. These days, restaurants are having another problem with demand — too much demand and a worker shortage. So, free delivery is a bit harder to come by.

Is the Delivery Fee the Same Thing as a Tip?

No. Always tip on food delivery. The delivery fee, in most cases, helps a restaurant cover fees and costs incurred in delivering food. It does not go to the driver. Most food delivery apps from restaurants and food delivery services (Grubhub Uber Eats, etc.) let you easily add a tip to show your driver your appreciation.

Restaurants and Apps With Free Food Delivery

Note: We endeavor to keep this guide up to date, but offers change. When possible, we’ll note the expiration dates on the offers we feature, so you know if a free food delivery offer is still valid.

These days, it’s also important to know that most chains partner with delivery apps (like Uber, Doordash and Postmates). And those apps offer their own free delivery specials. So even if a restaurant isn’t offering free food delivery, check your apps!

Boston Market Free Delivery

Most Boston Market orders qualify for free delivery, if you meet an order minimum (which varies by area). We added an order for around $30 via the Boston Market website and got free delivery. Meanwhile, our $7 order was charged a delivery fee.

Cheesecake Factory Free Delivery

The Cheesecake Factory participates in DoorDash’s free delivery, first order program. Just get the DoorDash app, place your first order (at the Cheesecake Factory) and pay nothing for delivery.


DoorDash Free Delivery

New DoorDash user? Good news — DoorDash offers free delivery on your first order from hundreds of participating restaurants. Just look for the $0 delivery fee as you’re browsing. Many times, a minimum order will be required.

After you get your free delivery, you can still save on DoorDash — and get 1% cash back on all orders through RetailMeNot (expires May 31).

Drizly Free Delivery

Get some wine or beer to go with that food delivery. Alcohol delivery service Drizly is advertising a promo code on its social media pages (DRZLY) that gets you $0 delivery. You bet we snagged this deal:

Plus, click through from RetailMeNot to snag cash back on your purchase.

Fogo De Chao

Catering orders over $200 for Father’s Day get free delivery. Learn more.

Grubhub Free Delivery

Grubhub offers free delivery at select restaurants for new customers. Check your app. Or find free delivery promo codes here.

If you frequently use Grubhub, consider signing up for Grubhub+. It’s a subscription service that gets you free delivery on orders of $12 or more. GH+ costs $9.99 a month (but you can get a free trial).

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches

The chain, which has locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Texas, will offer free delivery through June 12, 2022.


Insomnia Cookies

You get free delivery by subscribing to the CookieMagic program ($9.99 per month). And, if you go to a physical location, you’ll get one free cookie per day. Learn more.

Jersey Mike’s Free Delivery

Order via the app and use this promo code to nix the delivery on orders over $15 (limited time).

Kwik Trip

The convenience store chain is launching delivery and, to celebrate, it’s offering free delivery through June 30, 2022. You must order through the Kwik Trip Rewards app. Learn more.

Noodles & Company Free Delivery

We’ve seen free delivery offers from Noodles in the past, including one you just missed (ended May 16).

The good news is, you can get free food delivery if you earn 350 points via the Noodles & Company rewards program.

Panera Free Delivery

You can get free Panera delivery via DoorDash’s free-delivery-for-first-order program. Get the offer here.

Ordering delivery directly from Panera? For a limited time, get a free beverage when you place a delivery order of $10 or more. Use this promo code.

Pollo Campero Free Delivery

We confirmed on our order — delivery is free (may vary by location and order total).

Tiff’s Treats Free Delivery

We couldn’t resist including this local favorite. Join Tiff’s Treats Elites for $50 a year and unlock unlimited free delivery on orders over $15.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

For a limited time, get free delivery on orders over $25 at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. To get this deal, you most order via the chain’s website or app. Not all addresses are valid for delivery, and your minimum order must be at least $25 before taxes. Learn more.


Uber Eats Free Delivery

Hit up the “Deals” tab in your Uber Eats app to scope out free food delivery offers near you, like the one we spotted recently from Cracker Barrel. Most of these will have spending requirements attached, but hey, leftovers right?

Image: Uber app

The Uber Eats Deals tab has plenty of other treasures, too, like free menu items, which can save you as much as free delivery. Or, sign up for Uber One. It’s a subscription program ($9.99 per month or an annual fee of $99.99) that gets you unlimited $0 food delivery when you place an order of at least $15.

free delivery pizza

Mmm, pizza. There’s nothing like biting into a warm slice full of gooey cheese and toppings. Americans spend a lot of dough on the meal; the Slice Life reports we spend $38 billion annually on our favorite food. It’s easy to spend $25+ for delivery to your home. However, did you know you can score your favorite meal for free?

Yes, it’s possible to get free pizza delivery to your home. Thanks to rewards programs and other specials, you can often save a decent amount of money, or even get a free meal.

Whether your favorite is Chicago-style deep dish or New York thin crust, few people will turn down a free slice of pie.

Ways to Get Free Pizza Delivered to Your Home

Nothing is better than free food, especially when you have a growing family or don’t feel like cooking dinner. If you want to learn how to get free pizza delivered to your home, here’s how to do it at seven popular chains.

Just remember you still might be on the hook for delivery charges, unless you earn enough rewards to cover it.

1. Domino’s

Domino’s Pizza is well-known throughout the country. Not only do they sell pizza, but they sell other items like chicken, sandwiches, and salads.

Here’s how to get free Domino’s Pizza at home.

Earn Points

Even if you don’t order very often, it’s worth signing up for Domino’s reward club. For every $10 you spend, you receive ten points.

When you earn 60 points, you get a free pie. So, whether you order in a lot or a little, it doesn’t matter, you can still earn rewards.

Sign Up for Their Wedding Registry

You can also have a wedding registry with Domino’s? It’s a pizza lover’s dream.

If you want a free meal, you can have people gift you a pie and get it delivered on your wedding day.

Sign Up for Their Email/Text List

Members always get the best perks. You can sign up for Domino’s email list or opt-in to receive texts from them.

*Related: Need to order a pizza today? You can order that, and more, via DoorDash. Frugal Rules readers pay a $0 delivery fee on their first order.

These emails and texts usually include deals that most people don’t ever hear about, and some even include free pizza codes to redeem for a pie.

2. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is as well-known as Domino’s. If you prefer them over Domino’s, there are ways you can get free Pizza Hut delivery to your home.

Be A T-Mobile User

Pizza Hut runs regular deals for T-Mobile users, one being a free medium pizza. That doesn’t mean you need to join a new cell phone carrier just for the sake of a free meal.

But if you’re already a T-Mobile user, or considering switching, it’s a decent perk.

Get Your Free Pizza Via Points

Pizza Hut also has a rewards system. You can earn points through their Hut Rewards program, and use those points for free food. For every dollar you spend, you earn two points.

You can redeem 200 points for a medium pizza or wait until you hit 250 to cash in on a large pizza. And that’s any style, with whatever toppings your heart desires.

Join Their Email/Text List

Almost every company has an email list or text opt-in, and for a good reason. But Pizza Hut takes that to the next level.

When you join, you already get something for free: cheese sticks. All you have to do is sign up and get your coupon emailed to you.

However, keep in mind that you can’t use that coupon in addition to other offers.

3. Papa John’s

I’m partial to Papa John’s. It’s one of my favorite chains for pizza delivery.

Earn Free Points

Papa John’s has never given us a bad pizza, it’s always quick and fresh, and I love their rewards program.

We don’t order often, but I can get a free meal at least twice a year, which is a win in my book.

When you enroll in Papa Rewards, you receive one point for every dollar you spend. Once you reach 75 points, you earn $10 in Papa Dough, that you can use on anything.

If you scout their deals section, you can easily find a pizza for $10 or less, which means free food for my family.

Get Text Alerts

You can sign up for deals and promotions for Papa John’s through your phone. This could mean free desserts, sides, or any meal.

Signing up is easy and takes less than one minute, but it could get you a free pie, and that’s pretty cool.

4. Little Caesars

It may be because their pizzas are so cheap to begin with, you can’t really beat a $5 hot and ready pizza, but Little Caesars doesn’t offer a rewards program.

However, there are still some ways to score a free meal.

The best way to do this is to watch their specials. They offer deals on pizza throughout the year.

For example, in 2019, they made a bet for March Madness and won, so they gave everyone pizza. They’ve also given out free pies to first responders, to teachers, and more.

5. Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s makes pizza that you take home and bake, so it technically won’t deliver to your door.

However, you can get free pizza if you have a 3rd party delivery service in your area, like Grubhub or Postmates by Uber Eats, or you can order for carry-out.

Join Their Rewards Program

Like other chains, Papa Murphy’s has a rewards system. It’s called MySlice Rewards, and it earns you food for free for being a loyal customer.

Unlike the other restaurants, you earn rewards with every purchase from Papa Murphy’s. Rewards will vary, but a free pizza is an option.

If you don’t want to join their rewards program, you can still sign up for deals by texting “PIZZA” to 90421.

6. Marco’s

Marco’s already has great deals. $7 for a pie is a steal, but they also have ways to get free pizza, which is even better.

Get Loyalty Rewards

Marco’s has a simple rewards program. For every dollar spent, you earn a point. Once you reach 100 points, you receive $10 off.

That’s enough for one free pie, and you could have just enough money left over for the delivery fee. Signing up is easy and takes less than two minutes.

Signing up also means getting free rewards on your birthday, so this is great if your birthday is coming up soon.

7. Godfather’s

If you have a Godfather’s near you, you can even score a free lunch or dinner from the chain. Here’s how.

Join the Loyalty Club Via Your Phone

Godfather’s Pizza doesn’t have the best loyalty program on this list, but it is worth mentioning.

If you hate ordering online or don’t have a computer, the Godfather’s app is user-friendly and lets you painlessly order a meal.

It’s available for both Android and iPhone users. You can start earning rewards on your first order. As with most loyalty programs, you receive a point for every dollar spent.

Once you reach 150 points, you can cash out for a free meal. You can also earn free food just by being an app user.

Godfather’s often puts free pizza promo codes on their app under rewards and offers.

You can also receive rewards by referring friends. When they use your referral code, you receive 15 points added to your account.

This is great if your family and friends love pizza just as much as you do.

Other Ways to Save Money on Delivery

If you don’t prefer a particular chain, you’re in luck. You can often score discounts to help save money on your next order, regardless of the restaurant.

Here are some tips to help you save money when ordering lunch or dinner.

Get Discounts

You don’t have to join loyalty programs just to earn a free pie. Another way to get free food is to look up discounts or coupons right online.

Capital One Shopping is my go-to resource when ordering meals online. Capital One Shopping is a free extension you add to your favorite browser.

After adding to your browser, you shop as usual.

When ordering food online, for example, it looks for active promo codes. At checkout, the extension applies the selected coupon code to your cart, and you save money.

capital one shopping
Capital One Shopping
Save more when you shop!

Snag better prices automatically on the things you buy with valid discount codes.

Get Started

Earn Free Cash for Pizza

A terrific way to earn free food is to earn gift cards to your favorite restaurants. You can earn rewards points to redeem for gift certificates in your spare time by doing small tasks online.

One of my favorite ways to get free gift cards is by using Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a loyalty rewards website where you can earn SB points for doing simple tasks. These include:

  • Taking surveys
  • Using their shopping portal
  • Watching sponsored videos
  • Using their search engine

You can redeem SB points for gift cards or cash. If you prefer gift cards, they offer over 100 chains to choose from.

Swagbacks – get cash back on your purchases
Get a $5 bonus!

Earn points doing small tasks – paid surveys, watching videos, even shopping! Redeem earnings for cash or gift cards.  

Get Started

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

A final way to save money on pizza delivery is to purchase discounted gift cards to your favorite chain. You won’t save significant money, but you can often save at least ten percent this way.

Raise is a terrific platform to purchase discounted gift cards. The site can send either physical or electronic gift cards to use.

Alternatively, sites like Groupon often run deals for discounted pizza you can purchase.

Bottom Line

If you’re a pizza lover, there are numerous ways to score a free pie. Nothing is better than getting a meal delivered to your home for next to nothing.

Some options may require a little more work than others, but if you have a favorite chain, sign up for their rewards program to save money on your next delivery.

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