Food With Parking Near Me


Food With Parking Near Me. Planning a dinner with friends, or even dinner for one? Are you going over to the neighbors house and need to know the best places to park before you rush over? Shop for dinner on-line and then use this app to find parking near your destination.


Food With Parking Near Me

As a resident of Los Angeles, you spend more time in your car than you do on the couch, at your office, or with your supposed “loved ones” – combined. Which means the second thing you think about after you get in said car (after “How can I avoid the 405 today?”) is “What’s the parking situation like where I’m going?”

And while this is the city of valet, you don’t always want to pay $12 for someone else to take your keys and leave your car exactly where you put it. These are our favorite restaurants with easy, relatively inexpensive parking – whether that involves a strip mall lot, metered street spots, or neighborhoods that won’t tow you after 6pm. Because maybe Joni Mitchell got it wrong – sometimes, paradise is the parking lot.

Hotville Chicken




$$$$(323) 792-4835


The Sistine Chapel. Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons.” Dev Patel’s perfect, symmetrical face. And… the parking structure at Hotville Chicken? With two levels, endless spots, and square-footage nearing the length of a football field, this architectural masterpiece is exactly what we mean when we say “easy, relatively inexpensive parking.” Especially because, in this instance, “inexpensive” actually means “free.” And if all of that wasn’t enough, it definitely doesn’t hurt that Hotville is certified hot chicken royalty (the owner is related to the owner of Prince’s in Nashville) that’s also serving some of the best mac and cheese around.

M. Georgina review image

M. Georgina



$$$$(213) 334-4113


There aren’t many good things that we can say about The Row DTLA, the massive, industrial outdoor mall that M. Georgina is located in. It feels like someone took an old clothing factory and turned it into a dystopian playground for luxury fashion brands. We once dropped our phone here and it cracked. Late-stage capitalism. Yet, despite all of that – the parking is magnificent. Maybe it was a gross miscalculation, or blind optimism, or perhaps just Icarus-level hubris, but whoever designed this place built a true palace of parking. Ten floors and hundreds of spots, most of which have never been christened with the presence of a vehicle. Anyway, the first two hours are always free here, with or without validation.

Ramen Tatsunoya

Located on that perpetually congested stretch of Sunset Blvd. that’s also home to Mh Zh, Night + Market Song, and not a single parking structure, trying to find a spot around Ramen Tatsunoya is like setting a social media limit for yourself on your phone – useless, disappointing, and at some point, you’ll take a good, hard look in the mirror and ask “How did we get here?” That is, unless you know about their secret lot – head to the back of the restaurant and save the emergency Skype session with your therapist for another day. Unless you’re EGOT-winner and Malibu resident Barbra Streisand, getting to this seafood destination is no short trek. So obviously, the last thing you want to do is spend even more time in your car looking for parking. And while there are plenty of places along the PCH without lots that are more than happy to have you leave your Toyota Corolla by the ocean then run across the longest state route in California (cough cough, @ Neptune’s Net), Broad Street’s shopping-plaza location means ample parking. Which, in turn means more quality time with their amazing hot lobster roll.

King’s Hawaiian Bakery

$$$$(310) 530-0050

King’s has two locations in the South Bay, but our favorite, and the one we navigate to whenever we have a hard day at work and/or we remember how bad they made Chris Messina look in Birds of Prey, is their Torrance outpost. Partly because of the on-site bakery (where they make one of the best haupia cakes outside of the 808), but mostly because of their glorious on-site parking. Expansive, free, and most importantly, in range of their wifi, much like the breadsticks policy at a certain beloved Italian-American restaurant chain, the possibilities here are endless.

Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine



$$$$(626) 282-4477


Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine is one of the greatest places to eat in Alhambra. Their menu is filled with incredible Indonesian/Singaporean dishes like laksa mee (spicy curry noodle soup) and nasi campur kalimantan (a mixed plate served with Chinese sausage, BBQ pork, and fried chicken over rice). The roti prata comes with a side of curry and is grilled and flipped to doughy perfection. But best of all? They’re located right next to the First Street Parking Facility, which comes with four hours of free parking, and is perhaps the first parking structure in history to be rated five stars on Google.

Dollar Hits




$$$$(213) 399-3160


Like the scene in A Star Is Born where Ally performs “Shallow” for the first time (and Lady Gaga performs the worst delivery of the word “typewriter” ever recorded), Dollar Hits is a party that takes place in a parking lot. So leave your car in any one of the spaces out front, then head over to the communal grills at this street-food spot in Historic Filipinotown, where you’ll find delicious $1 sticks of BBQ chicken, pork intestine, and fried chicken head.




$$$$(323) 254-2559


This casual spot is a great place for a weeknight meal – it’s hard to go wrong with anything on the Taiwanese menu, but we would circle many blocks just to eat their house-baked scallion bread. But we don’t have to, because of how easy parking is in Highland Park. It’s free (and easy to find) on residential streets throughout most of the neighborhood. And in busier areas – off York or Figueroa – there are plenty of cheap parking lots, so we have more money for dan dan noodles.

All Time



$$$$(323) 660-3868


Los Feliz is definitely not known for having plentiful parking. So we’re not sure why there are always spots open near All Time. We won’t question it, though, because we would walk much, much farther than half a block for one of the best restaurants on the Eastside. There are usually spots on Hillhurst (especially across the street, by the Albertsons), and the surrounding residential neighborhood doesn’t have any parking restrictions.

Parking for Oversized Vehicles & Vans in Boston

Boston Parking Lots & Garages for Oversized Vehicles & Vans

Finding parking for a vehicle this large in Boston presents two challenges:  1) the height of your van, and 2) the size of the parking space you’ll need.

Boston Parking Lots for Tall Vans

Let’s start with height first because that can be the biggest limiting factor.  If your van is really tall, you won’t be able to fit into many of Boston’s parking garages.  

You also may not be able to drive under some of overpasses on Storrow Drive along the Charles River.  I know you’re not asking about that – but since vans and trucks get stuck, or worse, sheer off their tops, while trying to go under the lower overpasses periodically, avoid this road if your van is 10 feet or higher.

But back to parking.  Your best bet in terms of clearance is to find an open air parking lot.  Although they are rapidly disappearing from the central parts of the city, there are still a few left.  For example:

  • 25 Northern Ave Parking Lot, Seaport (617-723-1488)
  • 530 Harrison Ave Parking Lot, South End (617-350-8870)

In the South End, there are a few additional small lots along Albany Street.  The North End also has a few surface lots – but due to the narrow neighborhood streets and almost constant congestion, trying to drive a large van in that neighborhood would not be advisable. 

Another possibility for open air lots (as well as garages that might accommodate your size and clearance requirements) are the MBTA lots and garages at subway (“T”) and commuter rail stations.  Regular weekday parking rates range from $2-$9/day, and weekend rates at most of them are cheaper.  They are managed by a variety of companies, and you would probably need to contact them individually to find out if they offer oversize parking and if so, what the rates would be.  You can find a list on the MBTA website.

Boston Garages for Oversized Vehicles & Vans

Now let’s look at garages.  To make sure they will accommodate you, they need two things:  1) clearance, especially at the entry/exits, higher than your van, and 2) large enough parking spaces for your vehicle.   

Here are several good options in different parts of Boston:

  • Garage at Post Office Square, Financial District – The Congress Street entrance clearance is 7 feet 6 inches, as is the height of the Lobby Level parking.  They do have some space on this level for oversized vehicles.  You need to contact them for more information and rates: 617-423-1430; website
  • Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, 415 Summer Street, South Boston – You can park oversized vehicles in the self-park BCEC South Lot for $40.  More information:  website
  • Boston Marriott Copley Place, 110 Huntington Ave, Back Bay – Valet parking will accommodate oversized vehicles and you get in/out privileges – but at a cost:  $76.  Since you will probably give a tip for valet parking, your total amount would be even higher – but you can’t beat the convenience of this central location.  More information:

Since you didn’t mention the part of Boston where you want to park, I hope this variety of locations will help you find a garage (or lot) that’s a good fit with your needs!

Next Steps for Finding Oversized Vehicle Parking in Boston

If none of the above options look like a good fit, the next step would be for you to contact garages directly near your preferred parking location and ask if they can accommodate your vehicle.

As a start, here are Boston Discovery Guide’s pages about parking, where you’ll find numerous garages and lots listed along with their contact information:

  • Boston Parking Garages near Fenway Park
  • Parking Garages near the North End and TD Garden
  • Boston Common Parking Garage
  • Boston Parking Garages near the Boston Theatre District

Best of luck with the parking, and have a great time in Boston!

Controlled parking zones and operating times

Visitor Vouchers app

Download the new smartphone app to purchase visitor vouchers.

CPZs operate during the day on Monday to Friday/Saturday. At these times, many spaces are reserved for resident permit holders and visitor permit holders and a number of pay-and-display spaces are provided for visitors to the area, who do not have permits. The precise days and hours when CPZs operate are shown on signs at the entry point into a CPZ.

Operating time for CPZs in the borough 

ZoneOperating daysOperating times
B (Lewisham /Central)Mon–Sat9am–6.30pm
C (Hindsley Place)Mon–Sat8am–6.30pm
D (Grove Park)Mon–Fri9am–5.30pm
DS (Deptford South)Mon–Fri9am–5pm
E (Rushey Green West)Mon–Fri9am–7pm
F (Murillo Road)Mon–Fri9am–7pm
G (Elverson)Mon–Fri9am–7pm
H (Hither Green West)Mon–Fri9am–7pm
J (Canadian Avenue)Mon–Fri9am–7pm
K (Catford West)Mon–Fri9am–7pm
L (Rushey Green East)Mon–Fri9am–7pm
LG(Lee Green)Mon–Fri10am–12noon
LW (Ladywell West)Mon–Fri10am–12noon
M (Barmeston Road)Mon–Fri9am–7pm
MH (Manor House)Mon–Fri10am–12noon
MT/E (Milford Towers and Rushey Green West)Mon–Fri9am – 7pm
N (Davids Road)Mon–Fri9am–5pm
OB(Old Road/Bankwell)Mon-Sat9am–7pm
P (Hither Green East)Mon–Fri10am–12noon
R (Rushey Green South)Mon–Fri9am–7pm
S (Deptford Central)Mon–Fri
T (Ladywell)Mon–Fri9am–7pm
V (Lee)Mon–Fri10am–12noon
W(Mountsfield Park)Mon–Fri9am–7pm

Outside these hours and on Christmas Day, Good Friday and all Bank Holidays, parking is uncontrolled except on double yellow lines.

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