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A food blog with recipes and information on yogurt. Yogurt is a healthy food to eat in moderation.

Food With Yogurt

While it’s one of the most popular health foods in the world, it differs in consistency and flavor in some countries – European curd is extremely smooth, creamy and almost custard-like while Indian yogurt also known as dahi is slightly tangy and water heavy. Skyr, the traditional yogurt of Iceland made from skimmed milk is fat free and more like cheese than yogurt. It’s a well-known fact that yogurt helps us stay slimmer, sexier and healthier. Then why is it that we tuck it away, label it as boring and fail to give it its fair due? Why is it that we shy from working with this glorious ingredient?

You can have it with fresh fruits, almonds and raisins for breakfast, blend it with fresh green herbs, dab it on crispy skinned potatoes or use it to cook succulent pieces of marinated mutton. Its versatility is its true virtue!

1. Greek or Strained Yogurt 

Recipe by Niru Gupta

Contrary to what the name suggests, Greek yogurt isn’t actually from Greece. It’s just a more exotic and tasty way of enjoying plain yogurt. Straining yogurt of all its water makes it creamy and in-turn a fantastic key ingredient in smoothies and summer dips.

Strained Yogurt

2. Yogurt Dip

Recipe by Manju Malkhi

A creamy yogurt based dip with the crunchiness of onions and peanuts. This dip recipe is simple and fast and can be used with starters or as a salad dressing.


3. Yogurt Kebabs

Recipe by Seema Chandra

These unconventional kebabs use hung curd as base along with cottage cheese or paneer, raisins, oats, almonds and pepper. They’re crispy outside and soft and creamy inside.

yogurt dip

4. Potato and Yogurt Salad

Recipe by Roopa Gulati

We promise you’ll be a salad convert after trying this! Throw in some boiled potatoes, whipped yogurt and fried mustard and cumin seeds to get a beautiful bowl of creamy salad that both the young and the old will devour. 

potato yogurt salad

5. Yogurt Lamb

Recipe by Waza Brothers

Beautiful pieces of lamb are cooked in ghee and yogurt till tender and topped off with dry mint leaves, making this recipe a real winner. This hearty Kashmiri dish fills your house with an aroma you won’t be able to forget.


6. Srikhand

Recipe by Niru Gupta

This is a true foodies delight for its sweet, beautiful texture. It’s a soothing and gorgeous mix of yogurt, cream, milk, saffron and cardamom.


7. Lassi

Recipe by Kishore D Reddy

You can make it sweet or you can make it salty, either way it’s a true Punjabi delicacy. Thick or runny, a tall glass of lassi will blend seamlessly before or after any meal.

Food Uses for Yogurt

1. Fluff up waffles

It’s the secret behind the extraordinary chocolate waffles that chef Guillermo Pernot serves at Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar in Philadelphia.

2. Smear it on fish

A coating of yogurt and herbs gives baked salmon a crispy, tasty crust.

3. Stir it into alfredo sauce

If you’re making an alfredo sauce, try using Greek yogurt. Even if you use the full-fat version, ounce for ounce it still only has about a quarter of the calories as heavy cream.

4. Make a creamy marinara sauce

Boost the protein content of a basic tomato sauce and give it a creamier texture by adding a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt—an especially helpful tactic if you’re trying to sneak nutrients into a picky kid’s diet.

5. Lighten up mac and cheese

Stir yogurt into stovetop mac and cheese.

Easy stovetop mac and cheese recipe
Alejandra Ramos / Always Order Dessert

6. Crisp up rice

New Orleans chef Alon Shaya creates a gorgeous golden crust on Persian rice, called Tah Dig, thanks to a combination of yogurt, saffron and water.

7. Make a creamy filling for stuffed vegetables

Shaya fills heirloom tomatoes with a combination of couscous, veggies and yogurt. The moisture from the yogurt makes the filling taste like a deliciously smooth risotto.

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