For Weight Loss Which Fruit Is Good


For weight loss which fruit is good, we first need to understand what constitutes a good or bad fat. Fats are essentially chains of hydrocarbons which determine their boiling point. Chain length and number of double bonds determine the shape of the molecule and how it behaves with other molecules. Mono- and polyunsaturated fats tend to be more liquid at room temperature whereas hydrogenated fats tend to be more solid.

List of Fruits for Weight Loss


Intuitively, fruits always qualify when we go on a diet or a weight loss regime. The more natural and non-processed our diet is, the more we think we’re on track to lose weight. While most of that is true, sometimes it’s important to choose our fruits carefully. (who would ever think that, right?). Sounds counterintuitive but certain ones don’t really qualify as fruits for weight loss.  We say this because you’re putting in an effort and have certain goals set for yourself, we’d hate for you to make uninformed decisions and get deceived by the innocent healthy image of certain fruits which actually don’t let you lose weight at all, in fact, they do quite the opposite. 

Some fruits do not make it to the list of fruits for weight loss because they are excessively sweet or have a high-calorie count. Some of the examples are grapes, dry fruits (especially prunes and raisins) and you’re going to hate the third one because it’s all our favorite, Mangoes. (Yes you’ve heard that right) Mangoes may have hidden calories that may hinder your weight loss plan. 

But it is also important to remember that although some of these fruits are too sweet or contain hidden calories, they also hold a lot of other health benefits. For times when you face sugar cravings, you could guiltlessly pick out one of these fruits over cakes or desserts but don’t include it on your weight loss plan.

So which fruits is good for weight loss,? Here are some fruits that actively help in weight loss. Don’t hesitate to go pick them out right away. (Hope we’ve featured some of your favourite fruits too)

Coming up a list of best fruits for weight loss:

  1. Apples for weight loss

Whoever said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” did have some truth in his words. Apple is a wonder fruit with multiple health benefits. Losing weight, reducing your belly + reducing cholesterol are some of them.

Since apples contain a lot of water and fiber, they are automatically very filling. One apple will keep your hunger satisfied and sustained for long periods. That’s a good problem to have when you’re trying to lose weight. 

When we say that Apples contain a lot of fiber, your first doubt probably is then is whether apples are weight loss friendly or fattening.  The short and long answer to that is, apples are high in weight loss friendly fibers. Since the fiber content is high and calorie content is low, it makes apples an excellent fruit for you to consume. 

Also, the polyphenols in apples also play an important role in the metabolism of all types of body fat.

  1. Lemons for weight loss

Next to qualify in the list of fruits to lose weight quickly is a no surprise. For ages, we’ve known lemons to aid weight loss. We’ve heard our mothers say it, nutritionists suggesting it, most of us have at certain phases in our lives also replaced all beverages with lemon water or had a cup of lemon and honey warm water every morning. There are certain theories as to why this is; 

  • Lemons are very high in Vitamin C which is a powerful anti-oxidant. 
  • Lemon phenols are present in the lemon peel which is known to have fat loss properties.
  • Lemons contain pectin fiber. Another common theory is that this expands in your stomach and keeps you full longer.

  1. Coconut for weight loss

Coconut is one among the ultimate fruits for weight loss. Among the many benefits it offers, weight loss is a major one and can also effectively help in improving performance in sports or exercise.  

Coconuts suffice for a wholesome meal, keeping you full for a longer time and keeping you from junk cravings. But did you know that it consequently,  also burns fat at the same time no matter in what form you consume them, ripe, dry or coconut water. 

To sum up, the three most notable qualities of coconut are the below;

  • They’re low on carbs
  • They help reduce cravings

  1. Oranges for weight loss

The nutrient content and low-calorie count of oranges support weight loss, and their natural sugar offers a guilt-free way for you to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you’re looking to lose weight, make sure you snack on whole or cut up oranges instead of drinking orange juice

Oranges help with weight control because of their dietary fiber content. Fiber helps control your appetite. It swells with water and keeps food in your stomach for longer after a meal, so you’ll feel full for longer after eating.

  1. Watermelon for weight loss
watermelon for weight loss

Watermelon is the perfect summer fruit for weight loss with high water content and dietary fiber. Nutritionists often prescribe watermelon on a weight loss diet. Watermelon is 92% water with valuable nutrients and vitamins, including Vitamin C and A.

We’ve all heard that the best way to lose body fat is by reducing calorie intake and increasing calories burnt.

  • To reduce intake, the best way is to switch to low-calorie food like watermelon. 
  • The natural sugar in watermelons helps to reduce the craving of sweets and savories.
  • It’s also a good replacement of soda drinks due to its high water content which keeps the body hydrated especially during summer.
  • Diet foods are usually not the most pleasant to eat but that’s certainly not the case with watermelons because they are delicious.
  • With zero fat and only 40 calories per serving, you can consume as much watermelon as your like without worrying about putting on a few more pounds.

  1. Figs for weight loss
figs for weight loss

The best part about figs is that it can be enjoyed both fresh and dried. Both types are beneficial for your health. However, in India, it’s difficult to find fresh figs except in salads of some very posh French cafes. The dried version, known as Anjeer is very commonly available in the dry fruit section of any store. 

Lately, figs are becoming popular with nutritionists who are recommending it in weight loss diets.

  • They contain low calories making for a good snack
  • They up your metabolism because they are high in minerals like calcium, vitamin A and B, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper which are all metabolism uppers.

How Effective Is a Fruit-Only Diet for Weight Loss?

Now, that you know what is a fruit diet and the good it can do to us, you must be wondering that does a fruit-only diet help in losing weight?

Simply putting it straight – it can! It works best if it is done relatively for a shorter period, like a few days or a week or two. In a two-week fruit dieting, you can very easily lose around 4 – 5 kgs and it is possible by eating a variety of fruits like apples, melons, bananas, sweet oranges, apricots and more. Also, you will have to omit all other types of foods, including caffeine and alcohol. The reason why a fruit-only diet is never recommended for a longer period is that it starves the body of essential carbohydrates and proteins. It does not or stops working if continued for a longer duration because fruits are naturally sweet and contain natural sugars, and excess sugar can get converted and stored in the body as fats. Therefore, all the purpose of trying a diet for weight loss is lost.

How Does Fruits Help In Weight Loss?

Fruits can be effective in losing weight as they are the healthiest source of carbohydrates. Fruits not only provide minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, but they also help burn fat naturally.

Following properties of fruits make them ideal for weight loss.

1. Rich In Fibers

Fiber is the part of plants and carbohydrates that is indigestible. Most fruits are rich in fibers which enable them to produce a feeling of fullness. This aids in reducing the number of calories in a person’s diet.

When losing weight, the most important thing is to sustain a feeling of fullness for a longer time. According to the President of California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Martha Lawder,

  • ▪ “Fruits can provide that feeling of fullness while being delicious at the same time. That’s what makes it an excellent go-to option for weight loss.”

2. Low Glycemic Index:

Glycemic Index is a scale from zero to 100 that provides information about how the body digests carbohydrates. It measures how food affects the blood sugar level.

Most fruits have low GI value which makes them suitable for weight loss. While some tropical fruits have a moderate to high GI, they can still be considered as a healthy diet.

Foods that have a lower GI result in slower blood sugar changes compared to the food with higher GI. Hence, lower the GI, better the food.

According to a research on the effects of GI on weight loss,

  • “A diet with low GI and controlled calories may be more effective in losing weight than a diet rich with high GI and low fat.”

3. Water Content And Calories

The higher water content in most fruits combined with fibers provide an excellent filling option. This keeps people hydrated and full, thereby aiding in weight loss.

4. Mother Nature’s Candy

The higher water content in most fruits combined with fibers provide an excellent filling option. This keeps people hydrated and full, thereby aiding in weight loss.

Fruits are considered as mother’s nature candy since their natural sweetness can effectively curb the carb cravings.

Eating fruits instead of cookies and cakes will help you intake fewer calories while enjoying a sweet treat at the same time.

2. Best Fruits For Weight Loss

1. Kiwifruit


Kiwifruit is a sweet tarty fruit that can naturally boost digestion. It is rich in fibers and vitamin C. It contains an enzyme called actinidain that aids in protein digestion.

Poor digestion can lead to weight gain as it limits the breakdown of food particles. Hence, incorporating kiwifruit will help you boost your digestion that will result in weight loss.

Additional health benefits of kiwifruit include improved cholesterol, controlled blood sugar level, and enhanced gut health.

Nutritional Value
1 Kiwifruit442g
  • A medium kiwi fruit can fulfil 71% of a person’s daily value of vitamin C.
  • (Daily Value or DV is the percentage of each nutrient in a serving. It is used as a reference to ensure a particular nutrient may not exceed the optimum amount in a day)

How to add kiwifruit in your diet?

You can eat it raw whether peeled or unpeeled. You can also add it into salads, morning cereals and even in baked goods.

Per Serving of kiwifruit should include the following:


2. Apples


Apples have a very low sugar and calorie content which makes them ideal for weight loss. They are rich in pectin fibers that break down slowly and aid in promoting satiety. The crunch and texture of apples can also curb your craving to chew.

  • A 2015 observational study conducted in the US on 124,086 individuals revealed that people who ate apples reduced 1.24 pounds on average per daily serving over a period of four years.

Apples are also rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that give them the additional health benefits associated with diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

Nutritional Value
FruitCaloriesFibersDaily Value
1 Medium Apple96.44.8g16%

How to add apples in your diet?

  • Apples are best to be eaten whole instead of juices in order to control appetite. You can also add them into salads and oatmeal or bake in the oven as apple chips.

Per Serving of apples should include the following:


3. Avocados


Avocados are rich in healthy fats and antioxidants. The heart healthy fats present in avocados aid in weight loss by keeping the body metabolism at an optimum level and by raising the testosterone level (one of the first hormones linked with weight loss) in the body.

  • A study published in Nutritional Journal in 2013 revealed that eating avocados can enhance feelings of fullness, reduce appetite and improve cholesterol level.

They are the fattiest plant food available on this planet. About 77% of avocados calories comes from the good kind of fat. Moreover, they are a rich source of folate, nutrients and minerals e.g. Vitamin C, K B-6, Magnesium etc.

  • According to a study about the avocado intake published in Nutrients Journal in 2019, regular avocado intake can help people maintain a moderate body weight.
Nutritional Value
FruitCaloriesFibersDaily Value
½ Avocado1205g16%

How to add avocados in your diet?

  • Avocados can be used as spreads in place of butter and margarine. They can also be added into smoothies, milkshakes and salads.

Per Serving of Avocados should include the following:

Avocado Calories 85.5 Carbs 22.8g Sugar 14.6g Protein 0.5g Fat 0.2g Sodium 1.5g Fiber 4.7g

4. Oranges


Oranges are rich in fibers and potassium content and low in calories. Like all other citrus fruits, they are rich in Vitamin C that can boost your metabolism. A medium sized orange contains almost 69.7mg of Vitamin C that fulfils 77% of your DV. It is also important for growth and repair of tissues in the body.

Nutritional Value
FruitCaloriesFibersDaily Value
1 Medium Orange723.7g11%

How to add oranges in your diet:

  • Orange as a whole is more effective in losing weight compared to orange juice. Therefore, always eat a whole orange when it comes to reducing weight.

Per Serving of orange should include the following:


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