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Attention all foodies, techies, and humans who are hungry, here are free food with app download Now, we know what you’re thinking. You’re pretty sure you already have all the apps you need to do all the things you want (and some you don’t). But this one? This one is different. Why? Because instead of making your life more complicated, it will make it simpler—while simultaneously saving you money and helping out a few good causes.

We’re not messing around here—we don’t have time for that. And we don’t think you should either.

What’s more, this app lets you help the world just by using it. No hard work required! It’s basically a no-brainer.

Free Food With App Download

Looking for free food apps? Look no further! We all know small purchases can really add up. According to a report by Money Matters, Americans who regularly buy coffee each week spend as much as $1,100 dollars a year. So to help keep your bellies and wallets full, we rounded up a few free food apps to help you score complimentary grub!

1. 7-Eleven

Once you download the 7-Eleven app and sign up for their rewards program, you instantly secure a free coffee. And if coffee isn’t your thing, you can grab a donut, taquito, or even a Big Gulp – just for downloading the app!

2. Panera Bread

Once you’ve had your free coffee, now it’s time for free breakfast – which you can snag by downloading the Panera Bread app! Once you register for the MyPanera rewards program, you automatically get a free pastry. The more you use the app, the more free surprises you’ll get – like a free sandwich or salad.

3. Wendy’s

Now that lunch time has rolled around, download the Wendy’s app! The app has offers goodies like free burgers and free chicken tenders with any purchase. The trick with this one is to bring a pal to lunch with you. That way, they can make the purchase and you get the food for free!

4. Krispy Kreme

Next is up is Krispy Kreme! There’s nothing like a snack right after a great lunch. Simply download the app and you’ll snag a free donut.

5. Baja Fresh

In the mood for some Mexican nom-nomz? Baja Fresh will give you a free taco with any purchase after downloading the app and joining Club Baja. This freebie is valid for a Chicken, Carnitas Baja, or Americano Taco.

6. Quiznos

Get a free 4” sub with purchase when you download the Quiznos loyalty app.

7. Dairy Queen

Beat the heat with a free frozen treat! Indulge in a free small Blizzard when you download the Dairy Queen app and register for an account.

8. Baskin-Robbins

Get a free regular ice cream scoop when you download the Baskin-Robbins app and sign up for mobile deals.

9. Chili’s

Chili’s is offering free chips and salsa or a non-alcoholic beverage every time you visit. All you have to do to redeem this perk is download their app and become a rewards member!

10. Checkers 

Get a mobile coupon from Checkers for a free Big Bufford burger with any purchase. Sign up here! Def one of our fav free food apps.

11. McDonald’s – The Mother of Free Food Apps!

McDonald’s has a slew of freebies! Download the McDonald’s app, make a purchase of $1 or more, and bam! You’ll receive a free order of medium fries, or a free soft drink. And the best part? You can take advantage of this deal every Friday through the rest of the year. More freebies include free hash browns when you buy any breakfast sandwich through the app . And through end of year, get a free McCafé drink when you buy five through the app.

First meal free app

Two people holding fried chicken sandwiches

Free food. One of the best combinations of words in the world. I’ve always thought the only thing better than a great meal is a great meal that I don’t have to pay for. That’s what makes these food apps so amazing.

If you’re on the hunt for freebies and deals at your favorite restaurants, they might be only a few taps away. A lot of popular restaurants have apps that give you free food just for downloading them.

Variety of bakery treats and hot coffee from Panera Bread
Panera Bread | Facebook

Panera has a sweet deal for new My Panera members: unlimited coffee for the summer! (Yes, even iced!)

And that’s certainly not the last freebie the app will give you.

Panera has different promotions for different months. Some months they’ll give members a free bagel every day, and others will offer free coffee daily.

The app has personalized rewards for each member too, so you earn deals on items you actually like. 

The app makes ordering easier than ever too. If you have an account, you can save your favorite meals and order ahead with just a few clicks. You can also see a map of every Panera location near you to make the entire process simple.

2. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Cheeseburger and steak fries in takeout tray from Red Robin
Red Robin | Facebook

Red Robin’s “Royalty” program doesn’t give you anything upon sign up, but they have some pretty killer deals. While any Red Robin customer can get bottomless fries, Royalty members can get “bottomless rewards.”

For example, the app offers a number of rewards that only get better the more often you dine at Red Robin. Royalty members get every 10th item they order for free as well as $20 off their sixth visit. As an added perk, members are entitled to a free burger any one day during their birthday month.

Red Robin will also donate 1% of what you spend to a school of your choice after you sign up. Helping the community has never been so delicious!

3. Burger King

Screenshot of Burger King app deals for mobile order
The Burger King app always has fresh deals!

The BK app has deals, freebies, and buy one, get one offers only accessible to those with the app. They have an ever-changing list of coupons you can choose from to get the best deals at any Burger King location.

Deals change every few days so you’re always sure to find something that’ll hit the spot. My current offers include a discounted whopper meal, BOGO Oreo shakes, and cheap burgers, fries, and chicken.

The app also offers an easy re-order button, so you can quickly get your favorite meals whenever you’re craving BK.

Unlike other food apps, Burger King offers a cafe subscription deal. For just $5 per month, you can get a free small hot coffee every day.

4. Chili’s

Screenshot of Chili's app as example of options

When you download the My Chili’s app you instantly get 60 rewards points, enough for a free menu item.

The more you spend after that, the more points you earn that can go toward other free food. In addition, My Chili’s Rewards members are entitled to their choice of a free drink or chips and salsa any time they dine at a Chili’s location.

The app lets you put in an order online for pick up, but it also has perks for customers who want to dine in. You can see in advance if your local Chili’s has a wait for a table and get text alerts on when your table will be ready.

And if you stop by a Chili’s on your birthday, you get an appetizer or dessert for free!

5. McDonald’s

Two cups of McCafe coffees on a beach towel
McDonald’s | Facebook

The McDonald’s app definitely gives you the best bang for your buck. Signing up immediately gives you a buy one, get one free offer that isn’t available without the app as well as discounted menu items.

It’s also a gift that keeps giving. Coupons and freebies update regularly and give you new great offers. Deals change every day, but you’ll always find something you’ll end up lovin’.

The menu is easy to navigate, ordering and paying are simple, and overall the app finds a way to make fast food even faster.

To see current deals and download the app, head over to the McDonald’s website.

6. Baskin-Robbins

Many scoops of strawberry ice cream
Baskin Robbins | Facebook

If free ice cream doesn’t hook you, I’m not sure what will. If you download the BR app, you’ll get a free scoop in addition to loads of offers, deals, and promotions.

By allowing notifications, you’ll be the first to know when Baskin-Robbins rolls out a new flavor or discount. iPhone alerts never sounded so sweet.

Baskin-Robbins has new deals and promotions nearly every day, including a rotating flavor of the month. You can also sign up for emails from the ice cream chain to get notified whenever new deals that you can take advantage of pop up!

Download the app and snag your free scoop. If you have T-Mobile Tuesdays, you can utilize the gift codes you get from there to stack!

18 Restaurant Apps That Get You Free Food

Use these apps on your mobile device to get free food and discounts from your favorite restaurants

17 Restaurant Apps for Free Food

Online food delivery mobile app shown on smart phone screen hold by asian woman hands indoor

Making orders ahead of time enables you to avoid long lines at the drive-through or your coffee spot. (GETTY IMAGES)

Everyone loves a freebie.

One way to cash in on freebies is to download restaurant apps. More and more dining establishments are offering free food or drinks in exchange for installing and using their apps. Think: Chick-fil-A milkshakes or Auntie Anne’s pretzels. No, you won’t get your entire meal bankrolled, nor will you get the most expensive menu items gratis, but a free sandwich or drink here and there is still a nice perk.

In addition to getting you free food, these apps can also save you time. Making orders ahead of time enables you to avoid long lines at the drive-through or your coffee spot. Many of these apps also give you points for purchases, which will earn you even more freebies.

To conserve your time and effort, here’s a rundown of some restaurants offering free food for installing and using their apps. Note that some restaurant apps require you to make an initial purchase or register for a loyalty account to get your free food.

  • Auntie Anne’s
  • Baskin-Robbins
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Chipotle
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Dairy Queen
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Jamba Juice
  • Jack in the Box
  • Jimmy John’s
  • Krispy Kreme
  • McDonald’s
  • Panera Bread
  • Quiznos
  • Schlotzsky’s
  • Starbucks
  • Steak ‘n Shake
  • Taco Bell

Auntie Anne’s

After installing Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perk’s mobile app, you’ll get a free pretzel with your first purchase of $1 or more. You’ll also receive points for making purchases through the app, and each time you reach 250 points, you’ll earn an additional free pretzel. Auntie Anne’s app will also alert you about surprise rewards and offers.


Downloading the Baskin-Robbins app gives you a free regular scoop of ice cream. The app will also alert you to “sweet deals,” which include discounts on select menu items.


As you use the Chick-fil-A app to purchase food, you’ll earn points that you can then redeem for different rewards ranging from cookies and milkshakes to chicken sandwiches and frosted coffees.


After your first purchase with the Chipotle app, you can enjoy some chips and guac on the house. You’ll also earn 10 points for every $1 you spend within the app, in the restaurant or online, and you can redeem those for rewards. There are also opportunities to double your points and earn achievement badges, which can be used to get more free food and Chipotle merch.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

You’ll get a free brewed coffee or tea just for downloading The Coffee Bean rewards app, plus you’ll also earn points every time you make a purchase. The app also gives users special discounts and offers (like buy one, get one free cappuccino).

Dairy Queen

With Dairy Queen’s app, you’ll collect points each time you make a purchase that you can redeem on your favorite DQ items. You’ll also receive access to weekly in-app deals.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Download the Dunkin’ Donuts app and you’ll earn five points for every $1 spent. Rack up enough of those points, and you’ll be rewarded with a free doughnut or drink. When your birthday rolls around, you’ll also receive a special offer via app.

Jamba Juice

Downloading the app (or signing up for the online rewards program) gives you $3 off your first purchase and $2 off your next one on orders that are at least $10. You can also earn points for more rewards as you make purchases, and you can celebrate your birthday with a free birthday smoothie.

Jack in the Box

With the Jack in the Box mobile app, you’ll score 20% off your first in-app purchase. You’ll also start racking up points that will earn you free food down the road. Through the app, users will be privy to special app-only deals.

Jimmy John’s

Download the app or sign up for the rewards program online, and you’ll get your second sandwich free. With Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Rewards, you’ll also earn points that will add up to freebies like sides or sandwiches.

Krispy Kreme

When you download the Krispy Kreme app (or sign up for Krispy Kreme’s rewards program online), you get a free doughnut. Each purchase earns you points toward more free Krispy Kremes. You’ll also stay in the know about exclusive offers and deals.


You’ll get a free Big Mac just for downloading McDonald’s app. The freebies keep coming with points for each order, which you can redeem for more free food. Plus, the app also announces exclusive deals, such as $1 fries and 99 cent coffee.

Panera Bread

In addition to earning rewards for your purchases, Panera Bread will sporadically send some surprise offers too. Opting in for push notifications will get you even more. Plus, if you have a regular coffee habit, you might be interested in Panera’s “Unlimited Sip Club” subscription, which currently offers new subscribers three months free.


When you sign up for the Quiznos app, you’ll get $5 off your first in-app order. You’ll also start earning points at a rate of $1 per point. For 25 points, you’ll get 15% off your check. For 50 points, you’ll score a free combo. And on your birthday, you’ll get a BOGO offer on an eight-inch sub.


With the Schlotzsky’s app, you’ll earn two points for every $1 you spend. Those points add up to smaller rewards like chips and cookies to larger rewards like pizzas and sandwiches.


Ordering ahead to skip the line at your local Starbucks is one of the best perks of this app. But you can also rack up freebies by making purchases and earning stars through the app.

Steak ‘n Shake

A free milkshake is yours just for downloading the Steak ‘n Shake app. You’ll also earn $5 reward for every $50 you spend, plus you’ll have access to exclusive deals.

Taco Bell

When you download the Taco Bell mobile app, you’ll get a free Doritos Locos Taco. You’ll then collect points with every purchase, which will earn you more free food.

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