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Building a free workout plan for weight loss is an essential part of any healthy diet. Most of us want to lose some weight, and if your main goal is to build lean muscle, you should focus on low-weight high-rep workouts. On the other hand, if you are more interested in burning fat (especially from your belly), you will want to do more high-weight low-rep work.


If weight loss is your goal and you’re looking to incorporate exercise into your week then setting a workout plan in place is a great place to start. 

So we’ll start by saying that the best way to create a focused and effective weight loss workout plan is to work with a personal trainer to make sure you’re making the most of your exercise time and you have a plan that it tailored to your goals, needs and preferences. But if getting a PT is not something you’re looking for, we also offer workout plans tailored for weight loss in our app (and it’s free too!).

The best workout routine to lose weight is very individual to everyone – this can depend on your fitness starting level, your goals, how long you can dedicate to exercise every week and so on.


It’s important to lose weight carefully and safely. How much is safe to you lose per week would be different from person to person. As a general guideline, 1-2 pounds a week is a realistic target. Whilst you may be keen to achieve your weight loss goals, it’s important to remember that faster results doesn’t necessarily mean better results. Make sure you’re providing your body with enough nutrients, rest, and sleep to keep you healthy and well (particularly if you’re exercising more than usual), and that your weight loss is safe and sustainable. 

So try not to get caught up in the numbers, as weight can fluctuate throughout the day or week, and instead focus on working towards creating fantastic, healthy habits that will lead to a stronger, fitter, more confident you!


While changing your exercise routine could help to increase your energy expenditure throughout the day, don’t forget that working on having a healthier diet is just as important too. It may be tempting to completely cut back on calories, but remember that over restricting your calorie intake  could make it a lot harder to stick to your diet, and do more harm than good. Focus on making small changes that you can stick to, such as adding an extra portion of veg to your meal or swapping the regular soda with diet soda, rather than eliminating food groups or types of foods completely. Eating plenty of protein and nutrient-rich fruit and veg is a fantastic starting point – you can find out more with our guide on fuelling your body. 

Our top tips are to plan your meals ahead of time, try to eat more mindfully, be mindful of portion sizes and swap nutrient-lacking meals with healthier alternatives. 


Just to reiterate, the best workout weight loss plan will be very unique to your needs. We’ve included an example approach here, but feel free to tailor these to fit with your needs.

Over a week, we would recommend: 

  1. Including rest days in between workouts: You body needs time to recuperate from exercise and get stronger. Rest days are incredibly important for your body, particularly if it’s just getting used to exercise or if you’re seriously upping your efforts. Our guide to how many days a week you should work out for weight loss gives more information and advice.
  2. Featuring a mix of cardio and strength: By including both cardio and strength training in your plans, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increasing your energy expenditure and improving your aerobic abilities, whilst also building muscle – a combination of both that you’re likely to see best results.
  3. Aiming for 30 – 90 minutes of movement a day: Try to incorporate movement throughout the day to get your body moving. How much you spend will depend on how much time is realistic to you. The main thing it to keep consistent throughout the week if you can and identify areas where you can change your habits to get you more physically active. For example, instead of taking the lift, taking the stairs. Getting up from your seat every hour to fill in a glass of water. All these little changes over time, will add up over time. It doesn’t always have to be about getting a workout in, going for a walk counts too. You could always follow a fitness class in the gym or lift some weights – find a way of moving your body in a way that you enjoy, and you’ll be much more likely to stick to it. 
  4. Focus on getting better instead of being perfect: The idea here is to focus on doing better than your last workout, and this is particularly key if you’re sticking to set types of exercise each time you workout. So, if you’re running for half an hour on a Tuesday, the following Tuesday you can aim to run for 32 minutes, or run for 30 minutes at a faster speed or higher incline. If on a Thursday you’re completing 3 sets of 8 barbell reps, then after a few weeks if you find things are getting easier, you might want to increase to 3 sets of 10 reps, or stick to the same numbers but increase the weight. This is called progressive overload and helps to make progress as your body adapts to your training.


The humanfitproject brand has been producing fitness content for a decade which includes hundreds of free workouts for our friends and followers. This is a collection of 35+ of our best FREE workout plans for different fitness goals and ability levels. Stay tuned for a new workout plan releases in late 2022, early 2023!

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Do you want to figure out how to gain the advantage in your rec-league or pick-up games? You’ve got to train like an athlete for that. Put us in coach, we’ve got this.

Do you hate working out in the gym and want outdoor options? Yeah, plenty of fresh-air workouts here.

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The Introduction/Transition workout plan

The Introduction/Transition from Mike Beringer is one of those plans that you can start with as a beginner, but still find strategically useful as you become more advanced. The exercises are the basics and the volume (or amount of work) is low. This is ideal for a beginner (Introduction) because it isn’t complicated or too much of a shock to the system. On the other hand, it works well for the much more advanced (Transition) because it can serve as a de-load or taper. After weeks or months of intense, exhaustive exercise, a de-load or taper gives the body more time to recover while still stimulating the muscles. Big Mike Beringer did a great job programming and demo’ing.

Goal: weight management, muscle maintenance, “tapering/de-loading”
Ability level: beginner through advanced
Featured: @Mikey_Fitness

The 4-week Very Beginner workout plan

The 4-week Very Beginner workout plan is exactly as it sounds. The primary focus of the plan is to slowly build your body up to be able to take on more of our challenging HFP programs in the future. To do that you’ll want to do the following: Improve or increase joint range of motion, improve the stability of those joints, strengthen your core muscles, and develop a baseline level of cardio. Following a basic structure will set you up for success.

Goal: general strength, stability, mobility and conditioning
Ability level: very beginner-beginner

The 6-week Unlabeled workout plan

The Unlabeled plan was created for a couple reasons. We wanted to do something raw. Something without a production crew and all that production stuff. No worrying about lighting, or clothing, or angles. Just the raw material. It’s a mix of training, primarily focused on size and strength, but with more mobility and conditioning elements to boost athletic performance and longevity.

Goal: blend of strength, muscle building, fat loss, and athletic enhancement
Ability level: intermediate
Featured: @Mike_Simone

The 6-week Model Body workout plan

The Model Body plan is also know as the Compound plan. It’s structure and programming revolves around the big lifts like the squat, deadlift, overhead press, and bench press. Those are then supplemented with isolation exercises. We call it the Model Body plan because we worked with Jordan Morello. Jordan is one hell of a personality. He’s got loads of energy with a great big smile that lights up the room. This is one of his go-to plans for prepping for other shoots he gets involved with.

Goal: blend of muscle building, fat loss, and strength
Ability level: beginner and intermediate
Featured: @Jordan_Morello

The 2-week Big Friggin’ Arms workout plan

We’ll admit it, these days it might sound little silly creating a workout program around a single body part. Doesn’t everyone want a symmetrical look? Of course, but sometimes we have lagging or stubborn muscle groups. Most of the time this is genetic, but it could also be that your training has gone a little stale. This plan is specific to arms… as clearly stated in the title. Instead of hitting them once per week like a traditional split, with this plan they are hit several times with reduced volume. It’s also important to note that it’s a short-term deal, two weeks, then you change it up again. Click the link above for more on how it works.

Goal: re-stimulate muscle growth
Ability level: All levels, suggested for intermediates
Featured: @Mike_Simone

The 6-week Trim-up workout plan

Tim McComsey has been big and ripped for what seems like forever. There’s a little bit more to it then hard work and eating right. Training blocks are strategically, and seasonally planned. In the winter, we tend to put on mass. Then, in the spring and summer we look to cut up. This plan is broken into quick tri-sets or circuits to boost the metabolism while still stimulating muscle growth.

Goal: accelerate fat loss, muscle-building
Ability level: intermediate
Featured: @TimMcComsey

The 4-week Bulk-up workout plan

The Bulk-up plan is the counter to the Trim-up plan. In the winter we bulk and in the spring we cut. The Bulk-up has been one of Tim’s go-to plans when looking to quickly and effectively gaining muscle. While following this you can give yourself a little more slack in the diet department. It’s also one of our top-performing plans on HFP.

Goal: increase muscle-mass, fat loss
Ability level: intermediate
Featured: @TimMcComsey

The Party Week Detox workout plan v1.0

Beers, cocktails, pizza, and wings. It doesn’t matter what your party night (or party week) cheats look like, this is the plan to get you back on track. We’re typically in “Detox Mode” around seasonal holidays like Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day Weekend, the Fourth of July, etc. Party hard, then make a comeback in the gym. The thing is: these are programmed in a way to where you’re going to work hard enough to get the blood flowing and metabolism back in gear, but not too hard to where you’ll need to bring a mop and bucket. John Gioffre nailed it.

Goal: weight management during party times
Ability level: all levels

The Party Week Detox workout plan v2.0

More beers, more cocktails, more pizza, and more wings. Detox came back with another version, but with an even more elaborate plan. The first part of each workout is Regeneration (rebuild muscle), the second part is Reignition (get the metabolism firing again), and the third part is Relaxation (calm nerves and balance the mood). While this does involve two workouts per day, it can be condensed or consolidated into one session.

Oh, and you might want to learn how to prepare our delicious ab-friendly low-carb tacos if that’s the kind of thing you party with too. Let us know what you think of our leaner version.

Goal: weight management
Ability level: all levels
Featured: @Mike_Simone

Best Workouts for Weight Loss

1. Jumping Rope

This, says indoor spin instructor and personal trainer, Nicole Murray, is a full-body workout that gives you a great calorie burn. “When you’re short on time, 15 minutes with a jump rope will get the job done,” she says. “It improves coordination, cardiovascular health, and you can do it just about anywhere.” Murray aims for 10 sets of 100 jumps, with a short break in between each set, two times a week. “Beginners can start off with fewer sets and work their way up,” she says.

2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT workouts are great for weight loss because you can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. “HIIT is super effective because it produces something called EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption),” explains Jill Anzalone, group fitness and personal trainer in Massachusetts. “This means that you keep burning calories even after the workout is over.”

3. Low-intensity cardio

“This type of workout is safe and effective for all levels and can help you burn calories and lose weight,” says Jennifer Blackburn, a group fitness instructor, cycle coach, and personal trainer. Low-intensity cardio workouts can include jogging, cycling, power walking, or a fun cardio dance class. “Once you get stronger, try adding light weights to a cycle class, power walking on a treadmill taking your incline all the way up or adding intense bursts of work for 30 seconds with a 30-second rest,” she says. Try to do these four to five days a week aiming for 45 to 60 minutes.

4. Running

“Running is great because you can do it anywhere with no equipment. All you need is a pair of shoes,” says Ashley Edwards, a personal trainer with Fit2DaBeat LLC. Running uses your glutes and legs, which are larger muscle groups, causing you to burn more calories from your workout. Edwards notes that in addition to helping you to lose weight, running is good for your heart and will help build endurance.

And bonus points if you can throw in some hill sprints. “Running up an incline will get your heart rate up higher, burn calories faster and help you build muscle in your legs,” says Joe Szadok, a GYMGUYZ certified personal trainer.

5. Mountain climbers

“Mountain climbers are great because they work your entire body from a cardiovascular and muscular perspective,” says Edwards. Start with your hands underneath your shoulder, lift yourself up into a plank with your belly button drawn up and butt out of the air, then keep alternating driving your knees into your chest. Mountain climbers are great for fat loss, according to Edwards, in addition to increasing your stability and strength as you have to use your core to stay in the plank position. Edwards suggests aiming for 20 a day, five days out of the week for weight loss.

6. Strength workouts

“Cardio is great for burning calories in the moment, but strength is good to increase your metabolism and burn more calories over time,” says Jonathan Tylicki, a master trainer and director of education for AKT. He explains that a metabolic increase happens because you have added muscle tissue, which requires the body to use more energy, increasing caloric burn. “You truly want to feel the burn to burn more calories,” he proclaims. This, he says, can help you sustain fat loss over time. He suggests incorporating a low-impact strength workout that works large and small muscle groups into your weekly routine. “Strength workouts can be done a couple of times a week but just be cautious of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that might make you feel extremely sore and not wanting to work out for a couple of days,” says Tylicki.

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