Fruits That End In O


Fruits that end in O are delicious. That is why they have such an ending. They grow on trees that have a rich and flavorful taste. The flavor of these fruits are just as rich and flavorful as the tree they grow on. Eating these fruits should be one of your favorite hobbies. If you are not addicted, you need to try these fruits at least once in your lifetime.


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Looking for fruits whose names end in “O”? We have done the research for you. We have listed all of them in this article along with a brief description.

Keep reading to learn more.


The avocado fruit is technically a large berry. Considered a superfood, avocado is packed with various nutrients and healthy fat. The popularity of avocado in the last decades has given rise to different creative recipes and ways to eat the fruit. Grown in tropical and Mediterranean climates, 34% of the world’s avocado is grown in Mexico.


This fruit is a narrower version of papaya, which it is related to. Native to Ecuador, Babaco fruit is without seeds, and its smooth skin is also edible. People tend to liken its taste to that of a pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, and of course, papaya.


Native to the tropical forests of the Americas, Huito has different names, the most common ones being, Genipap in English, and Huito, jagua, caruto, and tapaculo in Spanish. The thick-skinned fruit is usually eaten and made into ice cream, drinks, and jellies.


Originating from South Asia, this popular tropical fruit has various cultivars and is now grown across different parts of the world. Although it is mostly eaten ripe, green, unripe mangoes are also consumed in some countries.


The Peumo is usually grown for its trees which are used in the production of ornaments. However, its red berry fruit is also edible. Peumos are mostly grown in Chile and Argentina.


Known as the largest fruit in the citrus family, this Southeast Asian fruit has a taste reminiscent of sweet grapefruit. Pomelos (or pummelos) are commonly consumed fresh but are also a popular juice flavor, while its rind is made into candies.


Pomato is technically not a fruit-bearing plant in the same way as the rest of this list is.  It is actually a grafted plant produced by grafting a tomato and a potato (hence the name). The result is a plant that bears cherry tomatoes on the vine, while potatoes grow in the soil.


Native to South America but also popular in the US and Australia, this fruit is characterized by its egg-shaped appearance, about 4 to 10 centimeters in size. The fruit’s color varies from red to yellow and orange. These sweet fruits are rich in vitamins and iron and low in calories.


One would not usually think of tomatoes when talking about fruits, but yes, this salad staple is technically a fruit. Discovered in South and Central America, this fruit-vegetable is considered the region’s most enduring culinary export.

Fruits that end with O

Are you looking for fruits that end with o? Then, the following list of over over 10 fruits is for you. All these fruits ending with o are verified using recognized sources for their authenticity before being published.

Finding fruits that end with letter O, from a single web page can be a difficult task. But that is not a valid statement anymore!. We have undertaken the difficult task and created the following list of over 10 fruits that end with letter O. You can now select the most convenient ones for your project easily from If you are interested in keeping a printed copy of this fruits that’s completely possible thanks to the printer friendliness of wordmom lists. is popular among all kinds of English language users including College & University students, Teachers, Writers and Word game players. We are happy to know your story of how this list of fruits from helped you as a comment at the bottom of this page and also if you know any other ‘fruits that end with letter O’ other than mentioned in the below list, please let us know.
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Fruits that start with A and end with O

  • avocado

Fruits that start with B and end with O

  • babaco

Fruits that start with H and end with O

  • huito

Fruits that start with M and end with O

  • mango
  • manoao
  • melinjo

Fruits that start with P and end with O

  • peumo
  • pomato
  • pomelo
  • pummelo

Fruits that start with T and end with O

  • tamarillo
  • tomato

Foods that End with O – A Complete List

What do you think are foods that end with O? We have a complete list here for you so you don’t have to search for them anywhere.

What do you think are foods that end with O?

The fact that there exist hundreds or even thousands of foods makes it tough to find from them the ones that end with a letter O, no?

You don’t have to worry, though.

Not only did we gather all of the foods that exist worldwide but also managed to find from them those that end with a letter O.

We did that so you don’t have to do the hard work anymore.

With that being said, let’s look into the list of foods ending with O.

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Following are all the foods we found that are ending with a letter O.

  1. avocado
  2. burrito
  3. cilantro
  4. gyro
  5. jalapeño
  6. mango
  7. oleo
  8. oregano
  9. pomelo
  10. potato
  11. sweet potato
  12. taco
  13. taro
  14. tomatillo
  15. tomato

20 Fruits That Start With O

If you’re looking for fruits that start with O, you’ve come to the right place. This list includes everything from oranges to olallieberries!

Some of these fruits you’ll know, and others may be new to you. It may not be an exhaustive list, but it’s got most of the ‘O’ fruits I know. 

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How many of these ‘O’ fruits have you tried?

1. Oranges

Oranges are probably the most well-known ‘O’ fruit there is! These apple-sized balls of orange yumminess are a favorite for snacking.

They’re also perfect in lunch boxes and added to salads. 

Still others enjoy using them to make freshly squeezed juice to go with their breakfasts in the mornings. 

Whether you like mandarin, navel, or Valencia oranges, there’s probably at least one variety that you enjoy.

2. Olives

Many people don’t realize that olives are fruits, but they are.

They’re considered stone fruits, much like peaches, plums, and nectarines. 

There are over 2,000 varieties of olives, but most people divide them into two main categories: green olives and black olives. 

The green ones are saltier, and people often eat them stuffed with pimentos.

The black ones are a little more bitter, but they taste great on pizza!

3. Orangelo 

Orangelos are the hybrid offspring of grapefruits and oranges, and they look more like grapefruits.

Although they’re not quite as large, they have orange skins and pinkish-red flesh inside.

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Most people slice them in half and eat the flesh out with spoons.

They’re sweeter than grapefruits but not quite as sweet as oranges. They’re also easy to peel. 

4. Oval Kumquat Fruit

Also known as the nagami kumquat or simply the kumquat, oval kumquat fruits are bright orange and 100% edible – rind and all. 

The rind is sweet and chewy, while the flesh is slightly tangy.

They’re more common in Asia, but they’re growing in popularity in the United States, as well. 

5. Ogallala Strawberry

Ogallala strawberries are fat, succulent berries that are exceptionally sweet and juicy.

They taste a bit like wild strawberries, and they’re popular because they can grow even in the cold.

These are beautiful strawberries, and they’re perfect for making chocolate-covered strawberries and other pretty delicacies. 

They also taste great when eaten by themselves or when made into jam or jelly.

6. Opal Apple

Opal apples were created by combining topaz apples and golden delicious apples.

In texture, juiciness, and crispiness, they’re almost identical to Honeycrisp apples.

Their taste is somewhat different, though, ranging somewhere between fruity sweet and delicately floral.

They make a very satisfying crunch when you bite into them. 

7. Osteen Mango

Osteen mangoes were first created in Florida, and they’ve been highly desirable as commercially sold mangoes ever since. 

They weigh about a pound and have a strange, oblong-type shape.

Depending on when you see them, they could be yellow, green, or red. When fully ripe, they turn almost purple.

Osteen mangoes have a milder flavor than many other mangoes, but they’re still sweet and just a tiny bit tangy. 

8. Ozark Beauty Strawberry

These strawberry plants are very popular with commercial growers because they grow all year long.

They also produce decently sized strawberries that are sweet and surprisingly juicy. 

They don’t always have the traditional strawberry shape; some are often misshapen or wider than they are long, but they taste great. 

You can eat and enjoy them raw, but they’re even better for making jams, jellies, and other preservatives because they seem to retain their flavor better than other strawberries. 

9. Ozark Gold Apple

If you’re looking for a yellow apple to use in your baking endeavors, Ozark gold apples are some of the best.

They’re a type of Golden Delicious apples, but they have a unique taste.

They’re juicy and sweet, but they also have an earthy, honey-like flavor that even has a bit of spice to it.

The taste is hard to describe, but it lends itself well to baking and dessert apples.

The apples are yellowish-orange, firm, and crispy.

They can grow to medium or large sizes, and if left to grow, they’re one of the largest varieties of apples you can find. 

10. Okra

Okra is one of those foods that I know from the bottom of my heart is a vegetable.

However, science says it’s a fruit, so I had to add it to the list. 

If you’ve never had it, okra is an almost finger-shaped green pod-like fruit whose seeds are edible.

In the south, people like to bread it and fry it like they do squash and other veggies.

It’s also a popular addition to soups, stews, and gumbo. 

In other words, people almost exclusively prepare it like they prepare vegetables to eat.

It’s not at all sweet, and it tastes like vegetables should taste.

So despite what science says, okra will always be a vegetable in my heart. 

Fruits that start with o: full list [+21 new ideas]

Looking for fruits that start with O? If you are looking for cooking inspiration or to win a game this is the most complete and updated list you’ll find.

There are lots of fruits with cool names. And a couple of those are also a few fruits that start with the letter O, In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best ones! So if you’re looking for a new fruit to try, read on! 

And if you are interested in expanding your alphabetical fruit knowledge make sure to check this post with all the fruits that start with H.Jump to:


Oranges are perfect for the summer, because during the hot days of summer, you can eat oranges that are cold instead of ice cream or popsicles! They are also good for you, because they contain lots of Vitamin C.

This fruit that starts with O is delicious on recipes like orange chicken, orange shortbread cookies and of course, a refreshing glass of orange juice is a perfect summertime treat.


The Orangelo is a cross between an orange and a tangerine. It has the same juicy flesh of an orange, but with a slightly more tart flavor, like that of a tangerine! This makes it perfect for pairing with desserts.


Not everyone knows this but olives are one of the first known fruits! They’re a symbol of peace and prosperity and date back to as far as 4000 BC.

Olives can be used in a bunch of stuff, from the olive oil that’s used as a cooking staple all around the world to body care products.

Olives are delicious on pizzas and sandwiches! There is also a black olive spread called tapenade that can be eaten with toast or crackers.

opal apple

Opal apples are a cross between  Golden Delicious and Topaz Apples, which makes them sweet like Golden Delicious, but with the crisp crunch of a tart apple! They’re just the right amount of both things.


These berries are actually part blueberries that came together with loganberries to create their own tasty berry. Olallieberries aren’t too popular, but they’re definitely worth trying.

They can be made into pies and sauce like raspberries and blackberries! They make a great jam too and you can actually grow them in your backyard.

Once you try one, you’ll want to have them all summer long! 

osteen mango

Osteen mangoes are a cross between a Tommy Atkins and a Kent mango. They’re one of the most common types of mangoes in America!

They have golden yellow skin when they’re ripe and their flesh is sweet, creamy, soft and low in fiber. This make them perfect for eating out-of-hand.

oval kumquat

Oval kumquats are a cross between regular kumquats and round ones. They still have the skin of a kumquat, but they’re shaped more like an orange!

They also have more juice than regular kumquats.

ozark beauty strawberry

Ozark beauty strawberries are a sub species of the original strawberry. They have seeds, but they’re soft and not crunchy like other strawberries.

They are one of the most popular types to grow in home gardens! Their bright red color makes them perfect for adding some extra flavor to salads.


Okra might not look appetizing, but once you watch our show on okra and try some of the recipes we suggest, you’ll be wanting more!

This fruit that’s used as a vegetable is a good source of fiber and Vitamin C. It’s also known to help lower bad cholesterol in your body and prevent blood clots.

They can be cooked with tomatoes, onions and even with meats to give it a really tasty flavor! So if you’re ever at a loss for what to cook, okra is the one for you!

ogallala strawberry

Ogallala strawberries are a cross between a wild strawberry and a variety of commercial strawberries. These berries have a unique flavor, texture and shape!

They have an elongated neck that makes them easy to pick.

otaheite gooseberry

Gooseberries are a cross between a red and white currant. They’re also in the rose family, but they have that distinctive tangy flavor that makes them popular for eating out-of-hand or making into jams and pies!

orlando tangelo

Orlando tangelos are a cross between grapefruit and Orlando tangerines. They have a wonderful taste with a hint of sweetness!

Their skin is usually yellow, but sometimes it has blush-colored stripes too. In fact, their striking appearance makes them perfect for adding to fruit salads or bowls!

orleans grapefruit

Orleans grapefruit are a cross between red and white grapefruits. They’re sweeter than regular grapefruit, but they’re also easy to peel.

The skin can be pink or yellow depending on the PH level of the soil it’s grown in!

ogen melon

Ogen melons are a cross between cantaloupe and honeydew melons. You can tell an Ogen melon by the unique shape of its blossom end. It’s much smaller than a regular cantaloupe’s, but it has a nice stem end that gives it a distinctive appearance.

This melon is perfect to eat out-of-hand or use as an ingredient in your favorite recipes!

ozark blue plum

This plum has a dark blue skin and is often used to make sauces, jellies and jams just like other red plums.

opal plum

Opal plums are incredibly popular in Europe. They have a smooth skin with a pretty appearance, but their flesh is pale yellow and low in acidity.

This makes them perfect for eating out of-hand or adding to salads!

oregon grape

They have shiny, serrated leaves that make them look like they’re covered in little teeth!

They are deep purple grapes used in homemade remedies and natural medicines.

ogeechee limes

Ogeechee limes are a cross between a Key lime and a sweet lime. They have that same, delicious tart taste as a regular key lime making them perfect for cooking or adding to recipes!

o’henry peach

O’Henry peaches are a sub species of regular peaches. They have an even more intense flavor than other types of peaches making them perfect for cooking or just eating out-of-hand!

You can tell they’re an O’Henry peach by the characteristic “donut hole” at their blossom end.

orin apples

It’s a small, round apple with red-and-yellow skin. It also has a sweet flavor that makes it perfect for eating out of hand!

Orin is the first apple to have its own patent because it can survive in harsher climates than other varieties.

owari satsuma

The Owari satsuma mandarin originated in Japan and was named after the Owari province. This popular fruit looks like a small orange, but it’s actually a satsuma mandarin!

The variety of oranges you’ll find in your market are all different types of satsuma mandarins.

They have thin skin that makes them easy to peel, seedless flesh that tastes great and a very thin pit. This makes them perfect for salads or snacking out of hand!

orient pear

Orient pears are a cross between Bartlett and Anjou pears. They’re great for snacking or cooking because their flesh is dense, but not too juicy!

They have wonderful flavor making them perfect for fruit cups, pies or tarts.

One of the most popular fruits that start with O is oranges. They are a great source of vitamin C and fiber, making them perfect to eat during cold season or anytime you need an extra boost in your immune system.

If you want to add some variety into your diet without sacrificing taste, try out one of these other delicious fruits starting with the letter O: orangelos, opal apples or olives.

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