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You’ve found the perfect website if you’re seeking for fruits with the letter O. We’ll give you a list of every relevant fruit we could uncover, along with a fun fact about each one.

Let’s get going…


Oeillade Noire

Grapes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Wine grapes in particular grow in a stunning range of varieties, one of which includes the Oeillade Noire grape. This is a very productive type of which grows in large bunches.


Ogallala Strawberry

Many strawberry varieties exist. The first Ogallala strawberries were cultivated in 1956. It has a pleasant flavor and can withstand freezing temperatures.

Would you like to try cooking a strawberry-based recipe? Oatmeal with vegan chocolate, peanut butter, and strawberries is available.


Okuzgozu Grape

Okuzgozu is another type of grape. This one, however, originates in Turkey, where people also use it to make wine. These are some of the largest Turkish grapes out there.



Olives are typically treated more like vegetables than fruits by people. Yet, as they are classified as a fruit in botany, we decided to include them in this list.

Check out our list of grocery store locations for olives if you want to get some for yourself.


Oliviere Olive

Olives, like many other fruits, come in a wide range of varieties. The Oliviere olive comes from a specific region in France called Pyrenees-Orientales. There, it is the most popular olive variety.


Opal Apple

The Opal apple brings together the features of the Golden Delicious and Topaz apples. It was created in Prague in 1999 to be resistant to browning that other apple types are vulnerable to.



Orange is a popular type of citrus fruit around the world. It’s actually a hybrid of pomelo and mandarin. The world’s largest producer of oranges is Brazil, which produces approximately a quarter of the world’s supply.

If you’re seeking for recommendations for certain orange varieties to try, check out our piece about the sweetest and juiciest oranges.



Experts think the orangelo fruit came from Puerto Rico first. It’s a hybrid of grapefruits and oranges, but is eaten similarly to grapefruits: sliced in half and scooped out of the skin with a spoon.


Oregon Grape

The Oregon grape probably gets its name because of its appearance, which is round and purple. Don’t let the name mislead you, though; they are not real grapes. Some people make jelly out of them.


Orient Pear

Asian and European pears have come together to create the Orient pear. They have sweet, creamy flesh that’s simply perfect for snacking.

Fruits That Start With O

Fruits That Start With O

This is the ideal location if you’re looking for fruits that start with the letter “O”! Do you prefer fruits to desserts? The good news is that everything—from olallieberries to oranges—is included in the list below. Here are a few more fruits with the letter O.

Several of these fruits you are already familiar with. Some, nevertheless, might become your new favorite snack!

Rare fruits should occasionally be tried. It’s also beneficial to become familiar with some juicy fruits. Let’s start with fruits whose names begin with “O.”

List Of Fruits Starting With The Letter ‘O’

●     Oranges

oranges on white background

On the list of fruits with the letter O, this is one of the most well-known names. This fruit makes a fantastic snack. Also, you can include them in your salad or lunchbox. One of the main sources of vitamin C is fresh orange juice, which some people like making for breakfast. Many orange types are offered. Choose from any of them. You’re going to adore it, we’re certain.

●     Olives

The majority of people are unaware that olives are considered a fruit. They are regarded as fruits as well, similar to nectarines, plums, and peaches. The number of olive varieties is around 2000. But all that people are familiar with are green and black olives. Black olives aren’t as salty as green olives are.

●     Orangelo

These are the fruit that grapefruit and oranges produce. They have a grapefruit-like appearance. Orangelos are not very big, but the flesh inside has pinkish-red and orange skin. Several people chop them in half and use spoons to eat the flesh instead of the meat. When compared to grapefruit, oranges are much sweeter, and they are also quite simple to peel.

●     Oval Kumquat Fruit

This fruit is also popular as nagami kumquat. This fruit is the brightest orange and is 100% edible. The rind of this fruit is chewy and the flesh is a little tangy. This fruit is very common in Asia. However, they are mostly related to the United States.

●     Ogallala Strawberry

These succulent and fat berries are extraordinarily juicy and sweet. They taste like wild strawberries and are popular because they can even grow in the cold. These are perfect for making chocolate delicacies. You can also beat them up into jelly or jam.

●     Opal Apple

opal apple on wooden background

These apples are curated by combining golden apples and topaz apples. They are super identical to the Honeycrisp apples. Their taste is dissimilar and ranges between floral and fruity sweet tastes. Whenever you bite them, you’ll get a super satisfying crunch.

●     Osteen Mango

These originated from Florida and have been super desirable and sold as mangoes since then. These mangoes weigh about a pound and have an oblong shape and look super strange. Osteen mangoes can either be green, red, or yellow. When fully ripe, they turn purple. This fruit has a mild flavor. But, like any other mango, they are tangy as well as sweet.

●     Ozark Beauty Strawberry

Ozark strawberries are super famous as they tend to grow the whole year. They have a decent size and are super juicy and sweet. They don’t have the regular strawberry shape. These strawberries are sometimes longer or wider but taste great. Also, you can enjoy them raw too. These are great for making jams and jellies as they give out a better texture and flavor than the normal strawberries.

●     Ozark Gold Apple

If you want to use yellow apples in your baking attempts, you can choose to utilize good apples as they are among the best apples available for baking. These apples have a unique taste. They’re extra sweet and juicy and have a honey-like flavor that has a spice in them. These apples are crispy, firm, and yellowish-orange in color. These apples can grow to medium or large sizes and they are also among the largest varieties of apples you’ll ever find.

●     Okra

This is among those food items that are believed to be a vegetable but scientists say that it’s a fruit. Okra is a finger-shaped green fruit having edible seeds. You can even squash it and cook it before eating. It’s a popular addition to stews, soups, etc. 

●     Olallieberry

These berries look exactly like long blackberries. They have a cluster-like structure and are glossy black along with reddish-purple highlights. People eat them and utilize them in dishes just like the way they utilize blackberries. They are super juicy and are a perfect blend of tart and sweet. Also, in case you eat olallieberries, make sure that the juice doesn’t drip over your clothes as the stains are too stubborn to fade away.

●     Otaheite Gooseberry

otaheite gooseberry on a limb

This goes by a lot of names, including Malay Gooseberries, Arbari, West Indian Gooseberry, etc. You can eat them dried, cooked, or even raw. These berries are used for medicinal purposes and are used to treat stomach ulcers, cancer, diabetes, etc. These berries are full of antioxidants as well.

●     Opal Plum

Out of all the various varieties of plums available in the market, opal plums are the most famous in Europe, mainly in England. They are super easy to grow and this is one main reason why they are so popular. Opal plums taste extensively great and are medium-sized, and taste like fruit candy. They have several flavors such as mango, honey, and apricots.

●     Oullins Gage Plum

If you talk about candy-like flavored plums, you need to have oullins gage plum. These plums are super juicy and are very very sweet. They are beautiful, and golden in color, having red dots. They are the most beautiful plums you’ll literally ever see. These plums have a beautiful texture and taste like candies.

10 Fruits That Start With O

You probably only think of oranges and olives when considering fruits that begin with the letter O, though. No, the list of O fruits will give you a brain-exploding headache.

The list of O fruits that follows will be intriguing to you. I’ll describe them to you, as well as what they taste like and where to find them.

If you want to understand more about these fruits and broaden your knowledge, stick with me through this section; I’ll explain everything.

5 Orange Colors Fruits That Start With O

These fruits are similar to one another; you may have seen them in a store or online but missed them. They are large and tasteful in plenty. Let’s learn more about these orange-colored fruits together today.

1. Orangelo

Orangelo is a delicacy from Puerto Rico, it is a cross between grapefruit and oranges. It is easy to peel and has pinkish-red flesh. You can eat this fruit with a grapefruit spoon.

This fruit has many attributes, the same as grapefruit. However, it has a brighter color and is sweeter than grapefruit. It has many benefits like oranges.

Orangelo still retains the properties of an orange. If you are finding an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C fruit, you should eat orangelo. Eating orangelo can protect your body from cancer, boost your heart health, and also help you stay away from kidney stones.

2. Oranges Fruit

Oranges O Fruit

Mandarin and pomelo have mated to create it. Several areas in Asia, including Southern China, Northeast India, and Burma, are where oranges are originally from. The most delicious and nourishing food is orange fruit. Thus, it is excellent for your health.

An orange a day will keep the doctor away, as is commonly believed. Vitamin C can be found in abundance in oranges. You can obtain vitamin A, potassium, and calcium by drinking or eating oranges. Maintaining your health and avoiding disease will be much easier by doing this.

What you might not know about oranges’ health benefits.

3. Oval Kumquat

Oval Kumquat

Oval kumquat is a citrus margarita, you can also call it Nagami kumquat. It is a small fruit with orange color, you can describe it as a tiny orange with a tiny seed.

However, the inside of oval kumquat has a sour flavor and is very different from oranges fruit. The skin of this fruit tastes like sugar, so when you combine the skin with the flesh, it will provide a mixture of tart and sweet.

Because of the flavor, oval kumquat has a variety of uses. You can slice oval kumquats and add them to your salad or jam. You can also use them in marinate sauces. Oval kumquat rind is an interesting touch to your desserts as well.

4. Ortanique

Ortanique O Fruit

Ortanique or tangor is a hybrid of sweet orange and mandarin. It is a popular fruit in Jamaica. The rind is thick, but you can easily remove it with your hand. Ortanique has both sour and sweet tastes, so it is usually used to make jam.

This fruit has many benefits as citrus fruit, you can use it for dessert or to cure your illness. The rind is very useful, you can use it to create a lotion that helps your skin soften.

5. Orlando Tangelo

Orlando Tangelo is a hybrid of Ducan grapefruit and Dancy tangerine. It has a juicy, light, and sweet flavor. It looks exactly like orangelo’s fruit, but Orlando Tangelo’s flesh is bright orange. The rind of Orlando Tangelo is thin but hard to peel by hand.

When discovered in 1911, Orlando Tangelo carried the name of lake Tangelo. You can easily recognize the tree of this fruit, it has a large size and cup-shaped leaves. Orlando Tangelo is one of the more cold-tolerant varieties since cold weather will make it even sweeter.

Top 5 Red Colors Fruits With O As A Starter

The red fruits that begin with the letter O will be covered in more detail in this section. These fruits are also attractive because they are red in color. You might learn which fruit you prefer if you continue reading.

6. Ogallala Strawberry

Ogallala strawberry is a rare and plump strawberry that grows even in cold weather. It is very sweet and juicy, and it also has a beautiful look. This makes it the perfect fruit for decorating cakes or making chocolate-covered strawberries.

Because of the sweetness, people use it to make jam and jelly. You can also eat it, it somehow tastes and looks like wild strawberries but is larger.

7. Ozark Beauty Strawberry

If you are looking for a beautiful strawberry, which can produce lots of fruits and live even in cold weather, the Ozark Beauty strawberry is exactly what you look for. It can grow every season, making it very popular among commercial growers.

Ozark Beauty strawberries came from Arkansas. They come in various shapes but taste very sweet and especially juicy. Same as Ogalla strawberry, Ozark Beauty strawberry has a beautiful look.

The deep red color makes Ozark Beauty strawberry the best for making jam, jelly, and preserves because it has a higher quality and texture than other strawberries.

If you are planning to plant Ozark Beauty StrawBerry in your garden, you should watch this.

8. Opal Plum

Opal Plum O

Opal plum has a yellow color when green and turns red when ripe in July and August. Opal is a cross between Early Favorite and Oullins Gage. It came from Sweden and became public in 1925. It grows easily, so you can see it grows throughout the country.

People also call it Gage plum because of the sweet taste of this quality fruit. The flesh has a light gold color and is very tasty. It comes in an average size and is easy to remove the stone.

This fruit grows to be eaten straight from trees, but it can also be used to make high-quality products like jams, pies, and juices. It is a popular fruit in every home all over the world.

9. OSO Grande Strawberry

Oso Grande Strawberry

With a very interesting name and look, it was born in 1989 by the University of California. You can hardly see this fruit in other regions due to the production purposes.

This fruit produces large numbers of fruit. A short-day type strawberry that provides a fine flavor, people recommend selling it to local people rather than exporting it to other countries.

10. Osteen Mango

Osteen Mango

This fruit came from Florida in 1935, it has the name of the Osteen family on Merritt Island. You can recognize it due to the red color when ripe. Osteen mango has fiberless flesh and a soft, creamy, and gentle flavor than many other mangoes. It is sweet and a bit tangy.

Osteen mango has commercial purposes, it is highly appreciated as a cultivar. It is an average fruit and can be over a pound in weight when ripe. Osteen mango tree is huge and has dense canopies, it usually gives mature fruit from July to September in Florida.

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